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  • it makes sense. Hell国产激情怍爱视频在线观看
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    it makes sense. Hell国产激情怍爱视频在线观看

    Didi gets what she asked for….and moreDidi picks up the storyWell I’ve let my big mouth run away again. What the fuck am I thinking? I mumbled punishment without even thinking what it might mean. I can turn around and just haul ass. That’s the smart thing to do but for some reason I keep moving forward. I’m led to the basement stairs and down. Mistress is in front and Kyle (I’d just learned his name) was behind me. I’m a hefty woman and if I hit him just right he’ll fall over and I can escape. I won’t have any clothes but that’s a technicality. Go ahead Didi, turn around and bolt. I can’t make myself do it though so I keep going down. That’s an appropriate phrase, I’m going down lower than I’ve ever been. Fuck me in the ass with a corn cob. Oops, strike that.We get to the bottom of the stairs and I see the chains. I’ve seen chains before but these look somehow sinister, dangerous. Knowing that I’m soon going to be held captive by them doesn’t ease my mind at all. Mistress raises my arms above my head while Kyle fastens them with Velcro cuffs. My legs are then spread and my ankles cuffed in place. My feet barely make contact with the floor as Mistress had told me. She stands in front of me with a loving, motherly smile on her face but I can’t see Kyle. I’ve never felt this vulnerable in my life and for some strange reason it’s not entirely a bad feeling. This just can’t be right. I can’t be liking this shit. No fuckin’ way!I don’t know how long I hung there but the waiting was horrible. I heard a WHOOSH and it felt like someone had driven a large rusty nail straight into the left cheek of my ass. My eyes and mouth flew open wide and I think I screamed but didn’t hear it. WHOOSH and another rusty nail is driven into my other cheek. Now I didn’t have enough breath to scream so my mouth just hung open. This fucking hurts. So why are my pussy and asshole tingling? The pain is overwhelming but at the same time…..I don’t know. A new pain blossoms on the inside of my left thigh just inches below my pussy and then another on my right thigh. The four sources of pain seem to radiate out and meet on straight lines at my pussy and I can not only feel the wetness but feel it run down my thighs. Traitorous piece of shit. My pussy is betraying me. This is not right. There is no pleasure in what is being done to me. Or is there?Kyle is in front of me now and the next strike hits my left tit. My nipple pops out and I think “wait a minute, I like that.” My other tit is hit and its nipple hardens. You sick bitch. You like that! Not only that but he knows I like it. He found me out just like she said he would. Am I that transparent? Kyle nods to Mistress and I see she has something in her hand. It’s another chain but much smaller with what looks like clips or clamps on each end. She steps forward and puts a clamp on each nipple and the chain hangs down between. She turns a little wheel on each clamp and I can feel the bite of each deepen. This hurts but I like it. I like having my tits brutalized. I am a sick bitch but how did he know? I am pissed off but thrilled that he knows. What the fuck else does this genie know? He hands her the whip and she gives me one on the side of each tit. Oh shit, this just keeps getting better and better and I want more but refuse to beg. That stupid stubborn streak again.“Is that as hard as you can hit Mistress Bitch? That’s the best you can do?”Oops, tactical error there. But no. She starts a rapid fire whipping over what feels like every inch of my tits and she does it with surprising strength. My God, this is so good and she was right again. He did know exactly what I wanted and he’s giving it to me. The pain was so exquisite that I couldn’t separate it from the pleasure that is invading my body. This can’t be happening. I can’t be so low that I want to be tortured. But this doesn’t feel like torture. I can’t describe it as anything else but it can’t be torture if I like it so much. If my mind wants me it knows where to find me. I guess I’m going crazy.“Pull the fucking chain you fat whore. You fucking pathetic excuse for a Mistress. Pull it hard and let me cum.”“Not yet.” He says.She works her way down my body with the whip. Below my tits, on my sides, my stomach, my hips and then stronger blows on the inside of both thighs. The final blow starts at the floor and lands right on my cunt lips. Pain radiates from my whole body but pleasure is right there on top of it. My pussy is freely flowing now and the big cum is right there but then she whips her way down both legs and the pain/pleasure is increased. My whole goddamn body has become a sexual organ seeking release.“Pull the chain, please. Pull the fucking thing hard and let me cum! No mercy – I need the pain. Pull it.”“More, I need more.”He must have given her the nod because she stepped up and looked me right in the eye with an “I told you so, bitch” smile on her face and pulled the chain straight out. I looked down and watched as both nipples were pulled straight out from my tits and got longer than I could have imagined. I went straight to the launch mode. I started to shake over my entire body and my legs gave out. I was hanging by my wrists only but at that point I was beyond caring. The greatest sexual release I had never thought possible took me over completely. My head hung limp and my chin was on my chest. I was drooling like a retard and the spit was coating my tits. I could see shiny streaks of my essence flowing down both legs and pooling on the floor. I have no memory of breathing. I had no energy left in my body but I felt more alive than I’ve ever felt. My ankles were released then my wrists. I melted straight down to the floor into the puddle of my own juices. Spit and pussy juices were mixed on the floor. Thank God I didn’t shit myself.“Lick it up, tramp. Get it all, it is not to be wasted.”I’m surprised that I can make my tongue move but I start licking my own pussy juice off the floor with relish. Of course this is a natural thing to be doing. Doesn’t everybody lick cunt juice off floors? I knew that I had gone far beyond what’s normal but I was a slut and I was the slut I was meant to be. I actually took comfort in that thought. I like being a slut and I’m damn sure gonna be a good one or die trying. Beyond what most would think was cruelty, I could feel love in the whipping and I felt somehow safe. These people would give me what I craved but wouldn’t hurt me. Given what just happened, I know that sounds like a contradiction, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Hell, I hope it makes sense to someone ‘cause I’m confused.Mistress had stayed with me while Kyle had gone back upstairs. When I had cleaned up my mess, she helped me to my feet and up the stairs. It was an effort but we made it. The nipple clips came off and I missed them immediately but knew I’d feel their bite again.“Take care of her, Monica. You know what to do.”Mistress sat on the couch and motioned me to lie with my shoulders and head cradled in her arms. She took lotion from a side table and began to caress it on to my body wherever the whip had bitten, which was essentially my entire body. She did it lovingly and whispered soothing tones the whole time. Her hands brought warmth to my body wherever she touched and I’ve never felt such love. She smiled at me like a mother to a child. I was in love and wanted nothing but to please these two who had given me so much. Anything they asked I would do. I have no choice – this is who and what I am now.We had been up all night and Kyle announced that we should all go to bed and get some rest. We walked up the stairs touching each other simply for the contact. We all climbed into the big king size bed with me in the middle, protected. Each had a hand on me, rubbing gently to let me know I was safe and loved. Kyle leaned over and kissed me softly but passionately and I surrendered to him. His hand found its way between my legs to find me wet already. I was ready for this and now found that I wanted it immensely. He mounted and I could feel the head of his cock at my lips. I felt the power of it and could sense that it had grown considerably from when I saw it earlier. He pushed his hips forward and I could feel the mushroomed head penetrate my outer lips and enter my cunt. I felt it move deeper, slowly, until it had reached places that had never been touched before and then he stopped. I knew that this wasn’t gonna be the wham bam thank you ma’am fuck I was used to. I could feel it on the walls of my pussy. The heat I felt told me that this was more. He fucked me slowly then faster, harder the softer. Mistress was whispering in my ear.“He’s showing you his love,六月丁香婷婷色狠狠久久 baby. You can feel it can’t you?”“Yes, Mistress. I’ve never felt anything like it.”She cupped my breast, running her thumb over the nipple while whispering, kissing, and nipping my ear. The sensations together were incredible. She leaned forward and sucked the nipple into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. I felt his meat leave me and then the mushroom was sliding up my slit until it hit my clit. He rubbed that big head over my clit several times before sliding it back down and in me with one motion. I had an out of body experience and felt myself floating above the bed looking down and watching his ass and hips move forward and back in a sensuous rhythm. My face was contorted in ecstasy and lust. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my heels were kicking his ass hoping to spur him on. How naïve I am. He needed no instruction or urging. My cunt contracted on his hot, hard, flesh trying to keep him in me and wanting to please him. Wanting only to please him.“My God I’m gonna cum. Feels so good, don’t stop, don’t ever stop. Push that hard pole in me all the way and make me cum.”Mistress whispered “I’m gonna cum with you, baby. Hold it as long as you can. Sensei, may we cum?”He must have grunted his assent for she whispered “cum with me baby, cum into a new world with me.”“Yes, yes, I can’t hold it any more, I’m cummmmingggg!Sweet Jesus I’m cumming. I’m fucking paralyzed, I can’t move! OOHHHH fuck me! Keep fucking me and never stop. I can’t..I won’t…my body isn’t mine anymore. I’m cummmmminggggg!”The meat stick pounded me now. With each thrust it felt like a new wave of cum overlapping the last one. I thought that it just couldn’t get any more intense and then I felt the first burst of his seed splash on my cervix and I knew that I never wanted to come back down from this place they had taken me. Jet after jet of hot, sticky seed blasted my cunt.“Breed me you glorious fucker. Spray your cum inside me and fill me up. I want it all and then I want more. Cum in me, please! Give me your hot juice.”We three lay like that for what seemed like hours. His weight on me felt like a warm comfortable blanket and I never wanted to move. She had never stopped crooning in my ear, licking and kissing my neck. I either fell asleep or passed out, knowing where heaven was.When Mistress woke me hours later I was still between them like meat in a sandwich. She motioned me to go with her quietly so as not to disturb him. We went downstairs hand in hand, picked up the living room on the way through, and went into the kitchen to prepare his coffee. When he came through the door after a while I turned to face him, went to my knees, and bowed my head.“Good morning, Sensei. How may I make your day better?”-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hope I was able to give you horn-dogs something to jerk off over. I also wrote this for the ladies who truly understand this story and the ladies who want to understand. I hope I succeeded, at least a little.I have some ideas to continue this story but I won’t waste my time or yours unless the comments are favorable and the criticism constructive. Hitting the Negative button without saying why helps no one.LeC

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