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    I'm not making fun国产激情怍爱视频在线观看

    All 166pgs of Book 1.I've got early chapters posted here but they were posted in rough draft and this is the final draft expect changes and manyxmany corrections.I included the main tags, one was was unavailable which I feel needs to be included, Formicophilia and many others were not major themes.This starts kinda slow with lots of character development and plot but once it picks up it never lets down.Ch11 is the climax and BEWARE those later chapters may not be to your liking... but oh well I like it.Or your'll love it and go crazy trying to find others like it. Relevant comments are always appreciated, but I probably wont care about your opinion unless it's a valid critique.My bloghttp://depthofdepravity.blogspot.com/2012/07/index-to-all-current-stories-in-order.htmlAnd another new forum I want to support and where I first post my final draft stuffhttp://www.faustie.com/forum/I also give permission for this to be posted in other forums/collection/story sites.It's defiantly different and I may not be doing it much longer.Just give me credit This Is a Work of FictionThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.Dark Incarnate Chapter 1 Book 1By Mr. BlackA New DawnKelly sat half asleep in the school chair lazily leaning on the slab tabletop.The cold felt good against her bare arms.It was first period class, and mornings always felt fresh.She took a deep breath enjoying the somber quiet, unlike the end of the day when the rooms were stuffy, loud, and filled with kids watching the clock.No, this was morning and the room was still adjusting to students.It was hard to think of the schoolrooms empty and quiet all night, but there was no doubt when you sat in first period soaking up the cold.Mrs. Francis rolled around the class eyeing the student's progress and worked over to touch Kelly on the shoulder, “Are you having some trouble this morning?” Concern laced the old woman’s question like poison. “No...,” shifting in her seat Kelly hated it when people patronized her.It seemed everyone in this shitty little town had made her personal turmoil their own.None of it was her fault of course; life had dealt her a very hard hand.She straightened up in the desk stretching her back with a yawn.Her bare thighs touched the chilled stone seat below her skirt, and suddenly the morning shifted gears on her.The cold that was mildly soothing and clean became her enemy with only knee high socks and skirt for protection.It felt like the desk had be left outside in the frosty dew.The cold began creeping like a damp cloth though her clothes making her skin shiver.Trying to ignore prying coldness, Kelly leaned forward and grabbed the charcoal pencil and looked at the large blank paper.She didn’t care for pencils of any kind; Kelly was a painter, and entirely too good for her age.Yet here she sat in a room full of kids her age in an art class, though she was lifetimes ahead in the subject.It didn’t matter; none of it mattered, she knew it was just some stupid steps she had to go though.It wasn’t that bad.After all she could have gotten a sticky notepad from the Teacher’s desk and drawn silly cartoons fanning the pages and everyone would, ‘Oooo Ohhh and AHhhh,’ like it was magic.She tried to think of what to draw.It always worked best to draw what she felt and today she felt like dirt.Her loneliness left her feeling alot like dirt lately.Not just any dirt, the good decaying leaves and black organic matter on a forest floor a few inches down.She could only think of one thing to do.On the way to her class everyday, strolling down the walkway that connected the buildings, one consistent idea popped in her mind like clockwork.Like an itch she couldn't scratch in the back of her mind.It was a nice concrete walkway with strong red brick columns to the solid roof and new shingles.The Art class was the farthest building out, but strangely the walkway extended a good bit past it.In the grand designs for the school more buildings had been planned but the money dried up, and construction just stopped.There was a bit of a drop off the edge of the corridor to the scraggly grass below and Kelly loved to sit and watch the morning sunrise swinging her feet from it.It was like the workers decided to go home one day and never came back to work.Actually no one had told the guys pouring the concrete the plans changed, until some big wig saw the mistake and the Forman got fired for the waste.Within two weeks none of them had a job, not even the big wigs.It was a very nice looking walkway to nothing regardless.Even a brick column stood at the end waiting on a roof to come out and meet it.Just out past the walkway stood a little forest.The 'forest' was more weeds and overgrown saplings then trees, but no one felt like cutting it down and nature did its thing and went wild.None of the janitors or groundskeepers touched it probably out of the same confusion the builders had.Was it supposed to be something, or nothing?Kelly was eerily drawn to the spot.She would find herself there almost everyday sitting by herself waiting on school to start or eating lunch.Not wanting to go to class or god forbid the lunch room, she would stare at the twisted picture of wild nature with a strange fascination.She stared mostly at the beds of leaves which collected from the few trees.Again no one cared to clean any of it up.She wanted more than anything to go over and join the bed.Curl up fetal position and just let the day pass her there.Birds knew where to fly in the winter due to a small metal bit in their brains, and Kelly felt drawn by the same magnetism to the spongy bed of dry leaves.Every Fall she would help rake leaves with her father.She did more playing than raking, but that was part of the tradition.Great big piles of maple leaves and pine needles would dot the yard at the old house in the Georgia.Mitchell, her father, would get these orange leaf bags with big Jack'O lantern faces at the hardware store, and after Kelly was done flopping and rolling in the mounds they would pack the bags full and stack them around the front of the porch.The leaves always smelled of faint spice and sap to her.That spicy smell would forever remind her of her Father.He had been tall and lean with a light brown mustache on a stern face hiding a sense of humor that never failed to cheer her up in the worst of times.The smell was comforting, yet it stabbed her heart with pain because that smell was almost all she had left.Closing her eyes Kelly leaned back in the desk with a painful dark shiver that ran up her spine at the memory.She pictured, in her minds-eye, standing at the edge of that walkway leaving her backpack behind stepping off the edge and heading for the woods.She would find a suitable spot at the base of three trees where the leaves collected and she'd curled up like a dog.It wasn’t good enough to just lie on the leaves; she wanted to be in them.She squirmed like a turtle digging for hibernation, which is exactly what she wanted to do.A few inches down it would feel cozy, like scratching a deep metaphysical itch and she'd smell that faint spice and feel safe again.Squirming further with leaves piling up around her legs she got to the decaying dirt and saw something, and her eyes popped open startled.It made her shudder because her mind hadn't actually imagined it.She felt like she had really discovered the thing.As if she was really out there digging in the dirt.She had found a big fat white grub worm.Like the ones you might see on a lawn treatment bag at the feed and seed store.Prior to that moment she had never seen a real one or even knew anything about them.Kelly didn’t know it but she had stumbled onto an iceberg, the tip of the spear, because something very real had happened.Her mind actually had borrowed into those woods.She didn’t find a grub worm, something else found her.Billy Mason, a dirty boy with long dark brown hair that was so greasy it looked black, had been out on a bathroom break for the past half hour.He had been visiting a special place in the bathroom stall and on his way back down the walkway he heard something in the woods.It gave him a shudder and he picked up the pace to a slow trot as he ran inside.He had a childhood fear of monsters hiding in the shadows behind the trees.Not that Billy had any idea of what it was or could be, he just knew it wasn't a janitor and walked a little faster almost running inside back to his desk feeling eyes watching and judging him.Kelly leaned forward and looked down at the paper and drew a few short lines randomly.Why not draw the little worm?That would surely get Mrs. Francis going!Billy came into the room and sped past her to take his seat directly behind.She held her breath knowing Billy’s notorious B.O. stench.Of course holding her breath didn’t help because when she did take a breath it was only a bigger stronger lungful of it.He must live without water or a shower.Back to her empty page, the few lines became twigs.One twig had a stem of a maple leaf which branched at a small knuckle.More crumpled leaves and random decaying matter all smudged with a skilled finger creating a circle of organic gunk around her paper in surprising time.The center cradle of the birds nest was blank and waiting.She paused, a strange hesitation, normally once she got going on a project she couldn't stop.It was a race to get the image out of her head.But today she stopped.Staring at the paper, she asked herself if she really wanted to do this.Probably because it was clearly out of character, she was always labeled a good kid.That was before half the town idolized her.Mrs. Francis paused at Billy’s desk, “Yes Billy you’re making progress, but try to use the charcoal pencil as more than a just regular number two.Remember the lesson yesterday in class because that’s the grade.”Kelly whirled around to see.She should have known not to.Billy had drawn a glorified stick figure of a girl in a black pleated skirt exactly like the one she was wearing.The idea of him writing some sort of elementary scribble love note to her made her flush with anger.Billy thought she was blushing and smiled in return.She kicked off and her wool skirt pivoted on the stone seat.Back to her paper she looked at the circlet of dead leaves, it would have been a crown fit for Jesus’ head instead of thorns. “Oh wow,” Mrs. Frances now stood in awe over her.“And what kind of little woodland critter will be the centerpiece?” “Just you wait and see,” Kelly said without looking up or moving in the slightest.Mrs. Francis understood the attitude and walked on back to her desk pretending to grade papers.Kelly worked hard drawing a grayscale film quality grub worm just like the one her mind had seen.When finished she looked at it triumphantly.She wished she could be a fly on the wall when Mrs. Francis saw this fat ugly thing.Some of the others were finished and had made a pile of papers on an empty desk.She would just slip hers underneath the pile and wait for fireworks that were sure to follow.She picked her paper up by the top two corners and looking at the grub closely even she was surprised with her work.It had so much depth and shadow.Lifting the paper further to get an angled look her heart jumped, as if a big nasty bee flew in her face.The charcoal grub did have depth and she pulled the paper up higher when the impossible happened.It appeared to change, to move.Shadows rearranged and shifted as she moved and wafted the paper.Then the drawn grub peeled more than rolled, off the paper and bounced off the corner of her desk.It landed on the floor like a bouncy ball with a lead core.It was crazy.Kelly blinked unbelieving, this couldn’t be happening; she had simply fallen asleep at her desk.She blinked more forcefully scrunching her face trying to make the real world come back.The monochrome thing sat on the floor like a paper cutout that somehow had mass and even threw a soft shadow. Kelly knew she was losing it.Frantically she checked and rechecked her paper but the white center stared back at her untouched by the pencil.She had fallen asleep and this was a lucid dream.She'd read about lucid dreams in a forum, but she couldn't remember much about them at all.Looking around the class she was glad to see no one else watching, they were all self absorbed.She looked at the floor again but couldn’t find it and breathed a sigh of relief.Her paper was still blank though.She pinched herself and began searching again like she’d lost her golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory.She looked to her right where Candice, a preppy girl sat hurriedly working on a basket of fruit.The two girls would have been friends a year earlier, but that was before Kelly’s parents died in the accident.The charcoal grub that didn’t exist and couldn't exist had just crawled over the girl’s foot as was making its way up Candace’s plush sock.The thing looked real enough, and even tugged on the blue fibers as it went.It still looked exactly as she had drawn it, but now flexing and moving!Kelly rubbed her eyes, this couldn’t be happening it’s an illusion; a very bad dream.Too bad she didn’t know how to make a lucid dream stop.She watched as it neared the top Candace’s sock just above the knee.It touched her lean calf, but the girl didn’t notice.Candace only brushed her long blond hair back and continued working.The grub worm kept going up her thigh, but its legs had trouble clinging to bare skin.Kelly was wrought with fear and confusion.She wanted to just slap the thing off the girl, but it wasn’t real.It couldn’t be.To give the thing credit would be to commit herself to the loony bin.If anyone had noticed Kelly in that moment they would have thought she was crazy staring at Candace’s legs with unblinking ferocity.The charcoal grub continued its trek until it reached the hem of her skirt and clumsily fell between her legs.Kelly’s heart raced; it just couldn’t be!She wanted to warn the girl or just scream, but she was frozen overloaded with too many emotions.Paralyzed she waited, as the class bell rang.Candace looked up with white hot fear as her eyes went wild.Kelly knew why. The grub fell on the slab seat and headed for the mound of her white cotton panties.It nosed around and easily dove under the elastic band when Candace finally felt it.Leaving charcoal smudge on the elastic band, it squeezed its plump body underneath.It never hesitated, and reached the delicate pink of Candace’s soft fold in one fluid movement.Candace shot her hands down holding her crotch like a boy who had been kicked in the balls.It squeezed its fat little grub body segments inside the quivering girl's moist labia as she stood and ran for the door.As her legs pumped, the grub squirmed inside.It was the physical manifestation of something neither girl could understand.It was sent flying into their world like a paper airplane in the wind.It lacked any real cognitive ability and only understood its basic programming, a prime directive.And like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pea brain it zigged when it should have zagged.The grub’s body began to grow and writhe.Candace had shot out of the class abandoning her paper.Kelly looked down at her own with the missing centerpiece, and decided to turn it in unfinished.She grabbed Candace’s too. The hallway traffic was near impossible.The deluge of students all went one way.The main building was at the far end and three classes crowded into the walkway.Kelly fought with the flow looking for Candace's blond hair, but not seeing anything.She had ran on weak legs and fighting tears to the nearest bathroom, and sat whimpering trying to figure out what was inside her.Kelly finally caught up and equally unsure took the next stall.She waited listening to Candace’s weak crying whimpers and shuffling feet.The bell rang and everything got quiet, except for the girl in the handicap stall. “Candace?”Kelly had no idea what to do, but knew she had to do something.Somehow she was at the center of this.The girl said nothing but the whimpers became louder and turned into full sobs with a yelp from time to time.Kelly squatted down and tried to look under the stall walls.Candace sat on the toilet with her feet spread and panties ripped crumpled atop one of her shoes.She hadn’t just pulled them down, she ripped them down tearing one leg open. “I..I think I saw... w-what happened?” Kelly voice betrayed just how unsure she really was.Candace started to say something but only groans came out as she held her abdomen.Her body cramped again trying to expel the evil creature which had no intentions of leaving.Kelly got down on the floor and started to crawl under the wall.The tile still held the morning cold.Kelly wouldn't have dared to touch the sickly greasy floor, but this was an emergency.Halfway she hesitated not wanting to commit and slide her clothes across the nasty floor, but Candace's cries got her moving again.“What the-,” another wave washed over Candace’s face before she could finish the sentence.She was flushed beet red and struggling to breathe.“Go away!” she screamed like a child in a tantrum.Kelly stood before the girl just as confused but knowing she had to do something.Candace’s feet stayed planted wide but her knees closed trying to cover her nudity.A patch of bare skin below her shirt where her panty-line should have been was clean shaven.It was impossible but it looked like the flesh moved from the inside with a bump.Candace let out another cry and heaved forward.“I I have to help, I don’t know how, but please let me try.I’m not sure if what I saw was even real, but it's very real to you now,” Kelly got down on her knees before Candace.“You have to trust me, I only want to help, let me see,” Kelly placed her small shaking hands on the girls knees.“Oh, god it’s huge... iii-i it’s tearing me apart!” Candace was barely able to speak over her exasperated breathing.Kelly didn’t understand, the thing was only the size of her thumb. “Let me see,” she slowly applied pressure urging her to open up. “Oh God,” Candace cried.“Just get it out!” and she released her knees to Kelly.There was a little clean line of shaved of pubic hair hiding under her hands; she was well into the grips of puberty.Her outer labia were swollen and soft full of surging blood.Kelly jumped as something inside moved gaping the poor girl for a heartbeat.That just couldn’t be she thought.Kelly forced a shaking hand closer; she had to pull it out but she was just as scared as Candace.The inflamed orifice wrinkled trying to close as she was about to touch when the swimming creature stretched Candace painfully open again.Kelly recoiled when she saw the white and charcoal smudged ball undulating wildly before disappeared again.The rounded tail alone was more than double the original worms size.“Hurry!” Candace moaned and grabbed Kelly's shirt by the shoulders wrenched in the grip of the creature’s power. The overlarge grub was trying to push its sharp head though her cervix.It vibrated the plump tail against her g-spot playing the helpless girl's body like an instrument.It needed her to orgasm, freely giving up her mind, body, and spirit to it. Kelly pushed her fingers in; the warm wet flesh accepted them with ease.Kelly prodded the robbery grub just as she had imagined it, only now it was huge.There was no getting it with a single finger, so she tried to pinch it with two but couldn’t get a lasting hold.It was humming inside, strong and impossible.Candace went into mild convulsions losing the fight.She wasn’t breathing anymore, she was panting. “Hold on I cant...”The thing inside knew it's time was short and slapped it's body against her g-spot.Candace cried out as her hips buckled and snapped.Kelly speared her small hand and pushed it in, luckily replacing the girl’s most sensitive spot.Candace now had Kelly’s hand and the creature inside and went white as a sheet gasping.Kelly grabbed the tail like a door knob and started to pull as Candace's hips went wild with involuntary madness.Kelly could feel the other end thrashing angrily trying with all it's might to slither itself forward.She didn’t have to feel it; she could see it in Candace’s face.Her eyes rolled and she fainted, going limp and slowly slumping off the toilet.As Candace continued off, Kelly’s hand almost got stuck but tugged free over the knuckles with a slick pop.The limp body fell away and grub’s fat putrid body slid out effortlessly.Fear and surprise gripped Kelly the thing was huge!It was as big around as her wrist and several inches long.It thrashed wildly like a snake in her grip and made a thin high pitched shrill cry of a demon.The wetness of Candace’s body made it hard to hold.It still looked like some cruel joke, an illusion, and an affront to nature.Kelly couldn't deny it was real.It was still that same charcoal drawing and somehow also that ruined walkway end. She didn’t know what to do.Its large mass flopped around jerking her arm as she struggled to hold it.Then it doubled and tiny legs latched onto Kelly.It stretched long and reached halfway up her forearm.Reflex forced her to drop the drawing and try to jump back.It clamored to hold on but fell into Kelly's lap spreading a wet slimy trail across her wool skirt.She scrambled back a skidding her pink sneakers against the tile trying to get away.The grub's tiny legs kept it secured onto her skirt and then pinched onto her inner thigh at just the right moment.Kelly smacked both hands down onto it knocking it to the tile.Using the weight of its plump tail it thrashed and threw itself closer to her crotch.Kelly was scared to death and looked over at Candace for help where she laid in a lifeless heap with torn panties around one ankle. The grub's tiny claws seized onto Kelly's panties and squeezed her sensitive mound underneath.She threw both hands trying to knock it away but the creature ripped small tears in the gusset as it went. Kelly looked down at her own open legs and tattered defenseless panties.Her brain in a primitive fight or flight mode continued to kick scuffing her shoes on the floor but her back was against the wall.The grub flicked off spearing between her legs again.Her head fuzzy she felt the pointed head brush against her nether lips trying to get in.Another shove like that and it would be buried just like it had been in Candace.Her hands pushed down blocking and then grabbed the creature.It was much stronger now; it took two hands to contain its insane thrashing.She got it to the toilet and shoved it head first into the water and flushed.The wild tail splashed water as it disappeared threatening to clog as it finally got sucked down.Kelly sat back hard on her butt stabilizing herself with her hands on the greasy cold floor.She looked at Candace who was still out, then reached over and slid the useless panties off Candace’s ankle put them in her pack and ran.Classes had just started and luckily no one was around to see her.She didn’t run back to class or to the school resource officer Mr. Higgins, she just ran away with teary eyes, hurt, confused, and holding a sense of dread she had never known.Home was several miles away and it seemed shorter on the bus than it did on foot.It didn't take long before she slowed to a walk and really started to think about what had just happened.It all seemed to surreal like still like a dream, but with her panties in shambles and the fresh air brushing her raw body the events were undeniable.The whole ordeal was unsettling and halfway home she began to sweat in places that made thinking unbearable.Just inside the town, which consisted of only one main street, she saw a City bus stopped at the library.Kelly ran over and asked the driver for favor and walked onto the empty bus.She took a seat halfway, careful to cover her bottom with the skirt from the public seat.Mulling the events over and over again in her head she tried to make some rational sense, something she could tell Candace tomorrow.Surely Candace would understand that Kelly wasn’t responsible.The grub’s mere existence changed everything, like an artifact from a forgotten time in history, the rational world as they understood it had to change.Candace didn't know the whole story as she did, but did that change anything?Kelly was still unable to believe it herself.Nearing her street she realized it wasn't even time lunch yet and she couldn’t stop thinking about Candace.Would she be able to finish the day?The idea of Candace sitting quietly at lunch pretending nothing happened bothered her.But what could she do?She walked off the bus and with heavy foot steps started walking to her Condo hurling insults at herself. Kelly couldn't imagine trying to explain anything, from the incident to her own actions.The universe owed her an explanation.She had to simply tell her side what she saw and what she knew.Honesty was the best policy.But all of this was her fault one way or another.From the guilty feeling she had when drawing the picture, to skipping school, and everything in-between.Another flush of embarrassment hit her thinking of the torn panties in her backpack.Candace weighed heaviest in her mind, why had she just left her?So many things had just turned out disastrous for her.She played with the key in her pocket wondering if the weather would ever change for her.She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to smell the leaves again. Her parents had moved to Virginia for her Dad's job.The Condos were supposed to be temporary housing until they found a real place.Then getting a real house was filed under the lost dreams section of the filing cabinet.It was a good enough neighborhood, but the Condo was really too small for the three of them.Kelly’s Aunt Sandra lived nearby so they did it anyways.Sandra was the reason for picking this shitty little town.Kelly walked up the small concrete steps baking in the morning sun and unlocked the front door.Inside she tossed her bag to the side, and took off her shoes glad to have the air conditioning.It was quiet, dead quite and only her sock feet thumping on the white carpet pounded like her heart as she walked into what was once her parent’s room.Her Aunt had turned it into an art studio for Kelly shortly after the funeral.Both of her parents died in a car accident six months ago on their way to see her new art exhibit.She sat on the big comfy chair in the middle of the room looking at her works and let out a pained sigh.She couldn’t run forever, and she put the thought of facing Candace at the back of her mind. Spencer, West Virginia wasn't much at all.It adjusted better than most to the disappearing coal mines.The whole state was like a dried up riverbed in her mind, and if you looked close enough you could still see the fish bones in the cracked mud.There were several long roads that connected at Spencer which helped, but it was still just a dot on a map.So naturally when Kelly’s art gained some national attention the town tried to incorporate her into its ‘historic tourist appeal’.They opened an art exhibit just for her at Chestnut ridge, which was a recent add-on to the library that was supposed to honor the Town’s history.Her parents were running late and a drunk crossed the center line making sure they never arrived to see it.Kelly insisted they take the exhibit down after that, she felt it was her fault.Her aunt had been her next of kin and helped Kelly as much as she could but always at an arms distance. Truth was, her Aunt Sandra didn't care too much.She did in a way, but a very immature way.She did help Kelly; she helped her lie and stay at the Condo alone and unsupervised.It worked for Kelly well enough; she was very mature for her age and handled the responsibility well.Better than her aunt Sandra in most cases.Losing her parents left a pretty big hole in Kelly with nothing to fill it except the groveling town, which only cared for her Artwork and skill.She had been “discovered” almost a year ago.Everyone in her family knew Kelly had a gift when she was growing up, but they didn’t know how extraordinary she was and no one really acted on it.Until the new art teacher at her new school, Mrs. Francis, wouldn’t stop gushing.Without her parents permission Mrs. Francis sent a few works off into the mail.A few weeks her Mrs. Francis's old college buddy came down to meet Kelly personally.After that, Kelly’s life was an avalanche.Mostly because there wasn’t much going on in the news cycle and the Country loves heartwarming example of back country hidden talent.Kelly was originally from Atlanta, but the news read West Virginia no matter.It was like a set of dominos falling, once one story broke about her talent others picked it up not even taking the time to meet Kelly or even look at more than one or two pieces of her work.They simply cannibalized the original story and embellished more.It didn’t take long before her parents decided it wasn’t healthy for a girl her age and took the fuel off the fire.The city helped, happy to keep their jewel confined to the city limits.Kelly’s Dad Mitch, being the new Police Chief, conspired with the Sherriff and soon out of towners were harassed in speed traps and with traffic violations.They were told if anyone wanted to see her new works everything would be on display at the new exhibit opening at Chestnut ridge.All the hype and harassment died with her parents in the accident that fateful night.The simple people of Spencer never let Kelly forget any of it though.In Kelly’s mind she equated what happened with her talent.They were one in the same, cause and effect.Her parent’s death stared her in the face every time she looked at one of her paintings and every time some local yokel jabbered at her about her talent.She was trapped in every sense of the word to this shitty little town and to the constant painful reminders.Her Aunt was the coolest guardian anyone could ask for.She kept the bills paid and gave Kelly a rather large weekly allowance.Sandra took Kelly to the store every week and on any other errands the town’s public transportation system couldn’t handle.The Town only ran two busses on four different routes, excluding Sundays, but it was enough for Kelly.She wasn't adjusting well at all, but nobody knew or cared to ask.The apartment had a modest livingroom and kitchen downstairs and up a thin stairwell to the two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry alcove.Her room was the smaller, and the new “studio” was in the master.She paced back and forth looking out the front window into the parking lot and then out the back kitchen sliding glass doors onto the porch overlooking the small crappy yard and stream.The stream was a big attraction for this place.The real estate agent loved to mention it when selling the condos, but the truth was it was more of a rain overflow ditch than a stream.The events of today were like puzzle pieces, and she had to fit them together before she could approach Candace again.But the puzzle dipped into another dimension that Kelly had no way to understand. She changed into her pajamas, a spaghetti strap teddy bear top and matching bottoms.Her panties were torn out in an awful reminder, so she tossed then into the waste basket and didn’t bother with new ones.She headed outside to sit on the small deck pausing briefly to look disappointed in the refrigerator on her way out.The turmoil in her stomach couldn’t be fixed with food.She sat out on the deck and tried to think, but her wandering thoughts never went where she wanted and always to her parents.She came back in after a few hours of daydreaming, crying, and napping to make some chocolate milk.Other than the bizarre events, it was a normal day.The clock was pushing after three and school would have let out.Time was up, and she still didn’t have anything to say. Dark Incarnate Chapter 2 Book 1By Mr. BlackWarm BeginningsKelly paced back and forth eyeing the phone and small phone book.Spencer didn’t have many residents.She thumbed through and found the only Chambers in Spencer; it had to be Candace’s parents.She dilled the number and listened to the receiver ring.“Hello,” an older mans voice, probably her father answered.“Yes sir, this is one of Candace’s friends from school,” Kelly sounded as cute as possible despite her ill mood.“Oh, yes she just got in with her mother.Hold on, I'll get her…” Tom tuned and looked over his shoulder; he had no idea where his daughter had gone.“Actually! I was just checking to see if she was feeling better.She wasn’t feeling well at all this morning.”“Yeah, actually... ya know, I don't.. know.She’s been going though this ‘hates her parents’ phase right now and I'm not even privy to a good-morning from her anymore, but she seemed fine to me,” Mr. Chambers liked how the girl on the phone called him sir and hoped his daughter would hang around this friend more. “Ti-hi,” Kelly laughed.“That’s the going thing.She’s always super nice to my parents, so I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it.You sound real nice to me and I don’t see how she could,” Kelly tried to sound like the stereotypical high pitched school girl.So far Tom Chambers loved her.“Well that’s very nice of you, by the way what did you sa-““I was wondering if I might be able to come over later today,” she said purposely cutting him off.“I don’t know, we're going to my wife's work… thing, or something…, but I doubt she’ll want to go.I guess so, why not?Come on over and keep her company.”“Great!What time do you have to be going?”“We’re supposed to leave around five.Say, what was your name again?” Tom heard only silence apparently the line got disconnected.This girl sounded really nice and quite different from the other little bitches his daughter hung around.Had he met this girl before?Kelly hung up before he could finish and ran over to grab her backpack and headed upstairs to pack a few extras.She tossed in some sleep-over clothes and paused when she saw Candace’s torn panties, she should give those back.Once she left Kelly would have to stay over at her house or walk home.The last city busses ran at five which would put her at Candace’s house after her parents were gone.Her dad used to take her on walk's all the time as she grew up, but she wasn’t real sure where Candace’s house was yet.She and her Dad had been racking up the miles before they moved here.Kelly loved it, the walks gave her time to relax and think.She ran out the door and across the street where a bus stop shed stood.In larger cities most people would have thought twice about a 9th grade girl on the city buss or walking along the road alone.Worried citizens should have asked Kelly if she was ok, or called the cops to report the negligent parents, but not here in little Ol' Spencer.Most everybody knew her and the rest didn’t care.She had become a regular on the bus's and common sight side streets in town, not to mention she was a celebrity.Kelly knew all the bus drivers too, and they let her off pretty much when and wherever she wanted scheduled or not.A few times with the fat driver she even cranked up the girlish charm enough to get him to go off route.Today was one of those days.Unknown to Kelly the fat balding bus driver was quiet the pedophile.His heart jumped every time he saw her at a stop.He liked to try and look up her many skirts as she sat on the bus seat.George Caldwell, better known as BigRed69 online even had a favorite skirt of hers and his chest fluttered whenever he saw the black and red pleated carmine skirt with the Chantilly lace that tantalized him.She had gotten into a gothic schoolgirl look after her parents stopped monitoring what she wore.Often the skirts were a little too short, and she naively liked the attention.She had hit puberty a little before her parents died and was learning the ways of being a woman alone in life.The short skirts were just one way she went a little off course and into people like George.The driver stopped and let her off.She thanked him with a little kiss on the cheek, and hopped down the big buss steps like a bunny.Her skirt tossed up slightly with each hop but not enough to see anything.George got a rise out of it.Kelly knew she made his heart melt, but didn't know she also made other parts rise.Like she was just walking off the school bus she started up the nice paved road with her backpack slung over one shoulder.Holcombe Estates was the only real planned neighborhood in Spencer.There had been a very slow trickle of "big money" moving into town and they all wound up here. People who wanted to escape or fall off the face of the earth were the only ones that liked Spencer.West Virginia was more than just back-country, it was the far far beyond.Sometimes Spencer would get Church outreach ministries who would came to help those left in the void after the coal mines closed.They liked to stay in Spencer.It was more than just a map dot to them, it was a great staging area for the surrounding towns.Big Preachers and Youth Groups would come up from the Carolinas alot.They showed up laughing and smiling doing their best to be friendly and match the town’s vernacular.By the time they left though, their eyes were downcast and indifferent.They were glad to be leaving and they didn't mind to show it.It was pretty common at restaurants to overhear them talking about taking a small jon boat to get to a house or a dirt path.Spencer was better off then most, but it didn't stop them from bringing canned goods and trying to cover all the windows in plastic every winter.Most people loathed the outreach programs but the truth was most places really needed it.Kelly topped a small hill and followed the mail box numbers which would lead to Candace's house, odd on one side and evens on the other.The fresh blacktop and sharp curb met perfectly manicured grass and mulch, it was beautiful here.The houses all had a very new look and design along with picture perfect yards.Candace would tell her later that night about the utter hell of living in this heavenly planned neighborhood.Two boys were playing in a yard up ahead with water guns.The boys didn't just have any water guns they had water bazookas that could have only been designed by Dr. Suess.If she learned anything about boys she knew how carried away they get.She wanted to steer clear because being an innocent bystander wouldn't save her.As luck would have it the mailboxes lead away from the fray down a cul-de-sec drive. A red mini van backed out of a driveway ahead; Kelly knew it must be the house.As it passed an aging man with grey streaked hair waved and smiled, it was Tom Chambers.Continuing down the street Kelly stepped onto the strong healthy grass of Candace's yard.A large new house stood three stories tall with a big inviting red door and expensive stained-glass.The whole thing looked out of a better homes and gardens magazine.Loud music thumped from somewhere inside rendering the door bell useless.Being a safe neighborhood, when the garage door acted up Tom just left it open; Kelly slipped under it.The large three car garage was neatly cluttered with miscellaneous junk that had no other place to be.She twisted the metal bulb of a door knob into the home.The thought never occurred to her that Candace might not be home alone.As she turned to close the door the family dog came to investigate.A large lean spotted pointer went ridged watching Kelly and let out a low woof.Like an animal whisperer Kelly turned and smiled and like she was talking to a baby and melted the dog’s fears away, and he was soon lapping at her face.Even animals were susceptible to a sweet girl’s charms."Hello?Candace are you in here?"The dog had given her a brief scare and Kelly wanted to announce her presence to avoid any other surprises.Nothing but the sound of the music came down from the stairs.A strong heavy baseline beat thumped and Kelly followed it up.She hated rap music and everything that went along with it, but Candace was your standard spoiled little rich girl and loved it.The stairs were carpeted and muffled any sound, though she tried to callout again at the top.The dog followed her progress eagerly, as if maybe he hadn't done his job and wanted to be sure not to allow any trouble.It made Kelly even more nervous to have this dog at her heels and practically under her skirt.His wet nosed brushed her thighs more than once.Down a long hallway appeared what could only be a teenage girl’s bedroom door. Kelly looked at the pink postered "punk" and "girl power" door trying to understand the words of the music that blared and drummed out in the soles of her shoes.The shy girl knocked quietly on the door knowing how ridiculous this trip was.Everything in her head screamed in embarrassment to just leave quietly and go home; no one would know the difference.Kelly remembered when she committed to the trip and got on the bus, there was no quick way home.Her small fingers wrapped around a polished bronze handle and turned to open the door. "Candace?" She yelled.Candace who she had last seen laying limp on the bathroom floor was bumping and grinding with invisible dance partners to the unintelligible lyrics of some black guy pretending to be a thug.The dog darted into the room, fluid fast movement like a fish and it caught her eye.Candace turned screamed a bit and went ridged like she had been caught naked.She rushed to her computer closed out a video chat and shut the music off. "What the hell are you doing here?" one hand was on her skirt as if the wind might blow it up and the other rested on her heaving chest."You scared the hell out of me!" Candace hadn't been wearing panties since Kelly removed them earlier that day."I... uh felt we needed to talk, ya know about this morning.""What the fuck is there to talk about?""You know what happened, and so do I.Well sort of...""I don't know what you’re talking about and this is really freaking me out," she said with sincere confusion.The dog sat down beside her, still unsure about Kelly. "Wait," Kelly kneeled and spun her backpack off and started rummaging though it."You remember these don't you?"She held up the ripped panties.If her hand didn't cover the charcoal smudge they might have noticed it.Candace shot a hand up and covered her mouth.Even the dog sensed the unease in the air and sat up."Where did you get those?Wait, how did you get those?"She remembered putting those panties on this morning.The same light pink and purple patchwork of squares around the band. "Don't you remember?You were attacked, and I helped you.I picked these up off the bathroom floor this morning.""No, I don't remember that much." she moved her other hand up to cover her face."I knew something wasn't right. I felt raped and found myself waking up in the bathroom.How did this… how did you.."Real unease settled into Kelly, it wasn't supposed to go like this, "It wasn't a who, it was a what."Candace looked up though red teary eyes, "Please tell me why you have those panties!""No, you’re looking at this all wrong let me explain!" Both girls were on the verge of tears."What the fuck is going on!!!I know something raped me and I know I've felt horrible ever since, so you better fucking tell me because I'm starting think it was you!" Candace was near hysterical and screaming.A part of her had been able to accept the events as long as they stayed in the unknown, but this added twist of reality was too much."No, not at all.I'm just not sure how I can explain it, something really strange happened.Like something from a sci-fi movie strange.""Tell me what the fuck is going on!"Candace stood with red eyes bubbling with tears and full of rage.Now and the pointer stood beside her alert and on edge."Ok, I'll tell you exactly what I saw, and you can try to figure it out, because I've been racking my brain ever since.”Kelly’s eyes begged.“Now this is probably not going to make much sense, but that's why I'm here."Kelly told her tale, and Candace sat back down and curled up in her chair unsure about the story.It really did belong in the fiction section of the library.It was just too far out.Candace didn't doubt Kelly's conviction or honesty, but she did doubt her sanity."Ok, then make it happen again.We’ll get ready and when I see it I'll believe it.""I don't even know if it was me!I did the drawing, but I’m scared to death of what happened."Candace was holding a small trash can and a wicker hand broom and Kelly shook her head."Look there is nothing but this story of yours between you and what happened to me.""I'll try; I guess it’s part of why I came over here.I have to figure this out, and I feel much safer with you here.I have no way to prove it, but I felt something possessed my drawing.I'll try it again, but I can’t promise anything.You better give me the highly technical disposal equipment,” Kelly motioned to the trash can and broom.“Last time you didn't see or notice until it was too late."Candace didn't want to believe, but she remembered something strange between her legs and running like hell as bell rang for the bathrooms.It was easier to forget than to remember. "Ok, I've got my art stuff in my book-bag, just get what you need."Candace turned and started her web cam again and set it to record, just in case.Kelly closed her eyes and tried to visualize the little grub when it hit the floor and bounced.She watched its sickly movement with her minds eye.It wriggled and crawled across the floor, up onto the girl’s sock, then onto her bare knee.It paused then and seemed to look back at Kelly with demonic satisfaction.It was just like this morning in class.The odd scene made her heart race because it defiantly didn't come from her.It was like something was in her mind and took control for an instant showing her the creatures little wink.The same thing happened before, and that's what she drew! That's where the creature came from; it was never her idea in the first place!But whose was it?She shivered at the thought."Kelly, are you ok?"Candace sat across the room watching the computer monitor with the web cam placed on Kelly capturing her whole body and the floor below."Oh sorry just trying to retrace my steps, but if this doesn't work then what happened was some kind of cosmic prank."Kelly hunkered down and began drawing the blank outline of Candace's leg like she had seen.The charcoal pencil looked like it might catch fire as it scratched and moved around the paper.Because the little monster was the focus she drew it bigger and with more detail.As she worked Kelly felt dirty and guilty for drawing such a thing.Candace watched as Kelly seemed possessed herself.She had never seen someone so absorbed and focused. Watching the screen she saw Kelly finish as she slowly stood looking down at the desk.The cam didn't show the picture at this angle."Well, is it ... done?""Yeah I think you should look."Candace was already on her way unable to contain her curiosity. "Oh my..." Candace again covered her mouth in shock.The detail and realism was astonishing and equally repulsive.The strange little girl who showed up at her house must really be nuts.The grub’s face had tiny serrated pinchers, and round bulbous segments with paper thin taunt skin stretched across the fat body, and even little defined knobby legs.Overall the plump, fat, and nasty nature of the picture almost turned her stomach."It's so real, but I think your imagination is just too vivid."She leaned forward and picked up paper in a trance.She wanted to see more.It was so real…"No!Be careful, that's what I did when the thing first came to life."But her words fell of deaf ears.Candace was mesmerized by the amazing picture and she picked it up anyways.Just as it happened earlier that day, the natural light in the room mixed with the subtle shading and the thing gained it's real shadow birthing it into their world.The mass of it tugged and rolled off the paper. Both girls stood frozen watching it.The drawn grub took up most of the page and the real one's size was menacing.It rolled free of the paper it hit the desk, shaking a nearby lamp making the light shudder.Both girls let out high screams like they were five again.Kelly spun and ran back at the door, while Candace backed away and tripped over the chair.She landed in on her back splayed out and peering up at the desk fighting what she just saw.Kelly's heart jumped when she saw the neatly shaven pubic hair again.Why the hell hadn't she put any underwear on! "GET AWAY!" Kelly screamed.Candace sat propped up by her hands and feet looking up and amazed.In a trace she sat forward trying to see the thing again.Like an injured snake the huge grub writhed wildly off the desk and its plump weight bounced off the carpet without stopping the savage flopping.It nosed its way between Candace's spread legs.Her dog Buster loyally stood beside her barking savagely.He wasn’t mesmerized at all. Kelly saw a dark smile touch Candace's lips.The smile had the same feeling as when the grub appeared in her mind.Candace betrayed her own mind and threw her head back slinging long blond hair into the air and pulled her knees up and wide.She was inviting the thing!Kelly's mind raced, “Why!” Kelly screamed.What if Candace forgot this attack too?The odd colorless grub squirmed with amazing ferocity and speed closer to the open and waiting body.Finally sure of his responsibilities the dog shot out and snapped his jaws on the fat grub.His teeth sank home splashing a thick white liquid like blood splatter, and he jogged triumphantly out of the room with his prize."CANDACE!Are you ok?"Kelly rushed to her side."Please, oh god, please I want it!"Both of her hands met at her crotch where she worked.Candace had been increasingly horney, and inexplicably so all day.The creature learned her body from the incident in the bathroom and its power lingered in her mind like an oily black splotch.It seemed to have accessed to her nerve endings and she had felt more sensitive and receptive since the attack.She had felt its fire, and been left wanting.In her last class that day Candace had nearly brought herself to orgasm by squirming in her seat.She had forgot the attack but stayed in a lust filled aura ever since.Slowly it was leaving her until she saw it again tonight.She lay arching her back on the floor again in pure desire.Her insides ached feeling empty and itching.Her hands were a blur of speed, one stabbing herself with fingers and the other rubbing her tiny swollen clitty."CANDACE WAKE UP," Kelly leaned down and slapped her new friend, frantically afraid.Slowly she came around smiling showing she was fine, maybe a little too good.Kelly remembered the web cam."Come on, quit that!And let’s look at the video."Candace looked up and acknowledged the words, but didn't stop rubbing herself.Kelly tried to ignore her and turned to the computer.Candace joined moments later after some loud noise standing on weak legs as the waves of pleasure dissipated and finally ended. They watched the video together, speechless...After it rolled off the desk the video was useless but it had gotten a great shot on the desk.You could clearly see the paper lifted then magically the huge worm flopped on the desk for a second before flying to the floor.It was good but not good enough. A long quiet passed after it was over; neither girl knew what to say until Candace took a breath, "Where did Buster take it?I can’t sleep until I know that thing dead." "We should be able to follow this," Kelly motioned to the white splattering of goo leading out. "We... I better clean up too," Candace handed over some paper towels. "You better worry about you first.I'm following the trail.This must be its blood or whatever It has for blood.Does your dog have a way outside or does he stay inside?"Candace looked at her confused, hit with another wave spreading though her thighs.She had always found Kelly kinda cute in class.She was so quiet and meek, it was like some aura followed her and no matter what Kelly was just so darn cute.Candace couldn't explain it, but she felt a new drip of her wetness roll down her thigh and she tuned away without a word.Kelly rolled her eyes and turned to follow the trail though the extravagant house.The hardwood would be easy to clean, but the carpet in the bedroom and stairs was ruined if the stuff had any staining qualities.She shook her head, of all things why would white stain the hard to get out of white carpet? Kelly called to her friend when trail lead out a small dog door.Candace composed herself and came out to the top of the stairs, "Come-on lets just clean up.I think Buster had that thing pretty good."It didn't take long before they stood looking down at her floor near the desk wondering how to get this stuff out, "Say, do you want to stay the night?"Candace crouched down enjoying the shiver as the air kissed her glistening privates.She felt naughty and couldn't deny it any longer; she wanted Kelly. "I'd love to!We've got alot to talk about too.I don't suppose you have any ideas for what I'm gong to do in Mrs. Francis's class?"They both laugh uneasily and tried to get all the liquid paper up. Candace looked over, "You mean tomorrow, or for the rest of the year, because I was thinking about having her wacked off!"Kelly chuckled and her dimples made her smile irresistible, "I think you've been watching too many mafia movies, and it's just whacked, not..."Tom Chambers pulled into the drive and slammed the van's door angrily getting out to open the broken garage.They both got quiet."I guess I'll ask my dad and see if you can stay the night first."Her eyes downcast, she knew how her father didn't like guests on a school night.She knew she would have to play let's make a deal with him."Let me ask!"Kelly perked up, "I talked to him before I came over, and I think he likes me!"Candace gave her a skeptical look."Quick, just put on some good music, George Winston music!He'll walk by and hear that and I'll guarantee he'll let me stay!"Hearing the first piano strokes of some classical crap Candace rolled her eyes but understood the plan. "Let’s change into pajamas that always helps, let me get you some," Candace rummaged though a big dresser that stood almost as tall as Kelly."I guess I should tell you... I kinda took a one way trip here and already packed."Kelly didn't want to look like a creep."I figured we'd make friends or I would walk home, I hope you don't mind."She started pulling an oversized shirt out of her bag.Candace just smiled, which made her feel better.She had been pretty far out on a limb today and that little smile made her feel more secure than she had felt in a long time.They changed; Kelly had her blue fleece bear bottoms and one of her dad's old t-shirts.It had a giant yellow 90's smiley face with a wink on it.It was the last shirt saw her dad in before the wreck; when she got home it was on top of the dirty laundry.He used to wear it once in a blue moon to work or around the house.She remembered his face, always so serious.Another book quote, her life felt guided by book quotes at times, "Remember the face of your father."He wore the shirt to show people he was still human.After a few years it became legendary.Kelly kept the shirt close for a while because it still smelled like him, then it just became a part of her.Candace hopped into some matching pink "HelloKitty" PJ's."What are you so happy about?" Candace noticed the shirt."It's one of my Dad's," she said slowly understanding how silly the shirt looked.It was old now, and had been washed so many times.The green cotton was faded and thin, the yellow of the smiley face was cracking and chipping, and the spandex neck had long given up and hung in a large oval looped around a bare shoulder."I guess it is kinda ridiculous.""I love it," Candace said with an honest smile.She bought pre-faded designer jeans from the store all the time, and here was the real McCoy.Not only that, but her dad would love it too."I guess we better go ask if you can stay."Candace's father saw the little girl in the oversized t-shirt's coming down the stairs immediately.Her tiny pert breasts pointed the way and Tom was mesmerized by the ghostly tracing of her nipples underneath.The shirt was even winking at him!He simply couldn't resist letting this cute girl sleep over, even though it was a school night.He couldn't stop staring at the small thin figure and tight defined butt that must behind the teddy bear pajamas as the girls jogged back upstairs.Tom was left in an afterglow of curiosity about his daughter’s new friend. The two girls tried to search for related stuff on the internet, but google failed to find anything similar.The closest they got was a bunch of crazy paranormal stuff about spirits and the even further fetched demon and possession stories.First these people were obviously crazy, but there were alot of crazy people banding together around these subjects, and second if the girls told their story they would be counted among the crazies too.One hit looked promising by David Icke, but after a few seconds of a video his big words and accent were soporific.Thirdly, well... their story was crazy, so the crazy they had to give this stuff at second glance and it didn't look so crazy after all.None of them had any real proof but neither did the nutjobs, but they could make surely make it!"Come on, I want to show you something.And I want to get out of the house." Candace said after about three ghost stories.As Kelly continued to read she went on complaining until Kelly gave up, "Yeah, I love summer nights, why not?""Ok, you’re going to love it!Looking at your shirt has made me think of this all night!Put some shoes on and let's go, don't worry your PJ's are fine."She led Kelly out the back sliding glass door, over the deck, and into the houses rather modest back yard. "My back yard looks alot like yours, but without the hedges.I've got a creek!" Candace looked over her shoulder, "Ignore the back yard, and follow me."Candace took her hand and continued so fast it was almost a run.She didn't want her Dad to see her going.She lead right though a small space in the hedge, it was Busters path.They hunched over and pushed though the trying branches.The far side opened into a huge grassy field that was almost dead flat."Come-on," she pleaded and tugged at Kelly's hesitating hand.She led right out to the middle where they both laid back on the short grass and looked up at the clear night sky. "Wow, you were right this is awesome.But what does this have to do with my shirt?"Kelly dropped her gaze and looked down at her chest.She thought, perhaps should have worn a bra.The thin cotton lay along every curve of her small breasts and nipples giving her a chill.She really hoped they were in private and glanced at the edge of the field where the main road was plainly in view.She crossed her arms over her chest. "The people that own this property got into a dispute with the developers of the planned neighborhood.The developers wanted to buy this from the old couple, but they refused.So it eventually went court where they tried to forcefully take it, but old couple had deep roots in the town courthouse and pulled a few strings.The development got in some big trouble over some bad permits and got sued.Eventually they dropped it.So that old couple keep this field nice open and clean just to taunt the developers.""That's pretty harsh, they don't mind us do they?" still glancing around trying to peer into the darkness."Oh, no not at all.But the best part is they old man used grow hay each year, but since he got such a big payoff he keeps the field mowed close, except for a huge smiley face that stretches from side to side!""No way! That's awesome!I want to meet these people now."The girls laughed hysterically melting away stresses and worrisome events. "Not too many people know that little story. Since I've lived here I've been sneaking out though the hedges.I met the old man once, and he showed me a tire swing closer to his house.""That sounds like a lot of fun, but I hate to be a buzz kill but we kind of need to talk about a few things.""What more could we talk about?Some demon or damned thing is following you around trying to get us."Candace pouted and looked over at Kelly's concern,”I see how scared you are so I know it's not your fault.I have no freaking clue beyond that, so what else do you want?""In your room, you said something I want to know about.""What? I don't remember except for what I saw on the video." Candace really didn't want to get into this right now."I know, I'm just trying to figure this thing out.You said you wanted it, and you even opened up for it.The first time you were screaming in fear and pain, and then you asked for it?""I just told you I don't know, I don't remember!"It was obvious Candace was hiding something; her answers were too short and simple. "Ok, you said you were feeling different when I first showed up today.You said you had been feeling odd ever since the attack this morning; how?""You don't miss much do you?""Not a word, and I know your hiding something, so be honest.This is serious! If you don't tell me the truth, we might not be able to figure out what's going on or how to stop it.""I don't see how this is going to help.""It's just a piece in the puzzle ok, but without it we may never see the picture.""You should be a psychiatrist," Candace said rolling her eyes."May be, but exactly how have you been feeling funny since this morning?""Or maybe a lawyer..." She put one hand up to her chin in a thinking gesture."Candace... Please!""hrmph.... I've uh well..." several minutes passed as the two of them stared up at the stars.Kelly wasn't going to speak until she finished."I've been uh moving pretty fast into becoming a woman and I have felt, hot and horney at times."The last words were so hard for her to get out. "And..." Kelly blushed, she was enjoying watching her friend squirm searching for words."I'm working on it... and since this morning when I was attacked I couldn’t stop thinking about it.I mean it was horrible and hurt but at the same time it's like it hit a magic place and started something I feel like I'm going to explode if I didn't finish.""Oh, that's not what I expected.I thought you were going to say it had some kind of evil hold on you.""Very funny, I'm pouring my heart out over here and...""No, I'm not making fun, I'm being dead serious.""That's a good point, who says your gift is an evil thing?I mean, what if you could bring good things to life.I think we need to do some more experimentation."Candace had a rather naughty kind of experimentation in mind.It wasn't something she would normally think, but it wasn't the normal kind of feeling.This time it was her turn and she wanted it."I didn't see that thing in my head something else showed it to me, and I didn't make that thing attack you, twice, so I'm not sure that's a good idea.""So what's your plan?You never going draw or paint again?How long before it takes your letters to?You said it you're trying to figure this out and you can’t do that by giving up.""I guess you have a point.If I could control it, things would be different."They both just stopped not sure what else to say."Hey, Kelly?""What?""Can you pwese draw me another little grubby wubby worm?"Candace pleaded"NO way!THATS HORRIBLE, eeeeeewwww," Kelly shook her head in disgust, "Candace your soo bad!""I remember, and better than you think.I was fighting it, but it just felt good.I mean I can’t explain it.At first I wasn't sure what was happening.Then it grew.It felt so bad and so wrong I didn't understand what it was but it just felt icky inside my head like a bad dream.I was scared and started running, but then I almost fell in the hall when it started humming and kicking around hitting places... I've never felt anything like it." "Sound pretty horrible to me."“I’ve had experiences before, but not like that.I mean… if only you knew…” They both lay there for another minute in silence starring up at the night sky watching the moon as it disappeared over the mountains.Kelly’s head was spinning, she hadn’t felt so excited in months.Candace was different, but she hadn’t had a real friend since they moved from Atlanta.Plus laying back looking up at the stars made her feel plastered by gravity to the giant spinning ball of earth."I feel so much better after saying that, just so you know.Today when you walked in on me I was chatting with some boys who were being very dirty.It made my heart race, dancing and teasing them.I don't know how but it was similar.And I don't think I could say that to anyone else.""I think you just want an orgasm!""Kelly!"She shouted surprised and her mouth hung open, "You shouldn't say things like that!"It struck her so odd that quiet cute little Kelly knew about orgasms, and she squirmed her legs together cherishing the slippery feeling under her skirt.She propped up and looked over at Kelly seductively."And what do you know about those?""You had that sex education thing in school right?"Candace giggled, "Yeah, but it was sooo stupid.I mean they're all, "ok kids, sex is badmmmK!Oh and take a condom, mmmmK" ONE freaking condom what the heck is that for, ONE!"Kelly nibbled her lower lip; hers was still in the nightstand exactly where she hid it on the day she got it.Was that bad?She had never thought of using it.Not once.Actually she wanted to throw it away, but was worried someone would see her with it and that would be worse!"I mean I've had some warm feelings but, I'd never... not right now...I mean I could, but..." Candace ran her eyes up and down Kelly as she lay.She had relaxed and rested her head on her hands.The neck seam had looped over her shoulder again and Candace eye'd the smooth milky skin along the bottom of her thin neck.She couldn't help but wonder what Kelly would think if she jumped down like a zombie and gave her a hicky.Kelly stammered on trying to make sense of her "reserved" sex life, not trying to sound like the virgin she was.Candace was glossy eyed thinking of suckling her neck and how she wanted to sneak a hand in Kelly’s panties and show her what an orgasm was. Kelly was too occupied thinking of how they gotten on this subject.It did seem ok, wandering off like this.Candace was easy to talk to.And she couldn't exactly talk to her Aunt or anybody else about this stuff. Candace laid back down trying to cool off, trying to remind herself of the overpowering lust she had been experiencing.She didn't want to ruin the friendship if Kelly took it wrong.She actually wanted to ask her Dad what to do for the first time ever.They sat in silence for a minute, but Candace wanted to ask something more, but couldn't find the words.Until she rolled over on top of Kelly straddling and resting her bottom on Kelly's hard mons mound."Can I help you?" Kelly said shocked and not sure what to do.She had never really had a friend since she was much younger and wasn't sure if this is how girls act.The weight on her privates combined with the soothing warmth of a close body felt good, which was only more uncomfortable."Yes, I believe you can," Candace said playfully.She arched her back rolling her own crotch down across the hard mound feeling something good in her loins and heart.She playfully threw her hands on Kelly's shoulders like a cat that had pounced her prey.Candace squeezed her taunt skin and slowly ground her crotch against her helpless friend."I think one experiment we should try is something less gross than a grub worm, but still along the same lines that the spirit thingy wants."Kelly was uncomfortable and hoped the punch line of a great joke was coming, "Like what?"Her face was confused, dry and expressionless. "Ya know, a uh mans uh, thingy.""Why the hell would I do that verses a nice little blue bird."Kelly felt she should be mad at her friend, but it felt good in her heart to have someone this close."Because it doesn't seem to care what the shape is, it just wants it wants... well for my ya know... so, I would rather make something that I want instead of a demon blue bird that's still going for my you-know-whats."Candace started to bounce her butt up and down onto Kelly to emphasize the point, "and I'mreally really horney!" she trailed off with fake sobs and moans.Kelly tried to ignore the rhythmic pounding and act normal, "I don't think your personal desire makes that a safe course of experimentation."Kelly replied like the biggest geek on the east coast."Come on where's your sense of fun," The bouncing caused her voice to sound even more pleading, "just imagine the possibilities!You've got a special gift, now use it!"Candace didn't know how much of a hold the darkness had on her as it used her like a puppet for It's dark purpose."Would you stop that, you're being silly."Candace got a wild playful look in her eye and reached up stretching to the stars putting all her weight on Kelly's crotch and started grinding with a feverish pace.Kelly had never seen hips move like that."Ah, Candace... look, I don't.." Kelly was searching for words, her mind made blank by the oddly good feeling.She put her hand onto Candace's hips and started to push half heartedly away.Candace looked down at Kelly's squirming body; she knew her thrusts were making the modest girl feel good.She just wouldn't admit it.Kelly's perfect budding mounds had popped nipples and jostled below the thin shirt with the grinding thrusts.Then suddenly Candace pounced down and planted both hands on Kelly's breasts and squeezed."Get off me!"Kelly said without much conviction.She wasn't too sure how to handle this surely Candace was just playing, but no one had ever groped her like this.Her tits were easily held and pinched pulled and twisted.It hurt like a hard massage but felt… different.As she tried to wriggle away Candace followed easily."Aww, ok I'll let you go," Candace paused and Kelly rested her arms feeling her blushed face and racing heart.But Candace had other plans.She took the opportunity and started to playfully tickle pinning the helpless girl making the game even more fun. Kelly was kicking and jumping at the attacks, she had been tickled before and this was how the stupid game went, but did she have to be so rough?Kelly started to push harder against her hips but still to no avail.Candace jabbed all over with two wriggling fingers making her jump and squeal.Kelly remembered the open field and tried her best to stay quiet after she heard her squeals echo in the dark. Candace finally jabbed the two fingers in Kelly's crotch hoping to find her PJ bottoms soaked.Kelly wasn’t soaked, but a warm humid heat betrayed her.A skilled hand latched onto her clit and began undulating.Still worried about the open filed Kelly wanted to stay quiet and submitted with a moan.After a second more Candace stopped and sat back up resting on her again, knowing they both had patches of wetness. "Oh Boooo your no fun!trying to run away like that!""Are you done tickling me?This is not a very fun game."She refused to give in holding to her somber face."OOO lookie here, seems you are having fun after all," Candace snapped out and pinched her erect nipples though the shirt.Kelly squealed and bucked unable to throw Candace."Your little nipples are so hard," Candace smiled with satisfaction.She was in control and loved it.She slammed her hips down onto Kelly one last time driving the fleece covered pubic bone into her own crotch again and finally let go.Standing nonchalantly and said, "come-on lets go back to the house I bet it's pretty late and if Dad finds out he's gonna kill me.Kelly had never seen or felt anything like that, maybe that's just how girls are.Candace acted like it was nothing and Kelly hoped it was.Her body did react though and she did get excited, and the attention in the right spots felt like nothing she had ever known.The Camber's house was noting short of incredible. Maybe they had run so quick before, or maybe it was the afterglow of the field, but Kelly didn't really appreciate the subtleties until now.The deep red's and purple paint, and even a forest green room, with beautiful white and gold crown molding complemented with light simple decoration was overwhelming.The house had several extra bedrooms and two just for guests, but Candace insisted Kelly sleep with her.Candace smiled at the corner of her bed, "Have you ever slept on a water bed?She leapt back landing on the bed with a slap and sent waves though the covers.Kelly was in awe.Candace looked over and patted the bed for her to join.Each pat sent tiny gurgling ripples though the California king waterbed.Kelly still wasn't sure after the tense moments in the field, but Candace acted so natural and none of it felt bad in her heart.How could she resist?She slowly crawled over beside her friend."The thermostat thingy's been messing up.I usually have the bed pretty warm, but daddy's got me a new one on order.So it might get a bit chilly later on.Candace stretched revealing her toned tummy and secretly ran her finger over the dial on the far wall turning the thermostat down manually."Feel's pretty good to me," Kelly snuggled up under the thick down comforter.It was like a cloud.Sleep came quickly for Kelly.She was exhausted with worry and stress.Candace lay awake on the edge but not quite sleeping.As the bed cooled off Kelly gave a little shiver in her sleep.On cue, Candace rolled over spooning her tightly.Kelly's unconscious body reacted to the warmth.Candace had never wanted anything so badly before.Most of her experience with sex wasn't very good.Actually she hated it, but something about Kelly her pure smile and weightless laugh made her irresistible.She knew Kelly was naive and probably never got much attention because of how quiet and self absorbed she was.Candace wanted to show her.She wanted to be her, in a way.Candace had lost any purity long ago and felt jealous of her friend.She wanted to rob Kelly of her innocence and see her begging for more.And for once, maybe now she could have what she wanted.Kelly was in a deep sleep and held close by Candace's arms as a hand slunk down below her tantalizing teddy bear PJs.She felt the warm soft skin of Kelly's belly as she ran her hand down along her smooth hips. Candace cupped her tiny belly sensing the womb underneath.She knew it was fertile, never experiencing the nasty essence of a man.Her own fertility had been taken from her a long time ago.A touch of sadness blossomed into love and adoration for Kelly.She pushed her hand down over the slight empty dip and up onto her mons pubis.Candace paused and scratched gently with her nails, just a hint of peach fuzz.She rubbed the soft rubbery skin, so tight, so smooth.Kelly was lost in a dream.Dark Incarnate Chapter 3 Book 1By Mr. BlackHard Earned LessonsA loud Disney alarm clock woke Kelly up with a shudder at the darkness.She jumped at the strange surroundings and warm body snuggling her.It felt right somehow, and she relaxed back into Candace's arms waiting for her friend to fully awaken.Though Kelly was in a strange place with a very new friend, she couldn't help but feel good.She felt it was the home she always wanted and never had.More importantly, Candace was filling a lonely void with more than even her parents could have offered. Not that they could ever be replaced, but in this new chapter of her life she found a different kind of fulfillment. The girls pattered quietly down the stairs moments later in the pre dawn quiet.Kelly was still in her big oversized shirt, but had lost the PJ pants during the night somehow, but she didn't care.She was starting to feel more and more comfortable around Candace who didn’t think twice about such things.Her floppy t-shirt was just a bit too short to be without bottoms but it was just Candace.A quick rummage though the refrigerator for a cream cheese bagel and yogurt breakfast as the girls whispered and giggled."Come on, let’s take a shower and get our stuff ready.The bus comes really early here.Daddy normally takes me but I think it would be more fun to ride the bus today.""If it weren't for the bus system I wouldn't get around at all,” Kelly rolled her eyes with a sigh."Hey, you should ask your dad if you can come over to my place and stay the night.""He might since it is Friday; he's a little weird about school nights.Maybe you should ask him.I was so surprised that he let you stay last night.I think he likes you.""He thinks I'm a good influence on you... and I think he likes me too."Kelly giggled and dripped cold strawberry yogert onto her shirt.Candace reached out without hesitation and swiped a finger across her boob causing a jiggle and licked her finger.Kelly tried to ignore it, "Not too many grown men can resist a little girls puppy eyes." She smiled and playfully fluttered her long eye lashes.Kelly knew how to make her Father’s heart melt, but she didn't understand Tom had a very different reaction."He won’t be up for a little while, but that's good.You should go wake him up and ask.When he's half awake is the best time to ask.I'm going to pick out some clothes.Their room is just around the corner at the end of the hall past mine."The girls tossed empty yogurt cups into the trash and bounced up the stairs with excitement.Kelly knocked on the oak door first to be polite, but she knew they were asleep and went in.The room was large and full of tall dressers and a full length mirror opposite the private open bathroom. She walked over to the larger lump under the covers and softy spoke his name. "Mr. Chambers?" no response.She poked the large poofy covers with a ridged finger and still nothing.Kelly put both hands on the covers and pulled them down, and he finally stirred."Mr. Chambers? Can Candace stay the night with me tonight?"He barely opened his eyes to see the big smiley face winking at him again with the tiny points of her perky tit's, taunting him."Sure honey," he said sleepily and pulled the covers back up and drifted off again.For the rest of the morning Tom Chambers, a well respected surgeon dreamed of a massive state-wide search for a missing girl and the whole time he had that smiley face t-shirt in his hands, trying to get rid of it. Kelly went back to tell her new friend the good news and wondered if Candace knew about her unique home situation.It would make a great time for more testing.The whole idea of drawing something else gave her the creeps but she didn’t see anyway around it.She walked into the room self absorbed in her thoughts to find Candace naked."Ummm sorry, I should have knocked," Kelly turned red and started back out the door."No, silly it's ok, let's take our shower together."Candace said, stepping out of her panties and looking up at Kelly who just had shyed away but slowly turned peeking at her.Candace’s breasts stood plump and full on her chest held in the invisible bra of youth. "I think I'll let you go first," Kelly hadn't been nude in front of anyone since she was a small child, and then it was her Mom and Dad."Come-on it’s girl time!" and she bounced over to the second door in her room and it opened into a huge private bathroom.Kelly followed unsure but she didn't want cause an awkward moment.Inside the door, a huge mirror and a pink and white marble sink covered one wall, and the bath was built into the rest.The huge walk in shower dominated the room with double glass doors that hovered seamlessly in the air.The door's invisible barrier held a wall of rising steam.The shower itself was red tile, floor to ceiling, with an ornate gold and silver shower head and hose."It's beautiful," Kelly's jaw hung open in amazement."Daddy had it built just for me.I told him I wanted a sit down garden tub, but he said this would be better and easier for daily showers, and I can give buster one hell of a bath in here; you should see him!"Candace smiled ear to ear and swung the door open silent as a breeze and slipped inside.Her silhouette disappeared fading into the rising steam."Get undressed silly, and come-on!"Her hourglass figure returned and closed the glass door before disappearing again.Kelly watched as the enclosure soon became a solid steamy cube, but with a ghostly feminine figure tall an shapely dancing in the mist.She slowly peeled her panties down with a sticky wet pulling at the gusset from where her body betrayed her.She paused before taking her shirt off, it alone covered her nudity.She felt once she took her fathers shirt off it would be the turning of some unknown page in her life, and it made her heart drum in her chest.Candace had the life she always dreamed of. Kelly's Father had always been a good provider and great Dad, but things always came from a cheap store or second hand thrift.Suddenly she felt her whole life was made from some giant casting in china, but this bathroom was something different.It wasn't "custom" ordered out of a catalogue, and stamped from a mold in china.It looked and felt like a dream; true custom built and designed from the ground up.One of a kind, Candace must really feel special."Are you coming?" Candace called from behind the wall of steam, little droplets of water rolled down the glass leaving trails like rainfall. "You bet I am!" she said jumping out of the old raggedy shirt off letting it crumple discarded to the floor.She tugged a bit on a small rubber door handle and a notch gave way in the hinges letting the glass door and steamy air waft open.Kelly slid shyly inside, but equally excited as if skinny dipping.Kelly found Candace covered in soap suds in the far corner.The shower itself was larger than the bathroom looked."Go ahead the water feels great, I like it a little hot so be careful," Candace said as she rubbed her slick skin with soapy wonder.The water was hot, and after a short time Kelly's pale skin turned red.Along the corner was a shelf system that held more shampoos and conditioners than anyone could hope to use in a year."Check this out," Kelly heard a click then a spitting as new water came directly down out of the ceiling and far wall.Three shower heads!"This is amazing!" Kelly replied to the world as she soaped up her own chest."Be careful not to drop the soap," Candace materialized out of the steam and moved into the water near her.Kelly was surprised and remembered she wasn't alone and stammered backward and bumped against the cool tile wall.Startled she did drop the soap.It hit the hard tile with a dull thud and zipped away."Well I did now, because you scared me!Why should I not drop the soap though?""Do you live under a rock?It's a prison thing they always say on TV and movies," Candace stepped aside from the fallen soap looking down waiting on her to take the bait.Kelly bent down to get it, showing her sculpted calves and tiny tight butt.The gentle crease of her butt cheeks and soft mound of her slit was just too enticing, glistening in the running water."When the person bends to get it," Kelly paused wondering what Candace was going to say as she picked the soap feeling its dented corner, "they get RAPED!"And for the Second time Candace grabbed her.Her fingers pinched inside Kelly’s jutting hipbones as she clamped on.They were slick with soap, and sensual.Candace proceeded to hump wildly with crazy wet smacking sounds.Instead of feeling strange Kelly laughed out loud at the silliness, and played along crying out in fake ecstasy waving her arms.When she stood and turned to face her assailant Candace stood firm, close, and didn't take her hands off Kelly's hips.Kelly who was a few inches shorter than the girl looked up into her face. Candace smiled and moved one hand up Kelly's side and into the small of her back while her other seized a handful of Kelly’s butt.Candace pulled Kelly close and she felt her pronounce hipbones rub a soapy caress across her mons.Kelly returned the gesture and raised a hand to place on Candace's waist.They inched closer so their bodies became one, slithering together with the soapy water.Kelly's hard pointy nipples were like pencil erasers while Candace had much softer puffy nipples each rubbing together.As their eyes closed without a spoken word, their lips moved together and met.Kelly's head was light and spinning.If it weren't for Candace she would have fallen over.More than just their bodies met and moved together like smoke from two fires.Their spirit or the embodiment of their electrical desire swirled filling the room and mixing like their tongues.Candace's hands turned Kelly's shoulders and Kelly knew she would fall.She was spun around facing away, but Candace clutched her close.She opened her eyes only to see the blurry steam and waking reality became a dream.Still dizzy she leaned into Candace who planted both hands on Kelly's small budding breasts.She rubbed the firm mounds of flesh into her chest as Kelly leaned back totally relying on her friend to hold her up.Aided by the soap she slid her hand down Kelly's soft tight skin at her belly and paused just below the panty line.Kelly's heart raced she had never had anyone touch her there.She stood quivering so unsure of what was happening.Candace's fingers slid down and pushed two fingers between Kelly's tight clammy lips, rippling her open and toying with her shaking body.The pleasure of those fingers running over her virgin clitoris exploded sending shivers of weakness up her body.She was too sensitive and her body gave an involuntary jerk and Kelly crumpled, held close by Candace who continued to work her magic.Kelly continued to buck and jerk away when she realized this was only the beginning.Candace's tantalizing middle dipped into her; the soft lips give way to her tight insides.Kelly went limp as her knees buckled trying to pull back, to deny access, and give her a moment to rest from the onslaught, but she had no such luck. Candace easily held the weak and smaller girl captive with one arm around Kelly's chest, and the other between her closed squirming legs holding her up.Candace sank a long finger in and gave a flick.Kelly gave a defeated cry trying to shrink away. Candace stopped the subtle teasing pulling back and began massaging Kelly's swollen and begging clit again.Her eyes only saw the dreamy red tile and she feared she might pass out as wave after wave of building pleasure washed up and over her from the smallest of places between her legs.She whimpered and moaned as her first orgasm built.Candace pushed her long middle finger back in.Kelly wanted to resist pulling her legs up to pull away, but she couldn't.Candace's undulating finger toyed past Kelly's virgin barrier trying to reach her sweet spot.Kelly knew there was no escape.The pent up pleasure exploded overloading her body's ability to measure stimuli and her blurry vision almost went black from faint.She saw stars and strange afterimages that fluttered like heat waves and mirages in the desert.Candace finally let her limp body collapse on the tile floor watching in triumph as the water beat down on the exhausted little body."That... That … was a first, um,” Kelly licked her dry lips despite the raining water.“What do you call it?" Kelly murmured meekly as she struggled to get up and out of the hot water."Orgasm? You've got to learn to listen to what your body tells you Kelly."It was almost an exact quote from when her father had 'the talk' with her years ago.An hour later as they stood waiting for the bus and Kelly still felt a few sparks from the explosion between her legs.She didn't know such things were possible."I wish you would have let me give you an outfit, you should have worn something fresh," Candace said.Kelly had only brought PJ's so she was wearing the same clothes as when she showed up at her door.She had considered taking the offer, but all of Candace's cloths were too big. "It'll be ok, besides that's the good thing about wearing black, no one can tell the difference.""I guess your right and we have bigger things to worry about, like what were going to do in first period.""You're right; I can’t draw or paint anything until we learn more. Can’t we just skip it?" Kelly wanted to spend more and more time with her friend.What happened this morning in the shower, Kelly decided, wouldn't change anything.They were still friends; and that was one friend teaching another friend about elementary parts of growing up.Kinda like forcing someone to try new a new food.It made sense when she thought of it like that.If her parents were still alive they would surely have had “the talk” and explained such things, but at least she had Candace now. "I'm not like you, "Mrs. I can do almost anything with a pencil, pen, charcoal block, or paintbrush!"I can't skip or I might get behind; I barely got that bowl of fruit done yesterday.""You know what could happen if I go!"The school buss's big diesel engine was rounding the bend with a loud acceleration."Yeah, but what if it's another instructional day?She'll just flail around acting like she is the best art teacher on the eastern seaboard?""And what if I have to paint or draw something?" Kelly said as the bus pulled up, and giggled when Candace winced at the blast from the air-breaks.She wondered if Candace had ever ridden a bus before. "Come-on it's not going to bite,” Kelly started up the steps. "Who says anything bad is going to happen?"Candace looked at Kelly funny as she sat in the seat over the wheel hub with no leg room."I don't know, maybe because it's happened 100% of the time so far.""Since when?Since you started counting?How many times has it happened in your whole life?""I'll go... but if I feel anything creepy, anything!I'm out of there; I'll go to the bathroom and never come back.""See, that's not so bad, what's the worst that could happen?"Wait, are you kidding!Everyone sees it, and goes nuts, then they'll cart me off to a secrete government lab never to be seen again.That's what could happen!""Now you’re being silly.You could come up with a thousand "what ifs" for something you simply don't want to do.""What-Ever, but if something bad happens I'm blaming it all on you."The bus stopped to pick up a familiar raggedy looking kid."You're the one with the power, think of this as a live test."Kelly eyed Billy, "Hey, you see that kid sitting a few seats up?See how he's looking back this way?""Yeah, isn't that, that kid from class?""Yep, that's Billy Mason, and he's looking up your skirt!" Kelly began laughing hysterically, her plan went great."What! Why did you sit on top of this freaking wheel I can’t un-crunch my legs...If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny!"They sat for the rest of the ride with Billy constantly trying to find a new angle to see Candace's panties, and with Candace constantly trying to keep them hidden.Kelly laughed the whole trip, her troubles drifting far away for a brief moment.Before class they went to 'the path to nowhere' and out in the small forest.Candace didn't really know what was going on, but Kelly found a patch of leaves that was disturbed.She got down on her hands and knees unable to stop digging because it was exactly how she saw it in her mind.She suddenly stopped when she found a milky white grub. "Look, do you think it’s the same?" Kelly paused and watched the grub with anticipation."It looks normal to me, gross.I can’t believe that thing, was... was...""I keep having the feeling that this spot in the woods, something was out here.And I woke it up""I think you've been reading too many ghost stories.""Maybe..."Kelly scooped a hand down and picked up the plump grub worm."Don't touch it! It might... you know, be bad!" Candace recoiled in horror."Last time one of these fell between your legs you said please!But relax this one looks harmless," Kelly said jokingly."I don't remember that!" Candace whined angrily, as the bell rang announcing the last five minutes to get to class and Kelly dropped the worm that hardly moved.The two girls got into class quite early and chose their seats in the back.Mrs. Francis didn’t have assigned seats, but the slackers weren't happy about losing their seats to a couple a two-goodie-two-shoes.Mrs. Francis came in a few minutes after the late bell carrying a cup of coffee from the teachers lounge.Ever since Kelly came to Spencer Mrs. Francis had a holier than thou attitude that drove everyone crazy, including the other teachers."I trust everyone is eager to get their papers back so come up and get them, while I take attendance," Mrs. Francis flopped a stack of papers on an empty desk at the front. When everyone sat back down she began again, "Most of you did quite well.Today we will move on.You've studied depth, now its time to take that one step further: Depth with a twist.You are to draw a snake or ribbon, something long and skinny that is perceptively turned and twisted.Normally I would tell how some tricks, but I want to see where you all stand on the subject.Some of you in this class are far ahead while others are... lacking."She glared at Billy Mason who had also changed his normal seat."I want to teach you all, so this assignment will show where you all stand.This will be graded on effort, so do your best!"Candace and Kelly looked at each other with big eyes.Mrs. Francis took her seat and started on her large coffee mug again. "Holy crap, I can’t do that!Could you imagine a snake actually loose in the class?"Kelly whisper screamed at Candace."Just calm down she's not even grading it, and remember how you said your thoughts might have been the trigger?Well, just don't think!""I can't!This is too risky; I don't want to get carted off.I'm skipping."Mrs. Francis called from her desk, "Ok you two, let’s get to work and stop that chatter.""Live test!" Candace hissed.Neither of the girls noticed but Billy Mason chose to sit in front of Kelly along the far right side of the room.He had set up a good angle to see Candace's skirt, and also happened to be eavesdropping.He thought they must be playing a game.He laid his head down cocked back to get another look at her white panties. He could almost make out a faint crease in the middle.Without thinking Kelly, thought... she instantly saw a coiled rattle snake in her mind and her eyes went wide.No way she’d ever draw that!What if she chose something very different from what she saw?She remembered a small garden snake her had father pointed out shortly after the move here.He explained how they were not poisonous and very docile.She got to work drawing some garden steaks with running bean shoots.She even included a small little garden center plaque that read "Big Boy Beans" after nothing happened thus far; it was time to draw the snake.Mrs. Francis made a round again, and looked at Kelly’s paper.She paused but didn't say anything.Kelly had left her feeling cheated from the last assignment.She drew a beautifully harmless tiny garden snake with a comical Disney character happy face in no time.There was still ten minutes left in class.Kelly leaned over and tugged on her friend’s shirt.But when Kelly looked back at her paper the snake’s expression changed somehow it was still the same smile but with sinister eyes winking at her like her shirt winked at Tom chambers.The forked tongue flickered and left a charcoal smear on the paper.She wanted to scream; maybe the others wouldn't know it was her fault.She finally stood panicked drawing the attention of Mrs. Francis and a few others in the class. Kelly froze like a deer in headlights, what should she do?Candace watched the snake slither off the paper leaving a smeared trail.It knocked over the plant sign in the garden on its way out.Candace infused with bravery and intent on not letting this become a failure grabbed at the snake, but it slipped though her fingers and disappeared into Kelly's bag."Good heavens, what's wrong with you two?"The teacher called to Kelly who stood with her jaw dropped."It was a bug, a big cricket or something Mrs. Francis."Candace spoke up."I... I.. thought it was a spider..." Kelly started to relax.The snake was out of sight.She watched as her friend zipped her book bag closed."Ss-s sorry, Mrs. Francis."Kelly sat back down wearily.And the room got quiet again."I freaking told you something would happen!"Utilizing whisper yells at Candace again."But it’s ok, it’s in your bag we'll stop on our way and let it out outside."Kelly's eyes suddenly bulged wide, as she felt a cold slither rounding up her right ankle and the scaly scratching against her shinbone.With speed like lightning the small albino snake was under Kelly's skirt and stabbed around the elastic edge of her panties.Before the poor girl could move it was inside her.Candace saw it in her eyes when the head pushed inside.Kelly stood up trying not to act crazy and grabbed her bag leaving the paper sitting on the desk.She didn't know where but, she had to get out of the room.She began walking to the front as calmly as possible feeling the scaly snake rubbing her insides raw as it coiled and twisted.She walked funny trying to hold her knees together in a futile effort to keep the thing out.The snake was much longer than she had drawn it, but on the paper the tail was behind some leaves.It continued to slither inside her.Candace watched and saw the long slender body of the snake swirling from Kelly's shoe all the way up her leg and under her skirt; it continued without a pause.She noted that Kelly tried desperately to maintain a calm face.No one else in the class could see it, or they would be screaming already.How could they miss the paper white snake wrapped around Kelly's leg?Billy Mason, however; noticed something was going on, but he didn't know what.It must be something they were talking about earlier.She paused at the front as Mrs. Francis who looked over with big surprised eyes at Kelly's cringing face."I.. I've got to... to go to the..."the snake poked its head, probing at her tiny cervix and Kelly’s face went as white as the paper she had been working on."Go on girl and don't faint," the whole class was watching now, but none of them saw the last bit snake curling up her thigh. As Kelly turned and waddled out the door, Billy Mason finally saw six inches of white line, no bigger than a pencil disappear under her skirt as she rounded out the class door.The bell rang a few seconds later and Candace followed Kelly's steps just like the day before, and found her in the bathroom.Unlike Candace, Kelly had pulled the crotch of her panties aside and already held the tail.She was pulling with all her weak strength and had over a foot of the snake out.Candace slid under the stall door and grabbed the tail without a word and started a tug of war to get it out.Kelly whimpered and cried as softly as she could but the thing was still pumping in and out of her cervix and the scales hurt.A few other girls came into the bathroom and chatted at the sinks, while another took the stall next to them.Candace held the tail and after two feet of the snake was pulled out.She began to walk backwards stringing it out.Over four feet of un-natural thin white snake now stretched out taunt and bounced like a tightrope as Kelly squirmed.Candace's back hit the wall and she started pulling the angry snake like a rope.The toilet flushed and the other girl left, but the two still went on at the sinks.The snake was nearly finished and ready to blow its un-natural and unworldly semen into Kelly's cervix when Candace finally caught up and its head popped out spraying oily black gunk out of its mouth and down Kelly's leg.Candace grabbed the head and held it wrapped around her arms like a small water hose, and she looked like some discovery show geek.Kelly couldn't help but giggle at her friend through her pain and fear as relief washed over her face and body.The whole tunnel of her vagina throbbed with pain and tiny cuts from the scales and her leg was washed in gunk but she smiled and Candace smiled back unsure what to do with the snake in her arms.They smashed its head with Kelly's black and now oily shoe and fed it down the toilet.Kelly tried to clean the black stuff off and used half a roll of paper.The late Bell rang and the bathroom got quiet.They both breathed a sigh of relief together, they could stop the silence."I fucking told you that was a bad idea!!!""Yeah but we learned that no one else can see these things, when you went up to leave you had that thing running all the way down your leg and no one else saw it!How would we have learned that otherwise?""I didn't see or feel anything other than its scaly head fucking my uterus!" "Look I'm sorry about that ok, but now we’re even.One of your creations got me too remember." Candace gave her a stern look and Kelly let out a long sigh."At least we made it and we learned one more piece of that puzzle, right?""Yeah, well my whole lower abdomen is throbbing with pain," Kelly said still angry."You stole my panties and left me here unconscious on the floor!" Candace rebutted, and the argument was over, they each had sacrificed. The rest of the day was uneventful, Kelly went to get some pain killers from the nurse and spent most of the day feeling the slow steady internal throb of pain.The pain had all but faded to a distant foul memory when the school day ended and she met Candace and boarded the bus home.Billy Mason followed them onto the bus trying yet again to look up skirts but this time he was focused on Kelly.Her stop was one of the last on the afternoon bus and one of the first in the morning. You know both my parents are gone right," Kelly wanted to be sure Candace understood her home situation before she got there. "Yeah," Candace replied not sure what else to say."We'll it’s ok I'm fine to talk about it an all, but I still live there.""I heard your Aunt stays with you.""That's partly true, well not really, that's only on paper.My Aunt lives down the street.She's really cool and I stay at the apartment alone, so if your dad calls or anything my aunt is out and we'll have her call him back.""Will she call him back though?Daddy can be pretty particular sometimes and he just might call.""Oh yeah she's cool like that, she’ll say she's watching us like hawks.""That is soooo cool.""That's what I thought at first, but it gets pretty lonely."They walked up some small stairs to her condo and went in.Several miles away Billy, was looking up her address out of the phone book holding an odd paper plaque that felt a lot like plastic though it was just paper and read "Big Boy Beans".He knew she lived in the condos but needed a house number or at least a mailbox number.Kelly showed her guest around the humble condo's living area and bedrooms.They both stopped at her old parent’s room and art studio.Kelly plopped down in the big chair while Candace "ooo'd Ahhh'd and ohh'd" around the room.Then she jumped into the big chair with Kelly, it was a tight fit but the two girls sat hip bone to hip bone. "So what's the difference between when you painted before and what happens in class?""Well I've really not done much art work at all since my parent's died... I really kinda feel it’s my arts fault, they were on their way...""No, you can’t say that.But I've seen you draw stuff in Mrs. Francis' class before and nothing has happened right?""Not until that first day with you.The more I think about it the more that creepy spot in the forest seems to be the center.I mean look at that path to nowhere and the odd way the janitors and landscapers seem to avoid it.Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that it is some paranormal stuff, I believe it came from there.I was really super depressed and wanted to go curl up in those leaves and die, that's what I was thinking when I saw that grub worm in my mind and that's why I drew it.""What if you attracted some kind of spirit, and now it's following you around torturing you.I mean let’s face it this thing doesn't seem to play nice.""You can say that again," Kelly rubbed the sore slit between her legs, and they both giggled."Well, I say lets get comfortable and start running a few tests." "I guess, but let’s be prepared this time ok?"Kelly showed her guest to her bedroom, "find something you can fit in to and I'm going to go take a quick shower I don't like what happened today.I just feel dirty, inside and out.""I don't suppose I could join you?" Candace said half joking and half not."I'd rather be alone, but look around and find some stuff useful for our 'testing'."Kelly finished up her shower a few minutes later and found Candace downstairs in the kitchen.She was wearing some of Kelly's pajama cloths, a very nice silk set her father got her last Christmas.The last Christmas."These fit quite nice and feel amazing, I hope you don't mind.""No, not at all they were always a little too long for me," Kelly said, but deep down she did mind.She wouldn't wear those PJ's for a few more years assuming she got taller."OK, I think the kitchen would be great, there's the fridge if we want to freeze something, the sink's got a food grinder uper thingy, and we also have a sink and the doors to outside!""Wow, you are really excited about this aren't you?""Yeah kinda sorta, I guess I am." "You forgot one of the most important things however," Kelly smiled and rummaged the junk drawer in the kitchen and pulled out several large rubber bands.She sat in the chair and started to fasten them to her pajama's at the ankle."I'm not having that snake or anything else run up my leg again."Yeah I guess skirts haven't been the best outfits for this kinda work.""And you can bet I don't plan to make the same mistakes again.""True Dat," Candace said as she took a couple rubber bands.Kelly gave her an odd look; the slang language didn't suit either of them.Kelly sat down at the table.It was simple and country styled wood frame with a white tiled surface.She took the pencil and grabbed a hard book to make a level surface to draw on."What should I draw?""I don't know, draw whatever comes to mind," Candace looked on with anticipation as Kelly's hand moved closer to the paper and she closed her eyes."But make sure it’s slow, I don't want another snake ok.Oooo and nothing too big or with teeth that might hurt us... actually draw something that's attached to the paper so it can’t get off." Kelly looked up at her with a no shit Sherlock expression."No, I mean like draw straps holding it down!"Kelly hunched over the paper and closed her eyes again, she attempted to keep her mind clear and maybe the spirit would tell her what to draw."On second thought I do have something I want you to draw.But I don't know how to ask...""Just tell me, you have to know by now that beating around the bush will only waste time.""I guess, but I'm not sure.Remember what I told you in the field last night?I wanted you to draw something.""You CAN'T be serious... can you?""Sort of, I mean, hey; each thing that's attacked us has gone for our... you know whats, and maybe it's a really horny spirit and just maybe if we give it what it wants it will go away?""That sounds like the worst idea I've ever heard; your thinking privileges have now been revoked.""Please! I'll volunteer, you just draw a man's... thingy attached to the paper and I'll do the rest ok?""And what if you’re wrong and something really bad happens?This takes playing with fire to whole new level.""What else are we gonna try?A cute little bunny rabbit that comes to life with fangs and attacks us; we have to try.You got any better ideas?This one just might end it all right here.Look, if it's attached to the paper and safe enough looking then what's the worst that could happen?""I don't know, you could get some kind of inter-dimensional venereal disease, or worst yet, do I have to say it?... Demon baby!""No, I'm on the pill so my body is not even putting eggs out, and I don't think paper has diseases.Look do you have any better ideas, and one that might make this thing go away?""You’re on the pill?" Kelly smiled shyly and looked away."Yeah, Mom caught me... "exploring my sexuality" and she made a decision, but don't tell because Dad still doesn't know."This was a little white lie, but it didn't really matter."You ARE a dirty girl!" Kelly blushed uncontrollably."Just do it ok..."Kelly leaned forward holding the pencil again and closed her eyes.Suddenly popped them back open," Oh my god that's nasty, I wont draw that.I tried to keep my mind clear and this thing... just ... I saw this horrible thing...""Was it a penis!"The word sounded strange and felt uncomfortable and hung in the air.In her excitement Candace was a bit too loud."I think..." Kelly pinched her face like she just drank orange juice after a sweet doughnut.She shook her head trying to get the image out of her mind.But it was there every time she closed her eyes, huge and bulging with fat veins."Then it knows! A-aand that's what it wants!This just might be the end, and maybe I can get an inter-dimensional orgasm out of it too!" "Candace!"Kelly rolled here eyes and went back to the paper."Are you absolutely sure?I think you might change your mind if you knew what you were asking.”"I. Don't. Care.I'm dieing with anticipation here.Just go, and if I change my mind we'll just burn it."Candace thumbed the child safety of a long grill lighter with no luck."You better give that to me; CHILD safety lock you know." Candace smiled and cocked her head with a ‘fuck-you’ expression as she finally got it to light."Here goes nothing..." Kelly bent back over the paper again and started working furiously.Candace watched and like a ghost out of the mist the penis was starting to really take shape.It was most of the note book papers length even at the angle Kelly drew. Candace's heart began to race as she saw Kelly really make it come to life, so to speak.The tip looked mildly like a pointed angled suction cup with a small hole in the point.Candace didn't say but she recognized it almost immediately.The shaft was long bloated and fat and at the base Kelly really didn't know what she was drawing but tried to render it exactly as she saw.The base was a large round ball the size of a baseball which rounded off into a small tube like attachment that disappeared into the void. The presumed body was behind wooded planks with a locked latch with only the penis extending out.Kelly was putting the final touches on it as Candace began to have second thoughts about the size.The shape, however; was totally familiar to her and probably only her.When she finished the bulging veins and swollen flesh, almost like clock work she lifted the page and it lulled out bobbing too and froe.The girls screamed and jumped back as the large weight of it pulled the paper out of her hands.The paper weighted down dropped and sat flat on the table with the large member pointing up to the sky like a monument.Candace held a pair of grill tongs like a warrior and poked at it. "Why did you have to make it so big?" Candace's voice wavered as she pinched it with the tongs."I closed my eyes and that's what I saw, I tried to draw it to proportion.""Well you could have down sized it!" They both stared at the strange thing standing on the kitchen table.It continued to bob some but it pulled down into the paper, effectively disappearing from view then it smashed up again, they both heard a loud thud like distant thunder as the restraints stopped it from coming into this world. "Like I said, it was a bad idea," Kelly lit a long grill lighter and moved towards the paper."No wait, lets watch it for a moment to see what happens for a minute."They both got a drink of water from the refrigerator dispenser and stood watching the un-natural bloated horror bob in and out of the paper window; it was begging."Well I think we know how to trap things.Still doesn't help us much. Could you imagine me turning a paper in with a live snake strapped to it?Mrs. Francis would freak!"They both laughed an uneasy laugh."I guess I'll give it a try, it looks pretty secured.""I can't believe you're doing this..." Kelly closed her eyes and covered her face while talking.She couldn’t bear to look at it, and was hardly able to believe she drew it.Candace walked over and pulled at the corner of the paper, and slid it off the edge and onto the kitchen floor.Kelly looked down at the thing, "There's no way that will fit, you better not try.And for the record I'm saying I think this is a very bad idea," She opened another drawer and got out a long kitchen knife and sat indian style on the floor in front of it's grotesque gestures.She slid the shiny steel twelve inch kitchen knife next to the small tube connector at the base. "It's all you, but I don't blame you if you want to back out at any time ok."Candace slid the black silky pants down to her ankles easily then peeled off her panties.She stood nude from the waist down hovering above it ready to squat down, "Here goes nothing..." Candace slowly lowered down to meet the throbbing white and black penis sticking out of the floor.The tip had been drooling some sort of clear liquid lubrication and as the pointy tip met her soft lips sliding in with ease.Candace toyed and teased, tickling her tiny opening with the tip, hovering just out of reach still.When she finally committed the tip disappeared eagerly inside and the shaft tapered slightly and was already almost too fat.She felt the throbbing veins that ran along the outside as she slowly lowered.Her body stretched and the thing's flesh squished enough for it to squeeze in comfortably.The middle of the shaft was fat and slightly thicker, she sank all the way down to the ball at the bottom.Candace sat squatting on the kitchen floor gasping for breath feeling the strange pulse of the thing stretching her small tunnel.She looked up, eyes wide and bulging at Kelly."It's so big, I can't believe it, but it slid right in!It feels... amazing, it's so soft and slick.I love it!"She continued squatting feeling the tip probing her deepest parts.With knees held wide and feet wrapped in the pajamas she shifted her weight to get more comfortable feeling the ball at the base pushing and threatening, though it was far too large.She felt the hard sharp tip poke the back of her limits while she rested on the base.The baseball sized ball knot pressed her labia wide.She paused facing Kelly who still held the knife on the docile demon's penis."It's amazing, Oh my god you should try it!"Kelly looked at her friend like she had lost what few marbles she had.Candace shifted her feet a bit more, but before she could lift off it, the penis sank back though the wood planks down into the papers black void and pulled out of the girl, and slowly pushed back up into her.Candace's eyes rolled, as the fat part of the textured shaft sunk into again and the sensation left her gasping. Another push and pull, and she started to bounce her butt up and down without thinking.It did something then truly diabolical it dropped the ball under floor level so only the long shaft stood up.Candace was bouncing gently on the floor impaling herself with it.It was large and created suction inside her tight body; Kelly watched the lips of her vagina push and pull with each thrust on the huge thing.Candace's face was contorted in pleasure as she drove down harder and harder, and she began whimpering and crying out in ecstasy.Kelly was slightly jealous of her pleasure thinking of her first orgasm.Then another pang of jealousy stabbed at her heart it was confused but she didn't like her friend being this happy without her.Candace was slamming her butt down on the floor and making loud hard slapping sounds. Her pussy juice started to make the drawing bleed, but the odd paper penis with all those running veins was soaked and the spongy embossed veins stayed clear.It started to pull back again, making Candace drive harder to hit the floor.She was smashing her body down with more and more force to push her flesh aside and take more of the white demon deeper, as she searched for release.She cried louder and louder knowing an orgasm was imminent.It knew what it was doing and as Candace slammed down her hardest the huge slimy penis which had been retreating slammed up into her, and a loud distant thunder was heard as the unimaginable body hit the window's restraints followed by Candace's scream as the ball at the base shoved inside her tight box. Her feet came out from under her, and she sat gasping for air flat on the paper drawing.Her lungs bursting, she was holding such a deep breath and still trying gasp further.Kelly sat unsure what to do.Watching her quivering friends face wrenched in pain and odd forceful pleasure from the orgasm. The ball at the base shoved in at her weakest moment, and began to instantly inflate, knotting the girl to the paper dick, floor, and other world.The guided tip stabbed into her stretching and forcing its way into her uterus.She couldn't get the thing out even if she tried, as it released large pumps of sickly black semen directly into her womb.Kelly could only watch frozen with fear afraid to do anything.Candace wasn’t responding and her body began to tremble.She leaned back holding her shivering body up on her arms while still sitting spread eagle unable to move off the floor.Kelly could see the strange bulge just above her clean shaven mound of her mons.The pointy tip of the penis was several inches into her cervical opening and dumping flush after flush of demon seed.The seed filled and stretched her womb like a balloon causing yet another visible turgid change in the girl’s stomach.Kelly remembered the knife in her hand and regained her courage.The huge white ballooned knot was holding Candace's small opening wide, and she could see the tube that ran up to meet it.She should have gotten a smaller knife; carefully maneuvering around the milky skin took too long, but she got the tip of the knife along the tube and pushed violently severing the tie.The cut tube sprayed the room with a splattering gush of paper white-out before retreating back down into the nether below the locked wood planks.The paper was blank again.Candace fell backwards immediately and nearly got cut on the huge knife.The huge knot and penis stayed lodged inside her body as she laid on the kitchen floor twitching.Kelly stood up trying to figure out a course of action and looked at her stomach, large and slightly bulging.She went for a better knife, and found an ice pick in a miscellaneous items drawer near the sink. Candace's pained moans filled the room.Kelly could clearly hear Candace admit she was wrong in those pained moans.But it’s not what Kelly wanted to hear.She was scared for more than just her friend’s life."Try to be still ok, I'm going to get this thing out!" Kelly tried to sound reassuring, but her heart was in her throat and betrayed her.If it didn't work, she would have to call 911. Candace rolled onto her side and moaned, she had pulled her legs up crunching the thing inside her, but the fetal position made her feel safer. Kelly leaned in and the huge white knot still held the girl more than open so Kelly carefully placed one hand on Candace's butt to steady her, and began to move the ice pick closer, pushing into the gaping vagina and stabbed the swollen knot.A hot white stream of white-out gunk gushed onto the floor in an expanding puddle and Candace reacted with long breaths of relief.The pressure was subsiding. Kelly reached back again with white hands and fumbled around trying to find a hold and pull the thing out.White out lubricant made the task near impossible despite the reduction in size.Candace could feel her friends fingers at work and she relaxed rolling over onto her stomach with her legs spread wide, knowing the nightmare was almost over.Kelly, however; thought her friend went limp from fainting.She finally found the bit of tube that had been cut and started to yank and pull.She finally succeeded in getting the still baseball sized knot out with a hefty tug of war type pull.With the knot out the rest followed.Candace felt like she had just given birth as her gaping body released more than it was meant to hold. Kelly looked at the huge thing it was the almost the length of her forearm.They were both covered in white gunk.Kelly paused to see her silk pajamas ruined in a white flood.Looking at the her pussy she saw something else from Candace's gaping and raped tunnel, as the tip went out it left an oily black stream like a trail.Kelly who thought her friend was passed out pried her butt cheeks open to get a better look.The girl gaped open easily.Outside there was pure white fluid from when she stabbed it and it deflated, but inside Candace's vagina was filled with thick coagulating black gunk.Kelly's heart sank, what kind of trouble had her friend gotten into?She held her butt cheek up and open and reluctantly reached probing with a few fingers and then sent her whole albeit small hand easily inside passing into the not warm but hot flesh.With a scooping motion she brought out a handful of the black oil. "I could really use a long hot bath... I know..." Candace said, and Kelly jumped startled at the words and jerked her hand from the tunnel."Are you ok, I mean you’re not crying for the hospital after that?""That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.You'll have to help me though, I'm a bit weak."Kelly pulled the ruined pajamas off the ankles and cussing at the useless rubber bands, and she helped her into the modest bathtub up stairs."Whoever thought to put the only bathroom at the top of the stairs should be drug out into the street and shot," Kelly tried to be light hearted, but with each step she saw thick black gunk and chunks rolling down Candace's legs.She sat her down on the toilet seat and began drawing some water.By the time the bath was ready she heard the toilet flush and saw Candace using some paper to try and clean the worst of the stuff off.It left greasy black streaks on her tight smooth skin.She removed the messy splattered silk button down shirt and climbed into the water to relax and heal.Kelly could still see an obvious bulge in her abdomen as she stepped into the bath tub. "You still look... uh kinda full.""I feel it too."Candace reached her hands around and started to feel her destroyed vagina.Her once tight lips waved in the soothing water like loose curtains.She easily slipped four fingers in and waved clean water in.Spearing her hand she began to fist herself in an attempt to get the black stuff out.The water was a light grayish color. "Kelly, could you um help me with something...?""Sure.""It had its thing inside my, uh... womb when it, ya know, and I can't..." Candace struggled with the words.Though she had experienced something so traumatizing she was still the same cute young girl."I think I know what you mean," Kelly said and began to take her pants off to join Candace in the large garden tub, albeit Chinese mold made garden tub.She stepped into the warm water and got down on her hands and knees facing Candace whose knees were bent up and held wide.She was careful to keep her own sex out of the grey water not trusting it at all."I'm going to try and reach in and stick a finger into your cervix and hopefully that will cause the stuff to flow out."Candace nodded, and Kelly speared her hand and pushed it sliding easily into the girl.Inside everything felt warm and gently pressing her hand out with flesh.Kelly thought about the monsters thing and how it was almost the size of her forearm, and pushed her hand in further burying her wrist trying to find the tiny opening.Candace moaned her body was sore and swollen this was not pleasurable at all.Kelly pushed harder searching and stretching the tunnel out deeper until she found the bloated mound of her cervix.Candace tried to remain still but whimpers betrayed the pain she felt.Kelly's ring finger found a slight indention in her swollen cervix, "Oh god, there, there... it is." Candace whined, and Kelly hooked her ring finger into the incredibly tight hole until she felt all the flesh open up into the reservoir.She pulled the finger back out and nothing happened.She squirmed her arm in Candace's body to get a better angle and pushed hard to get her pointer and birdie fingers in.Candace started to whine and protest until Kelly pried her two fingers apart and releasing the pent up black oil pressure. Candace moaned finally relaxing with the release, while Kelly saw the black oil shooting out from around her arm stuffed vagina and invading the bath water like ink from a squid.Kelly held her open longer and used her other hand up to press on the girls stomach to push as much out as possible.She pressed where the bulge as been and felt more heavy gunk flowing out of Candace.The water was almost black now, and she slowly removed her arm from her friends body and pulled the plug letting the nasty water out.Kelly took her own shirt off leaving the two girls nude together again but in very different circumstances.Kelly turned the knobs and thumbed the shower nob; the shower head spit and hissed alive with a spurt of pure hot water that soon turned to soothing warm.They both stood and Kelly washed her friend with the utmost care. Kelly had a great idea, and took the shower hose off the hook."Turn around and push your butt out, ok Candace."The weak girl who could barely stand did what she was told.She leaned forward putting her hands and chest on the opposite wall.Kelly tapped the insides of her legs and she opened them wide."I'm going to run some warm water inside you ok?"Candace only nodded, and Kelly disconnected the shower head from the hose and pushed the hose into her friend.Sickly black water came rushing out.She held it until it ran clean.Candace clung to the shower wall."I know you’re tired and sore, but I feel this is necessary, just hold on a little longer."Candace was wobbling on weak knees already.Kelly took the bar of soap and ran it over her hand.When Kelly flicked the knob sending the water to the spigot instead of the nose Candace knew what she was doing.She slowly pushed her soapy hand up between her friend’s loose labia again.Candace moaned, the soap was slick and helped lubricate but with a stinging irratation.Kelly's hand was bigger as she held the shower hose spigot and pushed deep inside.She found the cervix again when Candace whimpered and she pushed the spigot inside.It was very uncomfortable and awkward, but after all she had endured this would be just one more step.Kelly twisted and with her free hand she thumbed the knob again returning the water to the hose.Candace straightened and screamed as if she were electrocuted.This time, and much more naturally so, her womb spit out the hose under the increasing pressure and a flood of black water fell into the tub.Kelly wanted to do this a few more times but Candace was in no shape for another round.She had endured enough.All they could do was hope.Kelly hopped out and began drying when Candace asked, "Would you run me another bath, I just want to lay here and relax a bit.""Sure, then I'm going to go get some plastic Ziploc bags and try to get some samples from down stairs.We need to know what this black stuff is."Her friend remained silent as the clean warm water slowly rose engulfing the poor weak little girl. Dark Incarnate Chapter 4 Book 1By Mr. BlackDrawing of the ThreeKelly went back to her room first.The whole ordeal left her feeling grimy and tainted.A shower would have been best, but change of clothes would help.Rifling through her clothes she cursed herself for not doing laundry and chose to forgo panties because she just didn't have that many and most were dirty.Her dresser drawers were looking empty, and the only thing that made sense was a pair of black spandex pants and a black tank top.She hadn't worn the spandex in a while but they would have to work.Feeling quite refreshed in clean albeit skin tight clothes, it was time to get to work. She ventured downstairs carefully avoiding the dribbles of black gunk and went into the kitchen.First she grabbed the magic window to another world and the grill lighter and stepped through the sliding glass door to the porch clicking the lighter, "Note to self no more ‘windows’..." and the paper went up in smoke. The general disarray of the crime scene in the kitchen was even more disheartening, but she had to start somewhere.Like a crime scene investigator she carefully collected goo samples in quart sized Ziploc bags and placed the inanimate paper mache demon penis in a gallon bag.She dumped this all into a grocery bag and tossed it into the freezer like holiday leftovers, and begrudgingly pulled out the mop and sponges for scrubbing the floor and carpet. The tile had been easy but the carpet on the stairwell was proving more difficult when the doorbell rang.At the worst possible moment Kelly ran over to peer out the picture window.Who could it be?Why the hell would her aunt come over now?But she got a nasty surprise, it was Billy Mason.Kelly tried to just hide when he called out, "I saw the curtain move.I know you’re in there Kelly, I just want to talk ok."His voice was muffled on the other side of the heavy door, but he seemed sure of himself.She wondered if he wanted to give her the love picture he had drawn in class."Look I saw what happened today ok, so just open up!" Three loud bangs rattled the chain and locks.When did Billy get so pushy?Kelly's heart raced, "What did you see."She called out without opening the door.It would be the last resort to let that filthy rat in here, and especially right now!"I saw enough; now let me in so we can talk.O-oor I'll tell someone what I heard in the girl’s bathroom," Billy began to beat on the door again. "Ok what," Kelly snapped as she opened the door just enough to peer over the chain at him. "Are you ok?""Just.. freaking.. fine.., now is that all because I'm busy right now!""Are you sure, because you don't look fine... I, I mean you look good but," Billy's eyes couldn't help but drift down to her braless chest and sleek tank top."Hey is Candace in there with you?""Yeah we're having a sleepover, and I don't remember inviting you!"Billy wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he knew he had some kind of leverage because she wouldn’t have even opened the door otherwise. "I know, and I'm sorry to bother you, I just can’t help but feel something's wrong."Kelly began to get the idea that Billy was fishing, "Nope, just.. freaking.. fine.." she said again and started to close the door on him. "I overheard your conversation in the bathroom today... after the late bell rang.Aa-aaand what you two were talking about in class.Now are you going to tell me what's going on, or am I going to have to go to an adult?"Billy would probably still use such language as "going to adults" when he was thirty.Kelly softened and started to admit and fight the defeat at the same time."Oh and here, I think you dropped this," Billy poked the paper plaque that strangely felt like plastic through the door, it read: "Big Boy Beans." It worked like a key and she reluctantly let him in."Ok, Billy you’re in, and I mean more than just in my house.You're probably not going to be in on everything, but you've asked for it so you’re in.""In on what exactly?""I thought you knew!” she said sarcastically.“Look, tell me everything you know and if I feel your lying or not telling the whole truth I'll kick you right back out that door.""Please don't do that, I caught the last bus over here and I don't have a ride home.""You did what?""I figured, ya know your Aunt or someone could give me a ride home or at least I hoped so." "No they... aren't here, but anyways spill the beans," Kelly held up the paper garden plaque. "I over heard you talking to Candace, something about something you were scared about and just going to leave then something about a snake then at the end of class I saw you almost run out of the room scared.”He paused and looked down trying to gather the courage to mention the slithering tail under her skirt.“And I think I saw what you were scared of…”"What exactly do you think you saw?""It sounds crazy..." Kelly gave him the silent treatment forcing him to finish."a umm well a thing.... uh...""Something about something... erm hrm and uhh... go on," Kelly tried to make him feel crazy and maybe he would just leave on his own."Well then I saw Candace run to follow you into the girls bathroom and I went in to the boys.And after the tardy bell rang…” His eyes got big; he hadn’t planned on telling her how he knew.“I uh... Ok listen, you have to promise not to be mad, or tell on me!""Ok fine, whatever.""I climbed up into the hung ceiling and over to the girls side when I heard you yelling.""AND, what else did you see you little pervert!" Kelly couldn't believe it, but this is how the American and Soviet spies must have worked.They got the dumbest people you would never expect."I heard you say something about your uh girly parts and then something about ‘your creations’ and then how it was all a puzzle or something.I thought you two were just playing a game or something than I heard you say that your belly was throbbing in pain, and then I heard Candace say that you stole her panties and left her unconscious on the bathroom floor the day before.I started to look down on you two and saw you wiping some black stuff off your leg and she was doing something in the toilet."Billy's eyes were downcast and he trailed off mumbling. He would rather die than have to look into her eyes right now.He knew she was furious."Well I thought we were in private!But I can see how you might take some of that out of context."Billy looked up, but still didn’t notice the stains on the stairwell carpet. "I don't care you’re not getting out of this that easy, now where's Candace is she ok?And what the heck is going on between you two."Kelly let out a long sigh and hoped Candace didn't come downstairs anytime soon, "What I'm going to tell you is not fiction and it's not a game.If you choose not to believe, well, I don't blame you, but if you do you're in over your head already.You're free to turn around and walk out the door and never turn back, but if you stay I'm not going to entertain any stupid childish questions or bothersome nagging.If you choose to stay, you will be our quiet obedient assistant, and you are to watch and learn without a word.Eventually you will figure it out, and I or she will fill in the gaps as we go, but I'm not going to waste time trying to convince you of anything.Got it?""Yes... Ma'am," Billy swallowed hard his palms were sweating and his heart raced.You could almost see his heart beating in his intense gaze.He had always had a crush on Kelly, and just the chance to spend time around her was worth any danger.What kind of MAN would he be if he ran away anyhow?He sniffled and wiped his nose with his whole arm as he took a big step forward as Kelly flopped down on the couch tired from cleaning. "Ok... I would just assume you walked back out the door and left us alone, but I suppose if you’re willing to help it couldn't hurt.Two days ago in Mrs. Francis' class...," Kelly went on to tell almost the complete story.She left out what the creatures actually attacked and she also left out today’s fiasco."Who are you talking to?"Candace's voice drifted down from the top of the stairs."Stay here, and don't go into the kitchen," Kelly told him and glancing at Candace who was wearing nothing but towel that barely covered her wet body, "Actually don't get up at all... or move.”She raced up the steps to tell Candace that they had a visitor.Kelly drug Candace into her bedroom before she could see who it was, "We've got a problem, but I think it might just work out.That's Billy Mason down there, and for better or for worse he's noticed more than he should have the past two days at school.""That filthy rat?" Candace said as she picked though Kelly's clothes again."Yes, that nasty perverted shit stain of a rat, has put himself into the middle of this whole thing.He thinks you and I are in some kind of abusive relationship or who knows what.I told him the basics of the truth, but I don't know, I figure he will end up stalking the heck out of us both if I didn’t.He even threatened to go and "tell an adult" at the front door.He's confused and thinks we're in danger... normal danger.""Well, the only way to convince him otherwise is to show him." Candace held up a pair of jeans that would never fit her hourglass hips and tossed them back."And... that would only make him more curious.I think we can use him.I'm not sure what for yet, but he could be useful.""We could see what those things do to boys," Candace and Kelly both laughed out loud at the idea. Billy was eavesdropping at the bottom of the stairs and took it as a good sign."I'm sure that another opinion couldn't hurt, and in alot of ways who could be better, he's had a crush on me since the sixth grade.He’d never question me.""No offense, Kelly but I think he's had a crush on anything that wears a skirt since the second grade," the girls giggled again.Candace felt a slight pang of jealously, she didn't like Billy liking Kelly.She didn’t feel threatened by him but it wasn’t something she could ignore."There is one big problem though, he's going to be in the way of our experiments, I mean he's a guy!I did tell him the basics but, I mean we couldn't have done that test today if he was here." Kelly gushed with excitement, having Candace’s support meant the world to her and she wanted her to know that she wouldn’t jeopardize that. "You're right, he will be constantly trying to get close and hit on us too... and you know, be generally perverted and immature."Candace found some sweat pants that were too tight but decided to keep them due to a lack of options.She would have been just as happy to stay in her underwear, or go nude, but she couldn’t even broach the subject with Billy around."Assuming, what happened earlier didn't make the spirit happy and sent him back to sleep for another hundred or so years out at the back of the school," Kelly said sarcastically, as a quick I told you so."No, you're right, it was a long shot and I'm pretty sure it's sill out there and hungry.I have an idea that may work.”Candace didn’t want Billy around at all but it did provide her with an opportunity.“I'll admit this to you and you alone ok, you can’t tell anyone and especially not Billy Fagface down there.""Sure, what is it?""I've really been maturing sexually, my mom hand "the talk" with me two years ago, and then this year birth control pills.She even brought me a little paper bag with a small rubber penis and vibrator," Candace whispered the last part as if someone might overhear the already quite conversation."I've used that thing down to its core, and I've been wanting something more for so long...""You're one of the most beautiful girls in the school, Candace you could have any guy you wanted!" Kelly whisper screamed in disbelief."But that's just it, I don't really... oh gosh this is hard, please don't let this change our friendship...""I promise cross my heart and hope to die," Kelly smiled. Candace smiled right back and bent her knees to sink a few inches to be eye to eye with Kelly she leaned forward and took Kelly's hands and leaned into her ear, "I don't want a BOY."Candace squeezed Kelly's hands and made sure to breathe some hot breath into her ear. Kelly took a step back with a shiver and goosebumps staring at Candace with wide eyes, then she narrowed them into a smirk and peck kissed Candace on the lips squeezing her hands back. They smiled at each other with mutual understanding and started down stairs to meet Billy. Billy looked up, his heart racing to see the girls bouncing down the stairs hand in hand.Candace felt like she was floating even though her insides still throbbed like a dull toothache.They sat across from Billy on the sofa. Candace spoke up, "So Billy what exactly do you plan to do to help us?""I... don't know; anything you ask me I guess.""And if we asked you to leave us alone, because I think that's the best thing you could do."Candace played the bad cop. "But, Kelly said," he looked to her and found her face stone cold."She said I was in, and that I could help?""And I say, I think you smell bad AND you’re useless."Candace retorted the pleading look with angry eyes."I.. I don't know, what she said sounds so crazy and I really think you two could use some help."Billy's adolescent voice squeaked nervously as he spoke."May-be, but if you stay you have to understand what's going on here is no joke, and if you prove to be annoying or unhelpful in the least you’re out understand?" Candace and Kelly looked at each other, "And remember we're girls all we have to do is say you touched us and your in a lot of trouble, but you'll sound crazy if you try tell anyone what's really going on.”"So, what is going on..." Billy asked."Good question, what's the next step?" Kelly asked.Candace seemed to have the only real sense of direction."Well I'm not going to spend another minute around Billy here until he takes a bath!"Candace's vitriol hate lashed out with an acid tongue.Billy like a beaten stray dog cowered and looked down waiting on more. "Come on Billy I'll show you the shower and get you a change of clothes." Kelly felt Candace was a bit too harsh at times.Billy looked up over the rim of his glasses with adoration."Oh and there is one big thing you need to know Billy.Candace and I are... well together.So you can just take your heart from its sleeve and put it back into your chest."Billy looked between the two girls confused.Kelly led the way and Billy followed with his heart fluttering no matter what they said.He couldn't believe he was here alone with the two hottest girls he had ever seen.His face was turned down like he was looking at the steps, but his eyes followed Kelly's butt in the tights.The strange blots on the carpet were so distant to him that if it were a snake it would have bit him. Candace headed into the kitchen to survey the damage.Kelly had cleaned like a Mexican housekeeper, and the kitchen looked like a summer day.She wanted to find the penis thing, it wasn’t in the trash or sink like she would have expected.She found the hard paper penis by glancing in the in the freezer.Kelly had done great, but the outline of this thing was so obvious.The object held an odd sort of power over her, it had also sent her higher than anything before, now that she wasn’t afraid of it anymore, and she was sad it lost the soft spongy feel.How could she tell Kelly she wanted to keep it?With her eyes closed Candace’s hands went unconsciously to her throbbing womb and the terrifying and exhilarating flood. Upstairs Kelly closed Billy in the bathroom and went to find him a clean change of clothes.After her parents died her Sandra had done a great job of erasing their presence from the condo but, with their bedroom went all her Mom’s and Dad’s clothes.Sandra felt it was best for Kelly to just move on, and the quickest way was to make them disappear.Kelly was able to sneak some reminders away though.She grabbed a pair of her father’s shorts for Billy.An old pair of brown cargo shorts he used to wear exclusively for doing yard work and a faded Carolina Panthers t-shirt.He had always pulled for the Panthers even though they lost most of the games.He had even taken her to a football game one season when the Panthers were actually winning a few.The Panthers made it all the way to the Superbowl that year, where they lost.Kelly walked over to the bathroom door where she knew Billy was naked behind taking a shower.She had an odd feeling knowing he was behind the door.She hated Billy for everything he was, but something strange stirred inside her as she thought of her classmate nude behind the door.She turned the knob quietly and slowly opened the door careful not to make it squeak, which it inevitably did but it was a quiet slow squeak.The maintenance responsibilities were Kelly's now, and she wasn‘t up to the task of oiling squeaky hinges. She slowly popped her head inside and saw his nude shadow behind the shower curtain, and had a wild fascination and desire to see his thingy.Though the semi opaque curtain a dark triangle of black hair was all she could see.His face and hair were covered in soapy suds."Here's you some cloths, I hope you have a belt I wasn't sure about the size."Billy froze surprised to hear her gentle voice in the small room."Oh ooh ok, thanks I'm sure it will be fine." he had a raging hardon since following her up the stairs and as soon as he had closed the door he whipped it out and began to masturbate.Billy was hopelessly in love with Kelly.The girls were right; first and foremost Billy was a pervert; and a bad one.He had immediately begun to search the bathroom wishing to find a pair of dirty panties or even a box of tampons would have sent him over the edge. With one hand on his manhood he searched the cabinets and even the trash can, but the bathroom was completely clean.He found himself about to cum but he didn't want to waste it on a tissue, the idea of his semen on the gusset of her panties as she unknowingly pulled them up to wear would have kept him hard for weeks, but there was nothing.His dick was hard as a rock just thinking about her panties made his balls ache for release as he searched for anything other than toilet paper.Billy reached out and grabbed two tooth brushes from off the sink.He hesitated and had a better idea.He would cum into her shampoo.He had to force himself to stop and as his heart calmed and he went mostly limp. He put the brushes back and turned on the hot water for his shower and climbed in.The thought of Kelly squeezing out a handful of what she thought was shampoo into her small hand and smearing it into her hair made his dick so hard it hurt again.As he washed his own hair he visualized her eyes closed while his semen washed down over her face, lips, and nude body."Do you need anything else?I know the shampoo and stuff is girly but it's good I promise."Kelly's curiosity caused her to push further into the bathroom, where she noticed his dirty cloths on the floor between the toilet and sink. "Nooo, no everything's fine," his teenage voice wavered again."I'm getting your clothes; I’ll toss them in the wash once you’re done they’re ready before you leave."She pushed the door the rest of the way open and walked completely inside.The bathroom felt alien to her.She bent over to pick up his filthy cloths.A clear stench of body odor rose and filled her nostrils as she disturbed the pile."You really should try to keep cleaner.I think that's why people don't like you at school.""Is that why you don't like me?"She felt odd like on hostile territory, she knew she shouldn't be in here and her eyes searched for a good reason to run.Kelly still bent back over picking up the last sock like it was irradiated and looked up.She just happened to be eye level and looked straight at his crotch; her eyes strangely drawn there.Behind the orange bath curtain a flesh colored shadow stuck out from his midsection, for a moment Kelly thought he was holding a shampoo bottle.Suddenly aware of what it was, her eyes went huge.She shouldn't be here and defiantly shouldn't be looking at that!Billy was rinsing the shampoo out of his hair while Kelly stared at him."I...uh.. I don't know... I've uh," Kelly was unable to stop looking at the thing while it waved like an empty paper towel roll."I've never seen you..., I mean,” She swallowed hard and reminded herself of hat she was trying to answer.“Ya know, without greasy hair and the thought's never crossed my mind."Billy turned and his wand eerily waved with him.He grabbed the edge and popped just his head."Well?What do you think now?""If it wasn't for your glasses I'd say you look like a drowned rat.What the heck are you doing in the shower with your glasses anyway?""You're just being mean," Billy ducked behind the curtain again and Kelly started to go.The voice in her head was screaming she shouldn't be here."Hey!" Billy called to her as she left. Kelly turned and saw Billy's cupped hands appear from behind the curtain as water splashed out of them.It hit her on the side of the face and ran down.She stood jaw dropped feeling the wet water in amazement.Billy smiled as the water ran down the side of her shirt making it stick to her skin.He didn't get her shirt that wet but he was happy with wet side boob, which made him want to play this game even more."That's ok! I got something for ya," Kelly snatched up the dirty and clean clothes and ran tossing them into her room.She returned to grab the towels leaving Billy stranded.She ran down stairs and explained the situation to Candace, who beside her trauma felt a little playful too.They got a large tea pitcher filled it with ice water and they both ran back.As Candace started to run she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and decided to sit this one out, her insides were still a bit too sore for running around.Kelly rushed back into the bathroom and in her excitement slung the curtain back and suddenly forgot what she was supposed to do.She saw Billy's thing, he was holding it with his right hand wrapped around it like a hose.It was huge and purple suddenly she was transfixed starring at the tiny slit in the middle and the large flared ribs behind his uncircumcised skin.Billy jumped back trying to cover himself, as she remembered and doused him with the ice-water. Candace leaned back on the couch and thumbed the television control and let out hearty laugh as she heard Billy scream like a little girl upstairs followed by fish out of water flopping sounds. "Wha, what th, what are you doing!" Billy cried as he scrambled to get up off the tub floor were ice cubes darted this way and that with slick speed.Kelly stood laughing so hard at the whole situation.She had to sit down on the closed toilet not to fall down.Billy was trying to cover himself, get away from the ice, close the curtain and pretend he wasn't beet red with embarrassment at the same time.None of which worked. Kelly’s harsh laughter slowly abated and sat amazed that Billy of all people had such a huge thingy!He got the curtain closed and was back in the warm flow of water."I bet that was real funny!Just so you know I'm starting to think you really are crazy!""Well at least I'm not the one at the mercy of a crazy person.You've got no clothes or towels until you apologize for what you did earlier.""What? You got me back with ICEWATER!I shouldn't be the one apologizing.""Well all right then, I guess it'll be a long cold walk back home... naked.""Alright, I'm sorry."He said sarcastically."I don't believe that was very sincere.""Oh-my-gosh, ok, I'm really sorry I shouldn't have wet you after your being so nice to me and all.There, what else could you want?"Kelly's heart fluttered, this was the naughtiest thing she had ever thought but she tied to play it confident," It seems Mr. Mason you are quite the male specimen.And I a student of ... biology want to inspect you, I've only seen such things on paper before."The irony of foreign words she said started to sink in. "wait... what!!!""No need to get excited!You've been very naughty and I wouldn't want you to get any enjoyment what-so-ever out of this.It for the purpose of furthering my education," somehow she had gained an English accent."Here, dry off behind the curtain of course," she tossed a towel over."When you are finished I want you to wrap the towel around your head and face, and then reach up and hold onto the curtain rod with both hands."Billy did exactly as he was told not saying a word.His dick was throbbing just like his heart.He placed his hand on the shower rod as she pulled the curtain open slowly. Kelly just starred in amazement at first.It wasn't quite a paper towel roll but it was impressive.He had foreskin that ran all the way out and created a loose lip around the tip of his penis.He stood utterly still and Kelly watched as she could see his heart pumping blood into it.She reached out a small hand and gently put two fingers on it to pull the skin back.What Kelly saw was horrible and beautiful at the same time, she had seen a live birth a few years back and this was like that.Everything in her screamed to run away and be careful but some deep itch forced her to keep looking.It was really a thing of beauty like the afterbirth covered newborn baby. She pulled at the skin carefully watching the ghostly sheath slide forwards and back off the flared rib that ran around the head.It glistened standing strong and powerful.She wrapped her whole hand around it trying to mimic what she had seen him do.Squeezing she felt the hot tube of blood flex and give as she began to work her hand up and down.She felt the strong rib under the foreskin as her hand passed over it again and again effortlessly.Kelly thought about Candace downstairs on the couch or in the kitchen and felt sad that their relationship was suppose to be restrictive.Kelly had no real idea of what a relationship was anymore than she knew about Billy’s thingy in her hand.Billy was quivering moving his hips slightly and that meant enough was enough.Hearing the TV she knew what Candace would say, relationship or not, and she dropped his thingy watching the dead weight bob for a second before running off.Billy stood frozen not sure of his next move.He slowly opened his eyes and the world looked strange.Somehow everything looked picture perfect.He wrapped the damp towel around his waist because there were no clothes, and walked out into the wonderful brisk air.The surreal carpet felt like rabbit fur under his feet.He looked around and leaned on the banister of the stair curling his toes into the wonderful carpet."Hey, do I still have to walk home naked, I didn't see any clothes." Billy followed her instructions and found himself in her bedroom.It was a treasure trove.Unlike the spotless bathroom Kelly's room was organized but still very messy.Clothes, books, stuffed animals, boxes, bins, dresser drawers half open and overflowing with all manner of things he would never understand.His heart was pounding and he felt the race of excitement yet again.He desperately wanted to start searching for a prize.Deep down after the tinder moment in the bathroom something inside his heart instead of his pants told him not to.He wrestled with the thoughts, one wanted to defile while the other wanted to protect and hold her. With a deep breath he walked over and picked up his new clothes from the scattered pile on the corner of her bed.She hadn't given him any underwear and his really were nasty and in the wash, so he wore the shorts against his bare skin.His penis was rock hard and hurt when he shoved it down into the denim shorts leg. He sat down on the corner of the bed confused.The clothes were great and he had never been higher on life.But he had to take care of something.He didn't want to be spending time with the girls trying to hide a boner.Perverted Billy won.Thoughtlessly discarded next to her dresser were Kelly's panties.They were white with small hearts on the front.Billy held the small bit of cloth close to his nose and took a deep breath.The smell was unlike anything he had ever experienced.It was like a musky pleasurable body perfume.He couldn't stop thinking about them on her cuddling her private parts with every move she made.Billy just sat right down in the floor and tugged the larger shorts down around his ankles.Still holding the cotton panties he wrapped them around his waving pole and began masturbating like his life depended on it.He neared his climax and held the panties a few inches away; his right hand clenching his manhood and rabidly jacking off.He paused and had a small seizure as a long thick rope of semen laced onto the fabric."Billy?Do they fit ok?" Kelly called up.One thought shot though his mind, he was about to get caught.His penis still tingling with pleasure began to go limp with fear.The thick white semen lay along the gusset.He didn't know what to do; she might walk in and find him any second.He shoved them in a cargo pocket and started out of her room after jerking the shorts up. "We were about to send a search party."Candace said without looking up from some MTV show."There you are," Kelly walked out of the kitchen."Your job is to find out what this stuff is.I don't care how you do it, who you have to talk to, or what it costs, because this is your job if you choose to stick around."She held out two ziplock bags, one looked like ink and the other whiteout.Billy took them bewildered."I think we need to show him first."Candace seemed glued to her new home on the couch."You're right; I guess I could do a grub worm again.At least it’s slow."Candace's head finally moved from the TV, "Well then I'm out, or I guess I'll just watch from afar!" "We can do it.I think it's best for you to just relax anyways Candace.Come on Billy follow me."Kelly lead him into the kitchen where she handed him grill tongs, a giant grill fork, and a long grill lighter; while she carried more ziplock bags and quart mason jar and lid."Let's go upstairs, Candace is not... felling very good."Billy gladly followed her into her old parents room or her new art studio.He helped her as she moved some of the tri-pod's away and cleared a good working area and she ploped down wide legged with a sketch book between her knees.She leaned back closed her eyes and jumped as the image popped into her mind and went to work.Billy was so enamored with how beautiful Kelly was he didn't even notice what she was working on. "Ok, when I finish I'm going to walk back and you’re going to lift the page and the thing is going to come to life.I have to tell you something first, we know what it does to girls or what it tries to do, but we don't know about boys.You're not getting to see this for free ok, you are a ginny pig of sorts.""Assuming it works...""Right...," Kelly handed him the tongs and she kept the lighter and fork.She gingerly put the last finishing touches on it and jumped up and moved away to the door frame."Ok, when you’re ready just pick it up and look at it."Billy gave her a look that said she might be crazy, which was fine by her if she really was.Billy reached out and picked the paper up by the corners.He was struck with how amazingly lifelike the fat little grub worm was.Then like his eyes were playing some awful trick on him the shadows changed and moved.He knew it was some sort of joke or game that everyone would get a real big laugh out of.He glanced back over at Kelly with big eyes expecting her to be holding a camera, but she only wielded the grill fork and lighter.It didn't seem real until he felt the plump weight hit his lap.Billy came alive like he was stung by a Japanese hornet.He moved so fast it was like time stopped; to Kelly he looked like a blur.He was beating his lap while standing up in heartbeat. The grub clung to him still."STOP!Just wait a second and watch what it does..."Kelly grabbed his flailing arms."You are crazy!"His arms fought weakly but he didn't dare fight her grip. "I think you're ok, I've seen what it does to... girls and it looks confused now."The grub moved eerily around from the front of his shorts to the side where it started down along the pocket."See it's not interested in boys, it's crawling off on its own."Kelly spun to go get the jar, a live specimen would be invaluable and may mean it would finally be time to... in Billy's words, go to an adult.Billy's eye's left the thing and followed Kelly for a split second, when he looked back the colorless grub was gone. "Holy shit, where did it go?" he said, and Kelly turned eye's wide and afraid.She slowly dropped the jar and repositioned the lighter and for in her hands clicking fruitlessly at the child safety. "What do you mean, where did it go?" Kelly finally got the lighter to work and held it for dear life.Billy saw real fear in her eyes. "I turned to you and it disappeared!"Both of them were frantically searching the floor, and Kelly stopped to inspect his back and seat of his pants. "Candace will kill us if she finds out it's missing!Ok, wait... maybe it's in your clothes, take them off."The words hardly left her mouth as Billy reverse dove out of his shirt. "Stop, there look in your short's cargo pocket."Billy's heart jumped into his throat and his stomach sank to his knees.He turned and saw the pocket where he had hid her panties was now bloated and much larger than the grub had been."I think maybe you better carefully slide those shorts off, just wrap that shirt around you to cover up.I'll try to dispose of this thing now.Billy managed to jump out of his shorts without touching them.Kelly giggled when she saw how small this thing had gotten; it looked so funny and scrunched up. The shorts lay crumpled up on the floor but the pocket was now bulging, the thing inside was growing.Maybe the grubs just grow, the one that attacked Candace did the same thing, but under very different circumstances.She used the fork to pull the flap off the cargo pocket carefully.The thing inside was pulsating like a caterpillar.The grub appeared to be flexing like an athletes arm but enlarging with each flex.It soon grew larger than the pocket and its segmented back bulged out of the pocket obscenely. "I don't know what it's doing..."Kelly reached for Billy's dripped tongs.She used them on the grubs back like a large pork loin and pulled it out."Oh my god, BILLY what the hell?"She saw the grub attached to, and apparently eating her very own panties.Looking closer she saw it wasn't eating the panties, the cotton was untouched but it was mouthing them and apparently getting something to eat and grow off of."What's going on Billy?""I.. III Don't know..""Well you know something!What are my panties doing in your pocket?"Billy knew there was no way out of this, he had to tell the truth, "I'm a guy ok, and certain parts of me work no matter what I want or don't want.I knew if I was around you and Candace I would have a really awkward time trying to hide... you know... a hardon.Sooo I was changing in your room and decided to take care of it...""That does not explain why you had to steal my panties you pervert!""I.. um got some of... you know... my stuff... on them and I couldn't leave them or even take the chance of throwing them away so I had to."Kelly shook her head and went back to the task of killing the monster before it got any stronger.Kelly's hand went covered her mouth in disgust, the thing was eating Billy's semen.A messy line of chunky white glue strung across the fabric and like a slow and steady caterpillar the grub was eating along the line.Its body continued to grow and grow much larger than any previous specimens. "Billy you’re a sick bastard but you might have made a discovery here."Billy only sniffled and wiped away a stray shameful tear.Kelly separated the grub from the panties with the tong and fork, throwing the panties far away from it.The thing was too large to fit in the jar and therefore too large to be kept alive, but she had to watch to be sure it didn't just eat anything. Like an experienced snake handler she kept the monster at bay for a bit longer.It didn't go after Billy only her, and the panties.It didn't grow anymore or eat anything else.She held the mid section with the tongs and pushed the fork down into its neck with a poping squish the prongs sunk and hit the floor.She picked it up and motioned for him to take the heavy fork, "Put your clothes back on first Billy.Dispose of this... in the food disposal thingy in the sink downstairs.Don't tell Candace anything, but that I'll be down in a minute."Kelly walked slowly into her room.A stabbing question weighed heavy on Kelly's heart.All the evidence was pretty circumstantial, but it also looked convincing.The thing ate semen to grow, maybe it was just high protein substance, and maybe it was just a coincidence, but she couldn’t look the other way.None of the other creations have grown like that except for the one that attacked Candace; and it only grew after it got inside her!Deep down Kelly somehow just knew.Which left one huge question: whose semen was inside Candace when she got attacked...She had to tell Candace what they had learned.There was no way around it.But Candace was volatile and there was no telling how she would take the news.Dark Incarnate Chapter 5 Book 1By Mr. BlackBilliedKelly hit the bottom of the stairs and smelled something she hadn't even considered, food.Over twenty minutes passed in what felt like a matter of seconds while she tried to understand and resist the obvious implications.She felt betrayed by Candace, but she couldn’t be sure."We might have to keep Billy around after all.He makes a pretty good manservant."Candace walked out of the kitchen and back to her couch.Kelly thought about how seductively she walked.She placed each foot in front of the other, which gave her a wonderful figure and made her hips sway as she walked.Kelly saw like a biology split Candace's perfectly formed womb between those hips, then the saw semen which was somehow in there on the day of the first attack."Yeah, I think he might be more useful than we could have imagined."Kelly said with a smirk, Candace looked back quizzically.Billy brought her a bowl of steaming macaroni and cheese, "I didn't want to make a mess or use any of your stuff but, I thought you might be hungry and it's something simple.""Thank you, Billy its fine."They joined Candace around the TV. Billy plopped down in the big fluffy chair by himself while Kelly and Candace shared the couch.Candace had adopted the coffee table as a footstool while Kelly leaned against the far side looking at her, Candace returned a funny look.Kelly wanted to have full view of her body language as she told the events from upstairs.The story went pretty much exactly as it happened except Kelly decided it would be best to leave the panties out of it and pretend Billy used tissues instead. "That is interesting.And I still say bringing Billy along is a big mistake, but apparently he has helped."Candace seemed unexcited and either didn't understand the connection or didn't care. "We’ve got to test out if it's just grubs that grow, and what causes them to grow.We need to take our next step."Kelly who had never had a bad grade in school understood scientific method very well.This should be a very controlled, slow, methodical, and precise process but she had to know, as fast as freaking possible!"So what do you propose?Because I just heard you mention about four different experiments, which I find odd because not long ago you were against ever picking up a pencil or paintbrush again."Candace sounded calm and callous."What are you afraid we will find?""Nothing, but just remember you’re playing with fire.""That's a very different attitude from what you said a few hours ago...""I don't want to say you were right, but you might have been right.I don't feel so great and I'm going to go lay down.If you and junior explorer here, want to play with Pandora's box all night fine, but just let me know so I can lock the door!"Candace calmly got up and started slowly up the stairs with both Kelly and Billy admiring her hips as they swayed up and into the bedroom. Billy's eyes were wide again, "What was that all about?""Nothing, she's just sore that's all.""So... what's next?""I don't know I've got to think of something small, slow, and unthreatening to draw, then we give it a choice of some hamburger or... your... see-stuff."Kelly didn’t like to even say the word it felt so dirty and wrong. "I know which one sounds pretty tasty to me!"Billy said rubbing his stomach. "Mmmhrmm me too!" Kelly licked her lips, and they both laughed hysterically.Billy knew with every bone in his body it was a joke but one bone stirred again."So I gather you must be hungry for more than macaroni?We could work on that while we think, and on second thought I might actually want some hamburgers."They both broke into uncontrollable laughter again.Laughing made the whole mess feel better, and outside of School Billy wasn’t so bad.He was just another kid. The smell of grilling burgers was almost as good as eating them, and one of the best parts of summer.Kelly couldn't stop thinking about Candace upstairs; she really hoped everything was alright.Any manner of nightmares could be going on inside her.The word that stuck in the back of her mind like used chewing gum under the table, was “growing.”It didn’t matter what Candace said pill or not, there were no rules anymore.They had gotten careless, but really they had been lucky so far.Her hand moved to her tummy she was pretty sure she was safe so far but that thing had still been inside her."So have you thought about your next masterpiece?"Billy had already eaten two burgers and wouldn’t stop with the compliments.Kelly was glad he was finally slipping into a food coma and stopped gushing."Not really, I'm pretty worried about Candace." "Is what you said earlier, really true?I mean are you and her.. ya know together?""I guess, I mean I've never been together with anyone before so I don't know much about it, but she and I have shared some special moments.""Well everyone shares special moments with other people.I mean, I'm not telling you what to do or anything.I was just wondering if you said that so I would go away.""Billy... you are nasty and perverted not to mention childish and a little slow.If I had anything to say to you I would just say it ok?""...o...k""We got to really think about this because the consequences are... bad.""How about a sheep?”"A what?Did I actually hear you say a sheep?Like one as big as you and me or just a little one?Say, how are we gonna get rid of a giant black sheep after we're done!Are you gonna hack it up and stuff it down the food disposal in the sink?Wow, Candace was right...""Ok, wait maybe that wasn't such a good example.A rabbit then?""Fast as hell and don't forget they are the ones who made the expression, fuck like rabbits...NO Billy and anymore of that and I'll revoke your thinking privileges.""Well let’s hear an idea from you then!""Here's what I'm thinking.It's got to be an invertebrate, which keeps it small and with no back bone.We can't have any water creatures or god forbid spiders!So that leaves us with worms, mollusks, and I guess insects.If it's too fast it could easily get away or get ahead of us.If it's too small it would be too easy to lose.But we have to remember the grub was initially very small but after it began consuming ... your, uh stuff... it grew way larger than the meal it consumed.""You've not answered your question yet.""I think any insect beyond an early larval stage would be a bad idea, and I would hate to see what that giant grub would have turned into anyways. A snail sounds promising, but I don't like how they use slimly suction to crawl up a flat wall.Even though I really don't like the idea, an earth worm is probably our best bet.""We could do the picture on the sink and drop him right in the bowel so it can’t escape."Kelly sat staring at the sink, "Ya know, on second or third thought I would like to know what that grub would turn into or if what we saw was it.I mean why would we start out with a whole new mystery creature when we have experience with the grub?""You've got a point, but I would like to keep my thinking privileges so I'm just going to agree from now on."She looked at Billy with contempt, "I want to contain it though, so we can see what happens.Up to this point we have done nothing but run.I want to put IT behind bars and make it fear us!I happen to have just what we need; I don't know why I didn't think of it before!"With a big smile she started down the porch and into the yard.Billy still confused followed like a lost puppy.Kelly hunched over and dove into some junk under the porch.Billy's hardon returned as he looked at her spandex clad bottom down on all fours.He was admiring a small but clear cameltoe when she started to back out. "I found it!"Kelly drug the old cat carrier out from under some old boards her dad had stored."This will be perfect," Kelly said to an empty yard.She found Billy sitting on the stairs waiting."Here, be useful for once," and she handed him the carrier."Go wash this off with the water hose. "Yes'sa massa, does it need a wax'n too?" Kelly scowled and threw the carrier at him instead.Had Billy's reflexes been just a little slow it would have hit him square in the face.He took it and moped off to go wash it.Kelly went inside to get started on a new drawing.A grub worm would work fine.Inside the makeshift prison they could test it as much as they liked.Billy came back inside and Kelly felt safe to finish.Like clockwork she lifted the page over the opened gate and the worm dropped in.They sat for a few minutes staring in wonder at the pure albino creation that blindly worked its way around the enclosure."It doesn't look like it can see much," Kelly finally said."Maybe not, but it knows which direction you’re in so it must have a great sense of smell."The grub had been working up and down the wall near her.The carrier had perforations all over but it could only escape through the front gate.With the carrier stood on end it could only clamber at the walls."Let’s swap places and see."Sure enough it didn't disappoint.After a minute the grub followed and started working the wall near her."I wonder if it's the limitations of this creature or if they all have similar senses.""One step at a time, right?" "Right, but maybe you should get a pad and paper and write all of this stuff down." "Yes'sa..." Billy slid off his chair like a snake and moped into where he left his book bag.Kelly smiled and thought she could get used to this. "Billy, why do you walk like that?""Like what?" He turned to look back curious. "You know, like a scalded dog sent to bed without supper.""I guess that's how I fell sometimes...""Stand up straight and pretend you’re a little happy and you just might start feeling it.""I guess I can try, but only because you asked me!"Over the next three hours they poked prodded and tossed stuff into and picked things out of the carrier.The only thing the grub seemed to be interested in was Kelly.It had taken a slight interest into some wet soppy mud Billy scooped out of the steam but that was short lived.It was dark outside and Kelly wanted to check on Candace. "Ok, I think it's time to go grab those panties from upstairs and see what happens."The idea of having her underclothes out in front of him was embarrassing, but she didn’t see any way around it.Billy let out a long yawn while shaking his head and Kelly caught it too."Maybe you should make a pot of coffee, it's in that cabinet at the end of the counter." Kelly trotted up the stairs and cracked the door to her bedroom," Candace?"No answer.She continued in and sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over feeling the girl’s warm body under the blanket and wrapped her arms around her and gave a slight shake.“Candace?"She was curled up in the fetal position facing away and Kelly gave another tug.The girl came to and rolled over in a sleepy daze, "huh?""I was just checking on you, do you feel ok?"Candace responded by rolling over more and pulling Kelly down onto the bed with her."Yeah I'm fine just sore, but mostly I feel tired.I haven't slept much at all since I first got attacked.""I’m worried, that's all," the girls were whispering nose to nose."Awww," Candace pulled Kelly tighter in an odd half intimate half hanging off the bed hug."Why don't you come to bed with me?" Candace's warm breath and words lingered on Kelly's ear."I umm, we're working downstairs, me and Billy... we've learned so much and I...""Leave him to play with himself.""I'm not too tired I want to figure this thing out, ok."Candace let out a long disappointed sigh and rolled back over.Kelly slowly stood and reached into a clothes bin and got the panties and went back downstairs. The smell of fresh coffee lifted her spirits, and as she rounded the corner into the kitchen the coffee pot coughed out its last bit of the drip cycle."Coffee's done!" Billy pointed out."Yay, mugs are over there," she motioned behind her without looking and walked up to the cage and opened the top hatch and dropped the panties in."What's wrong, is she ok?""Yeah she's fine, she's just being lame.I hope she's in a better mood tomorrow.""I was thinking," Kelly looked at him and rolled her eyes."We should go to the store and get another cage.It's not good to just experiment on one, we need a control.""I think that's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say."The idea hadn’t escaped Kelly but the idea of control was obtuse in this situation."I do make pretty good grades in school," he said as he poured coffee into two different mugs.Kelly just sat watching the grub.The semen on the panties had long since dried but the grub went after it anyways.It didn't grow like before but it pushed and tugged them around.It was trying for the gusset where the female scent was the strongest.Kelly took a cup from Billy and sipped.He seemed to understand he shouldn’t look too much at the panties.He was just as embarrassed as Kelly. "Black?Are you kidding," and she went for cream and sugar.Billy seemed content with his black."I just don't understand, why does it go after girl’s... ya know.""I haven't the faintest idea, but see if you can get those panties back out of there, and for god's sake be sure it stays in!"A tingle tingle of her spoon swirling in the coffee was the only sound in the room for a moment.Billy fished them out with some effort to keep the grub off and handed them to Kelly with the tongs.Kelly sadly dropped them into the trash.Another one bites the dust... she mused.They had to be discarded, she had hoped to wash them clean but they were tainted with more than the washing machine could get out. They both stood looking at each other in silence until Kelly spoke up, "I think it's time to try the real stuff."Billy flushed three shades of red.She grabbed the carrier and put it on the floor and opened the hatch."Well go on then..." she said as the crossed her arms.Kelly found this whole idea of Billy and his thing disgusting and hilarious.But deep down in a place she tried to ignore it was intriguing and she wanted to watch.After he had embarrassed her so, what could he say? Billy looked up at her beet red, "I can't I'm too scared." "You didn't have a problem upstairs.""That was different, you just don't understand, you can't put me on the spot and just say do it.""Fine, I'll go in here...""No," Billy said a bit too quickly and Kelly looked at him with wide eyes as he stood uncomfortably."I mean, before your panties where... ya know, there and they were yours and it was interesting, I mean I need something to interest me.Your orders aren't going to do that.""You're so nasty," she said as she went over to the trashcan for the discarded panties."No, not the item...It's... you don't get it at all do you?""Apparently not..." Kelly said fighting to keep a straight face; she actually did understand a little which made his situation even more comical.Why had she never toyed with boys before?"Maybe you could just... I don't know... give me something to think about and make me interested."The mere thought that he was saying something like this to Kelly made his manhood stir, but he didn’t want to show his cards either. "Boy's are so terrible! And YOU Billy are the nastiest of them all!"He was looking down like a beaten dog, "look, nevermind...""Hey, I'm sorry.I was just joking.And if it weren't for this crazy situation which only happens once in a million zillion years..."Billy looked up; indeed the situation had changed as he felt another stir in his crotch.She looked so slender and cute in the skin tight black tights, and her nipples were poking though the tank top.Suddenly he felt different, he could do it.Then his mind went another direction, what could he get her to do for him?And he got a full fledged instant boner, but he hid it from her."So... what is it Billy?""Maybe you could help a little, I don't know... what you did in the shower was...""Oh, I see."Kelly unfolded her arms, "let's get this over with."Kelly had an idea of her own and it seemed pretty appropriate for the situation.She walked over and stood in front of him.Billy actually was a pretty big kid for his age and was much taller than her and a little taller than Candace too though the girls made him feel tiny all the time.Kelly extended her small hand and put it on the inside of his thigh as he stood.Billy swallowed hard as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.She moved her hand up and felt his already hard penis below her father’s shorts and started to caress it.She unzipped the fly and reached in feeling the hot air in side.Grabbing the base Kelly tried to pull it out but after a tiny yelp of pain from scraping the head against the metal zipper she stopped.Billy pulled it out for her, complete with testicles too. Kelly looked down and saw it.A deep seeded feeling inside her betrayed her hatred for Billy.Looking down at his manhood she couldn't imagine a more picture perfect penis."Looks like you're doing just fine Billy, are you sure you need MY help?"Just because some part of her really wanted his dick didn't mean she had to let him know about it.He was unable to respond with more than a "deer in headlights" look.Then she wrapped her hand around the base of his thick cock and squeezed.Her hand barely covered a third of it and the head now flared full of blood with popping veins.Slowly she moved her hand up and down watching with awe as the uncircumcised skin worked over the swollen head.Her body knew what it wanted no matter how much Kelly told herself otherwise.Her own flower was begging now.Kelly bent down crouching on the balls of her feet and continued to play his instrument eye to eye.A wet patch at the gusset of her tights betrayed her.His penis was so warm and meaty; it extended like a tower of flexed muscle.She knew theoretically what older people did and had heard of such things but she was scared and unsure of what to do, just like Billy.He leaned back against the counter and his hands gripped the edge in a kind of ecstasy only experienced once, your first.Kelly paused; her hand gripped the base with all her might forcing blood to fill the veins making his penis look like an angry monument.Slowly and carefully she leaned forward.Billy's heart stopped beating when he felt her breath, and he blinked like he might just suddenly die.Trying not to think of who this penis belonged to Kelly let the tip of her tongue touch the bottom of his thing.It was warm and fleshy, and she licked it again like a curious lollipop.Slowly and carefully she opened her mouth wide and lifted up to take the thing in.The wet warmth of her mouth closed over the head of his penis like a blanket.Kelly ran her tongue around again and again feeling the ribbed head.She felt the uncircumcised skin covering it and as she created a suction running her tongue under the skin and around again.She continued moving her had up and down the shaft again, while still exploring the head with her mouth.It was exhilarating, she had never felt so naughty and yet enticed in all her life.There were boundaries of course, what she and Candace had was different and this was… a singular thing.A thing she wanted to try.She moved without care of compassion for the person the thing belonged to but explored the new experience from afar.Billy had an entirely different experience.Billy might have clinically died for a few moments, and then he remembered to breathe in shallow gasping breaths.If he had been more experienced or maybe if he wasn't frozen in an odd combination of fear and ecstasy he would have known better.But with his eyes glossed over under his coke bottle glasses he was in a trance.He knew what was about to happen but simply was unable to stop it.Billy felt way down deep in his balls that he was about to cum.Nothing in his previous life could have prepared him for this moment.It was working up to be the best orgasm he has ever had.Without any warning to Kelly he felt the tubes inside his balls fill with semen to the point it almost hurt then his cock spasmed and began to empty into her mouth. Kelly's heart leapt when the thing in her mouth flexed and jumped.It shot the first long thick stream of semen like a water gun into the back of her throat.She didn't know what to think, she didn't even know this could happen.She pulled back immediately as another explosion shot onto her teeth and upper lip.Wincing like she was being slapped another shot hit the side of her face and ear.When Kelly winced she turned facing the cat carrier and luckily remembered what she was "helping" Billy do.She kept her head and without hesitation spit though the bars and into the cage.Billy, however; forgot and had wrapped both hands around his member and was working it slowly as he shot another thick stream into Kelly's hair.He was lost in surprise at how great the orgasm was and how much he had cum.In the whole of his life he had never see so much cum.Most times it was just a dribble or one even two half hearted shots.He finally began to relax and come back to reality.It was like he just woke up.He saw strands of his semen in her hair, on the side of her face, and long strands supplemented by her saliva poring out of her mouth.He knew he was in big trouble..."Oh my god, I am so sorry.I didn't... I...iii""Just get this stuff off me and put it in the cage," Kelly coughed no matter how much she spit and tried the stuff wouldn't come out.It coated her throat and gave her a dry cough that wouldn't stop.She desperately tried not to swallow but couldn't fight the reflex.The only thing worse than the cough was the taste that coated her throat.She wanted to puke.She made a conscious decision to be mad at Billy later if she could just get though this and get the stuff off her and into the cage.Billy had some napkins and was carefully wiping her down furiously and tossing them into the cage.He was careful not to get any of the stuff on himself though.The grub had began to grow already."I think that's enough... watch it, I have to go to the bathroom."Kelly struggled to speak and she sounded hoarse and her words wavered.She had been leaning on the cage like a drunkard but now that the grub was growing she stammered away. Billy looked down at her pitiful attempts to stay strong, "If there is anything I can do, I never meant to..." Billy sounded truly sorry."Help me up."Billy reached out his hands and she took them and lifted up coming face to face with him.Kelly felt her stomach take a turn as she looked into his eyes.The awful flavor in her mouth was the essence of this perverted dweeb.She turned and buried her face into the sink puking, holding onto the edge like a life raft.Billy felt horrible watching her.He was responsible.He could have just told her to leave and done his thing by himself.He looked up at her like a bad dog, slouching in the table chair.Her knees where bent weakly barely able to hold her meager weight.Part of his human nature got the better of him as he looked up and down her backside clad in the tights.She looked great no matter how bad she felt.Kelly's thin legs and wide hips made a nice gap; Billy could see the white cabinets though her legs. He noticed a small dark patch of wet tights between her thighs.For a moment it looked like she peed herself.Kelly shifted her legs, painfully emptying out her stomach into the sink.As she moved Billy saw plainly that she was simply wet.The tights conformed perfectly to her body.Because she had be couching down a cute little cameltoe mound was clear between her wonderfully rounded butt.His mind went wild he felt a little better about what had happened; she much have got some enjoyment out of it.Billy wanted to go over and suck the moisture out of those tights as she stood.If he touched her, she would likely murder him, so he turned to the cat carrier.The grub had grown immensely in size.It was almost a foot long and larger than his wrist around.It was still eating but no longer growing.Kelly seemed to be feeling better, and without a word she stomped off upstairs. The creature in the cage shrieked and let out a long eerie hiss as it threw its weight against the cage.Billy took it out to the porch covered it with a blanket and put a cinderblock on top.He stared longingly at the stairs wondering if Kelly was really mad at him as he fell asleep on the couch.Dark Incarnate Chapter 6 Book 1By Mr. BlackFull Steam AheadBilly was the first to up Saturday morning.He didn't dare wake the girls.It was a quarter past six and the sun wasn't over the ridge yet, but the blue morning light was undeniable.He stumbled into the kitchen and made a fresh pot of coffee.He really had to pee too.Rather than chance waking the girls he stepped out onto the porch and into the sheltered part of the yard and relieved himself.It was bit chilly out, the morning dew mild fog made the air feel thick and humid even through the chill.A crow called in a distant tree and gave him a jump.As he relaxed and zipped his pants down when his eyes focused on the cat carrier.It sat quietly covered and weighted like some botched magicians trick. Quietly, Billy tried to sneak up on the creature and peek inside.His damp feet left wet tracks on the porch as he crossed.Slowly he worked up enough courage to look inside.Gingerly lifting a corner of the damp blanket, he was confused to see white silk lining the gate and bars.Taking the whole blanket off he found the creature had made a cocoon overnight.Kelly would be excited to see this.The trouble from last night had at least gotten results.He carried it back in and put the carrier on the kitchen table and got some coffee.He sat in the quiet sipping the coffee and tried collect his thoughts.Kelly had the computer in her room so he couldn't research anything.He went to his pack and pulled a notebook and started taking down chronological events with date and time.Jotting down the events made him feel scientific.He would have to consult the girls to see what all had happened before he came into the picture to fill in the blanks in the timeline.What would be the next step?Log the past and results of the cocoon, but what other experiments could they do?The more he thought of it the more he came to the same conclusion.This experiment alone told them next to nothing, they would need more.More experiments, more cages, more drawings, more of everything.A big smile crept across his face.He really wanted to use Kelly's computer.Billy started on a new list of things to do.The sun rose higher above the treetops baking the fog away and peering into the bedroom onto the spooning girls.Slowly Candace woke first and turned to face Kelly.She was delighted to find Kelly had shed her clothes and slept in nothing but her undies.Carefully she nuzzled Kelly's neck and shoulder carefully rolling her over onto her back.She straddled Kelly just like in the field and bent to kiss her awake.Kelly woke wide eyed and confused for a second, then mildly annoyed she played along and pushed Candace off.Candace went for the restroom while Kelly searched for something to wear.All of her pajamas were dirty, most needing a serious washing, and she had no fresh panties to wear either.A few cleans ones were scattered with her socks but they were too small and would drive her crazy if she tried to wear them.After a quiet curse and a personal promise to do laundry today, she slipped on some white shorts and a simple t-shirt and headed down stairs.When she finished the steps there was an awkward moment of silence when she unwittingly surprised Billy.He was hunched over a pad scribbling like mad.Both of them remembered what happened but it felt distant and the morning so new and fresh."Morning," Kelly said and went for the coffee. "Oh!Hey."Billy couldn't help but stare.She was so beautiful.The white shorts made her thin pale legs look like porcelain, silky smooth and without blemish. "Did you see the cocoon?""What?" in the wake of the awful events of last night Kelly actually forgot about the cat carrier. "Look!It must be more like a caterpillar than a grub."He felt pretty sure grub worms didn't build cocoons, but that was one of the things he wanted to look up.Kelly eyed the cage on the floor next to the table."I've been up for a while, and I've had time to think."His eyes were wild and on fire and it scared Kelly a bit."Uh, huh," Kelly poured the coffee keeping one eye on the cage. "First I think we are going to need more space, and second we need to go shopping..."Billy saw Candace reach the bottom of the stairs and just stopped speaking. "What are you going on about now Billy?"Candace had changed.It was apparent she had planned on spending time with Kelly and Kelly only.She had packed 'girls only' and specifically to seduce Kelly.With a swish of a pleated carmine skirt she walked into the kitchen.Kelly saw her and blushed crimson.Her pale complexion and dimples lit up like jolly ol’ Saint Nick.Billy filled Candace in on the basics of the experiment and the results, omitting a few specific details as usual.Kelly was too embarrassed to say much more than a word or two in agreement."So, I think we need more cages for more experiments," Billy continued."We may not know how to control this... ability yet, but we can start to learn its affects and effects."Candace looked between the two and shared Kelly's skepticism of his intensity, "Wow, affects and effects, good one Billy.Now if we can just teach you to how to use their, there, and they're you'll be ready to take on the world!"Kelly giggled and finally spoke up, "No way, Billy!You have no idea what you’re talking about, and YOU have never been attacked by one of these things.It's way too dangerous.Who knows what kind of monster is waiting inside that cocoon!How can you know whatever is in there wont burst out of that flimsy thing or slip though the bars?""I know it's a scary road, but if you insist on not telling a grown-up there is no other option."Disagreeing with Kelly made him feel nervous but he had to convince her."We can't learn how or why this is happening by pretending it's not real, but maybe if we try we might get some answers.""No, I won’t go along with this, it's that simple.I have to bring these creatures to life by drawing them and I'm just not going to draw or paint anymore.I'm done.""For the rest of your life?"Candace said and looked at Kelly whose angry stare just might kill her. "Yes, I don't care!It's just too dangerous, think about what happened yesterday!""I feel fine today, so it's not THAT dangerous.The things have done nothing to really hurt us.And if we take proper precautions..."Kelly just stared back and shook her head in protest. "I was also wondering, I know you told me not to ask too many questions but I need to fill in a timeline of events and you guys still haven't told me much about..."Both girls glared at him and he stopped and dropped his head in defeat. "Look Kelly, I know this is scary but if you want to avoid the loony bin or being carted off to some secret government lab I suggest you reconsider.You know how much I don't want to agree with Billy, but I think we should consider it.Aren't you the one who said he could help?""Every time I've said 'I feel it's a bad idea' something bad happens...""But each hard lesson we learn makes us stronger.I mean, if we are going to use Billy then let's use him.”Billy nodded in agreement it sounded like an insult but he was glad to agree with Candace for a change.“They don't even want to attack him, so make him do all the work."Candace talked as if Billy wasn’t in the room and never dropped eye contact with Kelly, who let out a long sigh signaling defeat."So, continue Billy.""Well, first I want to use the computer to check a few things.But seeing this one in a cocoon begs the question what is it changing to?The next big question is, do other creatures change and react the same to, uh... semen as this one."Kelly shuffled her feet, "You said something about going shopping before?""Right, I want to make a make-shift laboratory where we can safely experiment and observe.We need more and better cages and I want a good safe room to set it all up in.I think your art studio would be a great place, it's open and pretty empty except for the paintings, which we can move down here.""I have a better idea; I'll get my aunt to run them over to the exhibit.They've been hounding me for some art since the accident.""So you agree?"Candace asked.Kelly didn't answer with anything other than a heavy sigh.Silence was acceptance.The rest of the morning they spent planning.Candace and Kelly worked on logistics of where and how while Billy worked on the computer learning the what.Kelly called her aunt to drive them around.They went shopping for "a group project" which would be due at school before the end of the grade.Candace bought everything with her dad's credit card and Billy read from his notepad like a Jewish bookie.At first shopping was slow because Kelly and Billy didn't want to spend Candace's money, but after she bought a small laptop and webcam just for the lab, things changed.By that afternoon the studio would be transformed into an empty wildlife refuge.They all agreed fish tanks with a tough locking lizard lids would be perfect.They got three fish tanks, a couple of bird cages, and one large dog cage (just in case) which had to be assembled later.Billy also got stuff that didn't make much sense like random vitamin supplements, rolls of plastic, double sided sticky tape, velcro, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, etc.He kept assuring the girls it would all make sense later.Once back at the apartment, Billy got to work on the room while Candace called about a fifty gallon fish tank and stand which had to be delivered and set up.The stuff went up to the room and the paintings were taken off by Kelly's Aunt, who never questioned anything.Billy asked more questions then she wanted to hear so Kelly told him to use and do whatever he wanted.He took the closet door from the studio/bedroom off the hinges and used the plastic sheeting, tape and velcro to make an opaque plastic velcro door, which he explained would be "smell proof" if the need arose.The fish tanks were stacked on shelves beside the big fifty gallon tank, which had been delivered from the “Iwanna” sale papers.The bird cages and the five by seven dog cage fit against the opposite wall.They also took a side table from the living room and a two kitchen chairs and Kelly's personal rolly chair (though it didn't roll much on the carpet) and made a small desk island for the new laboratory.As it grew dark outside they sat on the soft carpet floor instead of the chairs."Wow, this looks amazing, I didn't think we could actually do it."Candace said as she laid back. Billy was still taking the lids for the tanks out of the plastic, "I think we should fill this one with water and try a fish."He fumbled with the twenty tank's lid which was alot weaker than it looked.Kelly sat staring at the huge five by five dog cage, "You guys are completely nuts.""I only suggested we get that, just in case." Candace didn't move from the floor. Kelly rolled her eyes and went downstairs to get a jug, and began carting water into the twenty tank. Billy had already brought the cat carrier in and sat it on the small table.The carrier was two pieces that snapped together with clamps.He tried to pull the two parts apart but the cocoon's web was incredibly strong.He used a knife and started cutting at the web until it was free.They were all tense while he worked.He held it out with both hands like a hot potato.The cocoon was over a foot long and half as thick.He walked it over and set it down in the plain glass bottom of the fifty gallon tank.They chose this tank because it had been retrofitted with a thick wire gate lid with two hinges for locks."What do you think the other people kept in this thing?" he said as he closed the lid and slide the pen in securing the latches. "Not what we are, that's for sure!"Candace finally stood up and peered inside."But he mentioned something about raising alligators."She pulled the small table over and set it up near the tank with the webcam recording."Wow... alligators, impressive."Billy took the carrier and stored it inside the almost air tight closet enclosure."So, you’re up Kelly.I think we need to add a few creatures to the empty tanks."Kelly was pouring the last of the water into the tank, "I'll admit you've got me curious."After the experience with the door she drew for Candace, the possibilities were endless.Blinking her eyes a real monstrosity flashed and shook it away with a chill.Can we start with a fish?"Water could be a weakness of these creatures.She shivered remembering the first attack; when she pulled the thing out of Candace the charcoal was smearing and running.They all agreed, why the heck not, and Kelly went to get her sketch book. She created a beautiful simple goldfish.She meant for the eyes to look scared but instead they looked sinister and mean.The girls were used to seeing it, but watching the fish come to life was still amazing to Billy.At first it just flopped on the page but they quickly dropped it into the tank.The lines began to fade and soon it was just a white fish shaped cutout which also began to fade and smear.First around the edges, the fins began to disappear like the water was sand-paper and rubbed them off.Soon it was nothing but a white spear darting though the water until it vanished.The water had taken on a milky color. "Guess they don't do so well in water."Candace whispered.Kelly leaned forward, "Don't touch it, just close the lid and wait for a while.Maybe we should put some of the... catalyst in there?"It was the first time she used that word but everyone knew immediately and looked at Billy."Don't look at me like that, it makes me nervous.Let's just give it some time.""Awww does the little guy have stage fright?"Candace loved to harass Billy every chance she got."Come on you two."We'll go to bed after we're done, just hold it together.Kelly rolled her eyes, of all the people..."What about this?"Billy held up the little garden sign she drew in class, still clear it read: Big Boy Beans.How did the sign come off the page exactly?Only living things came alive because they were alive.This wasn't an exact science.Yet.Without a word Kelly began drawing a tiny bean seed with a short leafy sprout.Billy was in awe as usual, “With any luck we’ll change the world.Kelly didn’t miss a beat, “With any luck we’ll survive!”"Go get a handful of dirt, I want to see what this grows up to be."Candace took the paper and dropped the little seed in the big open glass tank.Billy came running up the stairs with a small bit of dirt and they planted the seed with the white shoot sticking up and snapped the lid down.The three stood peering into the glass of the different tanks.The bean seed seemed as dead as the sign in Billy's pocket, the water tank was just milky and empty.Since they had a grub in stage two, they all agreed on a worm.Kelly got her book and began working again.Without drawing any background the sketch came to life pretty fast, so to speak.Billy held the paper above the tank and dropped in an albino earth worm.It wiggled and blindly explored the confines at the bottom of the tank.Much as they had expected."Heh good one, what the heck can an earthworm do?"Billy let out a retarded laugh and the girls looked at him funny."Now what?" Candace put her hands on her hips impatiently looking at Billy again."I think we should wait and see what happens.I still think this is a bad idea and don't want to rush into it too fast."Kelly was always the cautious one and didn’t want to get carried away.A room full of monsters was bad enough without throwing super food at them."It seems safe enough.I think we need to move to the next stage."Candace let out a long sigh and then both girls looked at Billy who was in his own world looking at the cocoon.Kelly wasn’t too worried; she knew what Billy’s response would be.But after playing with the grub for hours last night maybe they did need move on.What they saw is pretty much what they would find if they left it for a few hours or over night. "Billy can you, uh... ya know do your thing in these?""Whoa, it doesn't work like that.""Don't start that crap with me Billy," Kelly glared at him."No I mean, imagine a tank of gas, I'm pretty well spent and there is no way I could do it three times in a row."Both girls sighed like he was intentionally full of crap."Seriously go look it up, if you don't believe me.""So what the heck are we suppose to do now?Can you just try?""I guess... just go downstairs and I'll try..."The girls turned to leave the room. Kelly turned as Billy stammered on, "Wait, do you have a cup or something?"Candace turned and wrinkled her nose disgusted and quickly left with Kelly right behind.Candace jumped on the couch and started watching TV, while Kelly went into the kitchen and got a coffee mug.She looked into the empty cup and remember the explosion from the night before."Are you really going to take that to him?I mean you might have to drink out of that one day!""Can you just try to be a little nicer, we do kind of need him considering.""Whatever, just be sure he washes that out with sandpaper and bleach when he's done."She went up with the mug.Knocking didn't even occur to her.It was her studio.She opened the door to find Billy on the computer looking at porn."What the hell are you doing?"The intrusion scared Billy to death and he nearly fell out of the chair trying to zip his pants back up.It didn't matter if she knew what he was doing or not, guys shouldn't be disturbed sometimes. "I told you!I can't just point at it and say a magic spell!""Here's your cup.""I don't guess you could help me, it's really creepy in here."She just handed him the cup and turned slamming the door behind to join Candace on the couch. Billy came out a few minutes later and stood at the top of the stairs holding the cup."Ok, what should I do with it?""You were supposed to put it in the tanks, dummy!"Candace said"Which one?""Jesus Billy, put a little in each one.Am I going to have to chew your food for you too?" She relished the chance to scold him. "But, I don't think I can do that."Kelly looked over at Candace, and Candace just shook her head."Billy you have to figure this stuff out for yourself or else we're likely to kill you, ok?"Kelly got up and headed up stairs where Billy had already retreaded back to the lab. He stood near the tank and held out the cup, "There's not enough see."Kelly took the cup and looked inside.A tiny puddle of clear whitish fluid that didn't even cover the bottom ran to one side as she turned it.She thought of the thick strands that clung to her face and hair like elmer's glue the night before."This is bullshit Billy!""No, seriously I need a day or two, so you know, my body can make more!I'm not faking I promise!""So what the heck are we gonna do?""I guess we'll have to wait, less you have some other source," Billy rolled his eyes.Kelly still held the cup and looked down and tried to swirl the semen around it was runny and mostly clear."Just wash this out, and I suppose we'll wait on you.Hey, after you wash that get the frozen pizza out and preheat the oven.I am going to have a talk with Candace.Oh, and wash your hands for heavens sake."In an hour all three were zoned out on the couch and chairs eating pizza and trying not to think about the monsters upstairs.It didn't take long before Candace had both the remote and Kelly tightly in her grasp.Things had changed between the two of them; Candace felt it just as Kelly understood it, or rather didn't understand.And even though they went off to bed together, the night was no comfort.Billy had no trouble sleeping, he felt like the luckiest kid in the world.As usual he got up before the girls, but much later than the day before.It was nearly noon when he started coffee and checked the lab.Nothing was out of place but he wanted to get more done today.Maybe even find an answer.They had to come up with something before art class Monday morning.He got the girls up.They sent him into the lab to do his thing, but got similar results.Kelly called Candace out to the back porch.It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and lounging in the patio furniture she couldn't wait anymore and had to talk to Candace."I told you he was useless.We need to just send him home and not invite him back."Candace really had a forked tongue and acid spit when she wanted."That's not entirely true, if it wasn't for Billy we wouldn't know about the catalyst.""Yeah, because that pervert was jacking off in your bedroom.""Look, either way, we have to wait on him to continue.""Not really, he's not the only male with cum, and the good thing is most are more than happy to give it to you." Candace was furious, and the words even hurt Kelly."Umm, Candace that's horrible we can’t just go around with a mason jar taking a collection!""Maybe not, but I'll bet I could find a replacement for our 'need' of Billy.""And just exactly who would that be?""That's my secret!" Candace said smiling like it was a joke.Which it was to her, but Kelly's face darkened."Well you bring up a good point.I've been meaning to ask you something.All the other stuff you said about me and you being together did you really mean all of that?""Yes, of course..." her face got serious at the question that felt oddly like an accusation."You’re sure there's nobody else?" Kelly accused."No, no-ooo, you’re taking that all wrong.""Look, I don't like being lied to.The first day you got attacked the thing was tiny then when I tried to pull it out it was HUGE almost as big as my arm!I didn't think anything of it then because how the hell was I suppose to know anything.But we do know that those creatures only grow when they consume the catalyst."Candace blushed deep red, "This is a misunderstanding, trust me you have nothing to worry about.""And we know what the catalyst is, don't we Candace?”"I told you I don't like men!You don't understand" Candace was on the verge of tears.Kelly was furious that her supposed girlfriend would just lie to her face, "Then tell me how semen got INSIDE you so that thing could have lunch!"Candace's eyes had long since welled up with tears and she was sobbing something unintelligible.Kelly leaned in and put an arm around her and tried to understand.She kept saying something over and over... it was her dad?Candace’s father!The guy she talked to on the phone?Kelly felt horrible, like the meanest person in the world, she took Candace in her arms and they held each other in the warm sunlight. Dark Incarnate Chapter 7 Book 1By Mr. BlackTrain WreckCandace looked up at Kelly with red teary eyes, “Just give me a few minutes ok?I’ll be fine.”Kelly slipped though the door and back into the kitchen shocked.She slowly closed the sliding glass door with a heartfelt sigh. Billy piped up, “I was thinking, we should wait and watch before trying anything else on them.We need to see if they die after a while, or if they have any other needs like water or food.”The revelation of Candace’s situation made everything else pale in comparison. “Billy, how are you going to get home?It’s Sunday and the busses don’t even run on Sunday.”“Ummm, well I hadn’t really thought that part though.” He said while looking down an to the side.“Don’t you have parents who are worried about you?”“Well... no, not really.” He would rather stay and never go home if it was an option. “I guess I could wash clothes and you could catch the bus from here, but give your parents a call just let them know what’s going on.It’s going to be getting dark in a few hours and you know what parents say when the streetlamps come on.”Kelly tried to focus.Candace had lived with her situation for a long time and for the moment she was safe.“No... What happens when the street lights come on?”“Oh nothing, Pennywise the clown comes out of the gutters to play with the children, he helps the float!”“What...”As Kelly laughed at her own joke a high pitched jingle was coming from Candace’s bag.Kelly’s eyes got big and she glanced back at the porch were she had left Candace crying.It would be her father calling, wanting to take her home, wanting her back.Kelly took a deep breath and went for the phone.So far she had a pretty good repoire with Mr. Chambers.She could convince him to let his daughter stay one more night.They would go to Officer Higgins in the morning.Thoughts but no decisions raced though her head.What if he said no, should she just call now?How could she let her friend go back “home” to that?There must be some reason Candace hadn’t gone to the police yet, but why?The irony of the situation, if it had real teeth could kill; they were both playing with fire.Kelly looked at Billy and gave him the kindergarten “be quiet” index finger cross the lips.“Hello?” She answered hoping her racing heart didn’t resonate in her voice. “Why hello there, I was calling my daughters phone what are the chances of speaking to her?”“She-- just went into the bathroom.”“Well I guess I’ll be headed over to pick her up soon, did the two of you have a good time?”“Yes actually I, we... were wondering if she could stay one more night and take our project to school together?”“I didn’t know you were working on a project?But I’m afraid we have to stick to our agreement which ends with her coming back tonight.You seem to be a very bright young girl, so I’m sure you understand.If we break agreements then why do we ever agree to them in the first place?”“Umm, right... Do you think we could make a new agreement?”The word felt wrong and dirty like Mr. Chambers had tainted it.“What do you propose?”“Maybe I could sleep over there?”“It is a school night and usually I’m against anything like this.There is no substitute for good quality sleep!”“We’ll be good, I promise.”“You seem like such a nice polite girl, I just can’t say no to you.”“Great!”“But I have a few terms of my own you should know about.You’ll have to sleep on the couch downstairs.We can’t have you two giggling under the covers all night.”“Ok! Sounds great.”Kelly gave out her address and expected him within the hour. “Billy it’s a good thing you’re here.I’m going over to Candace’s tonight so you need to guard the fort.No more funny business, ok?” She gave him a furrowed brow scowl.Billy held up his hands like she had a gun on him. With a deep breath she hurried out to the porch to tell Candace the new turn of events. Billy wandered off like a moth to warm glow of the television.He had been riding a cloud; a high that never seemed to let him down as the girls ran up the stairs.Candace didn’t like the idea but reluctantly agreed?Her dad wouldn’t be able to try any funny business while a friend was over.She went to the lab to set up the webcam while Kelly split off to her room pack.She could upload the live feed to her blog and watch from home. Kelly had been so busy she still hadn’t done laundry!She cursed with a cute pout staring at the overflowing laundry bins.The closet and dresser drawers were filled but with clothes that were either too small, or what she called junk clothes.Somehow every time she went shopping a shirt, skirt, or a pair of cute jeans would look fantastic, but as soon as she got home they magically transformed into something she would never wear in public, thus the junk clothes collection grew but never got tossed out.“Billy,” she barked pausing to hear a response... instead she heard his footsteps on the stairs “Your fine stay there but, I need you to do one thing for me while your here.” She frantically searched for anything passable to wear.“You mean other than taking care of the tiny alien monsters?”She rolled her eyes at the response and crumpled the awful purple and rhinestone blouse back into the dark drawer from whence it came.“Yeah, can you toss the clothes in the dryer after the washers done, and finish the rest?”She gave up on the fruitless search and planned to use some of Candace’s clothes.At least she wouldn’t ruin Candace’s favorite PJ’s with black alien essence...“Sure, no problem.”Life couldn’t get much better for Billy.He had spent the whole weekend around Kelly and now she was asking him to do her laundry. He felt they should be dating and he should go ahead and move in.Kelly made him feel so confident and good about himself despite his constant screw-up’s.Better than his own family, or school, or anybody else in the whole wide world ever did.She lugged the overflowing laundry to the washer in a closet alcove between her room and the Lab.Billy was below looking at her backside in an unblinking stare.If only he had super human vision he could just zoom in and peek around the hem of her ridged shorts.Like broken glass, a scream from the makeshift lab sent shivers up both their spines.Kelly dropped the basket and got there first, Candace was face down on the floor with a giant hornet the size of a medium dog clinging to her back.Her carmine skirt crumpled up on the small of her back and the shredded remains of her clean white panties lay loosely against her thigh.Her baby smooth butt was clearly the creatures focus.Its front legs held her throat and chin wrenched up off the floor in a painful looking stretch.She could barely breathe moreless scream again.The middle legs fought her wrists pinning them against the floor, while the bottom legs slowly split the soft curvature of her butt open.Looking for a stinger Kelly saw a thin fleshy pink appendage that surged and stabbed with prehensile searching.It weaved and bobbed, smooth and glossy and looked more like latex machine appendage than anything organic.The strange erratic movement was pure evil, it stabbed forward and retraced back into its fleshy orifice a flash.In an instant its wings whirred to life lifting the creature’s body and stretching Candace further, only to slam down shoving its long conical abdomen Candace’s prone buttocks.Such brute force not only buried the sharp appendage, but the tip of the hard exoskeleton spread her labia wide.It held her so tight any movement was too painful for the girl.Kelly could see it in Candace’s poor face too.She was too twisted to scream and her breath was short and wispy barely able to utter a moan in protest.She flushed dark red helpless to gain control.Veins and tendons popped out on her stretched neck as more flushed red patches broke out across her pale skin.Even her feet curled and tried to fight looking like she was electrocuted. Her face lit up, wretched in some new horrible surprise.Struggling to move she thrashed side to side but couldn’t shake her attacker.Kelly was paralyzed afraid to move imagining the horrors she couldn’t see.She could only see her friends soundless mouth begging for it all to stop.Gasping for more air than her lungs could hold, her eyes went wide before going limp in the creatures clutches.The oddly familiar hornet held fast as its victim finally relaxed, no mercy.It was just sitting on her contorted body, very still and hardly moving.Kelly’s eyes got even bigger, the monstrous creature was still but something else was moving.Candace’s limp body bumped and pushed against the carpet by an unseen force.The creature’s ovipositor continued to thrash and pump inside the limp victim playing her body like a puppet.Her head and chest were wrenched tight off the floor, but her breasts bounced to the creature’s rhythm.Billy burst in and without hesitation shot into the room tackeling the creature.Kelly’s own heart skipped a beat as the phallus was ripped out of her friend as it went down. Through all the commotion Kelly clearly heard an audible pop, but somehow she felt it too, like the creature beamed it to her mind as the incredible length and head pulled out.The tip of the exoskeleton and what must be it’s sexual organ was dark red and purple, a surprising contrast to the colorless body, and soaked with lubrication.The tiny thing had grown huge and fat, glistening in the open air it was anything but smooth.Thick veins ran along the shaft by the hundreds and a ring around the flat head flared out like a hammer.Able to finally rest Candace’s body rocked back into limp peace, face down and unmoving. Kelly broke her paralysis and rushed to her side grabbing her by the shoulders.Her skin was hot and sticky with sweat.Billy was successfully fighting the creature into the dog cage.Its face had harsh looking pincers, but he grappled the stiff creature easily.The large wings tried to beat but crackled and ripped making a terrible sound that filled the room like static.Candace’s face was terrifyingly emotionless and plain, her blue eyes still and serene.She looked so beautiful, like a doll.Kelly wanted to kiss her like sleeping beauty, but checked and her vitals which were strong and true.She was alive, and either just fainted or paralyzed by some poison.Her bottom and crotch was red and swollen, especially around her gusset where the creature forced itself on her.There were no signs of either white or black gunk this time.Candace’s bodily fluids dribbled, arriving to the fire a bit late.Kelly had a bad feeling gnawing at her mind.Her eyes were focused slits trying to understand the dread that had held her down earlier.She knew something was terribly wrong but couldn’t put a finger on what.She didn’t know what else to do; she ran down-stairs and grabbed the phone.Just as she picked it up off the receiver it buzzed to life in her hand ringing.It made her stop and think.This was a delicate moment for her; maybe the truth coming out was what she really feared.If she called an “adult” or even told Candace’s father she had no idea what would happen only that it would be very, very bad.But right now she had friends, unlikely friends, but real friends that she could count on and she didn’t want to lose that.So far they had helped her though this and she couldn’t help but feel that adults, any adults, especially from the town wouldn’t give two shits about what SHE wanted or needed.Mrs. Francis was in the forefront of her mind.But what cost could she ask her friends to pay?Candace had been so kind and given so much without asking for anything in return but love.The phone let out another long ring.She shuddered at the thought; what the heck would her dad do if he found out what was really happening? Another painful ring resounded in her ears, even if Candace came forward about the abuse and for lack of a better phrase “told an adult” this incident would overshadow everything.Who would care about her accusations when there’s a mutant circus with a bunch of kids for ring leaders!Kelly felt early tears burning her eyes as she desperately wanted Candace to tell her what to do.Candace was the brave one and she was the one who wanted to continue, but the one thing she couldn’t stand up to was her father.Kelly had to help.The phone continued to ring in her hand, nobody else would be this persistent but him.“Hello?”Kelly tried to sound out of breath.“Ah yes, there you are.”“Yeah, I guess my Aunt went to the store already, I just barely got the phone.”“So you two are alone?”“Yep just us girls.”“I would like to come in, but you didn’t give me your apartment number.I’m out here in the parking lot.”Kelly didn’t want him to come in, even if it weren’t for the monster circus upstairs. “Oh silly me, I’ll be right out.”“He-”Kelly hung up on him, it was so effective.Old people never knew if not saying goodbye was a new thing or not, so they usually just left it in the “play it cool and not ask questions” category.“DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO.WAKE HER UP!GET HER OUT HERE! I’M STALLING, HER DAD’S OUTSIDE WAITING!!!”Kelly took a deep breath and started out.Even in the few encounters she’d had with Candace’s father he was an asshole, a rather pushy and impatient asshole at that.He was easy to spot sitting in a huge tan truck in the middle of the long parking lot.The truck was pulled across four parking spaces, but the lot was surprisingly empty.With the biggest smile she could muster Kelly went out half skipping to meet him.He started out of the truck looking rather annoyed.He paused half out of the truck standing on a side step surveying the parking lot like a sea captain not quite ready to disembark.“Wow Mr. Chambers, what a big nice truck!” The big diesel engine roared, he must be in a hurry to not even cut it off.“Thank you, now shall we go in?”Dark sunglasses made it impossible to see where he was looking.Kelly looked away from the truck for only a second and at him, “Yeah sure,” she said offhand and uninterested.“I’ll be taking drivers Ed in a year or so, and I always kinda wanted a truck, but if they’re all as big as yours Mr. Chambers I’ll have to get a punch-buggy!”He hopped down and smiled, “Tom, just call me Tom.”He looked down at her thin sleek body and small firm breasts that wouldn’t need a bra for a year or two.She could wear a bra most young girls did for show, but she wasn’t.He thought about that big smiley face T shirt she wore, it was in his mind winking at him again.His fantasies were satiated by his own daughter, at least that’s what he told himself, but this girl was different.Something about her drew him.“It is pretty big, but I think you could handle it.”The double meaning game with the naive girl never failed to draw him out. “Me!No-way, my feet would be dangling just trying to reach the floor.” Tom had to look away from her hardly able to stifle a smile.He imagined holding her up by her tiny waist while her feet dangled unable to reach the ground.He looked back at her with a sly smile, “You wanna give it a test drive?”This is exactly what Kelly wanted, but she too naive to understand what was going on.“Would I!” her big brown eyes wide with excitement.“You’ll have to teach me, ok?”Tom smiled back her, the evening sun was just going down and the warm rays lit her long brown hair up with golden rays blowing lightly in the breeze, and turned her milky smooth complexion solid gold.“It would be my pleasure!”Tom stepped aside waving an arm like a matador, “Step on up!”Kelly looked up... the truck was huge.A side step ran along the edge for just this purpose and with a big step she started climbing.The seat was still chest high even with her standing on the step.She was unable to swing her leg over the seat like she could in a car.Tom’s eyes glazed over in desire as she bent over and tried to pull herself inside.Her lean legs and firm tight ass under the tantalizing white shorts was too much. “Here let me help you.”Kelly looked back over her shoulder to see Tom coming up behind her.He placed his hands on the tops of her pink tennis shoes and slowly ran up over her shins and feeling her calf’s.Kelly suddenly remembered what kind of pervert she was dealing with.He continued up over her knees then around the back pushing up through her thighs. “Ah.uh-hah, I uh. I can...”His hands flashed and grabbed just below the buttocks when his thumbs pressed hard on the inside of her legs just below the short’s hem.Kelly felt the squeeze pull her tiny slit open under the shorts. Tom leaned close trying to smell her body’s perfume.Her face instantly flushed and her heart raced!He lifted and pressing his thumbs further into the crevice of her leg tendons.Kelly got motivated real fast and climbed away from him more than into the truck.It was a good thing, just as she pulled away he was about to discover her lack of underwear. “There you go!It might be intimidating at first, but you’ll get used to it.”He hopped up with ease as Kelly rolled over and sat up feeling trapped.Tom had done this sort of thing before.Never how to drive, but he knew to hold a carrot in front of a stubborn mule to get it to move.He believed the girl truly wanted to learn to drive and would put up with a few uncomfortable moments that could be easily explained away.She looked over at him obviously shaken, “I guess, but just tell me about it first?”Kelly didn’t even notice she was clinging to the far door, which happened to be locked.“Naw,” he waved for her to scoot over and patted his lab.“The only way to do it is to just hop in the driver’s seat.”He watched thinking his plan was working its magic.She was indecisive but not unwilling.Kelly looked out the window at her apartment worried about what was happening inside.Tom’s dick ran down his leg rock hard and leaking clear pre-cum when she finally succumbed and looked over at him with big hazel eyes.How bad could he be,六月丁香婷婷色狠狠久久 right in the parking lot like this, “Sure!”Tom smiled and patted his lap again as she scooted over. He hooked a hand under her armpit and helped her up.Kelly kept her knees tight and sat on his lap stiff as a board.“Here,” he gently laid his hands on her legs.“You can’t steer with our legs all bunched up now can you?The steering wheel has to be completely free.I’ll do the gas and breaks and you do the steering.”His hands slid down to her knees and started to pull apart.At first she resisted but he gently persisted her legs fall on each side of his dangling wide, unable to reach the floor.“That’s better; now sit up straight so you can see.”Kelly looked around curious.His strong hands again slid up her legs like snakes and grabbed her hips pinching a little just inside her hip bones making her wince and retreat.Rolling her hips forward and forcing her back to arch she was where he wanted with an opened crotch; he pulled her close.Kelly didn’t think she could do any driving in this obscene position. “Here we go,” Mr. Chambers reached up and rolled the transmission drive and gave a little gas.She couldn’t see much pavement at all over the trucks huge hood.The truck looked fifteen feet wide.She tugged on the steering wheel and felt how little affect it was having.She had to throw arm over arm to get much at all. “I know, I know, it just looks bigger than the road, but it’s designed to fit quite nicely.Now aim for the main road.”“The main road?I can barely see the parking lot!”Kelly squirmed in his lap trying to peer out of the window.She had to pinch her legs against his to get any lift at all.“There you go, see your getting it,” he said as he gave the truck a bit more gas and it lurched forward while her arms penwheeled trying to turn the monster quick enough aiming for the stop sign.“I don’t... I don’t think this is a good idea Mr. Chambers.”She squirmed and ground her butt against this crotch even more just trying to see, no doubt his plan all along.“No, I don’t think I want to do this anymore... I really can’t see enough.”There had to be another way to stall this bastard.Maybe she could “lose” her house key, or hopefully Candace was already up and waiting.“Aw nonsense, let me help you a bit.”His big arms came up and encircled her taking the wheel, without looking he rumbled onto the main highway going very slow on the straight road.“See it drives itself, and I’ll be here to take over if you need help, so go on take the wheel!”Kelly reluctantly put her tiny hands on the wheel.She careened her neck and looked back at him.He held his hand up like “don’t shoot copp’a” she was beginning to get the double meaning game.The gesture said, I got it hands off you, and it’s all you driving now.Still struggling to see anything but the pine trees and a tiny ribbon of blacktop road, she squirmed and stretched.Mr. Chambers gave it a little more gas.For his credit the road was deserted and he was going twenty miles an hour or less.Kelly couldn’t deny in that moment she was enjoying it, she felt powerful and special, but for only a moment.The only other adult that seemed to know she existed was that fat city buss driver.Up ahead Kelly knew there was a sharp turn and saw a small car coming out of it.“I really can’t see, please just take me back to the parking lot” Kelly pleaded softly, trying not to demand, which might make relations tough.“Here I’ve got an idea.You just hold onto that wheel, alright?”Before she could take a breath in resistance his right hand was on her waist and slid down across her stomach and bellybutton showing no signs of stopping.Kelly was scared to death the car was almost on them and he refused to take the wheel.If she crashed now the whole house of cards would come tumbling down.His hand never hesitated and continued down over her open crotch where it clamped like a vice.She let out a tiny squeal as he lifted her up and pinned her by her delicates against his chest. The position was more than awkward, it was just wrong, and anyone could see that.The car passed and Kelly actually could see and navigate alot better.Her eyes reached out trying to catch the other driver pleading for help, but the car was so much lower than the truck she couldn’t even see their face or gender.The curve was approaching and he let off the gas as Kelly struggled to drive.Tom knew exactly how helpless she was.In the middle of the turn a one sided grin stretched across his face.Slowly he began to undulate his hand trying to pressure the girl’s clit for a pleasurable response.Her face was already flushed from embarrassment but now she felt raped and too scared to do anything.She ran out of the road, losing control from the traffic jam of sensual overload.He applied the brakes gently and with perfect timing came to a safe stop.In a dashboard alcove his cell phone came to life.He immediately dropped the eighty-five pounds of primed teen into his lap and took the wheel.He was halfway in the road and didn’t care a bit and took the call from his daughter.Kelly took a second to recover looking for an escape from his lap.Candace had manipulated her the same way in the shower Friday morning and now she had mixed feelings about both encounters. “Yes, hey!...I was teaching your friend to drive...No silly, we’re just round the corner...Be right there.”Kelly could only hear half the conversation and used the chance to slip out of his lap like a prostitute who’d seen a cop.He looked over at the scared girl huddled in the corner; it was a sight he had seen many times before.“Well that was fun.Maybe we can have another lesson later, but Candace is a daddy hog.”Kelly was a coiled snake daring him to try anything again.“When was the last time you gave Candace a driving lesson?” Kelly hissed with a forked tongue.Tom Chambers snapped his head over at her with eyes of fire.No one talked to him like that, not even his Boss who was some eight thousand miles away most of the year.This little girl was more than she seemed.It was clear to him that Candace had talked a little too much.Maybe the girl had put two and two together, but doubtful.“She’s never really shown much interest,” He relaxed, roaring down the road looking to turn around.This little cocktease would learn her lesson soon enough if she didn’t watch her mouth.Candace kept fairly quiet, and he could take care of this little girl easy enough too.The ride back was short and awkward.Kelly just stared out the window wondering which situation was worse.She really wanted to talk to Candace and let her make the tough decisions.She looked over at Tom who seemed quite normal; maybe Candace wasn’t the best decision maker.Billy couldn’t be counted on either.The image of his swollen purple penis as it erupted into her face made her shiver.No, certainly not Billy.Maybe there was such a thing as fate and it was playing a horrible joke on her.Candace was standing outside with her arms crossed annoyed when the truck pulled in.She had a pretty good idea what her dad was up to.“Hey honey, I was starting to worry.”She gave him a go-to-hell stare.“Ah, so good to see your shining face again.” He finished sarcastically.Without a word she stomped off to the truck where he sat.Kelly didn’t want them talking too much or getting into a fight, not yet.The girls needed to talk first.She ran in and didn’t want to waste time.She just grabbed her bookbag near the door and shouted over her shoulder, “I’ll call you later Billy, just make yourself at home!”And she was out the door in a flash.Just in time too, the passenger door shut on the truck.Kelly ran over and climbed up with Candace’s help this time.Candace gave her a look asking if she was ok, and Kelly returned an, I’m fine nod.They rode quietly into the familiar neighborhood and house.Kelly got to use the front door this time.They were immediately pounced by Buster her dog.Candace tried to beat the canine off.“Candace be nice!He just misses you.He’s been moping around all weekend looking for you.” “No Dad, I don’t care!”“He just wants to play.”“Not right now,” she gave him an evil scowl.“Alright, but only because your friend is over.”He took the dog by the collar and led him away. Candace grabbed Kelly’s hand and took her quickly up the stairs to her room.Dark Incarnate Chapter 8 Book 1By Mr. BlackA Dream Within A Dream"Did he do anything to you?"Candace was hysterical as she slammed her room door closed."No, not at all," Kelly lied."I was just trying to buy some time.And by the way, what the hell happened to you!Are you ok?""I'm fine," she smiled."It scared me more than anything.I thought I was dying.But I'm no worse for wear.""You looked like you were dying!" "heh...," Candace mused a reminiscent laugh."He did a number on me, but no more than any of the other creations." "About this whole thing, I think...""Think what?We've been over this before."Kelly was surprised by her resolve yet again. "Are you sure?Seeing your face while that... that thing..." she was at a lose of words, she could see it in her mind playing over and over, and worse she felt it, but she shook her head the words just wouldn't come out. "It wasn't much worse than what Dad's done before.""Can we have our talk now?"Kelly asked with forceful concern.Candace was almost broke by her cute pleading eyes, "No, not here.I think he knows something funny is going on.He's normally not that sarcastic.He has no idea what, and I don't want him prying anymore.""At school tomorrow then?"Kelly didn't understand why she seemed to protect him. "Ok.But you have to promise me you won’t do anything like that again.He's tricky."Kelly knew exactly what she meant, but couldn’t say.Not yet she thought, "What do you mean?" "Do not be alone with him, ok?Just always be with me.""When I made the deal to stay over tonight he made me agree to sleep on the couch, so we wouldn't be up all night.""What!Noo... " Candace covered her face with her hands. "Don't worry I'll be fine, it's you I'm worried about."If he touched her again she planned to bring every bit of it to light.If her father taught her anything it was that cockroaches like him hate the light."Just tell me what happened in the lab!""I've put up with him since I was little.That's the only way I've handled all those creatures and why I'm not that scared of them now.They seem to be intent on one thing.I mean have any of them really hurt us?""It sure as hell looked like it hurt you!" "Yeah but thanks to dear old Dad I've learned to cope with it.What did you get, a tiny pencil thin snake?""I hate to admit but you are right, it didn't even break my virginity.No worse than your finger anyway...""You've never done anything!Not even played with your hairbrush?""Yeah I've never ... done it... unless that snake thing counts.Wait second, what about a hairbrush?" "I could kiss you!Somehow these things know...I don't know how or why but there’s no other explanation.I can’t explain it but I just know!"Kelly shied away, Candace was different.She was the same girl but knowing her dark secrets gave her pause. "There's no way, how could I have an assignment for me to draw a snake which just happens to not break me.""I don't have a clue, but which way did that grub go that first day?""It was tiny first remember?It could have gone after me.It was probably going for you because you... ya know, you had stuff...I think that's a bit of stretch.""It’s like when they attack me, I can feel it.Like when Dad does his thing, it hurts and he can scare the hell out of me sometimes, but I know he would never go too far.Besides, you got any better ideas?"Candace raised her eyebrows."Yeah, sort of.Did that Bee do anything other than... I mean did it put anything in you, did it finish?""No, Billy said he tackled it before it had a chance, and there wasn't any mess.Why?""Are you sure you don't feel any different and everything's ok?""Yes, for god's sake why? your starting to scare me.""It's just a feeling; every time there is an attack I can almost feel it, but very different than you.Not the physical stuff but I can feel IT, or them... or something, I don't know.I just froze or was frozen, I couldn't help you.It’s like there’s some kind of connection.Thank god for Billy.""I never thought I'd hear that!But what feeling did you get?""It's hard to say, I've felt something before but maybe with this creature being more developed… did you see the colors?""Yeah I did."Candace cracked a smile"You’re such a perve.How did it get out of that cage?""It must have vibrated the pins loose; it's the only thing I can figure." "Just tell me what you remember, maybe that will help.It's like I had a picture or an event flash in my head but it's very fuzzy.I just barely got an outline and I don't know what it means, or if it means anything at all.""I walked in, everything looked normal and when I turned my back that thing was on me.It felt like it tried to shove its whole butt in me but it was way too big.I thought I was dead right there.I thought it stung me or was going to try and stab me to death with its butt.But there was a tiny tickle waay down deep inside then I was suddenly full.I don't know how it happened.The stinger thing must have grown huge after it was inside.The next thing I knew its huge thing was poking and prodding around.""Wow, sounds about right.I don't know, I just felt the thing wanted to put something inside you.It wanted something different from all the other creatures but somehow still not quite complete.""Not complete?What the hell is the complete version?""I don't know, and that's why I don't want to go on with this anymore.""I know you don't, but I have more faith in you and your ability than anything."Candace locked eyes for longer than Kelly was comfortable with but it did re-fill her self confidence before she shied away again."Even though more horrible things have happened to you in the past few...""You don't know what thing's I've lived with all my life."Kelly felt a profound sadness for her friend."Hey don't get that sappy look."Candace sounded slightly irritated."I don't need your pity.You just don't understand."She shook her head, "I told you I didn't want to get into this, it's nothing to worry about and your making it a big deal isn’t going to help anything.""I want to get into this now, your talking all funny and I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight!"Candace walked over to a circular window peering out she saw her dad, "Ok, but just for a second, he's talking to the neighbors being the perfect citizen.""That bastard..." Kelly squinted her eyes."You don't understand... he pays the bills, he pays everything.If I wanted a horse he'd buy that land behind the house, or have those nice old people carted off so I could have a pasture and barn.""That doesn't make it right!" Candace pouted obviously she needed a different approach, "Ok imagine you've grown up learning the color red is actually blue.So when you see blue you call it red and nobody notices until one day you meet me and I try to tell you otherwise, you wouldn't be able to understand or believe me...""But everyone in... most of the modern world says what your dad is doing is wrong, there are laws and jails for people like him.""No, don't you even go there!" her eyes flared."It's not wrong to me; I'm perfectly fine with it.This is where I'll lose you and I knew it... this is why I didn't want to even try..." her eyes began to tear up."Tell me please just tell me, I'll shut-up and listen.""It's not wrong to me!Don't you see, this is NORMAL.Like going to the bathroom or taking out the trash.I've grown up since before I could remember with this.I didn't even know people thought it was wrong until school.He sat me down and explained that most of society hates people like him and if I told he would go away forever.I don't want him to go away!"Kelly sat in deep, deep confusion.Either Candace was in some deep psychosis, or she was."But you acted so scared and hurt when...""Because I didn't want you to find out!Because of this conversation!You have to understand!They'll take him away and everything else I love."The tense moment left both girls silent in an unblinking stare.Kelly just didn't know what to think but she felt hurt.Candace was so convincing and it only made her feel worse for the girl... Meanwhile... Billy took his notebook up to the make-shift lab.He felt so silly and embarrassed recording the time and descriptions.Who was he?This whole thing the girls were doing was totally nuts in his opinion.Not that anybody cared.This deserved top scientists noting the time with a supersonic earth's core time-watch.His eyes glazed over thinking of the earths crust spinning making a measurable magnetic force...He made a new folder and tried to think of a fitting name.He just skipped that part and moved on and made a new document to copy his notebook onto, also leaving the title blank.He copied and noted as much as he could remember about each event and a detailed description of each creature in the lab.Human nature gets the best of everyone he thought, as he left out a few embarrassing details about himself.How could his tripping over a laundry basket be a big deal anyway? The giant hornet was probably the most interesting.The color and size separated it, but it was the next stage.Who ever heard of a bee coming out of a cocoon either?Billy really didn't know but it sounded a bit odd.It was still basically black and white, but in living color.He'd actually seen hornets just like this, only much smaller.They were called bald-faced hornets.It just sat behind the confines of the dog crate motionless, sometimes giving off a faint vibration.It was more than just, "oh my gosh look honey, a giant bug!" scary like those old movies, it was creepy.Its large reflective eyes betrayed some deeper intelligence and purpose Billy could only guess at.Of all the things that cocoon could have turned into why this?He looked over his shoulder at it again.The black eyes just stared back.He wished he wasn't alone, and turned his chair to keep a better eye on it.Did the cause of this have some ancient meaning?All the creatures had been created in black and white by Kelly, but this thing created itself, but in the image of a naturally occurring black and white bee.What if Kelly painted something or added color?... Jesus... what if she did?The possibilities scared him worse than the creature in the dog crate. He really hoped the girls call this quits soon.Surely after what happened to Candace today...The phone rang downstairs and Billy jumped up to get it.The thought that it might not be Kelly never crossed his mind. "Hey Billy sorry it took a while, Candace and I got into a bit of a talk, but is everything there ok?""Yeah, fine I just came from the lab.How is Candace?She seemed surprisingly ok once I got her awake.""She's a pretty tough girl Billy, she'll be fine.""Hey, I was making a detailed listing of what's happened, and I was wondering if you could fill in a few blanks?""Maybe later, listen things are getting a bit out of control...""I was hoping to hear you say that.""Well go into my room and in the night stand, the one with the lamp, get the little gun out of the drawer.""Wa-hah-hooo Nuuoo way Hose'," Billy shook his head as if she could see."Chill out it's just a little .22 revolver, it's as safe as can be.In order to shoot it you just point and pull real hard, there's no safety just point and pull hard.""No way!Not only do you have neighbors...""Billy look, if that thing starts acting crazy would you rather be able to kill it or are you just going to ask it to play nice?"She took his silence for acceptance."What are you doing with a gun anyways?""My dad got it for me, but I've got to go we're about to have supper.Be careful, ok."Kelly just hung up the phone."Ok, you be careful too, I'm glad you're over there where it's safe at least..."Billy looked at the silent phone confused.It had gone dormant and he sat it back on the receiver confused.Billy walked back upstairs.His family had always lived on the outskirts of town on a farm.At least that's what his dad called it.It was more like a mud-hole than a farm.But he grew up around guns and knew all about them.It endeared Kelly to him even more.Her dad had been a policeman.He liked the idea that she could protect herself.He lied to himself again; he had already started thinking of her as his girlfriend even if it wasn't "official". He started up the stairs he slipped into another dreamy daze just thinking about her.He should do her laundry for her before it gets any later.Looking down at the spilt laundry bin he was hit again with just how lucky he was.It was all beautiful, her dirty clothes all wrinkled and smushed together, all so small, dainty, and cute.He wanted to curl up and hug the clothes only wishing she was in them.He bent down to start loading the pile, but didn't want to disturb them.Her jeans with tiny jewels and faded stripes, tiny white and pink striped socks that looked plush and soft.He had seen her wear these in class a week before.He picked up a pair of light pink panties.They were so small and light, such a tiny piece of fabric that covered her precious body.Thinking of her wearing them over the smooth curvature and flawless skin stopped his heart.Something this cute shouldn't be hidden under clothes.He was intoxicated and crouched like a cave man.He lifted his hand to his face.He knew he shouldn't but couldn't stop.She would be so embarrassed just to be noticed; he wanted to see her all embarrassed.Her shy face would blush as she unzipped the tiny zipper on her jeans sliding them down revealing these pink panties.She would flush and turn away shyly... maybe even utter a moan.He rolled them in his hand savoring the moment.The gusset was reinforced with an extra white strip making them a bit thicker here.He knew that's where her perfect pussy rested all day.He wanted to secretly caress her there, now at her friend’s house.Secretly as a ghost, rub her little spot, cause her to jump and blush dark red as he made her feel good.She would try so hard to act normal but wouldn't be able to hide it.He could even see a little stain from where her pussy juices leaked against the fabric. Instantly he saw her standing in the kitchen that night and the tiny wet diamond between her legs.She had been puking in the sink at the time but still she had been wet from him!He started searching the pile franticly until he found the paper thin tights.He stretched them wide and found the crotch.A clear outline of dried creamy dust was clear as day.She must have not been wearing panties?Curling his arms up the fabric brushed his face and nose as he wafted in the musky feminine odor.It was raunchy and pungent, nothing someone would be proud to wear as perfume but it had an affect on him like nothing else.He wanted to strap the fabric to his face; he couldn’t get enough and took deep breaths of it visualizing her precious body’s nectar filling his lungs.He had nothing to compare it to.Without a thought or hesitation he opened his mouth and began to suck on the fabric.He wanted her, every part of her, and without reservation.He remembered her face looking up at him as she her tongue slid along the bottom of his penis.He wanted her so bad, more than anything else in his world.He shook out of it and fluffed the pants returning their shape.They were so small like a child's.But she wasn't a child at all.She was ripe, he felt dirty at the thought but he wanted to roll in that vulgar thought like a pig.She was ready, fertile, and wanting.He saw her damp crotch and thought of a tiny pink flower beginning to open.She was fresh like just a budding flower seeing its first light with the morning glory.Her beauty had never seen the long hot day or dusty harsh wind.She was perfect.He started rubbing his long cock that ran down his shorts.He wanted if only once, just once to bury his cock in her tiny body, to see her face cry out in pain and pleasure.His penis was out and he choked it turning the head dark purple with an angry strength.His right hand gripping her panties tight, he maneuvered them over his cock.Pushing the thin soft fabric against his straining erection, he started to jack off with the panties.Imagining being inside her was heavenly.He was so close but so far away.His own precum soaked the dried dusty cream into his skin.He wanted to cum.He threw his head back.He wanted to see his cum drip out of her defiled body and soak into these panties as she wore them.Seeing her disappointed face, he stopped.She had been so bothered by what he did before.How had he been so stupid?He relaxed trying not to make another mistake.This was wrong, all wrong, he felt too strongly for her.A wave of sadness washed over him as he somehow knew that he, Billy Mason, was never supposed to succeed.Ever. His balls ached for release and he started to feel numb pain.He pulled them out to swing freely.A dark intent filled his weak mind as he looked down.He looked more like a stray animal than human, pubic hair ran half way up his cock like a rats nest and over his scrotum."I'm sorry guys, we'll have to be strategic now." whispering to himself like some cave creature.He shoved his dick back into the shorts scraping against the hard denim. He tried to focus on the task ahead.His home didn't have a washer so the whole process of laundry was confusing and alien to him, but after a few google searches he got back on track.Overall he did a pretty good job.It was a quarter past two in the morning when he finished.He should have been sleeping but how could he when he had a job to do for the love of his life.He folded each and every item on her bed and searched for the correct place to put them up. He didn't sleep on her bed that was too sacred.He tried to sleep on the couch but he knew and refused dreams that would be a disappointment from the waking world where Kelly walked.Kelly was also having trouble sleeping on a couch some miles away.Problems with no solutions on top of more problems plagued her sleepy consciousness.It was easy to see the dark path into apathy and just not care.Candace was a big girl and should be able to make decisions for herself.But was Candace herself?Or was she her father's creation?Each question seemed ever more complicated than the first.If she were to be selfish and just not care then it left her with an even bigger question, what did she want? She thought about that fateful day and saw the forest leaves again.They were already disturbed now in a slight swirl ready for her to curl up in like a cat.She drew closer in her mind slipping off to sleep.They looked comfy and relaxing, an end, an easy answer.It was dark out, but a few close trees were sheltering and would provide company.A swirl of her ghostly body filled the basin of leaves like dense fog.One last effort to remember and she turned her eyes up from her forest comfort, and the darkness had taken on a new form.The shadows spread and joined hands blanketing her dream beyond her trees and cozy bed.The trees started to look like bars and her heart quickened.No more of a solid shape than her own mind and self-image, she felt the dark and blackness take form.Evil and corrupted, it wanted her, needed her chased her.It spoke like thunder, hard to understand, but unmistakable in meaning.Iit shook her consciousness; it wanted her to do something before it would let her rest.She knew if she did this it would let her rest.She was so tired. "Kelly... Honey wake up...""Huh?""I want to talk to you about something.""No.. I was so...""It will be time to get up soon, just a chat then you can go back to sleep."Kelly looked up at the voice and her blurry vision cleared into Tom Chambers face.She didn't know exactly what to think.His arm circled her back carefully helping her up.At first she felt an impulse to follow because he was the adult.Then she heard Candace's voice telling her not to.The clear feeling of the strange darkness was still in her mind.Tom smiled down at her as she continued to come around following him weakly.Kelly felt the darkness in Tom, but a different kind, sort of Tom's own darkness with its own purpose.She could fight him and refuse, but what if she could help Candace?Her father had always told her the right path, the righteous path, was the one she should always follow.What could this man do?Threaten her?If he touched her again it would be the last thing he did as a free man!She just had to make him understand that it was over."I guess if you'll make breakfast soon."She took Tom's hand as he led her off of the couch.Her face was red with pillow lines and wrinkled pajamas as she followed the pulling hand."I'm sorry to get you up so early, but I can't sleep sometimes, and I was in the kitchen and heard you.Sounded like a bad dream?""It was." Complacently holding his hand she followed up the stairs past Candace's room to the far end of the hall where a thin wooden set of stairs lead up. "It's ok, don't be scared, I had a beautiful balcony built up here.Tell me about your dream.""I actually could use a talk right now.""What's on your mind Hon'?""How do you know the difference between right and wrong?""Whelp, that's a good question, one of those things everybody has to ask themselves sooner or later.It's not an easy one, or even one I can answer for you, but I can try to help.""And what's your advice?"They arrived at a door above the stairs and went out into the fresh warm night air. "Have a seat," Tom sat across from here in a very non-threatening way."Sometimes you have to just pull out your magic ball and look into the future.Think about your troubles, and then ask yourself which path leads to good things, and which leads to bad things and often more trouble." Kelly could see how the bars of Candice's prison were constructed."My dad used to say that normally the right path was the hard one, the one you didn't want to go down.""That doesn't make much sense to me!What does your father do?""He was the Sheriff here.""Oh, uh well it sounds like he must have a pretty good sense about him."Mr. Chambers played dumb he knew her father, and that he was dead."But where is he now?""He died...""I'm sorry to hear that, but you see life is random sometimes.Things don't have meaning if there is some great plan or meaning to all of this then what's the point in living?Fate is a prison.YOU have to do the best for YOU.Maybe if your father wasn't so worried about righting other people's wrongs he would still be alive and with you.""I don't think going down the easy path is right in the long run though." The dream was still fresh in her mind still.She saw his eyes burn and linger on her in dim light. "History doesn't judge diplomacy and compromise when it leads to peace as tool of the losers does it?""That is completely different.""You really need a father, how long has it been; All alone for you?You miss him and need someone don't you?""I'm fine!""Yes, it appears that way.You should be happy to have Candace as a friend.She can teach you alot, but there is no substitute for a good father figure."An evil grin slowly spread as he cut his eyes at the girl."I think we're talking about two different things.What you call a father I call a selfish manipulating pervert robbing his own daughter of a life she will never be able to live!"Kelly jumped up ready to spring for the door.He was evil.She saw how his personal darkness shrouded the caring guise."I wont let you do this to her!"Kelly’s tone of voice was a little too harsh and loud for Tom's comfort. She turned to run away, not thinking of where, but just away.The door handle jiggled, locked.Kelly took a deep breath to scream as Tom pounced like a lion.He was on her before she could make a sound.Shoving his arm into the back of her neck and smashing her face against the door. He grabbed a healthy handful of hair at the base of her neck and wrenched her head back breathing heavy in her ear."Let me show you the ways of the world little girl... This is what Candace knows.She keeps her mouth shut while I be nice and buy her things, or I fucking kill her!See honey, I make more money from two days in surgery than the new piss ant Sheriff does in a year.You’re going to stay quiet or I'll have this bullshit story of yours called slander and get you'll be the one in jail.And when things get quiet I'm going to have you disappeared.Cunt's like you disappear all the time."The adrenaline surging though his veins made his prick stand like granite rock. Kelly learned what real fear was.Grinding his teeth and hissing instead of breathing she felt his spear-like manhood brush across her bottom as he moved."Now, are we clear or am I going to have to teach you a lesson?"Kelly whimpered and started to cry as he poked his manhook at her bottom for emphasis, and he let her shrink to the floor.He walked over to the door and flipped a simple latch looking back over his shoulder.Now you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone, alright?"Tom walked out leaving her trembling on the door. She slowly got up shaken but unharmed and went back to the couch wondering which agency would best handle Tom.Thirty minutes later Candace jingled down the stairs to get her up.She had been worried that her dad might come for her in the night.She really wasn't up for it, and worst of all he would have noticed that Candace had been used by another lover.Not to mention she did feel a little funny after the last attack.She had played it off to Kelly as nothing, but this morning something her nethers didn't feel quite right.She wanted to take a day or two off from all the extra activities.Candace dressed her in some old jeans that she had grown out of a year ago.Kelly never let on that anything had happened during the night.It was hard for her not to space out boiling with anger.There was a brief encounter on their way out, but Candace was an expert at leaving her house quickly.In exchange for letting her father use her, Candace had the dream life, but she obviously didn't enjoy it.He had made a habit lately of catching her at the worst times.She had been so annoyed by him lately, and it only aroused Tom more.She had to get Kelly away before he pushed the limits in front of her.It would be just like him to sneak up and take her while Kelly was around the corner.At least, Candace thought, he seemed to know that Kelly was off limits. Candace started to get a slippery wet feeling soaking into her panties thinking about Kelly.It was more than her body; it was her attitude and temperament.Kelly would never do anything like her father.She was so shy and quiet all the time, but once she opened up, Kelly would just gush with this cute intelligent voice and it was hard to get her to stop.She knew Kelly would never be pushy or demanding.As her own body cranked up, Candace found it hard not to make Kelly uncomfortable with the occasional advance.Sitting closer on the bus and resting her hand on Kelly's thigh, little things.Their chatter on the bus was a little quieter than normal.She knew something was wrong with Kelly.Maybe it was the little things; little things her father used to do.She shuddered at the thought, and put it at the back of her mind.Candace was a little extra happy, "What do you think we're going to do in Mrs. Francis's class?""I think today she is supposed to start a depth and perception chapter or something."Candace cocked her head not really sure if that was a good or bad thing, "What's that?""You'll see but we'll probably just be doing shapes and outlines maybe an apple or something.""You’re not worried are you?""Naw, I think I can feel it now, the thing, it's more like a darkness or a dark thing with no shape.It's hard to explain.It needs a shape.""You looked worried."Kelly had been staring out the window watching the road roll by without even looking at Candace.She finally she saw her friends concern."Oh, sorry I'm just worried about what all this means.It wants something...needs it."Dark Incarnate Chapter 9 Book 1By Mr. BlackBe Careful What You Wish ForClass was going fine for Kelly.The whole day she was worried and took a deep breath after every pause of her pencil and it was almost over.She was starting to understand more about this thing.Her mind wandered to her dream again and again.It was the first real glimpse into the abyss of understanding this thing."First, you must draw the guidelines Kelly, then your shape."Mrs. Francis loomed.She had drawn a cylinder which demonstrated the concept perfectly, perceptively large and smaller at the farside."Function before form class, remember that.It doesn't matter how much natural talent you have if you don't refine it into skill!" Kelly rolled her eyes, maybe she should skip the class, what's the worst that could happen they'd put her in detention? She was too busy thinking about Tom Chambers to give Mrs. Francis more than a passing thought.He scared her worse than the monsters.He was a monster; she closed her eyes and shivered thinking about how his hard prick had pressed against her.No way would she be spending the night over there again!And poor Candace, she could only imagine what hell her friend lived every day of her waking life. Kelly's eyes wandered over Candace who sat next to her.She had to tell someone about it, but if Candace found out she'd be furious.She would get over it.Candace was in her next two classes, History and Agricultural Science.She would have to try and skip her last class, Physical Education and go see the school resource officer, Mr. Higgins. Candace didn't notice anything out of the usual Kelly was always self absorbed, Billy; however, was extra weird this morning.Candace was glad de knew to keep his mouth shut in front of people.Nobody knew they were friends at least.It didn't matter what happened over the weekend.She felt a blush of anger.He had been sending them little glances all morning, and mostly at Kelly.He was wearing clean clothes today, but his smell and greasy hair were back.For all of Candace's bravado and public stature she still felt threatened by him. She didn't know what had happened, she had started to get the webcam installed then suddenly she was on the floor being used.It felt like her father had hit her at first.But coming out of the blackness to see Billy?That was bad.Candace looked up to hear Mrs. Francis' comment about Kelly, and cut her eyes at Billy.He of course was staring at Kelly, and being notice he instantly shrank like a cowering dog.Kelly took a huge sigh of relief as the class bell rang.She had gotten through the day.Normally she doodled throughout the day, but since this thing had gotten her she didn’t dare.She wondered if she could try again.Class was terrible with nothing else to do but listen."Alright, finish these for homework tonight."Mrs. Francis turned from Kelly's desk and went back to her chair.Candace packed up fast and waited at the door for her friend. Billy had already shrunk out of the class somehow.He wanted to talk to Kelly, but both of the girls were acting weird.He had PE class next.He'd always had bad luck.The poor kids who have PE first or second period always had it worst.Most of the kids in his class didn't participate because they didn't want to get all sweaty.He enjoyed PE; some of the stuff they did was really fun.The big parachute in Elementary School was his favorite, but they didn't do that anymore.It was all dodge ball or baseball, and basketball; basketball was the worst, he loved it but played too hard.He read at the beginning of school that archery would be tossed in somewhere this year and he couldn't wait.PE was the only place he really felt accepted in school.Sure some of the same kids made fun of him, but it was the only place his natural odor seemed to blend in.And if he got too sweaty, so what!Not to mention sometimes the other kids forgot who he was and playing with him.PE was all, show-off's, the not-wanna-be-there's, and the fat kids.Billy wasn't really fat, just big boned, but he fit in with the fatties.He wondered if they enjoyed PE for the same reasons.The show-offs were usually the sports kids; they never really applied themselves because they had practice and real sports to worry about.Most of them were freshmen, and just as new to the whole idea as he was, but they were DICKS!They didn't care to be half naked in the locker room and spraying cologne and deodorant after half-assing all day.The stuff smelled horrible to him.The thick smell and alcohol made his nose, mouth, and eyes burn.All that crap and it didn't matter either they'd still smell just as bad as he did in the next class but the girls didn't mind them.They said theirs was a manly smell, while he was just disgusting.He jogged across the open basketball court to the lockers just as the late bell rang.Many of the other kids were already seated on the bleachers.Billy dressed slowly with this eyes glazed over thinking about Candace.After he had fought that horrible Bee into the cage he found Candace alone and passed out on the floor.He was scared to death when he first saw her, and his heart had nearly stopped.Kelly made it sound like she had just passed out as she ran for the phone.Then he noticed the soft curve of her naked butt in the open air and thought again about being all alone with her.He started to get a hardon at the memory, and nothing was worse than pitching a tent in gym shorts.He had a good day despite the other kids; of course he didn't think it was possible to have bad days after last weekend.He would sometimes try to hurry after PE and see Kelly between classes.Not that they spoke but he like to watch her.He usually just wanted to get out of the smelly locker rooms as quickly as possible. He tried to catch Kelly alone but Candace was there and gave him an evil scowl.He knew what it meant: fuck off.He lowered his gaze and shrunk into the shadows and made his way to his next class.3rd period he was met with the same evil scowl.He managed to get out of 4th a little early and stood near the gym.Candace's last class was at the other side of the school and this was his last chance.If only he could stay at her house again.But she never came out of the locker room.His stomach turned with worry.Maybe she wised up and told an adult, or maybe someone found out.Kelly left the school resource officer's office infuriated.She hadn't passed the point of no return because she didn't name any names.Her hypothetical friend would have to come forward; Kelly's word alone wasn't enough for an arrest.Mr. Higgins, the balding and very round police officer knew Kelly's parents and had no clue who the girl might be referring to.His hands were tied unless he had probable cause.He explained he would investigate if she would let him, but couldn't arrest or hold without hard evidence. Kelly waited for Candace outside her last class as the last bell rang.Candace scanned the shadows expecting to see Billy hiding in the corner somewhere still following Kelly. "So, I doubt my Dad will let me come over for a day or two.""I wish you would tell him to go screw himself and come over anyway."Kelly didn't hear the pun until it came out."I.. I'm sorry, I didn't..""You're fine, and he's just worried we'll get into trouble, he's really a good guy deep down." "I'll bet...," Kelly felt her face flush red as her blood pressure rose."Really, I'm more worried about you."The girls sat down on a bench at the car-rider pickup."I'll be fine."Kelly’s voice wavered; she couldn't help but remember the monsters in her apartment.Candace raised an eyebrow, "Really?You don't sound very sure.I hate to say it, but maybe you should get Billy to go in with you.Just for a minute.I can't help but feel he's... wrong somehow.I don’t like how he hangs on your every word, but I really don’t like the idea of you being home alone.”Kelly giggled, "Wrong?I think we all know something's wrong with him, but..""I'm serious, he's more than just a few bricks shy of a load, something is really wrong with that kid, and I don't want you to be the one to find out what.""He's just misguided, alone, and misunderstood.""We'll talk later, I see my dad.Promise me you won't trust him, ok?""So do you think our little tripod of dysfunction might need to contact an adult about our... experiment yet?"Candace returned yet another annoyed raised eyebrow.Tom's five series BMW pulled up with the passenger window down so he could wave and say, "Hi, Kelly."Kelly smiled with a sarcastic grimace and retuned a tiny wave.Candace turned as she got in and said, "Just call me later, ok."The window started up before she even shut the door and the mobile prison cell drove off with its captive."SHIT," Billy looked up from his watch; his bus should be leaving any second now.He had to ride a different bus in the afternoon and it left pretty quick.Going back home would be bad, his dad would probably give him a whoppin, but crashing Kelly's house might be worse if Candace was there. His discolored sneakers gave a tiny squeak as he pivoted to run.His hands paddled and scoped air as he ran with everything his heart had.These girls would be the death of him.The halls were quiet, students dispersed, and the teachers fatigued from yelling at kids, so he made good time.Moving fast he had to slap the block wall to make the last turn into the cafeteria, he was almost there.It was a straight shot out, but the janitor had just begun mopping the tile floor.Billy slammed into the mop bucket and went flying. He had slid under three rows of tables and lay frozen like a bug in a trap of tangled chairs and soap suds. "Billy?What the heck is wrong with you?"Kelly smiled and giggled.She was on her way out the double doors to the bus lot and paused in awe of the disaster.Billy didn't hear her.Only the sound air breaks and diesel engines filled the room as the first line of busses let out.He relaxed and stared up at the ceiling feeling the mop water soak into his clothes and hair.He closed his eyes and let out a sigh.The gig was up."HEY!YOU BETTER GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE KID, BEFORE I SHOVE THIS BROOMSTICK UP YOUR ASS AND FINSIH THE FLOOR WITH YOU!" Mr. Martinez had heard the commotion and came to investigate. Billy opened his eyes and saw Kelly looking down at him with a smile and outstretched hand.He didn't ask how or why, or from where, he just took it and didn't let go as they ran out hand in hand laughing together. Kelly got her hand back and they ran up the bus steps.It was almost full, but seeing Billy the first half-seat cleared out real quick.He sat down with a squish and Kelly joined him although she kept her distance."Quit laughing!"Billy felt lemon scented water dripping down his neck and into his shoes."I was trying to make my bus by the way.""I guessed as much."She covered her giggles with a hand."If you and Candace hadn't been so weird all day I would’ve been fine.""She's... going though some stuff right now, just cut her some slack.""Cut her some slack?She looks like she wants to cut me up!And what could be more important than what is at your place? Ya, know I still say...""Yeah, yeah go to an adult."Kelly rolled her eyes; she couldn't tell him why that wasn't an option anymore."Well what's your plan today?Go upstairs with tongs and a grill lighter again?""Something like that.And give Candace a little credit ok, she's the one who suggested I bring you along today.""I will as soon as she give's ME a little credit!""We have to stick together, alright?" Kelly’s brow furrowed, so far their little tripod of friends was the only thing keeping her going. "Fine, but seriously though, what's the plan when we get to your place?Assuming it's not crawling with men in white space suits."He looked out the window, it was a different route from the morning bus, but he knew they were getting close."At least our troubles would be over.""Maybe for you...""I'm sorry.. I jus-""Whatever lemon head, this is our stop." Billy stood and cringed at the soapy squish in his sneakers.He stood and shuffled off the bus.The old brown seat kept his wet impression and was still damp the next morning.Mr. Cooke the driver worried it would be stained and it took nearly two days for the seat to forget the foul memory of Billy Mason.They bumped down the bus stairs and onto the hot pavement of the parking lot.The memory of Tom's truck was still strong in Kelly's mind.Billy, however only wanted to hold her hand again, totally unaware of her true feelings and worries. "Let me go in first and have a look around." With everything on her mind Kelly was happy to hand over the key and wait patiently at the door.She couldn't help but feel sorry for him; he looked miserable and smelled worse.The lemon was bad and in the scorching hot sun she couldn’t imagine how he felt.It wasn't an appetizing or sweet smell, but a much more caustic smell that made her nose burn.It probably wasn't healthy for him either. He called down and gave the all clear moments later and also said he would be in the shower."Couldn't hurt." she mumbled.He'd probably taken more showers in the past few days than in the previous month.It didn't bother her at all.She mounted the stairs and picked up his clothes which he set neatly outside the bathroom door. He had also chosen to leave the door ajar. "Hollar if you need anything." Billy called out seeing her shadow"I'm sure I can manage," She rolled her eyes and pulled the door to.His clothes were twice as heavy.How could he have possibly soaked up that much?She looked down the hall to the makeshift lab and tossed his clothes in the wash.The lab seemed so far away.Candace was at the forefront of her mind.Her minds eye saw the car pulling away again.Tom was evil.Somehow he had managed to twist Candace's mind so she didn't even see it.Brainwashed.She started into the lab and looked at the cages and creatures.The evil was connected somehow.She had clearly felt the same darkness and intent.None of it made any sense, but somehow it did. Kelly sat in the rolly chair, and looked at the bee.He cowered in the center of the dog crate vibrating ever so slightly and staring at her with big reflective eyes.She bent and picked up a broken piece of wing membrane.It was real alright, a true part of this world just like Tom.But somehow not.Civilized humanity banded together to banish people like Tom.He couldn't have been born like this, much as this creature wasn't born into the world via nature.The darkness had taken Tom somewhere in his life, and the same pure unadulterated darkness had birthed this creature.She hadn't done it, that at least she knew.She locked her eyes with the bee trying to understand its motives and purpose.It listed heavily to one side from the two broken legs Billy gave it.It's wings were hopelessly torn and ripped.It would never fly again.One black antennae hung loosely and ready to fall, but it didn't care.It just returning a blank still stare, still sure of itself; confident in it's mysterious purpose."Hey, Kelly?Could I get some clothes?"Billy called out like a baby in the night waking her from deep thoughts.She shook herself free from the black eyes, "Yeah... just a second."In her room Kelly expected to find a pile of clothes he washed on her bed or tossed back in the bins, but found it clean.She checked the laundry bins and found them empty as well."What did you... or where did you put them?"Billy opened the door just a bit to peek out, "There's a folded stack just inside your closet."The foggy mirror reflected his nude figure with a very compromising boner waving about as he moved. She didn't like that he had folded her clothes but when she saw only a few odds and ends on the floor she was infuriated.He must have put the rest up.The idea of Billy... Billy Mason handling her panties and rifling though her drawers instantly flushed her beet red.Candace might be brainwashed but she was still right about Billy.She stomped out and flung her some clothes at the bathroom where Billy ducked for safety."What the hell?""You went through my things!?" "I.. I just... you've been so worried and stressed out I wanted to help.""You know better Billy!Now, you better think of a way home because when your clothes are done you're outta here!""Look, I'm sorry I just wanted to help.""I SHOULDN'T have to explain to you Billy, how or why to RESPECT MY PRIVACY!!!"on the last word she slammed the door to her room and locked herself inside.She ripped a dresser drawer open and found her clothes carefully folded.Drawer after drawer she found the same thing.Even things he hadn't washed, he folded.The last straw came with her underwear drawer.Not only was everything neatly folded and stacked with obvious painstaking care, the corners of her panties were folded behind the gusset accentuating a cute design that was usually on the front.Kelly started throwing everything in the floor.She couldn't look at it any longer; it was just too creepy.Angry to the point of tears, she collapsed on the bed wondering if he had slept in it or on the couch like he was suppose to. Billy changed and came out slowly wondering what was next.She hadn't started the wash because he was in the shower.He couldn't tell how serious she was.She sounded more hurt than angry.The washing machine started to fill.By his estimates he had to cool things off before his clothes got done and she kicked him out for good. He pleaded through her bedroom door for a few minutes and with no response decided to leave her alone and go note any changes in the lab.It didn't take long for his mind to wonder.He was in Kelly's house again.Surely she couldn't be serious and make him walk home.He inevitably starting thinking about tonight, if he played his cards right would she let him sleep in the same bed with her?In a glazed trance he started to masturbate.Things were so much better here.His penis felt great, strong and ridged but soft and receptive of his strokes.He pushed himself to the edge not wanting to spoil any later fun, he slowed and rested his hand around the base.He actually liked the sight of his own penis.The head was strained tight like a purple apple wearing uncircumcised skin like a turtleneck sweater.If only Kelly could appreciate him... He paused to go put the clothes in the dryer.Calling out to Kelly again, he got no more response than the first time.Maybe she was serious!We went back to the lab and pulled up mapquest.The roads he knew were quite a ways to walk; maybe he could cut a few corners in the surrounding woods.He pulled up her house and, bingo!Across the small creek in her back yard was a small patch of woods and just beyond that was the old train track.If it wasn't too far it would give him a way home, but more importantly a way back if she needed him.His hormone addled mind was overcome my mixed emotions.Consumed with guilt and self loathing and worry for her safety alone on top of passionate love he didn’t know what to do.She was so easy to love, and she didn't even know it.He closed his eyes inhaled the scent of her home and remembered her covering he mouth when she giggled earlier.Her cute dimples and brown hair lit up his world like the sun above... Maybe he should write that down in poem and slip it under her door?But his hand was around his throbbing manhood again.Still trying to control himself but too close and overcome with desire he squeezed the base to make it angry and bobbed his hand to watch the skin rise and fall.If only it was buried deep in her body...it was too much and he passed the point of no return by accident.His testicles welled just short of a spasm.He screwed up again, but at the same time it felt great!No tissues or even a waste basket, but in front of him was the water filled fish tank.It was sort of his job anyway, he jumped up a second too late and the first string blurted from the taunt eye against the glass.It stuck and slowly started to slime its way down.The rest he pumped into the water leaving tiny ripples. "She'll be mad I wasted it on the water, there's nothing in there.Why am I so stupid...?"The white glob was still running down the glass and Billy grabbed a scrap sheet of paper and scraped it off and shook it into the water.No ripples this time like the surface had turned to Jell-O."Odd..."The dryer buzzer rang.Kelly stuck her head out of the door to yell, "Get your stuff and just go Billy," and she slammed the door shut again.He tried pleading one more time, but it all fell on deaf ears.It hurt so bad, he was more embarrassed and angry at himself than ever before.He changed and slunk out the sliding glass doors, across the creek, and to the railroad tracks which he would follow home.He started walking with a heavy heart, hoping it was the right direction.Kelly watched him mope across her back yard wondering what the heck he was doing.She ran downstairs and locked the doors.He wouldn't be coming back tonight if that was his plan. Her apartment was quiet again.It had been too long since she'd been able to relax in the quiet.Most people get creped out and prefer to have a TV or radio blabbering away but not Kelly.She flopped down on the couch, eyes still inflamed from crying. A silly thought popped into her head.Back in elementary school a drama teacher tried to teach the kids a little rhyme to help annunciation.All was lost on the children.But Kelly still found it amusing, "What to do to die today, at a minute or two till two, a thing distinctly hard to say but harder still to do."She started to giggle again just happy to be alone as the silly teachers face wafted in and out of her memory, "whether the weather is good, or whether the weather is bad... we'll be together no matter the weather whether we like it or not."Sobering thought, but she was alone again and preferred it that way.Into the kitchen reminded of yet another sobering fact: she needed groceries.With all the excitement calling her Aunt to go shopping had been out of the question.It seemed unavoidable, but not tonight.Just one quiet night.She wouldn't get much quiet if her stomach didn't stop growling however.She rifled through the cupboards and fridge.Amazing how you can have so much stuff, but no food.Finally she pulled a pack of bacon out of the freezer and tossed it in the sink to thaw.Worried about Candace she picked up the phone and dialed.No answer, only the machine.No news was supposed to be good news but this felt bad.Frustrated with literally everything she went back upstairs with an exasperated, "Humph." She never wanted to see that neatly folded perversion again but her clothes couldn't stay on the floor so she stared to stuff them back in the drawers in a familiar jumble.She slid out of her clothes but unwilling to wear anything Billy had touched, his fingerprints were still too fresh.She pulled the old smiley shirt out of her bag.It covered her nudity like a night gown. She didn't want to go without underwear and picked up a blue pair with a unicorn prancing across a rainbow printed on the front.Stepping into them she noticed the gusset had a creamy stain, as many of her panties did; it was just part of being a girl.Some were worse than others, and a few had to be tossed out when she got surprised by her period.Billy had held this very pair and all the others too; she dropped them like a snake and stormed off back to the kitchen.The whole idea turned her stomach, not that there was much in there to turn at the moment. That at least, she hoped to fix.Another annoyed puff, the bacon was still frozen.She really wanted Candace right now.Perhaps that’s what it meant to be together with someone, to miss them and wish for them to be there when you need a pat on the back.Running a sink of hot water she tossed the bacon in to speed thaw.She thought about the bee again, maybe she should pay him a visit and try to finish her previously interrupted thoughts.She felt she could almost communicate with it, given the sufficient concentration.Maybe communicate wasn't the right word, listen rather.Any clue as to why all this was happening to her would nice. Her parent’s room, the studio, and finally the lab was always a few degrees colder than the rest of the place.It was slightly chilly on her bare legs and feet.The laptop was on the desk but the equipment was still overturned from Candace's incident, leaving the top mostly bare.she leaned against the desk half sitting.The leather rolly chair would no doubt give her a chill if she sat in it. The two locked eyes again.Searching her feelings and asking in her mind did nothing, Kelly squinted her eyes, "What do you want?" she finally said aloud.The Bee finally moved, and hobbled over to the edge of the dog crate and pressed the tip of his abdomen out of a wire square.She had been startled by the sudden movement, but equally hopeful for an answer. "Yeah, right buddy..."She turned to go get the .22 this thing was useless. As if understand her intent it's bashed and broken wings fluttered giving Kelly a shiver at the harsh painful sound.But she turned and saw the tiny thin little pink probing tube.Maybe it was an answer of sorts.The faint memory or feeling rather that something was done to Candace came back. She turned back, and plopped down in the chair with a shiver soaking up the cold into her bare thighs.The blank folder was one of the few icons and then the unnamed document which could have only been made by Billy.She hoped it wasn't some sort of dying love nonsense, but it was his list of events.He'd done a pretty good job, maybe they would have to all sit down and finish it.Assuming of course she forgave him. -4:30pm Sunday,Candace screams in the lab.Kelly got there first, but froze.Likely out of fear but she believes something else may have been at work.I arrived from downstairs immediately and bravely tackled and fought the insectoid bee into the dog crate.Not exactly sure how it escaped from the 50 gallon fish tank with latches.Candace had been face down with the creature attached to her... ... ...Billy recorded he got there too fast for something to have happened, but she just felt something else transpired.But what?Obviously not what happened with the paper... thing, there was no mess, white or black. Kelly stood and carefully approached the crate.There was one way to find out.The pointy tip was still pressed through the metal cage."You better not sting me you bastard."Kelly crouched low on the balls of her feet ready to spring and run, keeping her distance and reached out a hand to touch the pink prehensile protrusion.The open air kissed her privates but she felt safe enough.As she closed her hands around the thin member the bee started to hum rattling its broken wings, but it produced an incredible vibration in her hand.It was slimy and easily coated her palm with slick lubricant allowing it to piston amazingly fast.The prehensile tip curved and searched blindly upon exiting her grip.It was warm too, how did the creature keep this temperature?She should be recording this, but the thought of being seen doing this killed her worse than Billy in her undies drawer. Kelly tightened her grip.That seemed to be a trigger.The thin organ slowed and started to grow thick, fat.The tip went from pointy to flat, flared out with an obvious eye in the center.It hummed and pummeled through her hand like mad, poor Candace she thought.It grew even more, sprouting thick veins and rough texture.Kelly's hand started to go numb like holding a power tool.Finally it shoved a few extra inches out into the open air and she felt a bulge coming from the base.This was it.Kelly let got and fell back onto her hands to get away from whatever was about to happen. A tiny splurt of clear liquid and a pink fleshy globule burst out and flew halfway across the room.Kelly had seen those angry veins flared tip before, when Billy tackled the bee off Candace the head had been so large it tugged Candace's body as it pulled free.She jumped up scared, what had come out of it though?A shiny black slick was on the back of the leather chair and on the floor was a small pink worm covered with tiny nodules.Kelly almost got sick, but instead she brought her barefoot crashing down on it.A rubbery elastic bounce before its skin finally burst and she felt the warm satisfaction of the things blood sinking into the carpet. That connection flashed the same she had felt it before.Last time she was sure the darkness or the dark intent cried out in ecstasy, that's how she knew something was wrong.This time, like a blink of a light, but not of visible light, just a feeling she felt it flash anger...She had to get Candace on the phone!"This apartment's never going to be the same." She mumbled hopping around on one foot like she'd stepped in dog poo. She grabbed the chair to steady herself, but it spun nearly toppling her but her hand caught the water tank and saved her.The flimsy lid buckled and broke from her desperate grab but she stabled herself.The water level was high and her fingers dipped below the surface.She froze and slowly turned to look at her fingers.The water was cold and wet, but she felt something else, a vacuum.Her pulse quickend at the soft suckling of her fingertips. There was no fish, the paper fish had disappeared, but her fingers still felt in the mouth of some suckling thing.Kelly stopped the flailing dance, her foot didn't matter any more.Slowly she lifted her left hand watching in awe as the water stayed on the tips.Small tubes of water like mini waterspouts rose and followed her fingers never ceasing the suckle.Her heart stopped, what new devilry was this? Her hand pulled higher into the air, and still the waterspouts persisted.Pointer finger, birdie finger, and ring finger three vortexes defying gravity and every other law of physics and rationale.Her mind almost broke.She snapped out of the trance and remembered to breathe.Seeing the strange sight resembled something she'd only seen in videos of zero gravity; globules of water squeezed from a pouch floating through air to be gobbled by an astronaut.At least she could breathe, which meant she was on earth and this was much more than water. Jerking her hand away three long tentacles streamed across the room like whips, never losing the connection between the tank and her.Kelly’s eyes went huge disbelieving and her body began to tremble.The long streams sank to the floor, she could feel their lengthy weight pulling at her finger joints.Flowing, like through a siphon, water emptied out of the tank and collected on the floor.It was unbelievable she must have dipped into a dream or maybe the stuff squished on her foot was a hallucinogenic poison. The last of the tanks water rushed out with increasing speed. The three lines emptied from the tank collapsed to the growing puddle on the floor and touched the toes on her left foot.Startled by the cool touch she stepped back pulling another string of water with her foot. Kelly's chest hammered like a caught mouse.Violently she slung the strands on her fingers against the desk trying to get it off, knocking the computer to the floor again, but they never broke.The water squished and contorted like jell-o but reformed back into the same lines that connected her and the larger mass. She turned to run the lines connected with the rest of her foot, and the upper three slapped against her arm.The sucking was stronger with the better connection.More surface area drew more water up into thicker lines.Kelly listed heavily to her left side nearly falling from the sudden change.Eight pounds to the gallon and thick ropes of three or four gallons pulled at her arm and foot.Frantic and scared she threw her arm with all her might trying to dislodge its grip.Almost all twenty gallons flew up into the air like a wild streamer and bounced off the ceiling.It jerked her footing out from under her.Had it not been for the heavy connection on her arm she would have fallen, but the mass jerked her forward and she fell in a different way.She caught on all fours like a cat, but the water enveloped her entire left arm, shoulder, and most of her lower leg.One hundred and sixty pounds of water suckled and pulled on her body.She couldn't stand, and she was barely able to hold herself up on fours.Slowly the water began to drain off and pouring down her arm and pooling on the floor spreading to her other hand.Tiny mewling cries and whimpers for help escaped her, but she knew no one was there.Tears filled her eyes and her face scrunched into a tiny red ball of hopeless crying.The billowing shirt had been sucked up by the water as if by a vacuum, the dry part was pulled tight against her offering no comfort or safety.But what could offer safety?Even if she had the phone in hand and called the emergency services what could they do? Tears streamed from her eyes and Kelly could barely see, but she felt the cold water touch the inside of her right hand.She jerked it away but another string slung out and pulled her supporting hand with it.She crashed into the puddle.Cold and forceful sucking pulled along her collarbone and chest testing her skins elasticity.More had spread to her other leg that rested on the floor.Tendons strained on her thin neck as Kelly struggled to push up but it was just too heavy.Lucky none was on her face, she knew she'd drown. The water only stuck to her, the floor and surroundings were totally dry.She shoved up again pushing forward trying for the door, but only moved a few inches.She stopped moving, it was the only answer.And she was able to slowly maneuver her hands under her again.Muscles trembled with fatigue, as another tremor of crying shook her. Internal waves of water ran along her skin massaging and mauling her small breasts.Her long brown hair was caught and pulled her head wrenching back in a painful cry.It was lucky though, she was forced to see the opened door right in front of her.The water blob ran up her hair and flooded across her back and neck.It didn't go above her neckline, whether this was luck or betrayed some intelligence Kelly didn't know.Arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and feet engulfed only her head and butt, which waved above the danger on weak knees, stayed dry. She tried to calm herself.Breathing slow and concentrated, crying wouldn't help.As she stopped struggling things stopped getting worse, but that was of little comfort.Her red puffy eyes darted around scanning the room hoping for a lifeline, some answer.She found none.Only one thought came to mind and it wasn't a very good one.It would either drown her or wash the thing away.If she could get to the shower, maybe fresh water would weaken its hold, dilute the evil with a constant flow.It was a long shot but she had to try. Kelly's wrecked face winced at a new pain as her nipples were pinched and pulled.Did it know what she was thinking? She managed up onto her elbows but not far, it was so heavy.With her head low and butt still waving she took tiny steps with her knees and elbows slowly moving to the door.The water jostled and waved at her movement as if she were carrying it in a bucket.It washed against her chin and ears but didn't stick.At least that was good, maybe she wouldn't die after all. Rounding the doorframe was more difficult every ounce of energy and moment she put into moving the water used to try and throw her over.Pausing mid turn proved disastrous, she had got too forward momentum.She could see the bathroom door at the end of the small hallway when the water swung hard and she started to lose balance.Like a large strong tree falling, she slowly toppled over. Angry violent water splashed and waves raced across the floor and against the wall, but like a rubber-band rushed back at Kelly's curled and defenseless body. Nothing could have prepared her.People talk of falling through thin ice into a frozen lake. They say the water attacks you like a thousand needles, this assailed her with similar ferocity.The driving momentum didn't just hit her it drove into her.As if electrified Kelly went stiff then shrunk back into a fetal ball, but nothing slowed the assault.Her sensitive places were toyed with and pried open and coldness drove into her body.Lubrication was not an issue and it filled her as fast as her orifices would let it. Kelly lost control, a primitive side took over she flopped wildly crawling, running, and swimming at once toward the bathroom.Water forced itself into her virginal cavity and easily invaded her womb, but that wasn't all.Her tight anus was sucked puckered open then forced into by a cold stream, first small but soon flooding her belly as if from a water hose.She kicked and pushed struggling for traction, driven with pure adrenal strength.The hundred and sixty pounds of water sloshed around holding its captive and continued to thwart her escape with its relentless assault.When she jumped and scrambled forward the blob pulled back like an anchor giving her cramping body a minor reprieve, but it slammed back again with doubled efforts like her orifices were a strong center of gravity. Kelly defied her own ability and stood, lunging for the bathroom door.She felt the water pull away and drain; it released her upper body and arms allowing her breasts to bounce free and rest.She had left most of it on the floor, but thick strings clung tight to her hips and legs.Clutching the doorframe like a buoy in rough seas, her body gave a violent push expelling much of the demon, but the victory was short lived.The clear amorphous blob rebounded.It hit her so hard her feet were lifted up off the ground and sent her crashing face down into the bathroom floor.Her womb stretched from the force and three quarts of cold evil drove into her intestines leaving her gasping and bloated.The bathtub was her only hope. One arm, then a second slapped over the lip of the tub.Kelly snaked her rounded stomach over the rim pulling attached blob crashing down into the tub with her.Another strong autonomous push rocked her body, followed by an equal shove back.She strummed the dials and watched the first spit of water ripple off the blob as if it were plastic.They weren't joining forces.The showerhead pelted the thing with streaming beads of pure, real, water.Kelly felt its cry.She was winning.Slowly the thin membrane that held the water weakened and melted finally dissolving and the giant balloon drained.Her rounded stomach which held nearly a gallon of water was allowed to let go. Kelly, finally able to rest laid her head back feeling the sweet bliss of the being emptied.Dark Incarnate Chapter 10 Book 1By Mr. BlackThe Jig Is UpHome... there should be a different word for Billy's house.His father was usually drunk and his mother had split years ago leaving him and his older brother to fend for themselves like a couple of raggedy bear cubs, and Billy was the runt of the litter.The small farm only had a few animals left but no lack of chores.Billy’s dad, Butch Mason, loved to assign these from this throne in front of the small TV without so much as turning his head.His brother Josh was the real problem though.What would Josh have to say about Billy’s absence over the past few days?At least he had chosen the right direction, on the right track, so to speak.Josh was seven years older, but that's all he was.School hadn’t been much more than a training camp for Josh on how to avoid work.So now, even though Billy was still in school, Josh managed to divert most of those chores at him.Both boys knew they were really alone in the world and Josh tried to play the father figure to Billy.He would always say, “builds character” or “it’ll put hair on you’re chest and make you shed water like a duck” whenever Billy got the short end of the stick.It might have even worked; Billy was in desperate need of a role model.But Josh didn’t even have a job beyond bossing his younger brother around, and was an example of what not to do.Billy passed the old train station; the place gave him the creeps.The yard had been cut right out of the mountain side.The old boarded up mine shafts were cut deep into the far rock face and several coal piles larger than his house waited for trains that would never come.It was the place of his nightmares.Part of it was an irrational fear of the unknown but given the option, Billy would rather leave those depths to the unknown.His Dad used to send him up here to collect the coal for the woodstove.Billy wasn’t more than six or seven at the time.Josh squirmed out of the duty as usual.One night Billy set out a little too late at dusk.He got scared as most young boys would have and lost his coal running the whole way back.He had heard a sound he didn’t recognize and his imagination created shadows that didn’t exist.The darkness scared the hell out of him.He took a few beatings over the years but refused to go back.In reality it had only been a fox.His first night at Kelly’s was also the first time he’d slept without a nightlight, and even then a streetlamp glowed through the curtains.If he was seen coming from the old tracks it would really get in interrogated so he cut through the thick pines and came to the blacktop.The Mason Farm mailbox barely stood vertical marking the drive.With his head hung low, Billy plodded up the pitted and washed out driveway like a dead man walking.In this part of the state a good gravel driveway was a luxury.His grandfather almost had their drive paved back when times were good, almost.The Appalachian Mountains sent a deluge of water runoff every spring that devastated anything that wasn’t pavement.Not that pavement was immune to the rock and mud slides, but without it the Mason drive was nothing but deep cutouts and slick red mud.It had been years since the drive had seen any new gravel and rode more like an obstacle course than anything a normal vehicle could traverse.As far as Mason Sr. was concerned it helped ward off the dreaded Tax Man.Billy came to the old barn first, the ailing two story shack and fences barely stood.He shivered at the sight.Being away for a few days was nice and being with Kelly was heavenly, but the harsh reality began to set in again.Leaning against an old twisted fence post he propped a foot on the rusty barbed wire daydreaming about how things used to be.When he was young the land was beautiful, fertile, and full of hope and possibility.His family reached way back to the Revolution.His forefathers bought the land back when land ownership was the measure of the man.The rough terrain was bought cheap too.He had heard stories, more from his grandfather than his father, about how the Mason tobacco helped win the war.He'd even seen an old brown picture of a lake on the property.The natural spring still ran through the gully, but the glory days were long gone.He shifted uneasily looking up at heavy clouds and the approaching night.The grey wood of the barn haunted the land like an evil old hunch-backed witch.The farm was nothing but a mud-hole of twisted brush now.The old irrigation channels and runoff steams were clogged and would need nothing short of a team running a back-hoe and chainsaws to clear.Billy knew it was painful, like using a drug but the memories were too strong.His grandfather had been teaching him to ride a horse in the field just to his left.It was hard to believe.The tall hay and blue grass would ripple in the wind like the ocean.It was all beaten down or choked out by the briars and tuffs of malflora rose now.It was really called multiflora, but Papaw Mason always malflora.The stuff was thick, strong, and grew with amazing speed in huge arches taller than he stood, and the roots spread like wildfire underground.The only way you could really kill it was to burn it out.The roots would either send up new shoots or the stumps would sprout new growth the next year if you didn’t spray poison after clearing them.Poison would only work after cutting; if you just sprayed the thick woody vines would laugh it off only browning a little. Billy had learned one of the guiding principals of his life just a stones throw away, but it was a lifetime away.Maybe it was being with Kelly, but reminiscing felt sweeter than usual.He and his Grandfather had been riding horses, and somehow he had fallen off and got the wind knocked out of him.Before he could take a breath his Grandfather grabbed him up directing him back onto the horse.Billy wasn't sure what to make of it, maybe if he didn't get back on the horse would run off or worse it could step on him!He hadn't taken time to feel pain or even wipe the trickle of blood from his split nose, he just got back on.He looked over curious at his Grandfather, who just stood smiling up at him."I'm proud of you Billy, sometimes we fall and you just gotta pick yourself up and ride on.You did great." He had slid his cowboy boot in his stirrup and leapt up onto the horse just as natural as breathing and reached to pat Billy on the back, "Remember that, and you'll make a fine man one day."Papaw Mason was probably one of the only people on earth who had ever believed in Billy, and when died of colon cancer less than a year later, it ripped his heart out.Billy didn't understand much about cancer, but imagined it was like malfloura rose.Sometimes, you just gotta pick yourself up and ride on.His eyes welled and he started to tear up.He heard yelling in the house around the bend.His brother would be furious; Billy knew he'd better not waste any more daylight, and snuck around the bend to the house.He slipped in the back door and grabbed his rubber boots and headed out to the barn to try and make amends.As he slid out the door he heard them again arguing in the kitchen about him.Maybe they thought he was gone for good?Around back of the barn stood an old grain silo, the roof had long since fallen in.The eerie block structure stood empty and almost three stories tall and leaned like the tower of Pisa.It was another artifact of the old days standing in defiance of the times.The muddy floor was a good ten feet below the ground.How many animals could that thing have fed?He couldn't help but look inside every time he passed.When he was young he used to throw stones and rocks in just to hear the plop in the muck floor and giggle at the messy eco that raced up and out of the top. He climbed up a rickety ladder that would probably be his death one day into the hay loft which was yet another death trap.The tin roof of the barn had weathered too many storms without proper care and leaked like sieve.The floor of the loft caught most of the leaks and had more rotten spots than solid ones.Long years of practice and careful footing kept him safe as he dropped hay down chutes to the animals below.He loved to come up here.It was his secret place. Papaw Mason had raised cattle for slaughter when the barn was built, but piece by piece the land was sold off to the railroad in the coal years and now they barely had land for a few pigs, a couple of milk cows, and one stubborn mule.Chickens had once roamed freely but when the coal mines shut down, and the railroad went silent, either wolves or coyotes had moved down out of the mountains.His father told him they lived where the old train switchboard used to be.Billy didn't like thinking about wolves and coyotes.They couldn’t get into his loft though. He looked down though a chute at the poor mule, his stall was a mess; he didn't know how many years it’d been since the beast had seen a Ferrier.Billy went for the pooper-scooper, a kid name for the pitchfork that just stuck, and wheelbarrow to clean the stall.They didn't have much for proper stall care, the last load of sawdust ended when the driver got stuck in the driveway, but pine needles worked well enough.Kelly turned so she could keep an eye on the drain.Every move she made caused a small flush of cool water to release.The warm shower was a relaxing contrast.It didn't take long for the fear and adrenaline to wear off and she couldn't stop the waves shaking and crying.Her soft sobs and scrunched face couldn't begin to express the true nature of how she felt.She knew she was in shock, and maybe knowing would be enough to get her through it.Her mind refused to believe the nightmare of what had happened.She forced herself calm with deep breaths, which also helped water drain out of her system.It wouldn't let her forget, it wouldn't let her calm down.As soon as she stopped sobbing another painful reminder of the violation would trickle out and she would clench up again.Nothing was safe or sacred to this darkness, this pure evil.She could have died!How could they have ever dreamed to control such a thing?Her body was rocked by harsher and harsher convulsions as she lost the battle to calm herself and she nearly doubled over, followed by more cold water.Why was it so cold?Wouldn't her body have warmed it by now?What had that thing done to her?She searched her feelings, but where she had understood it before, she felt nothing.Her mind went to the small pink worm and then to Candace; how could they have been so stupid?Kelly's stomach was still bloated and she pressed just below her ribs."Anything," she sobbed "I'll do anything just get it out!"Her tiny sphincter relaxed allowing the cold essence to flood the basin of the tub yet again.It made sense to her subconscious but not to her frantic state: cold, the absence of warmth; darkness, the absence of light.What had it done to her?She couldn't stop asking, over and over again the question replayed in her mind.Worst of all, there was no way of knowing, no way to be sure. She tried to stand.The hot shower made it easier because she couldn't see her own tears.Gravity helped the exodus of evil too.Cool streams mixed with the warm shower trailing down her shaking legs.The bathroom and shower had always been a place of comfort; it was small and eternally warm thanks to a furnace vent next to the door.The vent was too much for the one room, but felt great.She found no comfort today and maybe never again.She stared at the drain.The water swirled and disappeared, but it would be so easy for the monster to disguise itself in that.She had to check, wondering if the thing had hurt her.She didn't feel pain, still a little boated but no pain.She couldn't help but worry.A small finger slid between her swollen and clammy lips, another reminder of how rough the attack had been.She probed and felt the tightness of her virginity, still intact.Maybe Candace was right, but how was that possible?It implied a greater intelligence and prescience that she didn't want to understand or believe.If Candace was right, the shadow had been playing them both like an instrument, but why?Kelly reached around and slid her hand down her firm butt probing the tiny clenched orifice.Her skin was inflamed and warm to the touch.The thing had used her so violently, wielded her body like an empty vessel.She didn't want to do this; she was exhausted and wanted more than anything to curl up in her bed and cry herself to sleep.But how could she sleep unless she got it all out?She wanted Candace too.Thinking of all the things Candace endured gave her strength, and she finally forced her finger in.She found a reservoir of cool water inside and closed her eyes trying to relax and push using her finger to assist.So much of the monster had forced itself upon her how easily it could have split off and remained inside.Maybe an x-ray could tell.Her eyes went wide at the prospect.A doctor sliding the black negative into the light and pointing to an odd foreign blob that shouldn’t be there brought fresh sobs. Kelly stopped and pulled her finger free.She couldn't allow herself to think like that, she had always felt It before, and this attack hadn't changed that.The fact that she felt nothing meant that there was nothing to feel.That was final.Its cry washing down the drain had been the end.Those thoughts lead nowhere.She had to push on, continue with her life.She couldn't let it continue to hurt her. Soon enough, the room smelled of honeysuckle and rosehips as she washed her hair and body.A few more icy reminders flooded down her legs as she soaped up, but she forced herself on.She dried and plopped down on the toilet.The natural position helped a few more dribbles escape.She wanted to call Candace but it was way too late, though she didn't know exactly what time it was.Her eyes burned and felt heavy enough that she didn't have to know.She stood up to scared to look, but the water was clean as she flushed anyway.She stumbled off on weak legs to her bedroom and slid the panties on she had previously discarded.Climbing under the warm covers she finally felt safe again.Falling to sleep a little too quickly she shuddered awake fearing the monsters down the hall.Soon she went under the velvet blanket of peace and quiet sleeping exhausted and without dreams.Miles away Candace threw her leg over a body pillow falling back to sleep.A very unnatural stir woke her up.She lied to herself and said it was a gas pain or a hunger groan, but she felt it again and her hand cupped the small of her tummy.She was glad her father hadn't come to visit her.Something was up with him he was never this quiet, but she wasn't going to kick a gift horse in the mouth.The tiny larva had been injected directly into her womb.The ovipositors que was when it felt the tightness of her cervix.The simple creature knew only its purpose and desperately wanted to mix with her DNA, but Candace was barren.Dear ol’ dad had made sure she wouldn’t have any unwanted accidents a long time ago.The supernatural life-force of the creature sustained it, drawing its energy from the girl.It was restless and confused.Billy was the only one who didn't sleep easy.His mind was wrought with worry.His Dad hadn't whooped him for being gone and hadn’t bothered with the where or whys.Maybe he was too drunk to notice or care.Or maybe he was sober?Billy had only seen Mason Sr. sober on rare occasions, and the prospect of the unknown scared him.On the other hand he knew his brother was plotting some sort of revenge.He'd better be home for the next few weeks, or make plans to stay gone.A pass like this didn't happen often.He also knew he couldn't leave Kelly anymore than you could tell a bird not to fly.The night was dreadfully long.The hazy summer heat was unbearable and in a month school would be out.An early heat wave was putting a strain on the power company because of all the air conditioners, but Billy's house wasn't a part of that.It was four or five AM before the room cooled enough that he could drift off where he had restless dreams.His sheets were stained with sweat when his brother Josh woke him the next morning."Geeet up Biilly!We got work to-do” Billy tried to roll back over on his damp pillow and ignore it.There wasn't anything to do; he'd seen to it last night."I said get up!" he grabbed the sheet and slung it across the room revealing Billy's naked body and caused him to recoil.Josh wasn’t a homosexual but he made Billy feel uncomfortable a little too often.Sometimes Billy would be in the shower or changing clothes and Josh would barge in.Maybe he didn’t notice or care, or maybe Billy was the weird one for feeling uncomfortable, but it seemed him that Josh would go out of his way to be around at those times."Dad said you're not going to school today.We got to work the fences.""No!"Billy didn't know any other way to respond.He had unconsciously pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them."You better get your ass up and get dressed!While yur here under this roof you better do as you're told.Now get up and get dressed.I'm moving the pigs and you better be workin on that pen when I get dun!"He had been caught off guard and half asleep but it didn't matter he had to see Kelly, something was wrong he knew it."I'm going to school and I'll work on it when I get back."His brother was halfway out of the room and slowly turned; he'd never heard Billy backtalk like that.He took large strides to where his brother sat on the bed.His eyes were on fire when he swung a balled fist wide and crashed it against Billy’s face like a lead cannon ball.Billy was knocked to the scuffed hardwood floor."Now you got a black eye and if you don't want another, you- BETTER GET TO FUCKIN WORK!" He screamed loud enough to make his own ears ring.Kelly reached to silence her alarm but she felt like she'd been run over by a truck during the night.She had never been so sore, every muscle in her body ached.She felt pretty good considering what had happened.Years back in elementary PE she'd learned that a good workout released endorphins, what they called 'feel good stuffs', but she never thought it'd apply to wrestling a water monster.She elected to hit the snooze, but it was a waste.Five minutes felt like five seconds, and it didn't even do anything for your tired body.It just made you feel better about not getting up, and the alarm went off again just teasing.It didn't matter, she hit it again.And again.Finally she silenced it, but didn't get up.She rolled back over to give herself a personal snooze timer with a promise to just lay there for a second. Just a second.Her body woke her up just under an hour later, she had to pee.There was no snooze for that, lucky thing, because she only had a few minutes before she had to be at the bus stop.The thought of skipping came to mind, but her friends would be worried sick if she didn’t show.Her friends…What would she tell them about the attack?Candace would understand, but she really would rather not have that conversation with Billy, him and his little notebook of events.She crept up to the bathroom door, feeling entirely too naked in nothing but panties.Peeking around the door she saw everything looked in order.Her poor smiley t-shirt was crumpled in a wet puddle on the floor.Not trusting the trail of water that leaked from it she got some toilet paper and relaxed as it soaked up. The creature hadn't soaked into anything but her.She didn't trust the toilet water either.She wanted to cry again, and felt a deep shiver of pain and fear welling deep inside.The creature had cried out and disappeared down the drain, but she couldn't trust that it was really gone.She hovered precariously inches above the seat and finally let go, still keeping a watchful eye on the water between her legs.A smile touched her lips as she thought of Beverly Marsh from "IT," she didn't trust the drains either.She wiped and stood back up.Beverly and her friends ended up miles under Derry’s ancient sewer system fighting a real nightmare with a sling shot and silver dollars... hopefully it wouldn't come to that.Kelly had her first laugh.The soft chuckles made her feel a thousand times better as she remembered the time, and ran to her room to dress.At least her clothes were clean.Maybe it was the familiar wrinkled and jumbled state of her underwear drawer, but she felt bad for being so mean to Billy.What did she expect; he'd wear welder’s goggles and gloves while washing her clothes?She grabbed her favorite pair of panties; light blue and not too tight and not too loose.The spandex on some would bite and drive her nuts all day, but this pair was perfect.It was supposed to be hot this week, but she wasn't wearing anything but jeans for a while.She chose light and breezy spaghetti strap black top so she wouldn’t die.Spaghetti straps were technically against school dress code, but they only cared about skirt length.Almost as important as her panties she was glad to have clean socks again; she grabbed some anklets and her pink tennis shoes and leaped down stairs two and three at a time.If she'd gotten up in time she could have had that bacon.Her face wrinkled in disgust as she pulled the droopy package out of the sink and tossed it back in the fridge.A groan rumbled through her stomach, maybe when she got home.Who was she kidding, she was absolutely starving!Her bus barely got to school on time, but she had to have some breakfast.Mrs. Francis would just have to wait until she got something to eat.She raced out the front door seeing the bus pull up and not even taking the time to lock the door back.The morning air was hot humid breath.During the night a light rain wet the ground.She got to the bus as it started to roll off but the driver saw her and took her seat over the wheel hub.Her hunger groaned again and was almost as bad a reminder of what had emptied her stomach.Kelly was aware that she was completely empty.The late bell rang when she approached the lunch line.Miss Patty was just locking up her register when she saw Kelly."Oh dear, I'm sorry we can't serve after the bell.Too many students were skipping don’cha know."Kelly pouted her lips and tossed her head to the side like she’d done to her father a thousand times, "Please I'll take it to class, I'm already late and I'm starving...""I've already closed out my register dearie..." The old lunch lady couldn't stand the sight of the sad little girl, "Well alright, just grab something and hurry onto class."Her old wrinkled face tilted with a warm smile.Kelly smiled back, somehow old ladies just knew.Old-lady-scense.She didn't have to be told twice, and ducked under the half closed gate and grabbed a bagel.She started to dig for money but Miss Patty just waved her off. Kelly jogged to class.Rounding the last bend, down the walkway-to-nowhere, Kelly saw Mr. Higgins the school resource officer standing at the far end in full black cop uniform.He usually wore something light and sometimes funny but he was all official today.Kelly secretly thought he adopted the Hawaiian shirts as a reflection of her father's silly smiley t-shirt.She almost jumped for joy, Candace must have came forward."Ahhh, there you are.I've been looking for you." He had been waiting outside for half an hour.He didn't like Mrs. Francis anyway; something about her face reminded him of an evil old bird, a Skeksi to be precise."Please come with me Ms. Evans."Her heart sank her last name?Why didn't he just call her Kelly, he knew her well enough.Someone's found out about the monsters in her apartment; she was sure of it.Maybe the water creature attacked someone else, and they linked it back to her somehow... it didn’t make any real sense but neither did Officer Higgins presence.His face was too stern and she knew whatever he had to say wouldn’t be good.He hadn’t been with the other Officers that came to tell her about her parent’s accident, but he seemed to carry the same weight now.Had something happened to Candace?"Wa-What's this... about?""Just follow me please." His face was cold, almost pained.She was scared to death, but not seeing any way out she followed him.Mr. Higgins turned toward the empty side of the walkway, to the small forest.Her heart screamed for her to run, but she didn't have anywhere to go.She looked frantically side to side, if she could just see Candace or Billy; if she had just gotten to class in time, she would know, or they might tell her.They were probably worried sick as soon as the bell rang.But maybe they were already being interrogated, or worse.A hundred dreadful things coursed through her.Reluctantly she followed the officer and breathed a sigh of relief when he turned at the edge of the building.His unmarked Crown-Vic was parked just up a short embankment around the corner.He paused and waited for her to go first, and popped the back door with keyless entry when she got close.This was it; she was going to be disappeared to a government lab.She turned and threw her bagel like a Frisbee, smiling as it skidded onto the concrete at the end of the walkway.Maybe her friends would find it...She had to hope."Let's go..." he took her backpack off and cupped the top of her head helping her into the car and closed the door. The backseat was a cage, and it looked like it was built for an animal; a plastic mould like a carnival ride but without the fun.The car bounced as Higgins added his weight to the driver’s seat. "Can you just tell me what's going on?"She pleaded through the glass not sure how much of her voice got through to the officer.He wasn't Mr. Higgins anymore, not the man she knew anyway. "I'd think you should know."Kelly's eyes were crazed and darted around the car.She patted her small hands onto the glass trying to get his attention, "Please..." Her hands left smudges on the glass.He was silent and put the car in drive speeding off the school campus.Kelly watched helplessly as her life got further and further away.She was terrified.He wasn't driving for the police station or her apartment.He pulled onto a small two lane winding road thick with evergreen pines on both sides."Where are you taking ME?"She started to scream and lunged from side to side trying to find something recognizable on the mysterious road.But he drove on like a robot.He wouldn't even look in the rearview to see her.He'd had sworn and oath to protect the weak and serve the innocent, and if he looked into her eyes he knew he'd fall apart.After an eternity of steep winding road, he turned off and started down an even smaller road.The industrial drive opened into a vast oval clearing over a mile long.One side a sheer rock face while the rest was a wall of solid pines.The ground was filled with criss-crossing train tracks and covered with pine needles.The clearing was so vast the far forest was foggy and opaque in the humidity.Kelly had no idea where she was, or what was about to happen.If this was some sort of secret government installation it was the best hidden and kept secret she could imagine.The place looked deserted.Only one lone abandoned building stood off-center in the clearing.Dead pine needles skittered across the ground and the long scrubby grass waved as the car passed.Wherever this was, nothing had been here for a long time.After the car bumped over several tracks they stopped at the deserted building.A pristine white van was parked around the corner; it had Tennessee tags.Mr. Higgins got out and walked around the side.The building was impressive.It must have been the switchboard for the old trains that ran through the area.Only the tracks lead in and out clearing. She'd have to make a run for it, disappear into the trees.Circling back she could follow the tracks easily enough; she just had to make that treeline.The small road they drove in on had already disappeared, not that she would have found any help on it.She sat back in the uncomfortable seat; she'd have to wait for the doors to open before she could try.If she looked complacent maybe she'd have a chance.Mr. Higgins walked back into sight looking down at his shoes while another man patted him on the back.Tom Chambers followed close behind and opened the back doors to the van and handed Mr. Higgins a small key.Kelly recognized it as a post office box key; her Aunt had a million of em, and she recognized the funny corners.The two men shook hands and started for the car.Mr. Higgins put the key in his front breast picket beside his badge.Higgins seemed reluctant, and only stood by the far door as Tom took Kelly's arm pulling her out.As soon as she was out of his car, the officer didn't waste any time peeling out of the yard bounding harshly over the tracks and disappearing out through the obscure driveway.Tom held his captive for a moment watching him leave."I tried to tell you..."Kelly just looked down at her shuffling feet weakly waiting for her chance.He jerked her flailing arm toward the van but turned to the abandoned terminal door."Ya know, I bought that Higgins man pretty cheap." Kelly stayed calm biding her time still looking down at her shoes.He wanted to gloat, to drink her fear.He lifted her chin to look into her soft brown eyes."He was a friend of your dad’s right?"Her eyes flared and she spit in his face."That's more like it," and he licked the spittle off his lips.She was strong and lively, a deeper part of Tom felt a rush at the sight.She felt him too, felt his darkness again, felt his vampiric desire to drain her like a battery.Kelly took her shot when he reached for the door, twisting and jumping with both feet she broke free.Stumbling on the loose pine needles she scrambled away and around the corner kicking up tuffs of needles.Tom laughed; he knew she would never reach the forest in time.He leisurely walked up and opened the passenger side door to the van where Buster sat patiently."Get-em-boy!" and he snapped his fingers and pointed in her direction.Buster flew out of the van and sniffed at the ground were the car had been before he noticing the fleeing girl.He shot at her like a bullet after treading needles for a second too.Kelly heard the galloping dog gaining on her, and looking over her shoulder; she recognized Candace's dog.She ran with everything she had.Her pumping legs were already sore with fatigue and her lungs gulped air.Her father had told her never to go with a stranger, but he went further than most parents on the subject.Anytime something bad happens there's a crime scene, and sometimes there's two crime scenes.The second is always worse than the first and usually the last thing a victim sees.She knew that whatever was in that abandoned building, it was the second crime scene.She had been tricked and kidnapped by the cop from the first.How could she have known?She knew Tom was evil and her fear drove her harder but her shoes stumbled over the railroad ties and tracks.She couldn't outrun the dog, and she knew it.Why had Tom sent him, was he going to attack her?Kelly stopped and turned, maybe Buster would remember her.His face was determined and his lean figure moved like a fish in water.She bent and called to him, but he didn't seem the same.She thought he would run into her, but he snapped at her leg as he passed.If her jeans weren't loose he would have taken her leg off.Would Tom rather kill her than be caught?It was possible.The dogs running momentum swung him around and jerked her leg out from under her.She screamed as she went down.Buster began viciously barking and growling at her face.She couldn't bear to look and curled into a fetal ball.Tom calmly walked over, slow deliberate and calm as ever.It had been a while since Busters last roundup with Candace, but he was trained well.He arrived and picked the girl up by the waist like a sack of feed and carried her back under his arm.Kelly was scared now.More than just scared, she was terrified for her life.She couldn't have guessed what was waiting for her inside, but knew that she may never see the light of day again. She kicked and screamed, finally giving over the frantic struggles.Her mind left her and she became a bird caught in a net.Before the move to West Virginia, Kelly had climbed into her Dad’s chair at his big desk in the study.If he caught in here he’d kill her for sure.He spent hours pouring over cases and paperwork and wouldn’t even let her come in to say goodnight, she had to wait at the door.She didn’t understand why they had to move.Atlanta was great!Why did they have to go to the middle of nowhere?An old brown envelop sat at the center of the desk.He had been looking at it recently.Maybe she could understand… ‘A complete model and psychological profile of the death fetishist does not exist.The compulsion is a result of a complex misplacement of values, and a deviation of cultural norms and social mores.He is more likely to be white male and average to above average intelligence.Cases of fetishists of with IQ’s over 150 have been documented. The progression of pathology can be traced from the fantasy stage to the eventual acting out of fetishistic impulses, including opportunistic homicide.Agent Evans believes strongly that the suspect in this case is escalating towards this action.Once he begins to murder, it is the killing that draws attention away from a deeper motive.A motive which, most people including Law Enforcement professionals dare not imagine.It is somehow easier to believe as Agent Fox does, in Aliens and Demons than in the kind of cold blooded inhuman monster that will prey on the living to desecrate the dead. Death is a recorded event.For reasons natural or un-natural when a body ceases to function, the cause of the effect can clearly be reconstructed.A body has a story to tell.If a victim was strangled an examination of the veins in the eyes will reveal this.If the victim was shot entry wounds and gunpowder residue can be used to reconstruct the events leading to death and help to establish a possible motive.Hair and fibers, slivers of glass, plastic, even insect casings can serve to recreate the circumstances under which death occurred. It may be an irony only understood by those of us who do these examinations, that death like life itself is a drama with a beginning, middle, and end.It is my opinion having conducted this examination that the victim died a wrongful death with the expressed purpose of preparing the body prior death for post mortem intercourse with the corpse.The time of death cannot be accurately determined, due to what I believe must have been immersion in a cold environment mostly likely water. For the record it is also my opinion that outside of child homicide, which may be more tragic and heinous, this isone of the most angry and dehumanizing murders imaginable.'She hadn’t understood much of what it then, but the words were clear now.Her dad a fought the terrible and grotesque and wanted a safe quite life for his daughter.Ironic.Dark Incarnate Chapter 11 Book 1By Mr. BlackKelly’s Fall From GraceBilly was working on the pig pin about two miles away.The old posts had rotted in the constant slop and mud.He was supposed to mend the cross boards, but the wood was like butter.He rolled his eyes as he pushed a ten penny nail through the wood in three different places.He had seen the problem coming and luckily his unconscious mind had worked out a solution.In the old barn were hundreds of pallets, he started dragging a few over to the pen.He could stand them up and lash a rope at the joints to make a new fence without the old posts.It was either that, or find the post-hole diggers.He had mud up to his knees when he heard the dog barking viciously in the distance.The sound made him shiver.Wolves and coyotes...He had been up there just the other day.His brother rounded the barn and smiled at Billy’s progress.Josh would never admit it but he was jealous of Billy’s ingenuity, and a little threatened.Why hadn't he thought of the pallets before?Soon the barking subsided and they both looked up at the mountain when the screeches and cries started."Dumb bird."Josh leaned against one of the old posts nearly falling into the muck as it cracked under his weight, "How does a bird get caught by a coyote anyway?"Billy didn't like it.The switchboard was at least two miles away and it would have to be an awful big bird to sound like that."I'm goanna check it out."He stood brushing the caked mud from his forearms and hands."You' crazy?Them ol' pallets was a pretty good idea, but after that Dad says you gotta get after those malfloura bushes."He looked back up as the sound died, then back a Billy with a smile. "See aint nuthin but a buzzard."Billy knew it was something more.He had spent most of his life out at the barn to avoid the house, and he had never heard anything like it.Josh smiled, “Whatever it was, it’s dead now.” Tom twisted the door open and carried her in.The building had been shut, before today, for over twenty years.The air was damp and heavy like a tomb smelling of mold and rotten wood.Tom had only gone in once before Higgins brought his prize.No light shone through the windows, they were thick encrusted with mold and moss.He kicked the door closed like a mule shrouding the strange vestments of history from the light again.An old coat rack, rudimentary cupboards and slots, an old pair of coveralls and hardhats with headlamps, all covered with age and corroded by the humidity.To Kelly it looked more like a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean than the civilized world.Tom swiped at a window near the door with a free hand.The few rays of light shone through like grace to a forgotten time.It was the same vanishing act that gripped the whole town.Thrift stores with too much thrift, empty churches, bars, and gas stations littered the outskirts of the abandoned town.The only new construction since the 1970’s had been a Walmart and the housing development Candace lived in.It appeared as if most of the population just got up and left one day.This place was ground zero.When the mines closed it happened suddenly, and by the time the union members realized they signed their own death warrant it was too late, and the locks were up.New townies who arrived over the years felt the dirty underbelly of Spencer’s history but only the old ones really knew.The coal still smeared the Town like it had covered the thousands of faces and lives it destroyed.This building was a museum, an annual of forgotten history that none wanted to remember.The old building was built like most old things, to last and endure.Long rafters and huge support columns with thick log walls made this soundless tomb a world of its own.Tom lugged her like a troublesome package and slipped a rope around her neck he’d hung from the rafters.Kelly turned to attack him, but he yanked the rope tight against her jaw pulling up against her ears and her feet left the ground for a moment.He strung her up choking onto her tippy toes and walked off into the black depths of the room.Kelly clawed at the rope but to no avail. "That fat buss driver gave me a bit of a problem though," He wanted her to stew in the complexity of his plan."Everybody's got a price.He gave me a bit of a scare.He was the driver on duty today, so I had to convince him.His price just wasn’t in dollars."Tom tied the rope off leaving her barely able to breathe dancing on her toes."Funny, you would think a man in his position would be happy to get a blank check, but all he wanted was you.”The silence screamed in her ears.“I hope you don't mind, and if you do, perhaps you should thought better of my deal, but you'll be going home with him."Truth was Tom didn't trust a man like George Caldwell.BigRed69 was begging to be caught, and Tom had a man to tie up loose ends.He would be easy to frame, and the case would be open and shut once Kelly was found dead in his basement."You see, you went to Higgins to spin your wild tale an’ he brought you down to the station this morning to take a report.Then hearing how bogus your claims were, he told you it was all hearsay and you stormed out and caught the town bus home.After that nobody would ever see you again.It'll be no surprise after they learn about your Aunt's lies too."He stood behind her, savoring the meal to come.Kelly's thin stretched neck coughed gasping for air.She felt him, felt the black malice boiling in his chest.If only he knew, if only she could tell him what was really going on, if she could explain the evil inside him.She could draw him one of her monsters or show him her apartment and he'd understand that he wasn't himself.He willingly ventured into the darkest corners of human nature seeking his own demented pleasures, but something found him instead.He wasn't himself, and he wouldn’t see the cliff until it was too late.In a way Tom knew he was going too far.With Candace his lifestyle was safe, because he stayed safe.He kept It in a box locked deep inside, like a heroin user hides his stash so not even he can get to it too easily or too often.Restraint and limits kept him safe, but he was drunk now.The darkness consumed him.He looked through half lidded and floating eyes lying to himself believing that he was sober and in control.Like the drunk driver who had killed her parents. "Aww Kelly, I thought spaghetti straps were against the school dress code."He flicked a strap off her shoulder revealing a stiff cup of her padded bra.She swung wide to smack him but lost balance and chocked against the rope until she regained the precarious footing.He relished her resistance."Hrmmph, back to work" he walked back off into the dark again.“Don’t worry, I’m almost done.”He called back over his shoulder, but never stopped to think how he could see in the dark; his human eyes couldn't.The thing from his box of guilty pleasures slowly emerged.Kelly spun carefully in the rope trying to see, but beyond the soft glow of the window smear she couldn't see a thing.The cavernous room was huge.She could hear him well enough, a puddle, the crunch of broken glass, then he moved something large and began pulling... a desk maybe.The legs dug into the organic floor as he pulled, cutting across rotten wood and moss.She felt his every move sensed the unnatural disturbance.He worked forward with the same blind progress that she'd seen in Higgins, a robotic calm, slow and methodical.Why wouldn't he think and understand what was really going on!Tom thought he knew, but he also thought he had control over it.He was after all Tom Chambers: Master of his Domain.She watched him drag the ancient desk into view just short of her. His eyes glazed over and she knew why.The tiny box enveloped his being with the same commanding voice Kelly had heard in her dream that night.Tom was losing himself in the dark.She had felt him before, felt his darkness.It was a part of him, something he dabbled in, but now it filled his soul like a sock puppet.He steadied himself against the desk as the last bits of Tom Chambers evaporated.Kelly understood now.She knew what it was, what it wanted.It was the darkest pits of human potential and malevolence.It moved through the world and the hearts of men fluid like shadow, but it wanted more.She had denied it thus far; left it with no choice but to posses and manifest itself in a puppet like Tom.She understood the creatures too, why they did what they did.It wanted life.She thought she was in danger before, but now the room was changing.It looked the same bleak nothingness, but she was on It's turf now.The picture she drew for Candace had locked It's realm out, but it was becoming real around her, unchained.Kelly had power, rather it lacked power to affect her reality directly, but the world she knew was slipping away giving way to the void.She was that luminosity Darkness needed to survive, to contrast; it would feed off of her suffering and grow strong.She gave it power through fear and suffering, enough power to come into this world once she was overcome. Kelly's mind reeled as she broke her nails against the impossible knot of the rope.She had to fight; the alternative was a fate worse than death.Tom's eyes blinked; black pits of loathing locked onto her helpless figure studying her futile struggles like a curious insect.She lifted her shoes off the floor and double kicked the creature sending him to the ground.Her shoes grappled at the desktop and slid against the slick surface unable to get any traction until she kicked off to swung back and try again for a better hold.Her face was deep purple as she caught the second time.Carefully standing on the desktop she coughed her first strong breath into her chest.Tom's body rose by puppet strings.The slip knot could loosen with the slack and she almost had it off when a hand wrapped around her leg just above the knee.It was impossible, fingers weren't that long, they wrapped around her whole thigh.Her heart stopped and she looked down slowly and unbelieving. Black shadow fingers in the dark looped around her leg and pulled her closer with impossible strength until the rope strained her neck again.Like a child working a square peg into a round hole, It learned the stumbling human puppet and released her.She dangled like a hangman clamoring for the desk while it reached out with an over long shadow arm and took the rope.Kelly caught the desk and took another breath before the rope went tight stringing her up again.She dangled freely in the air kicking wildly hoping to land another blow.The rope pulled higher until her head bumped the rafters.The tension in the rope spun her around to see the smudged window.The old Tom had done that, and she was thankful.Her eyes stayed on the sunlight as she feared the world would fade away entirely as her vision narrowed.He cut the rope and she fell back onto the desk like a sack of potatoes coughing air into her lungs.She looked over at it.The creature was black food coloring, a squid’s ink, dripped into the air.It didn't move; it swam.The rope wrenched her head over the side of the desk and left her peering into the nothingness.She couldn't see the window anymore, only the dark depths of the room.Her hands clutched at the rope when Darkness washed over her, hugging her body intimately preventing any escape.The first person she had ever been close to was Candace.When they shared a bed their bodies and spirit intertwined to become one of comfort and compassion.This things inky presence pressed against her body like the embodiment of dread.It stole all the happiness and joy from her heart.She had never felt such panic.She didn’t cry, couldn’t, she could only breathe, gasping as it ripped at her clothes and tore at her soul begging to be let in.Mrs. Francis had been there that night at the exhibit.It was really more her big night than Kelly’s.Kelly was proud of her work sure, but she felt embarrassed to have so many people vying for her attention and gushing at her works.Mrs. Francis tugged her around the room introducing her to countless old associates and journalists, but she just wanted to be left alone.If they wanted to play dress-up and gawk at her works then fine, but she didn’t need to be there.It was a dreadful night.Storms had been rolling through all week and that night was no different.Thunder rolled and shook the building while the rain fell in blinding sheets. Kelly was on edge and gave a frightened yelp when somebody popped a Champaign cork.Mrs. Francis had laughed and clapped her on the back, and that’s when she saw the officers stepping in out of the rain.She recognized them as her father’s new friends.They had been over several times first to help unpack, then a couple grill-outs and a Super Bowl later they were best buds.Their faces were grave, and tears immediately began welling in her eyes.She knew, just knew.The desktop was soft, either from rot or moldy growth, and cold too.Her bare spine pressed against it as the creature lifted her milky smooth legs into the air.The position allowed her to breathe easier and even scream if she wanted, but she knew what was coming next.Her arms waved and slashed at it but never landed.Tom wasn’t there.Her hands dipped into empty cold currents.She had dipped into It’s realm.A child playing in the sun warmed water of the shallows would experience a similar shock when their toes touch a cold channel of deep water.That was a different world, one that kids didn’t like to think about, one of big fishes and unnamable fears lurking in the dark.The thin cotton on her powder blue panties were swished aside as if by that cold water and she felt her nether lips wrap around the tip of Tom’s manhood.It was his, the same that had brushed against her bottom on the night of the sleepover.It paused, threatening the barrier of her virginity with slow and deliberate force.Unable to see anything but the black pitch of the room, the depths of the other side, she told herself it wasn’t real.It couldn’t be.She was paralyzed in a nightmare of fear and despair, unable to move in an odd grip of sleep paralysis. It toyed with her barrier, pushing, stretching, smearing; it was also the barrier of her mind; her will.She had one glimmer of hope, like the blurry swipe at the window that allowed the sun through.Candace’s theory said that it couldn’t hurt her.She desperately wanted to see the sun again.She begged to see golden dust particles falling in the warm glow of a lazy afternoon one more time.But that was a different world, a lifetime away. It knew her thoughts; how she lied to herself.Her useless delusions allowed it to appreciate her pain, her fear.The spirit was a dealer of death.It had been in the eyes of the Aztec High Priest’s who daily ripped out the beating hearts of children so the sun would rise.The sun would rise no matter, but it desired blood the lie was just a means to an end.So long it had waited; dancing in the shadows of men’s hearts, now It’s time had come.It would shatter her mind like glass explodes in a fire. The flesh of Tom Chambers tightened his grip around her ankles and stretched her legs wide pulling her closer as she tried to shrink back.Inky currents slithered from Tom’s possessed spirit over her body like snakes clamping her hands down and circling her tiny breasts with potent icy diligence.Another slick murky phallus touched the tiny clenched star of her butt where it joined in trying advances.Since the time mankind was gifted with self consciousness and made gods of the flesh, It was the prince of the air.She existed in the three dimensional world believing that the nature of reality revolved around visible light.With mild annoyance It would cure her naivety.Tom felt a similar inclination but the concept was impossible for his flesh to understand or replicate and was called pride and arrogance.Her body was ripe and harvest had come.Resistance was futile.The awful awareness and mind link disturbed her psyche and overwhelmed her body.Kelly finally screamed.Her whole body screamed, in fear of what would happen, in anger that she didn’t deserve this, and in despair because she knew she had already lost.Her cry betrayed as the forceful scream allowed the solid shadows to scoop inside.In an exalted thunderous cry It sent her mind flying into abyssal oblivion.Her scream was cut short and her eyes went wide.The mental manifestation of Kelly’s self image scrambled on slick black volcanic rock that was the sky, the universe, a vast infinite expanse where the thin veil of her consciousness ended where she rocketed toward the crushing synthesis of darkness.She was flying with incredible speed out there somewhere, yet into nothing.Her imaginary hands and feet clamored at the impossible onyx tying to hold, trying to stop, to slow down, to understand.Her body was left gasping for more than just air; she gasped in harsh truth of fear.Her futile grasps at hollow faith left her with nothing, there was no escape, no refuge, no hope, only It’s dark purpose and plan.In the revelation of its true evil she didn’t know why it paused pulled back from her defiled body, carefully smearing the oily slick.It would just assume slit her throat and drain the battery of her innocence in a flash of exaltation, watching the innocent blood bathe her naked breasts, than to give her this moment of respite.But It needed her for more than that.Tom pulled back, but the mysterious inky probe squishing through her tight sphincter continued forcing its numb decent into her bowels.The only part of Tom she knew still existed rubbed the flared head and rubbery foreskin against her clit.She instantly thought of what Candace had done to her in the shower, but she was far too horrified to feel anything now.She sensed a wall, an end to the infinite space and time, and it was trying to smash her into that wall shattering her perception and feeble hold on reality.Kelly Evans would no longer exist.It planned to enlighten her consciousness, to change the nature of where she existed to something similar to a radio wave, but she wouldn’t have control of the band.Her body would exist, that’s what the van was for, but she would be forever lost in static.It finally spoke with It’s unintelligible cracking thunder that hurt her ears and brought her back for a moment.She understood it.‘Surrender’.Her head lulled back over the side flying at the speed of light toward her abolition with no point of reference.Did she still have a card to play?Eight, ten, twelve inches snaked into her clean colon.Her father had gifted her with a clear sense of right and wrong, good and evil.No deal or surrender to this pure unadulterated evil could be in her interest.It wouldn’t just be a failure to uphold her own sensibilities, but she would be betraying the cosmic forces of humanity to do anything it wanted.Her mind snapped back like a rubber band.Tom’s member took its place back inside her broken body gently pushing further each time she took a shallow breath.She was thrust back into the abyss at unimaginable speed.It used her own breathing against her; slowly she accepted it deeper and deeper until its blind eye kissed her uterus, waiting.Kelly was frozen, paralyzed, petrified with fear and apprehension, but her mind was clear.Resist.Her hands slapped the cold onyx of space gaining a hold with her resolve.She seemed to have a power it couldn’t match, the ability to resist and fight.Kelly cleared and felt the rubberband snap her instantly back, safe from oblivion.The adrenaline and shock helped with the pain, but It couldn’t allow that.Her body’s fight or flight response pulled blood to her center, protect the vital organs and give the major muscle groups the fuel to fight.But It had something else in mind.The calm before the storm, it drew her like the buoyancy of air bubbles in water, aiding her circulatory system.Blood warmed her extremities again giving her body the sensitivity and knowing equal to that which it seeded into her mind. In a flash of anger It undulated the inky tentacle and flexed the impaling rod.Could this be it, the end?Her face pinched begging for it to be over, wishing it away.The indomitable human spirit couldn’t be taken, only surrendered.Hypersensitive, she felt a gurgling thick flow reluctantly emanating from the members.It wanted her to know, wanted to savor her nightmare.Her mind’s eye was filled with images of her parents rotting in their graves.She blinked and closed her eyes but couldn’t escape the darkness.Their flesh churned with maggots.The first lumpy clog spurted into her most scared and protected place.The strong and virulent larva had grown fat off fetid flesh and squirmed within her searching for more.Kelly kicked and screamed losing any sibilance of self control ferociously squirming in It’s grip and against the phalluses.The flow was continuous and unending.The tentacle buried in her bowels was better suited for the task and flooded her empty system.Tom’s penis, however; would clog until the building pressure spat them into her.Kelly’s small sex was wrapped around his impaling manhood like a stretched rubber band.Filled and overflowing, maggots tumbled onto the mossy desktop and spread in a hundred different directions over her milky skin continuing their slimy blind search.She struggled and shook violently like a rabbit caught in a snare, but there was no escape.Tom’s flesh had pulled back to allow her vaginal cavity to hold more of the boiling mass.Besieged with the sensation her muscles finally went ridged, seized.The creatures weren’t violent or even painful intruders, rather constant and soft.The hot breath of the room and soft warmed table cradled her existence and left her with nothing but the sensation.Her body began to relax accepting the flow easier, only shaken by the occasional twitch.This singular wanton depravity overwhelmed her five senses and worked It’s magic against her mind.Their perverse writhing explored over her body and bloated her insides, wrecking her consciousness.The inhuman hands relaxed from her ankles and her legs slowly fell through the peculiar gravity of the inky darkness coming to rest on Tom’s hips.She didn’t have anymore fight left and barely noticed how her legs clung to him.She stared into the dark, overloaded, trying to make sense of it; trying to remember the world she came from, trying to hold on.Seconds, minutes, hours, days, she had no idea how long it let her marinate.Did time even exist in this place?Her wrists were also released and the rope loosened and slid over her head, but Kelly just stared blankly into the void.Billy had just finished up with the pig pen when he heard the thunder.A few light clouds dotted the sky and he leaned against his new makeshift fence daring it to fall.It didn’t look like rain, but maybe it was the far side of the ridge.Surely Mason Sr. didn’t expect him to clear briars in the rain.Josh would.He scowled at the clear sky.Maybe it was one of the old mine shafts collapsing.His brother wasn’t around and he headed to the barn for the clippers.What he really needed was a few gallons of Kerosene.He looked up at the old silo and a chill ran up his spine.He couldn’t stop thinking about that sound.It hadn’t sounded like any kind of bird to him, but he couldn’t be sure if his mind was playing tricks on him.Of course foxes made a funny sound and screech owls didn’t screech at all.It had just sounded so… human.But who in their right mind would be up there?“Wolves and coyotes, that’s who!” he muttered.None of it sat well with him.He had been up there just yesterday.On his way home from Kelly’s… He wanted to go check it out.That had been his gut reaction when he’d first heard the sound, and still was.If his brother caught him ‘goofing off’ he’d kill him for sure, or give him a matching black eye.Without thinking his hand went to his puffy and swollen face.What’s the worst he could do to him?Surely his dad wouldn’t kick him out; he was still in High School for cryin’ out loud!What if Kelly had followed his footsteps?She should have been in school, and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t know he was home.Not to mention, she didn’t know his address, and wouldn’t have anymore than his leaving through her back yard for a clue.He stood staring up at the mountain keeping an eye out for his brother.Billy wasn’t actually slow but when he thought, when he really got to thinking, you could almost see the wheels turning in his head.Another thing bothered him.Why hadn’t his father yelled at him for being gone?Josh was mad sure; he might actually have to do some work if Billy was gone.Was his silence a form of acceptance?A way of admitting Billy had finally grown up enough to be his own keeper.Just being around Kelly had changed him.He glanced over his shoulder once more, just to be sure, and decided to go check it out.He rinsed the mud and pig slop off at the hand pump and swapped boots and started out.Wolves and coyotes… He turned back, one more thing.His grandfather had kept a pump shotgun at the barn.Back when they raised cattle, mountain lions had been the biggest fear.Billy thought if he ever saw a mountain lion he’d just lie down and die, but he’d moved the shotgun before his brother could pawn it.The gun showed a little dry rust, and checking the shells he found more rust and corrosion flaking the edges of the brass.As long as the primers and powder weren’t damp it’d work.He wasn’t much for social pleasantries but he was invaluable around the farm.He slid the stock under his armpit and his wrist hooked under the grip expertly.Sneaking around unnoticed was also his specialty.It was time.The tentacle pulled back just plugging her butt gently and massaging the flesh that separated it from Tom’s cock which started to pump in earnest.She was rocked awake and back to whatever dimension this was.Shuddering gasps shook her as his tool sunk deeper plunging at the mass of larva.She had no thoughts, only deep seated biological memory.She was a woman.She was made to survive this, endure this, but her mind felt like a veil of fog.As if on cue the oily tentacle changed, morphed into a veined and throbbing penis.It was so clear; she felt the heavy ribbed veins of the bee’s strange sexual organ.It knew her.She had felt guilty and dirty for doing what she did.It was he same for Billy.She had done it because she had to, to get him to cooperate.The flat head of it rammed into her mashing maggots deeper.His cock was pistoning hard against her uterus while the new morphed phallus cranked up too.Her body clenched and pushed, but it was something else.The tingles of Candace’s touch in the shower, how it had exploded from the tiny place, but this was deeper harsher… wholesome.Candace’s distant memory felt like a drop of rain to the ocean.Her whole body tensed as he shoved harder and harder.The wave passed as her breathing increased trying to compensate.It hurt, plunging deep into her body, but it was a dull and distance pain easily accepted, it knew what she could handle.Her body tried to push back against the members get them out, to rest, but it only made it that much worse, and that much more intense.Its thunderous voice shook the room, “Submit.” What was it doing to her?Her sphincter rippled over the rough veins.Was it going to put one of those things in her?The questions distracted from another wave and she just felt the swishing and tumbling of the mashed and rolling worms against her inner walls.It was evil.Her head dangled and bounced waving her long brown hair as It picked up speed.The rope was gone, her neck was sore and she could barely lift it.But she could, if she found the strength.Tom yanked her knees back pinning her to the table at her chest and opening her wide.Another wave struck her, and her pale skin broke out in oily perspiration and red flushes.He ravaged her with newfound vigor until she crunched her head up electrified by stronger waves that she couldn’t understand.Her small breasts throbbed as they bounced freely.When had he released them?She cupped them in her hands and squeezed gently.They ached, throbbed, full of blood.Her areolas, her nipples—A cresting wave hit so sudden her hands seized.“Yeeessssss.”Tom smashed against her and held.His wiry pubic hair mixed with the worms rubbing them into her swollen labia and clit.Her legs were released and flopped lifelessly.His hands were around her tiny waist lifting and smearing her body against his pelvic bone.Corrupted black seeds of evil pored directly into her womb.Convulsions wrecked her until she finally relaxed against him.She wanted to pass out, begged for it just to be over.Half lidded she drifted closer to what felt like sleep.He dropped her and she slid off him back onto the desktop without a struggle.Arms, legs, and head lay limp over the side as she wandered into the darkness.Totally relaxed, maggots and black seed flooded out of her.The strange feeling inside was the only reminder of where she was, that her body existed.Her broken orifices clenched and spasmed around the lumpy mess in the aftermath.She heard Tom’s voice.“I love it when they wink at me.”His finger poked her retching anus.It clenched on his fingertip mashing against squirming larva.Was he coming back, was he released?He wriggled his finger and her body pushed again, expelling a slimy wad over his hand.“To think, we’ve just begun.”He rolled her limp body over onto her chest as more slimy writhing maggots spilled down her thighs.He had taken the fight out of her and she was his now. Sudden light flooded the room as the door opened.The mountain sounded like it was collapsing, painfully reverberating inside her skull.Billy shuddered back forcing his mind to believe what it saw.He had opened many dark rooms but never had the darkness fought back!As It retreated Tom’s naked hairy body stumbled back too, hand blocking the light from his weak eyes.Billy didn’t think, he saw the naked body slumped over the desk and bare legs that met pink tennis shoes.He could recognize Kelly’s shoes anywhere.He couldn’t be blamed anymore than water can be blamed for freezing and breaking a rock.He shouldered the shotgun and pulled the trigger.A dry click echoed in his ears, but he pumped the shell out without a thought and the second fired.The meat on Tom’s right tricep evaporated leaving exposed white bone riddled with pellets of grey buckshot.Tiny pin holes of sunlight filtered into the room.One painted Kelly’s face and she rolled over on the far side of the desk, away from the harsh sound and away from the sunlight.Tom spun and cradled the wounded arm as darkness enveloped him.Billy’s eyes flared, his nose snarled as the clicked off a second dry round (chugck-chick).Billy would never say what he actually saw, but the dark figure seemed to flex and bulge pushing the sunlight back like a billowing wool blanket.A third dry click, (chugck-chick).Tom’s lips curled as the fifth and last shell exploded.The right side of his skull disappeared plastering the wall with white gooey fragments and flesh as he sank.The light rushed back into the room.Kelly curled.The light was blinding and she couldn’t handle it yet.She wanted more than anything to see the sun again, but it was too painful.It hurt her eyes and her fear of being seen.She knew it was him, a sheltered part of her knew he would come, but she couldn’t look at him.Not yet.She wasn’t ready to come back to that world.Couldn’t.The ‘not to tight, not too loose’ elastic of her blue panties closed over her privates as she strained her knees together.A part of her knew the nightmare was over, but a minute past midnight was still long time from sunrise.Not like this.He couldn’t see her.Her hand’s cupped her stomach, the real nightmare was about to begin.The mind meld with the creature gave her insight to things It didn’t want her to know.It had completed only half of the ritual.It had her DNA, a dark double helix cloned the parts it needed and corrupted her body’s fertile eggs with its purpose.Now It needed a man’s flesh.With whimpering cries of apology, assurance, and sorries Billy rushed over and cupped her head and gently folded her limp arms over her naked chest.“It’s OK, I’m gonna get you someplace safe.”She welcomed the loving arms through her embarrassment."Higgins…”“The school resource officer?”He felt something on her, it was impossible to tell in the dark, but he brushed the rubbery bits off.Billy never thought he’d ever caress her naked body or touch her pert breasts and stiff nipples but this was something else.Love and fear twisted together and surged through him with adrenaline.He would have rather fought a hundred wolves on the darkest night of the year with his bare hands than do this now.“Tell him…” Her weak eyes lulled and blinked unable to focus.“It’s ok, you can tell him later.Let’s get you outta here.”Kelly didn’t weigh much, and he lifted her gently holding her head against his collarbone and headed for the door. Her arms hugged his neck.“The key,” he picked up the pace jogging into the sunlight.“Post office box, they have cameras, they’ll see him.”Each footstep hurt and jostled her insides and cargo and she shied away from the bright sunlight.“Tell him… make him clean this up.”She had to stop this from getting out.If the town knew that Tom had taken her, the rumors.Th-The maggots...“MAKE HIM DO IT!”She screamed echoing off the rock face.It was the same scream that brought him up here. His mind reeled, what had happened to her?His hand comforted her weak neck.“Rest easy Kelly, you’re ok now.”Her limp body bounced in his arms, Billy wasn’t terribly bright but he had a good heart.He didn’t know what else to do but try to listen and understand what she was saying.She didn’t say hospital or police, she was trying for something else.He had to get her safe for starters, and his barn loft was the only place that came to mind.He had always felt safe there.She squeezed him holding on tighter and tighter.Her insides were emptying into her tight panties.The writhing mass still massaged her with unending stimulation inside and out.Billy didn’t notice his eyes were focused on each careful step over the tracks and slick pine needles that carpeted the forest floor.Her breath was heavy in his hear, “They-they’re...T-too-ho… much” her moans chilled Billy’s soul.How could this have happened to her?He shushed her quiet.His heart hammered in his chest.Her house was miles away and he’d never be able to carry her all that way.His house was much closer, she could rest soon enough, and he could find her some clothes.Two miles as fast as he could run was still twenty minutes and now he was carrying Kelly, but he couldn’t think of anything else to do.He didn’t understand what she meant about this Higgins guy, or what to do about the fact that he had just shot someone.His one track mind knew only to get her someplace safe, and fast.Her body gripped him tighter.“Noo-“her voice was soft and wispy when she began to tremble.Released from the thing, shock returned, “Don’t look…”The cramps were stronger, but she was so weak.Her favorite pair of panties bulged with expelled and searching maggots.Their blind writhing boiled in the thin fabric until the elastic stretched to let some drop to the forest floor.Her crying sobs seemed natural enough to Billy; given the circumstances.One arm still around his neck, her other cupped her stomach as another cramp doubled her over.She was delirious; a part of her mind was still fighting to come back to her world.“They, they couldn’t…be,” Her hand slid under the band of her panties and into the squirming mass.“My parents were… buried, sealed.”She bounced rhythmically as he jogged making her voice impossible for Billy to understand.“Embalmed.” “It’s ok, you’re safe, don’t worry everything’s going to be ok.”He struggled not to sound so out of breath.He was almost to the loft and thought about the van.He didn’t have a license of course, and the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind, but he should have taken the van.Maybe they could go back.What was he thinking?He couldn’t ask her to go back, not yet anyway.”It couldn’t have got to them…”Kelly forced her hand between her legs, trying to push the worms off of her sensitive places.They weren’t as lively as before.She pushed her panties aside and let a squishy mass fall.Her fingers brushed and dug at her newly loosened and sore pussy trying to get them all.They were everywhere, an impossible part of her that she couldn’t be rid of.She grew more and more frantic, regaining her mind and realizing what they really were.Billy paused looking at the backside of the barn.The last thing he needed was to run into his brother.He finally looked down at Kelly who wiped at her crotch like there was a bee in her bonnet.He saw them, and almost dropped her in disgust.Yellowy white maggots clamored up her legs and over his arm that hooked under her legs.His eyes went wide and he was utterly dumbstruck.He did drop her legs to the ground and gently started to let the rest of her down.She cried in whimpering sobs, “Noo..ooo…hooo, don’t look.”Her feet were crossed and her knees rubbed together while she writhed like one of the worms.He couldn’t help but look at her panties; he had folded that exact pair into her drawer the day before.What had happened to her, where had the maggots come from?They dotted the fabric like terminates or ants and hundreds squirmed underneath.What had she been through?He forced himself to focus on her words and look away.He lay down along with her and nuzzled his head beside hers trying to reassure her.The two of them were still inside the treeline.Trying to ignore her nakedness he looked around.Fat pines oozed fresh sap in the heat and the ground was springy with dead needles, but he needed to get her into the loft.He couldn’t leave her in the open.He got her attention and looked into her big brown eyes, red and tear streaked, “Just a little further ok?You’ll have to help me with the ladder but I can get you some clothes and then we’ll get you back home.”Her nose poured snot and mixed with the fresh tears.She was back.With a sniffle she gave a quick nod and Billy picked her up and started for the barn.The barn was built half on a hillside and the loft was on the higher and sheltered side.Her weak arms struggled with the short and failing ladder and Billy pushed from below.He got an eye full of her backside; the maggots were coming from inside her, spilling out from under the thin cotton.It had to be the project.This was it; he wouldn’t allow them to do it anymore.Who was the other man and how was he involved.He felt a bullet of jealousy.What was she keeping from him?He reminded himself, he had to trust her.He couldn’t fall apart now when she needed him most.He had played along up until now but something really bad had happened to her.It was different now, more serious, this was Kelly.His heart hurt thinking of the treachery, there was suppose to be something out there, some great wheel in the sky watching over the innocent.This couldn’t be happening, maybe to someone else, but not Kelly.The evidence was right in front of him, squirming under her clothes.It did happen.That man deserved to die, whoever he was, but Billy wanted more.Maybe he killed him too quickly.Kelly suffered while his troubles were over.It wasn’t fair.Not to Kelly, she had been through so much.Dark Incarnate Chapter 12 Book 1By Mr. BlackOut of the Pan and Into the FireKelly popped her head over the edge of the loft looking down at Billy while the cogs and machinery chugged between his ears.“Billy?”He looked up at her, “Yeah?”She looked better able to talk, and her eyes weren’t pinched in pain anymore.She didn’t tell him the whole story, only made him promise he would make a call for her.Kelly rolled over onto her back after hearing Billy clear the edge of a fallen tree.She was hardly aware of her nakedness anymore.The loft did feel warm dry and safe plus her cramps had ended too.She felt so weak, when had she eaten last?An angry gurgle came from her stomach at the thought and she clapped her hands over it, she couldn’t feel them anymore.The absence made her feel better but she remembered how long the water had taken to get rid of.At least she didn’t feel bloated anymore.The suns bright rays cut through the ailing boards and painted her face and bare breasts with warmth.Her big brown eyes looked up refusing to wince at the brightness of it.She would never take such simple beauty for granted again. Billy made his way down the hill after pressing through a downed tree.At least she was alone, finally in private.She sat up with a grown, hardly aware of how weak she was until she tried.Her panties were plastered to her with a mix of her body’s fluids and a drying crusty black stuff complemented with a sprinkle of dying worms.She was running off some greater ancestral instinct.The fear and revulsion had mostly gone.Sliding the panties off, She held the stained garment up to the light a symbolic and subconscious gesture.Her face was somber and she started on her shoes next.Even her socks were stained by sickly yellow and brown dribbles around the rim.It was over, she had won.Looking between her legs, she wasn’t so sure, but she had survived and perhaps against that thing, it was the best she could have hoped for.The bed of straw was warm and spongy, but she really needed a clean towel.Standing was a battle of its own, but her weak knees held.She didn’t want Billy to see her nude, but there was no way she’d be putting those panties back on.The loft was dry, and the scent of hey was overpowering and almost sent her into a sneezing fit.It was comforting in a way she couldn’t quite place.Bales of hay were stacked to the high to the arched ceiling and old timber columns.The western architecture made the place feel both alien, yet homely.Alas, she didn’t see anything to wipe off with.Billy’s brother was looking for him, but he was looking in the fields.One of the neighbors had agreed to cut the hay in the pasture the week before.They would bail and take the hay, in return the Mason’s could continue to write off the land as farmland for a tax break.The government had these little incentives for the dying farms.They even got paid a little not to put up tobacco, albeit very little.This year the fields had to be bush-hogged, and next they’d put up the hay.Even a big tractor and bush-hog couldn’t do anything to the malfloura rose.And that’s what Billy was for.The Jackson’s were supposed to come over later in the week and if Billy didn’t have the malfoura rose cleared it might jeopardize the plan.Josh finally saw Billy disappear into the house.The screen door slammed behind him and he started over.Billy ran up to his room.Everything he had would swamp Kelly, not to mention most of his clothes were ratty and full of holes.A pair of old cutoffs and his kid batman t-shirt would have to do.He also grabbed his cloth army belt, it could cinch up as tight as she needed.He had one more thing to do.Officer Higgins got back to the school hours ago and headed to his office.Things looked different.Children looked different.He would swing by the Post Office after work, that’d make it better.It was just after the lunch bell when his office phone rang.He answered a bit distracted, “iee-yeap?”“Mr. Higgins?”“Speaking…”“I’m calling for Kelly Evans.”His blood ran cold, “Who?”“She says you’ve got a big problem on your hands.”His mind raced directly to the six shooter holstered at his hip.“Really?”“Yeah.”He’d eat a bullet before he went down for this, “What kind’da problem we talkin bout?”“There’s a dead guy at the train station, he’s your problem.”His brow furrowed confused, “And what am I suppose-to-do bout that, eh?”“I don’t care, you fuckin listenin?It’s your problem.Oh, and she says drop that post office box key in her locker.Her Aunt works down there ya know, I’d hate for you to be caught on camera.”He looked up as the drafting teacher paused at his door and gave a friendly wave and smile.Higgins kicked Kelly’s backpack further under his desk.He had forgotten it in the front seat of his cruiser and planned on putting it in her locker.The bag worried him, that’s how people get caught.He should have ditched it but couldn’t chance it’s being found.Higgins and the drafting teacher Mr. Minton shot the shit together at lunch so he felt safe so far.He turned shying away him and into the phone, “Just who the hell is this?” but he got nothing but an empty click.He checked the ID, the number was from the Mason’s.Butch Mason was crazy as a loon but it was the only place near the train yard for twenty miles.The voice wasn’t Butch’s, but it made sense.His heart thundered in his big chest, one too many BigMacs would get him one day.A cover-up was easier than a .38 slug to the roof of his mouth… Josh caught his brother as he hung up the phone, “Whut’n the hell are you doin?Yur suppose’t be workin.”His cro-magnon forehead and unibrow made him forever look angry, which he usually was.Billy looked up with eyes his brother had never seen before.“I’ll get it done.”“What the’ hell you doing with those clothes?Having a costume party?”Josh hadn’t seen him wear the batman t-shirt since he was eight years old.“I’m the one going to be up to my neck in briars, so WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER TO YOU!”Josh had never heard him like that before and stood back watching him leave.He didn’t move until the screen door bounced closed.He stood for a moment longer.The wheels did go slow for him.Did his brother have a friend?“If so, he must be a puny lil’ fucker.”Billy took the long way back to the barn in case his brother tried to follow him.They could set out for Kelly’s place just as soon as he got the clothes to her.Maybe she’d tell him a little more about what’s going on too.He had no intention of getting to the briars today, and if he got kicked out so bit it, he’d stay in the barn.He had slept up there before in the summer just to get out of the house.He was thinking of what he might do when winter came as he climbed the ladder and didn’t see Kelly anywhere.“Kelly?”He called gently, and got no answer.“Kelly, where’d you go?”He looked around at the stacks of hay.He and Josh would play hide and seek back when they got along better, and the loft was off limits because it was too easy to move and restack hay to disappear entirely.Why would she hide from him?He bent and picked up the discarded panties.They were drying and nearly stiff, smeared with black and brown stains and riddled with bug carcasses.He looked around and still didn’t see a sign of her.Surely she wouldn’t have run home naked!He leaned over to look around the stacks and his heart sank.That part of the loft was bare, not even any loose straw on the floor.It was so weak nobody went over there more-less stacked hay on it. “Kelly!”He yelled and shrank back, his brother might hear.He carefully went around and sure enough, found a hole cracked in the boards.He couldn’t even get his weight close enough to look down.He raced out and around, jerked the big doors open and ran inside.The lower barn was nothing but mud, and especially on the shadowy side.The old stalls were empty and hadn’t been used for years.Horses like to chew on wood sometimes and the stalls had gnawed divots that allowed him to look in without going to each door.He found her face down in a mud puddle.He was scared to death of falling through the floor and when he saw her he feared the worst.Her eyes were closed and he couldn’t see her chest rise or fall because she was face down, but tiny ripples fluttered in the watery mud at her nose.Most of her legs were under water and her arms were half sunk, but they didn’t look twisted or broken.Her ribs or maybe even her back could be hurt.O-oo-or her neck!This wasn’t like when he tried to help Candace.This was KELLY. “She’s fine.” The voice entered his mind with such startling clarity that he plopped back on his butt in the mud.It was his voice, the one he thought with.Water soaked into his pants seeping between his butt-crack coldly cradling his balls.How could that be my thought, he thought, but it was true he’d never been so sure of anything.Kelly wasn’t hurt, not from the fall and not from the day’s events.He leaned back bracing himself with his hands finally able to relax.She was scared to death but given a little time she’d be back to normal.Given the reprieve his mind began to wonder, but not to the intrusive thought.She looked so peaceful, her milky features finally able to relax.The day was already hot and Billy squished mud though this fingertips as he sat.The water must feel good to her, let her rest a bit.Standing he looked down at her watching the quiet stir of water in front of her nose.Her shoulder blades and lower back were dry with only a few splatters.The soft curve of her but rose above the water accentuating her tiny waist and thin hourglass figure.Billy’s eyes faded and half lidded he began to hurl insults at himself looking at her perfection.She had been so angry at him and he deserved it.The thought was just as unnatural as the voice, but he didn’t question it.What kind of a friend was he; who was he to be by her side now?It should have been someone else.A jock from school, someone she could love and have a future with.He was nothing but a lowlife pervert chasing at her heels in hopes of a momentary glace at her panties.It was true.“Now’s your chance, remember what you did to Candace.”The thought blended seamlessly with his own.What had Candace said about him?What had THEY said about him?He made a great manservant? He wasn’t their friend he was their manservant.The girls had only included him because they had to.The girls despised him, hated him, and hurled constant insults at him like beating a cowering dog.All he wanted to do was love and protect Kelly, but when the time came she would discard him like an old newspaper.Hadn’t she already?He peered down at her helpless body, his chest heaving and heart racing.“You know she’s already given it up to that other man.She hardly knew him.She’s nothing but a heartless bitch, a slut, a piece of meat.She sucked you off to buy your cooperation remember?Look at your perfect innocent little Kelly now, see her for what she really is.”Josh was still in a confused sort of shock.He went to his special place.Under the staircase was an old door to the dirt floor cellar.It was always cooler down there and quiet.The house had seen several generations of the Mason family and the old cellar was once the lifeblood, storing the yearly canned goods and harvest, but it was the twisted and poisoned heart of the farm now.The old house even tried to keep it shut.The door was jammed by the house settling and for the longest time only Josh could get it open.Billy could get it open now that he was bigger, but he knew better.Not only was it Josh’s place but he was scared of the dark.Most of all Billy was scared of the cellar.It was a place of death. Shortly after his Grandfather died, Josh started keeping Billy’s dog in the cellar.He hated the creature and would leave it for days in the dark without food or water.Billy screamed and yelled but his dad refused to help.He took a hammer to the door after listening to his beloved dog whining and starving for three days, but the door was too strong.On the forth day Billy couldn’t hear him anymore and after a week Josh opened the door.The smell was overpowering but Billy went down to collect his dead pet.Josh was standing by the door when Billy started up the stairs, his face smiled and he began his hoarse laughter and slammed the door on Billy.His sociopath humor didn’t understand fear.After an hour or so in that hell Billy’s father came and opened the door with a grunt and went back to his chair.It was the only time Billy really felt his father watched over him. Josh was just sitting in the darkness, “Ya know, your bother’s a pig fucker.” Of course!It all made sense, the small clothes, the strange attitude.Why hadn’t he thought of that?Well… he did.He even guessed which one it was.There had been a couple little piglets this spring and Billy must have wrestled one up into the loft and even dressed it up.The idea wasn’t a hard one for Josh to grasp.His cock started to stiffen in his shorts just thinking about sheathing it in a squealing piglet.But dressing it up, that was sick!Billy sat back down in the mud stretching his legs out in the water and rolled Kelly over into his lap.Half of her face was covered in thick stall mud and her hair was a hopeless mess.Billy wrapped an arm around her chest feeling her radiating warmth, and tried to brush her hair and wipe away the mud from her cheek, forehead, and lips.She was so calm, beautiful and serene now.His heart wanted nothing more than to hold her in this loving embrace, but she would never have him.If only she could love him and cuddle watching a movie together his life would be complete.He pulled her closer to his chest and he sent a shaking hand to touch the a mound of her breast.He decided he wouldn’t take any indecent liberties; he was just wiping the mud away, but his fingers paused and caressed the hard pencil eraser of her nipple.Pulling his shaking hand back he looked at the cleaned lines where his fingertips scraped the mud from her pale skin.He closed his eyes unable to stop and wrenched a handful of her other titty pinching the nipple hoping she would wake and stop him.In a drugged ecstasy he shoved his groping hand down over her toned stomach and paused before her mons raking his fingernails back scraping away the muck to reveal the impossible beauty.The thinnest patch of juvenile pubic hair, which wasn’t even her natural brown yet, held a mess of clinging mud.Billy clamped his hand over her mons pulling at the tiny hairs to clear it away savoring the luscious bliss and lying that each touch would be the last.“Here, you little pig fucker you!”Josh was making his way up the small ladder into the loft.A part of him felt that maybe he and his brother might finally have something to share.Billy’s blood ran cold and he froze.It would take Josh a minute to find the hole where she fell through, but her shoes were right there!Kelly’s limp head lulled over and rested against his cheek.He got up careful not to let her fall or make any noise and started to drag her out of the stall and down the short hall.Her heels drug and left tracks in the mud; he was too afraid to try and carry her.If he fell or made any noise Josh would know immediately where they were.“I know you’re up here, Pig-Fucker!Where you…” His words trailed off when he saw the clothes, then the pink shoes… and socks.Josh’s eyebrows rose wrinkling his forehead in surprise.With his thick eyebrows up he looked half normal.Shoes ok, Billy must be really fucked up, but the socks were too much, and they were dirty from tiny feet.He felt stupid for being so loud.He was hoping to catch Billy in the act, but now his hardon subsided and his face returned to his normal angry/serious state.Billy pulled Kelly to the dry side of the barn and stood in front of an old door that used to hold the saddles and riding gear.The old rusty hinges hadn’t been used in who-knows how long, but it was the safest place to leave her and try to head off his brother.He threw the latch and winced at the groaning and popping hinges as the big door wafted open a horrible dry musty smell.It would have to do, if only he could find a lock but there was no time.Most of the room was dominated by old tires, rusting tools and cobwebs.He pulled her in feeling horrible about dragging her and left her lying limp in the middle of the floor.Dry dirt and sawdust along with caked mud covered her lower half like tights, but Billy had no choice and closed the door and threw the latch.His brother would be down any second and he wouldn’t come from the muddy backside.Billy kicked dirt over the drag marks hoping Josh wouldn’t go any further down the hall.Josh popped in the front door moments later, “There you are.” He looked at the mud covering Billy’s pants and half of his shirt.“Yeah-yeah, I’ll get to the briars later it’s too damn hot right now.”He had to sound as normal as possible. “Sure there’s nothing else you’re busy with right now?”It must be a pig; maybe he stole the shoes from school. “Just leave me alone, I’m trying to find Ed’s halter.I checked in the takelroom, but it’s all spiders now.”“What do you need Ed’s halter for?You cleaned out his stall last night.” He was peering over the chewed diviots into the first few stalls.If he went much further…“What is it to you?I want to let him out in the field with me while I’m workin.”Josh turned when Billy didn’t seem too worried about his looking in the stalls.He was covered in mud but he must have moved it.He paused at the big wood plank door.Billy was petting Eddie the mule trying to act uninterested, but he’d have to do something soon.Josh’s hand reached for the latch, “Say, uh I found an interesting pair of pink shoes up in th—““Leave my stuff ALONE!” Billy raced out the front door and up, he had to lead him away from Kelly.Josh took the bait and followed until Billy stopped next to the old grain silo.The soil was still rich from spilt grain even after all these years and the grass was bright green and springy.He paused and Josh started to back him up against the cinderblock structure. “Come-on now, tell me.”Josh stood a good six inches taller than Billy and outweighed him by a hundred pounds.He started to shove at Billy’s shoulders lightly, but still threatening.“It’s none of your business Josh!Leave me the hell alone!”“My little brother’s dressing up pig’s and fuckin em, and you say it aint non-my business?”Billy took his first sigh of relief, but couldn’t stifle a laugh.Josh hated to be laughed at and flew at him in a fit of rage.“Ain’t FUCKIN FUNNY!”He hit Billy more than shoved him in the chest and Billy went flying backward stumbling over chunky sod until his butt hit the Silo window.Josh got a mild satisfaction watching his brother tumble inside the Silo.The idea that he might be dead in the bottom didn’t bother him in the least, he even giggled at the scream and muddy splash as it raced up the chimney and out the top. Josh went back to check out the loft again.Billy had fallen backwards heels over head but luckily landed mostly on his feet and fell back on his elbows.The Silo was pretty big, maybe twelve feet in diameter, but only a small island of dried mud and a tiny tuff of grass existed at the edge of the tilt, the rest of was deep mud and standing water.It must be sinking mud he thought, because he didn’t see any of the stones or big rocks he’d tossed in over the years.The sides were rough concrete blocks, but nothing he could hold onto.He jumped and grabbed until his fingers were raw but Josh wouldn’t even stick his head in to answer his screams.He sat back trying to keep his feet dry on the little dry patch and cried his eyes out.All he could do was hope that Kelly would wake up.Dark Incarnate Chapter 13 Book 1By Mr. BlackConsummate Josh spent longer in the loft than he really needed to and almost fell twice, but when he found the panties he had to look further.Billy must have gone dumpster diving for them.It was the only explanation.His wondered what else his brother was up to.He didn’t find out of the ordinary.The floor creaked and threatened to buckle under his weight and he never got close to where Kelly fell.His mind worked in simple terms; check the loft then the mud, because Billy was covered in mud.If that left him with nothing he guessed he’d have to fetch a rope and make a deal with Billy.Billy was still hollering from the silo as Josh rounded the corner on his way back to the barn.The mule followed him with skeptical black eyes as he came in and continued down the hall.Josh had never been very friendly to the animals.The airy barn smelled of forgotten animals and ruin.It had once been a lively place; the old barn had born witness to many animals from birth to death.Each stall he passed held more and more water.He hated the back of the barn, most of it was a junk pile covered in bat droppings.He didn’t like bats, didn’t understand them.The dirt hall was packed hard and the place was eerily quiet but halfway into the dark building he found the drag marks easy enough, and his eyebrows scrunched up in amazement again.“That weren’t no pig…”His mind raced.Josh had a low enough IQ to be classified mentally retarded and he knew it, so at times like this he chose not to think.He turned and started to go ask Billy what the hell he was up to but paused near the double door exit and looked at the tackle room.The untrusting mule was tracking his every movement again and jumped when Josh slung the door wide.He couldn’t help but stare in awe.His mind turned and whirled but he could find no explanation.Billy wasn’t the sort to DO something like this, but at the same time he knew Billy wasn’t the sort to HAVE something like this.The body defied any manner of logic that Josh understood.How did it get here?Certainly it didn’t belong to Billy.Even if he did find it, somehow the idea that it belong to him was impossible.The body had a layer of mud with a dusting of fine dirt and looked like a powdered donut; a very shapely and tasty powdered doughnut.She looked like a life-sized doll.Kelly lay on her side not showing anything indecent but the nude round of her butt.Josh used to play with Barbie dolls when he was younger.He would comb their hair then masturbate into it.He still had several of these dolls in the cellar, though they had all lost their hair.His mind immediately made the connection, but struggled with whether it was a person or not.A person wouldn’t be here.He didn’t know the expression but the non-sequitur stopped him cold. After a fairly long time Josh blinked and finally stirred from his thoughts, “I guess it’s mine then.”He had never thought of having sex with a dead body before, but her legs looked soft and supple and he felt the familiar stir in his trousers.Even if it wasn’t any good he could still cum in her hair for a while.He stepped closer and took a grime covered foot pulling it up close.Kelly rolled over onto her back and the other leg lulled lifelessly.Her body was still fighting the foreign invasion and the discharge kept the mud wet between her legs.It spread her crotch wide but he was more interested in her foot at the moment.It had to be the same foot which fit in the shoes from the loft.Running his hands down her calves the dried mud gave way to lithe, soft, and warm flesh and tiny toes that curled when he tickled them, “Huh, it’s alive…”Josh’s face crinkled for a moment longer before spreading into a vicious smile, “Even better!”He knew just were to take something like this.Butch would be proud too, but he had to clean her up first.Kelly had been knocked unconscious by the fall, a minor concussion.She had a few fleeting moments of fear as her vision narrowed and darkness overtook her.It wasn’t a blank sleep or an unconscious void, she was back in that impossibly large room paralyzed by It’s nightmarish presence.Josh bent down and laid his hand flat in the middle of her chest between the dirty mounds and hard nipples.Kelly’s petite size made his hand look huge.Gently his hand rounded over her nipple where Billy had already been and hooked under her ribs to pick her up just as Tom had done.His pants stood with an obvious ‘stiffy’ as he called it, but he didn’t take any pleasure in touching her.Not yet.Like fetching a pig for slaughter, you couldn’t start cutting until after you killed it.He had learned this lesson the hard way and Butch had hit him so hard he fell to the floor where he watched his dad fix the mistake.He had to get her cleaned up and to his cellar before she was truly his.Kelly fought the darkness, fought to see the light, to open her eyes.The unnatural force held her still.She managed a moan from time to time and felt strong hands, cold running water, and being moved all of it was hazy, unclear, she was unable to focus.Her eyes lulled half open.She was being held by one man, it wasn’t Billy but could it be a paramedic?Then she saw the older man and locked onto his emotionless yellowing eyes.Something was wrong.His face was wrinkled and one eye lid drooped exposing red irritated flesh and his lip trembled.He wasn’t trying to speak, he just was.Kelly rolled her face away from the gaze into the chest that held her before she faded away again.Butch and his son hadn’t said a word.Father and son shared an unspoken understanding that Billy never would, and turned down into the cellar.Kelly fought the paralysis with everything she had but her body refused to respond until suddenly, like the bursting of a balloon, she was released.She gasped and tried to sit up all too quickly.She couldn’t sit up and fell back awkwardly.Candlelight flicked behind two hunched figures.Her breathing picked up to a feverish pace; it felt like another nightmare but too real.The room was cool and she was on some sort of bed, the fabric thin and gritty and the springs poked her shoulderblades and lower back.Thick damp air assaulted her nostrils.It smelled of death.Butch who had done two tours in the Vietnam War and took pleasure in teaching his son.It was a common thing for their platoon to rape a few women after taking a town.The soldiers’ brutality was so famed some Vietnamese woman would stuff their vaginas with broken glass.Such was life Butch thought.Sometimes they would leave women for the next wave of soldiers, and sometimes they would move into an area and find such gifts left to them.It was simple really; they would tie their ankles high and wide to a roof beam.Sometimes they had to bind their wrists or neck but usually after a few days, or a beating the woman just accepted the torture. Kelly was small enough Butch didn’t feel the need to bind more than her ankles.He taught Josh how circle the rope around her ankles several times before tying it off.Just one loop would cut off the circulation and shorten the life of the prisoner.He had done this once on his first tour and the effects were horrifying within hours, not to mention the woman would never shut up.Kelly tried to sit up again but gave up.She tried to reach her ankles or kick free tugging at the old mattress.Still to fuzzy she searched for her voice with pained moans and whines.The figures turned noticing she was awake.The older man motioned to the younger.Josh walked over unsure of the rite of passage.Kelly saw he was naked in the pale light.The dark triangle of black pubic hair and the jutting penis helped her find her voice.Her scream shook dust from the cobwebs, but didn’t affect Josh.All she could see was the figure between her vulnerable split legs approach.He followed her retreat easily, patting his penis on her vulnerable slit.She grabbed and jerked against the mattress trying to crawl away.The rotted underside and rusted springs of the bed had fused to the dirt floor of the cellar.He began to work his hand up and down the long shaft of his manhood when he looked back over his shoulder to the get the last bit of encouragement from his father.He tried to push into her.Kelly was wild again overtaken by more than any normal fear or struggle.Her mind had already been twisted, warped, and left fragile.Josh tried to nub his penis in at the odd angle and checked his father to make sure he was doing it right.He used his hand to force the head in as her body accepted it the way nature designed.Josh felt the head of his penis was on fire with her body’s heat; he’d never felt anything like it.He began to push forward and his penis nosed down into her savagely stretching and forcing against her g-spot oppressively.It seemed to stop and the tightness even hurt Josh, so he pulled out smearing wet fluids and tried again with more luck.Her body was so hot and tight that Josh wasn’t sure he liked it, but has he continued and the enveloping warmth and suction of her body soon drove him mad.The odd downward angle and new sensation made him so hard it hurt.He picked up the pace sinking his member to the wiry pubes at the base of his dick.Kelly was in a nightmare, worse than a nightmare.She didn’t know where she was, who these people were, or even what reality this was, but she knew what was happening.It hadn’t finished with her.Was this another part of It?Had she ever left the other place?She couldn’t think, or even feel.Numbing fear and panic clouded everything but the unbearable sight of what was happening.Josh began to get close, his balls were on fire with anticipation, but he didn’t want to end just yet.He stabbed as deep as possible bruising the end of his dick and paused savoring the moment.He had never seen such an arousing example of a woman.He ran his hands down Kelly’s ankles, calves, and thighs pinching her butt cheeks wide just letting her swing against his impaling rod.His eyes rolled, he never thought he’d get a women.But she was his now.He looked back at his father who sat in Josh’s chair.Butch had a fifth that was half empty and stared into the dark like he was waiting at a doctor’s office.He had chosen to share with his father it was natural to him, but the first pang of anger hit him.It would be the only time he shared.Maybe he shouldn’t have told the old man.Josh leaned back slowly letting his dick slide out.It popped free and slung a string of slime covered lifeless worms onto Kelly’s chest.His dick was covered in her juice and the creatures.It was too dark for Josh to see, but he wouldn’t have cared.Kelly wrapped both arms around her face crying and sniffling with muffled sobs.Her body was incredible and Josh sunk his thumb hooking into her well clamping to her mons.He didn’t understand the odd power her body had over him; she was just a piece of meat.He gave her a light tug and swung her body gently by his hold.It was curious to him.She was like a pig in essense, but somehow so much more.He replaced his dick into her warm sleeve aiming with his hand.Once the head slipped past the initial resistance the rest leapt in with slimed ease.His hips started to work against her.Butch had been right; they didn’t need to bind her hands or neck.It would have been easier without trying to chase her down, but she was quiet now.His balls took a collective breath before the blast.He bottomed himself in her again.He had never had such and orgasm before; just as he had never had real sex before.The flood of semen that emptied from his balls was nothing less than pure rapture.Nothing in his simple life could compare to this new high.Kelly felt his dick twitching the last few drops of semen into her.This is what It wanted, what It needed, what It hadn’t got a chance to finish.It had been right all along.She had been so stupid to trust a hope.What was happening to her?What was she?… Who was she?What was happening inside her?Kelly shook her head violently side to side trying to refuse, trying to remember hope, life and joy.Josh slowly slid his penis out as it softened.He stumbled back on weak knees still overwhelmed by the crazy liberation that left his balls tingling.His heel caught the corner of the spongy mattress and he fell back on his bare ass laughing.Josh looked up and saw his father stern faced and waiting, he felt like a little kid again and jumped up brushing his hairy backside getting out of the way.It was all a familiar sight to Butch.Seeing his son get his dick wet for the first time wasn’t even much of a surprise, he’d seen countless new privates that came to replace the dead have similar revelations.He readjusted the ropes to fit his size with the same unexcited stupor.Billy was a pretty big kid for his age, and Josh was impressive, but Butch was just plain tall and standing six foot four.Kelly was hauled up until only her neck and head rested on the mattress.He took his place just off the bed and wrinkled his nose sniffling loudly.Even the damp cellar and fresh smell of sex took him back.Some of the ugly little rat hole’s Charley used to hide in had really been rank, especially if they used a flamethrower.It revitalized him in a way, made his heart beat a little stronger and sharpened his alcohol dulled body.Butch’s lip stopped quivering and slowly curled into a smile.His old liver spotted hand reached out and patted her wet sloppy crotch, then his thumb rubbed and teased her clit in a way that only Candace had done before.Kelly’s weak defeated body started to twist, curl, and resist with a pained moan.Butch intensified his efforts never focusing his eyes.His nude body was shriveled, but his prick started to come alive for the first time in years.Kelly’s body was raw and hurt.The thumb only caused jumps and twitches of over-stimulation.It was a trick he’d learned from a guy named Krugler just outside Tai Pang.After about the fourth or fifth good fuckin you had to stimulate the girl to get her to tighten back up, or else you might as well go get two pieces of warm salami and slap em’ together.Kelly’s face was in a pained cringe at her involuntary jumps.Her body gurgled a large spat of Josh’s semen out.It rolled over her clit and Butch’s toying thumb to fell onto her face and open mouth.She breathed some of it in and had a fit of coughing as more rolled out lacing onto her face and chin.Butch stepped back and waited for her to end the tantrum.What had happened to Krugler; he couldn’t remember.He stepped back up and slid his half limp dick in like a long skinny snake.It had been so long since he’d had a woman.He picked up the pace as his prick slowly hardened.It had been soo long… “Claymur, it’z-a claymore that got him,” Butch’s speech slurred but his resolve was strong.Josh looked up from where his father had been sitting at the strange words with a hint of fear in his eyes.He picked up the pace further and his dick got harder.He seemed to be drawing energy from the girl, he hadn’t felt like this in years.He grabbed her by the waist and with more strength then his old arms had pulling her hips up to meet his.Only her hair was on the bed now with her back arched and head bobbed limply at the savage raping.He hadn’t done this since the year he was sent home in 1971.It felt great to have strength again, and he ravaged her with all of his former glory.Kelly had drifted into a numb sort of trance, but the sloppy sound in the hands of the madman threatened to drive her mad.Worst of all she could feel his heavy sagging sac full of his nasty essence patting her butt with the same feverish pace.But Kelly wasn’t aware of her own rhythmic whimpers.The old man had found the fountain of youth.Kelly’s body had begun to react as it was designed to as he drove on.He was taking so much longer than the first, Kelly wished for it to be over, begged for him to stop, but in the end she began to break out in red flushes as her body responded in kind.It was unstoppable waves again, but instead of mind wrecking pushes these were slow building and torturous.They built and built until her whole body was tensed and dissipated only to build stronger next time.Her mouth was wide sucking in the sickly air and smell as if she was doing all the work.Butch was a madman and seemed driven by an unstoppable steam engine.The mounting pleasure built and built again until Kelly was gritting her teeth and holding her breath.It dissipated again, and she was left gasping and flopping limply until the next. Why wouldn’t he just finish, even thinking of the contents of that nasty sac didn’t bother her, she begged for it to be over.She couldn’t hold much longer.He was insane, it was impossible.Another monumental wave threatening to crest, she couldn’t think, couldn’t remind herself of the situation.He was robbing her of everything she had.Kelly slapped her hands onto his wrists at her waist holding on for dear life as her hips buckled and the wave finally crested.She lost all control of her body wrecked by uncontrollable spasms, but he still refused to stop.Kelly’s consciousness was rolling in an endless tidal wave.Every muscle was ridged or bucking wildly and the tunnel between her legs radiated incomprehensible stimulation that blinded every sense of fear or repulsion with electric insanity.She was being driven to a place of no return.Even through her electrocuted body she felt his dick bulge with release, and though she was unable to form words, her cries echoed recognition that her begging pleas had finally been answered.It was over.Kelly felt every strong youthful squirt as he emptied his long stored semen into her.Her mouth was dry and her voice cracked as he let out one last puppy whimper and looked up to see him as he dropped her to the bed.Butch had poured what strength he gained back into her and shrank to become the shriveled old man again.He would have fallen but Josh was there to catch him and help him back up the stairs. Every muscle in Kelly’s body relaxed and she felt the huge reservoir of cum pooled deep inside.It was an odd feeling she didn’t like, a mental battle of sorts.It was so strange like it still held power over her.It was the culmination of something that she understood to have driven her insane.It was still semen.The essence of a man that had just raped her, but what had just happened to her.Part of her wanted, needed to try and push it out, rid herself of the poison, but part of her didn’t.She was so exhausted and part of her wanted the last remnants of that insanity to stay away, to just be calm, to stop and rest.It was comfortable to rest and just end the fight.If she pushed it out it would fall on her chest and face again, and she preferred it to stay put instead of that.Her eyes began to close but she couldn’t stop thinking of the nightmare inside her.A dark sense of brooding twisted her face.What had happened to her?She couldn’t believe it, she would rather the semen stay inside the most delicate and special place a girl’s got than…What role did the darkness have to play in this?What had it said to her, that it would do to her, that she was? Not that any of it really mattered, it had told her that too.Her future was set.It had done what it set out to do; all she could hope for now was that it was over.She took a deep breath feeling the pool pull deeper.Kelly swallowed hard.Her tongue felt like a drying sponge, she had really been breathing hard.The foul taste was still with her but it had become just a part of the ambient rank of the cellar.Being hung like a piece of meat in an obscene spread left her feet cold while her heart throbbed a steadily slowing rhythm in her head. At least she could see the flickering candlelight; it helped keep the darkness at bay.She wondered at it, at the Darkness.She understood what had happened but there was something more to it.She couldn’t hear it anymore.It was still out there or maybe in her now, but she couldn’t feel it.She didn’t have to move her head to look down.Her eyes rolled lazily looking at her tummy where it met her mons pubis.Was it in there? What she didn’t understand is that It had won.It became a part of her on that first day.Latent it hid, seeing through her eyes and pouring itself out bit by bit through her hands.It chose her because she was supposed to be weak.A willing candidate almost ready to give up on life, ready to curl up and die in the leaves, but something changed her.Darkness had bore witness to the incredible and infinite power of light since the first dawn but it was over now.She was defeated.The useless sack of Butch’s flesh had drawn her power, her life’s potential energy, and poured it right into her.The dark incarnate would have it now.It needed that super powered protein.Darkness itself had no power.It had to convince light to leave, and there was no more light in her eyes.Kelly turned her head to look away.Her neck was starting to get sore at this angle and resting her cheek against the soiled bed didn’t help.She was pretty sure something had died on it.Her eyes pinched as she asked herself if she would be next, but she knew better.Even if she wanted to die others had plans for her.It’s an odd feeling not many people ever get to understand, knowing that your life isn’t yours anymore. A spark of curiosity brought her back.Where was she?Kelly tried to look around the room.The pale candlelight shone more than she would have expected, but everything was still shrouded.Darkness fears the light, and the flash of her curiosity threatened It.How had she gotten here?Her mind was fuzzy, she was so weak.When was the last time she ate?What was the last thing she ate?She thought of the bacon, such a silly thought, but remembering the carefree world she once lived in helped.IT couldn’t let these uppity questions continue.This was a delicate moment, and even It didn’t have much power left, but it had more than her.Kelly’s body tensed as her deep stomach rumbled, but not in hunger.“Nooo-No-Noo-ooo-hoo-noo please nooo,” She slung her head side to side as if the gesture would help.It didn’t stop.She began to hyperventilate.The silence in the room was screaming in her ears as the churning started again.The shallow breaths jostled the reservoir of the old mans semen from where it settled in the bottommost depths of her gaping vagina.She couldn’t understand, they had died, maggots needed air just like everything else.It couldn’t be.They died already!The stirring picked up to a feverish pitch.Her mind kept repeating an expression and she couldn’t make it stop, “butterflies in your stomach.”It sure wasn’t butterflies.She finally screamed, somehow she’d held the worst of her irrational screams in, but now she was losing her mind.With a deep breath filling her lungs she sucked the sickly pool deep and forced it out as her throat began to scream.Fate it seems is not without a sense of humor.It’s own brutality sabotaged It’s plans.Half a cup of warm viscous essence spat forth sloshing off her clitoris and into her screaming face. She sounded like she had a traffic cops whistle stuck in her throat until she nearly choked on the deluge.Her body was already in a primal state and by instinct she swallowed instead of drowning in it.Her broken mind didn’t register or care any more.It could have been water or motor oil and it wouldn’t have stopped her screams as they rang through the hollow earth.She wasn’t forming words or ideas or even pleas, she couldn’t, she could only scream.Several more thicker sticky globs of semen pushed out and strung down onto her face lacing across her lips, chin, open mouth, and cheeks, but Kelly just screamed like a banshee.Her body cringed and pushed against the creatures with her cries.The first of the tiny larva worked its way up and began massaging her sphincter from the inside like it was a dog asking to be let outside.More worked up and joined it slowly building writhing pressure.Her screaming body was helpless to let them out anymore than someone could gently pass gas on a roller coaster.Josh burst through the door at the top of the wooden stair.He was still naked.Bright natural light spilled into the room into in rays around his silhouette.Kelly’s screams caught a new pitch seeing him, and worst of all his face, for the first time.The farmer in Josh ran down as fast as he could as if to a hurting animal, his pet.He didn’t understand that he was the problem.He wouldn’t have listened if she was able to tell him either.To listen to her or even ask her a question was to admit she was human.She was nothing but an animal, a doll to him.Kelly’s understanding was back, clearer and sharper.It fed her panic.She didn’t know how she knew, but she just knew.This was Billy’s brother, half brother actually.He was the twisted retarded result of an incestuous relationship between the older man, who she knew was his father, and his sister.Billy had been a legitimate offspring by a more natural mother.She didn’t have to question her intuition.The resemblance was incredible when she looked for it.Josh stood trying to figure out what to do.This girl had nearly killed his father.Butch was upstairs resting now.The screams didn’t bother him.He just watched her curiously as she struggled.He ropes against her legs were solid, but she was turned scrambling with her arms to get away.He reached up to check her feet.His dad told him she wouldn’t last as long if the rope cut off the circulation.Her toes were just above eye level as he tried to push his fingers between them.Her feet were chilled but not cold and certainly not black.He noticed she was even more frantic when he touched her.Maybe her feet hurt.Butch has raised her up pretty high.The ropes around her ankles fed into two separate eye bolts and joined to one where they with a tie off.Kelly calmed down watching him untie the knot, though the larva in her bowels did not.Josh retied the ropes in her new lowered position.She was still tried to get away, but she seemed happier to him.Her lower back was still a few inches off the bed but she had more freedom.Kelly dug her nails into the dirt floor; she could almost reach the wall.A few rudimentary shelves had rows of canned vegetables in mason jars.If she could reach one she could bust it on his head.Suddenly she calmed down and rested against the bed again, broken glass could cut the ropes.She would have to wait until he left.Kelly grew still, clutching the far edge of the mattress with her hands behind her head.Josh felt confident he had done the right thing.His hands worked over her smooth legs, up and down her shins and over her knees pushing closer down the V of her luscious thighs.Kelly let go to cover her face with her arms again and swung back to the center of the bed cringing as her back slid over the gritty fabric.She understood there was nothing she could do. Josh was hard again.He had made his pet happy, his doll.Years of furious masturbation left the uncircumcised skin loosely draped over his dick.He had jacked off so hard once he ripped the connective tissue at head of his prick.The underside of his dick was marred with scare tissue.Even as hard as he was, only the soft rounded tip and obscene eye poked out of the tortured sheath.Kelly could see that dark dot, the eye of his penis, and cringed knowing what would come out of it.He eagerly got down on his knees and moved close to her on the bed.Josh’s hand worked the loose sheath shaft working a bit of leaking clear smegma.What was left of the maggots had all collected in a writhing ball testing her clenched exit.Her lips trembled trying to hold them in a little longer, just until he left.She couldn’t imagine a more depraved and embarrassing accident then to let them out now.Billy had seen, but Billy understood.He knew about the project, knew that there was more to the explanation than what it looked like.Kelly understood this creature in front of her to be knuckle dragging cave man.She shouldn’t care, but did.It was her spirit of resistance, her personal self image of pride and dignity and it was the only thing she had left.The old man had taken it from her, and she was determined to not let her mind go again.Josh tried to imitate what he had seen his father do.He clapped his hand over her privates and massaged his thumb around with no real knowledge or experience of a woman’s anatomy.Kelly’s face was wrenched in a tortured expression again and her chest heaved with whimpers and sobs, but she had no more tears this time.This thumb worked over her sore labia smearing the last remnants of semen.Kelly quietly endured the humiliation.Josh couldn’t get enough of her body and would stop to just run his hands over her small breasts and stomach before returning to her pussy.When she gave a gasp when he dipped his thumb in, he understood it to be a good thing.Indeed the gentle massaging foreplay had softened her up a bit.Her hole was so sloppy wet and warm, it accepted his thumb with ease.He couldn’t stand it anymore he grabbed her legs pulling her close slowly sinking his dick in savoring her incredible body.Kelly was clenching her bottom so hard her kegel muscles clenched him.She was sore, horribly sore, especially deep down where they had bashed and beat her uterus.The novelty pain and fear was gone and she couldn’t help but feel something else as he slowly eased in.It was wrong, all wrong, horribly and disastrously wrong, but it felt somehow right or perhaps just ok.He hated herself for the thought; it wasn’t good, but acceptable.When he finally bottomed out pressing against her hurt depths, she relaxed a bit reminding herself that she was made for this made to endure.She would survive.Maybe it was exhaustion or the long train of nightmares but her mind couldn’t take much more fear and she tried to simply accept it. Josh was gripping her thighs holding her tight.He released her and Kelly gently swung off his prick back to the center of the bed.His face was wild, crazy and she knew that no words would ever be able to convince him to let her go.Josh sent two fingers to probe her pussy.What made this girl so amazing?He sunk in as far as possible and began to kick his two fingers in the sloppy wetness.Kelly moaned and tried to pull back but he followed her retreat.His thumb naturally fell against her sensitive clit.“Ahh-Ah-Noooo, please…” Her body was responding and her kegel muscles overwhelmed and started to relax and clench again to stop the creatures exodus.His prying fingers stabbed harder into her.The boiling larva squirmed and forced against her spasming sphincter trying to push out.She pinched her eyes like a singer in a high note of a song; the worms were squirming in the ring of her anus.When she forced down she only felt them more.She wasn’t aware of how her chest and breath heaved or the sloppy sounds that echoed.Josh jerked his hand back letting her swing back to center again.He was happy he got her to make the same sounds his father had.His dick was cool and drying, it was time to warm it back up again.He walked on his knees closer and poked at her crotch with his manhood.Kelly was still as he sank it in again.He pushed and started to bottom out when she gave a pained moan and Josh got the hint and pulled back.A part of him cared about her.He felt her heartbeat beating with his and her body clenching on his.He supposed he loved her.He had no other way to explain the fluttering in his chest.Love was a foreign concept to Josh but he felt this must be it.He started to bounce his hips against her.He couldn’t take his eyes off her erect nipples and how the small mounds bumped with each thrust.Yes it was love, was else could it be?Billy had nearly yelled his voice out without any reply.His dad might think he’d just taken off again and there was a good chance Josh would forget about him, and he had to get to Kelly.The idea that Josh might find her or had already found her hurt his soul.He looked around in the muddy water but he had nothing, only his clothes.The Silo leaned to one side but not enough for him to climb or even crawl up.He didn’t understand it; he had thrown so many big rocks and even cinderblocks in over the years.They must have sunk.He yelled and sat in self pity and loathing for most of the day but when the sky began to darken, he finally came up with a plan.He took his shoes and socks off to keep them somewhat dry and waded into the muck.The rocks were in there somewhere, he just had to find them.He was afraid he’d find a big nasty snapping turtle that would take his fingers off but his care for Kelly trumped all.A cinderblock was hiding just under the surface of the mud.That would help keep him dry.He rinsed it off, turning the watery mud into a soup.He couldn’t see anything but felt a big rock with his foot.It was almost the size of his head and he had trouble working it out.He remembered tossing this one in with an odd sense of nostalgia and fate.The odd shape would work perfect.His plan was simple use the rock to break into the hollow of the blocks in the wall for a hold and climb out.He had no idea what to do once he got to the top but the lean of the structure would help.Maybe he could get to the other side and slide down.It took Billy nearly and hour for his first hold.Each hit sent cement shrapnel into his face.Billy had never been so thankful to have glasses.Darkness fell before he could get a second. Kelly’s tiny butt worked uncontrollably, winking a reverse funnel of larva out.Josh had taken a little longer this time but still finished quickly and left just as fast.He wasn’t like his dad and only gave a little squirt of glue before running off and closing the cellar door.Many of the worms fell to the bed, the rest searched across her body and explored her spread vagina.She was desensitized to the revulsion of it.He was gone and they were out, and she could finally rest.Her plan was still there, but she just wanted to take a moment to rest, regroup.She licked her dry lips and closed her eyes drifting instantly to sleep.Dark Incarnate Chapter 14 Book 1By Mr. BlackRevenge is a Dish Best Served ColdThe sound of the cellar door being bashed in brought Kelly back.Sunlight flooded in from the opened door.Her mind was delirious and muscles weak, but worst of all her eyes wouldn’t adjust.A fuzzy figure descended the stair slow and methodical.The strain of holding her head up was too much and she dropped back to the springy mattress.The dried semen across her stomach, breasts, and face cracked and pulled her skin as she moved.There was more she needed to see and understand, but her consciousness was just as fuzzy and unable to focus as her eyes.Sounds… something other than the person was around her.The air itself?She should be able to tell, but it didn’t make any sense.Her conscious had a few wires crossed and everything was static.Her feet were cold, she tried to wiggle her toes but it was impossible to tell if it worked.The light.She tried to focus on the ceiling above and dancing shadows.The light from the doorway, it was sunlight, daytime, but what day?Josh lit a candle and began to carry it around the room after something other than her.Hundreds of flies swarmed his head like swamp insects landing without care and moving with an agitated speed across his greasy skin.He slapped and chased spilling hot wax on himself and the dirt floor.The girl was still alive, and he was confused at the flies.He understood simple things.Things that he knew to be universal constants, but so many events had defied his concrete grasp in the past days.The flies had come from somewhere it was simple to him as two plus two, but they didn’t.He spent a good amount time peering into the empty room with lifeless still eyes until his brain just gave up.He chuckled; it must be a traveling troop of flies like the gnats that swarmed in the summer heat.They did seem different, more energetic and strong.They were on his face, in his hair, and infiltrating his clothing searching and feeling him over.The creepy grin on his ugly face faded as concern grew; even he knew they were imaging him like a blind person feeling his face, learning him.Kelly drifted inward unable to cope with the world around her.She passed beyond the physical again and saw vividly.Time stopped and slowed as she felt Josh move about the room.Many flies burned their wings and crashed to the floor from the candle’s flame.Like a passing shadow the flies dissipated from Josh and went elsewhere.He could still hear them, but this was a rare moment in his life; Josh felt true unease.There was intelligence in the creatures greater than his own.Kelly’s weak eyes lulled open and closed, but her mind bloomed.The knowing was back.Time was a construct of the conscious mind.Billions of lines exploded in her mind, they were timelines of countless lives but not straight yet undeniable geometric.Each mind constructs its own time, dimension of consciousness.The human variable was unimaginable.Kelly’s incredible ability for abstract imagination and ability to see with her minds eye was breathtaking as she searched to find her own timeline.She would never be able to explain what she saw.A three dimensional sphere would be equally impossible to translate to a two dimensional piece of paper.The paper would see a mere dot where the sphere touched it, and how would you unravel a sphere so the paper could understand?Darkness couldn’t traverse time.It had no concept of time because it didn’t exist.It lacked the spatial existence and bodily consciousness to create it.It was eternal; all points of time whether past or future were real to It, not just the present.Fire blazed through her neurological pathways.She found herself.It was Wednesday, just past ten in the morning.But was that the present, the real right now, or was it just a point in time?More importantly, could she go back? Something shook her and like a leaf falling from a tree and Kelly drifted back.Josh held the ropes and steadied himself.The flies were maddening but impossible to stop.They shifted and engulfed her body, but that didn’t bother him.He hoisted Kelly’s higher bringing her into a nice position so he could stand this time.Butch was a genius. Wet slapping echoed as Josh patted her spread box.The flies seemed most interested in Kelly now.She was sloppy wet from leftover semen and discharge.He sank a finger into the warm sleeve.Her body was still incredible.He would die before he gave her up.Kelly rolled her head to the side and moaned through a dry throat.Josh sent two fingers in up to the big knuckle and started to kick in her delightful sloshing hole.Pulling out he admired the slowly closing gape.Her stretched body wrinkled trying to close again.He tried to ignore them but the flies seemed interested in the same slop that he was now.His fingers went back in kicking and trying to stretch her open again fascinated by the little creatures’ ferocity.Kelly’s eyes opened and saw Josh between her legs.He was still fuzzy but doing something to her.She tried so hard to focus and blinked weakly begging, “Please…”Her croaking voice was nothing but a stray noise as he continued to play between her legs.He was pulling her labia wide waiting for flies to dive in before releasing giggling as her body closed on them like a carnivorous plant. Her eyes blinked more and more trying to come back to the physical.She knew she had to.The light in the doorway, this was the real now and there was no going back.Kelly closed her eyes again but focused on the flies.Suddenly all the flies kicked up at once and Josh felt unease again.Something wasn’t right.They collectively landed and went silent as Josh took a step back.There were rules, rules that couldn’t be broken.The silence of the room screamed in his ears and his face flushed red.Some dark intent was settling on him and he didn’t understand it.He could feel it like an approaching storm, a gathering dread.The flies burst into the air again and Josh stumbled back and fell on his butt still trying to back away.It was un-natural.A flock of birds spooked in a field maybe, but not flies!He was vaguely aware of right and wrong.He was real and when someone wronged him he got revenge, but he hadn’t done anything wrong.Why was this happening?Flies began to plunge at him one by one.More followed as he backed away and hit the far dirt wall.Soon huge swaths of insects hurled at his face blinding him and buzzing in his ears and hair.His face cringed in a nightmarish fear, it couldn’t be happening to him.How? Why?The flies scattered in a thousand different directions from him.Only his heaving breath remained in the silence as the last of them buzzed escaping his clothes.His heart felt ready to burst when he looked back at Kelly who hung solemnly looking at him.Her eyes burned at him.She wasn’t real, she was his, he found her, she couldn’t be angry at him.He jerked his sweating and crazy eyed face to the far corner, the darkest corner of the cellar where a low rumble got his attention.Two burning spheres of brown light flared.Eyes.His mind revolted, these things couldn’t be.They swirled like restless fish before finally locking on him and approaching slowly.“You’re not REAL!”He screamed but the eyes didn’t waver.A low guttural growl shook the ground as the blazing eyes held him frozen.A shadow in the shadows emerged slowly giving hints to the shaggy mane of the wolf like incarnate.It slowly approached him with heavy footfalls and claws that clattered like they were on tile.Josh was dumbstruck unable to even move his chest.He wasn’t heaving anymore only short tiny wispy breaths as the monster stopped nose to nose with him.His face wrenched in terrible horror when his breath was cut short by a lightning bite that ripped his esophagus out.Kelly watched him slump over on the floor and choke to death on his own blood.The wolf calmly tuned and plodded over to Kelly.It paused looking down at her.The eyes flickered with brown fire radiating pure compassion.The instant she recognized it, the wolf burst into a million golden stars filtering through the air like dust in the afternoon sun. Kelly had a vague sense of drunken understanding.Something inside her churned and Kelly clapped both hands over her stomach.It hurt, something wasn’t right.A liquid smooth pop as It erupted from her uterus.All the blood drained from her face as the knowing settled on what it was.It was the nightmare of all nightmares, the thing that makes men fear darkness yet wonder into it.It swam like a fish kicking madly trying to fight gravity and escape the girl’s body.If it had any power left it would have just killed Kelly, but the vulnerable infantile state left it scared and very aware of time.Time is undeniably linked to weakness and frailty.It emerged carefully perching on the platform of her box.Kelly caught her breath and grabbed at it.She had to kill it now, it was weak and she could smash it in her hands, pay it back for all the pain.But it was ready and slipped past her sluggish hands sliding down her stomach and off her side leaving a slimy trail under he left breast.Kelly scrambled after it with more strength than she’d had in a long time, but the thing was gone and she was, after all still tied to the ceiling.The smell of fresh blood kept her awake and after the last gurgling escaped Josh’s body she tried to reach the knots at her ankles.She was weak, dehydrated, and starving but there was no reason to hold a reserve anymore.The old man was dead or near dying, somehow she just knew.She had no clue about Billy.The thought of him made her stomach turn.She wasn’t quite sure what to feel.Her body wrenched off the soiled mattress and dove for her ankles but it was no use and she slumped back.He had seen too much and the idea of facing him now might push her over the edge.But she felt she could trust him.He would have never made it inside her apartment if she couldn’t, but she had to put herself aside because he may be her only hope.Kelly bent all of her thought on him trying to call out as she slipped under the black velvet of sleep again.The flies returned.Billy’s fingers were bloody and his face covered in shattered concrete that stuck to the wet streams of tears.He’d made progress through the night by the moonlight.A wild sense of caveman fury pushed him on.The makeshift ladder was halfway, and he could nearly reach the window if he jumped.The port was on the opposite side of the leaning structure and the water and mud would break any fall if he missed.His first attempt he did miss and he bounced his face off the ledge but didn’t feel any pain.A second and third try bruised his chest and nearly broke a rib, but he caught a hold on the fourth try and rolled out painfully onto the springy grass.It was noon and the cicadas called.It was a beautiful day, but he knew were Kelly was in his Brother’s lair.He would have went for the shotgun, consequences be damned, if he hadn’t lost it already. He couldn’t allow himself to think about what was happening or had happened to her.What Kelly had undoubted endured.Josh deserved to die and he had to be sure this time.He wouldn’t lose again, couldn’t for her sake.He found a curved sickle in the barn; it was rusted but still sharp and ran for the house.Naturally sneaky, he slunk inside the house without a sound and was surprised not to hear his father at the television.The cellar door was open.He would get Kelly out and burn the house down.The old twisted heart of the house had begged for it for years. No sounds or evidence of life scared him.Too quite was bad.The cellar was a place of death and he couldn’t still his shaking hands and trembling body.He smelled what he knew was a death stench raising from the pit.His eyes flared and looked at the sickle and he wished he had grabbed a ball pin hammer instead; he didn’t want to kill Josh, not yet.He wanted him to suffer.He wanted to pour all the hate and fear Josh had inflicted upon him, his dog, and now Kelly right into his cringing face and listen to him beg for forgiveness.He stepped over the threshold of the door like the first step was an icy pond that might not hold his weight.Adrenaline and hate powered his body like a coiled spring ready to unleash at the first sign.The darkness was pure and solid and his eyes wouldn’t adjust at first, but he saw a slumped body at the bottom.It wasn’t Kelly.Then he heard the flies and the room’s secretes slowly filtered into his adjusting eyes. Josh was dead.It wasn’t fair he deserved to suffer.Billy tried to miss the sticky blood but left tracks as he realized Kelly’s situation.Words failed him, feelings and curses were no good either.He learned the limits of human expression.He flashed the sickle across the rope and her dead weight dropped bouncing on the old mattress.Billy’s anger knew no bounds, but changed to concern and compassion once she was in his arms again.Josh was gone and his father didn’t matter.Billy just ran, ran from the old house and black cavity of the cellar.He ran from the decayed tooth that was the house, ran from the farm and twisted barn and into the forest again.Kelly was lighter and unresponsive, he was aware that she had been raped.The evidence dripped and covered her nude body like Christmas tinsel.She reacted to the sun, though it was nothing more than a blank stir in his arms he knew she would come to soon.His heart cried in inexpressible love and joy that she would wake to the warm sun and safety far away from that evil place.He ran through the wood, cutting away from the old train station.He planned to pick the tracks back up but He’d never go back to that place again.His legs didn’t tire and fatigue never slowed him.The idea and hope of her waking in her own bed like the whole thing was a bad dream fueled him.Never again would he leave her side.It was over, all of it.He would burn the last of the experiments in the studio and tear down the makeshift lab.It didn’t matter if she wasn’t able to ever paint or draw, he would be there for her.He would drop out of school and provide even if she hated him for it, even if she blamed him for all of it, he would never stop trying.He had to right the wrongs she never deserved to experience.Billy rushed over the tiny creek at Kelly’s back yard and laid her on the porch.The back door was locked and he was amazed to find the front open.She still wasn’t fully awake or aware until he got her into a tub of warm water and gently held a cup of water to her lips.Billy had never been so scared in his life.Kelly recovered surprisingly fast, but didn’t go to school at all that week.Billy went back to his house and gathered a few things upon Kelly’s insistence.He also went to school to explain her absence.Candace got the same story he told Mrs. Francis; Kelly was having a bout of depression and was seeing a councilor.He knew if Candace ever found out the real truth she would blame him.Candace vowed to come over for the next weekend.Kelly’s Aunt ran to the store for her and took Billy to the post office where he picked up a duffle bag that had been left for Officer Higgins.Higgins left the school after the mess at the Train Station was dealt with.Luckily West Virginia had no shortage of dump sites for a van and body.Tom Chambers own cover held quite nicely.His normal out of town business was supposed to keep him until the next weekend.When he didn’t come back it would appear he split like many such millionaires do during a mid-life crisis.Billy destroyed the creatures in the lab and stored the tanks under the porch.Kelly, who had always been distant, found her only solace in solitude.Her other artwork stayed at the Chestnut Ridge exhibit but she had her Aunt bring more and more supplies.Billy who continued with school that week, would leave and come back to find her starring blankly at huge empty canvases for hours.Candace called everyday but couldn’t get much out of Kelly and spent most of her time grilling Billy for answers, but he didn’t know what to say.Friday night Candace got permission from her Mother to spend the night at Kelly’s.The week had been dreadfully hot without a drop of rain.The sun baked the blacktop and Candace crossed the parking lot Kelly’s apartment guessing what she’d find inside.Something big had happened.Jealousy burned her for a while as she thought Billy might have something to do with it, but she was really worried by this point.It was clear that Billy had basically moved in with Kelly, but the details were strangely hidden.The worst thing that bothered her was, she felt abandoned, alone, and scared.The stir in her girly parts was only the beginning.She knew something unnatural was inside her and she was helpless to do anything about it.Her dad wasn’t due back until tomorrow, but she had to do something about it before he got back.If he took her she didn’t know exactly what would happen but after the grubs, she could guess.Kelly HAD to help her.Billy got off the bus a little behind her.Candace was ignoring him as usual, but had to wait on him to catch up and unlock the door.She rushed inside and tossed her bag to the side.Billy had pillows and covers on the couch so at least he wasn’t sleeping with Kelly. “Kelly!?!”Candace yelled “You better just go on up, she’s probably in the studio.”Billy was scared of Candace, he always had been, but it would be up to Kelly what the ‘official’ story would be. “If I find out you had anything to do with this Billy, I swear to god I’ll ruin you at school until you kill yourself.” Her acid tongue had lost none of its potency.Billy went into the kitchen to make Kelly some lunch even though it was past three in the afternoon.He knew she’d skipped lunch.The End of Grade tests were coming up and he honestly hoped Candace would have some luck.Kelly couldn’t just stay in her room forever.She may not need art class to pass, but she had other classes too.And the school wouldn’t take excuses forever.Her Aunt, Sandra, had corroborated what she needed to and even thought it was cute that Billy was living with her, but that couldn’t last forever if the school sent a real counselor over.Candace gently knocked on the studio door and slowly turned the knob.An amazed sense of Kelly’s courage flashed when she thought of the first time Kelly came to her house and did the same.“Kelly?”She softly called and pushed the door open.Kelly was sitting on a bar stool starring at a huge empty canvas that was almost as big as the picture window downstairs.She slowly looked over, awakened from a trance and smiled to see her friend.She still didn’t say anything.Candace didn’t understand, if she was happy to see her why didn’t she come to school?“Hey, how’ve you been?”Candace asked and walked over to stand beside her and looked at the empty canvas.“What’cha workin on?”The questions were juvenile and annoyed Kelly a bit but how could she expect them to understand.The universe had been opened to her.She couldn’t explain it to Candace anymore than she could paint it on this canvas.Darkness had inadvertently showed her the light as well.The world became a waking dream for her.Kelly felt she could move in and out of reality into an invisible undercurrent.The intricate inner workings of the world, of love and life were too marvelous and beautiful to express.Darkness was out there, the incarnate of pure hatred and malice.She had to understand how to alter the inner gears and working of this physical reality to stop it.If she could pass beyond its grasp into the ethereal and become invincible to it, it would fail.Kelly took a deep breath knowing some sort of response was required of her, “How to use the keys to the universe…”Candace raised a surprised eyebrow, “Well that’s not what I expected.Why don’t we just jump to a hard one.What’s the meaning of life?”Her smile had lost some of its wild innocence and brilliance but Kelly chuckled, “That’s easy.”“Go on then, let’s hear it.”“To go, to explore, to experience, to savor, to enjoy… to love.”“You don’t seem to be doing much of that in here.”Kelly gave a quick look of pity and turned back to her canvas, “I need a bigger one, this one’s too small.”“Well Miss Universe, I don’t know what to tell you.The real world over here needs you so why don’t you GO outside for a walk?” She was obviously annoyed and was taken aback by her own attitude. She snapped her head back so fast it startled Candace, “It’s out there, and it’s not going for a walk… I have to figure this out.You must understand it’s going to come for us all soon.”Candace took a frightened step back.“I…I need you…” She had never felt so small before in her life.Kelly jumped up; she was angry and frustrated though she knew she shouldn’t be.Candace started to back up and Kelly followed her until she backed into the wall.Candace was scared to death when Kelly pressed her arm and elbow into her stomach pinning her to the wall.Her other hand reached under her skirt and brushed her panties aside.The tiny creature inside her womb stirred feeling Kelly’s raw power, it was powerless to resist.Like a magnet Kelly pulled it out without even touching the girl.She stepped back holding the small wriggling worm in her palm.“This is from beyond the fabric of reality and it’s nothing but a speck of dust.”She smashed it in her hand letting the blood drip onto the carpet before throwing the carcass against the wall.Candace held her breath in awe.“You could take it, examine it with the strongest microscope in the world and run a thousand tests and still miss the picture.These floors and walls that make up this room are nothing but atoms.The nucleus's of those atoms are like pennies on the floor of the Roman Catholic Cathedral.Your reality, Candace, only exists up here,” Kelly tapped her head.“There’s something out there, something very evil, the spirit of evil to be exact that transcends all this.” Her eyes were wild and she waved her hands motioning to the whole room and world that Candace knew. “I-I don’t… I mean what are you… we suppose to..”“I’m gonna kill the motha-fucker!”Kelly went back to her stool and looked at the canvas again.“Now, if you would help me find a bigger canvas.”(book 2 will follow a loose storyline but would be better suited for a comic.They will be a series of battles and monsters now that the groundwork is laid.phew that's alot of backstory lolI'm working on some other stuff and don't hold your breath on updates it may be a few months or a year or I might be done right here.(comments help motivate!))


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