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    Craving my Bachelor Life. by aliveinprMy stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies.Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.I’ve been married now for three years.What a nightmare, waking to a gorgeous ‘lump’ next to me every morning.Leaving work knowing I’m returning to a beautiful woman with a sexless life.Her girlfriends,described by a comic who said his girlfriends female companions were “haters”.My wife spends time with her friends as they always put me down as ‘worthless’ because I’m not the rich man she should have married. I have provided a nice house and make a better than most living where she doesn’t have to work.I’ve never denied her spending.Maybe if she did have a job, she wouldn’t be spending the day with her ‘haters’.I have to admit that our sex together is OK but without ‘spark’.That’s usually once or maybe twice a month.Joanne and her friends spend their days in the basement exercising on my gym equipment.The ‘haters’ are too cheap to have a gym membership, maybe it’s their husbands that are too cheap.I’ve noticed that their husbands are not rich either, so where does that leave me?I just don’t understand their problem.I seem to be the butt of their conversations, but when I am around, they’re always flirting with me, touching and rubbing against me.Bad mouth me to my wife, but secretly desire me?My wife spends her time wearing her ‘sweats’ which do not show off her well toned beautiful body.The only time she dresses for men to desire her is when we go out for dinner and dancing.She does like to dress like the ‘hot wife’ she is and she does like the attention men give her.When our evening out ends, that‘s when she reluctantly allows me some sexual pleasure.I’ve tried to be a romantic and loving husband, but it seems like the only time she gets turned on is when we return from a night of dancing, but not always. She’s the dancer in the family, and I try the best I can, but I usually let her have dance partners.I miss my old bachelor days, having a beautiful woman in bed over a weekend.No commitment on either part, just hot raw sex.It took a year of marriage to realize my mistake, I marry the woman of my dreams and drop deep into a sterile hole once ‘hooked’.The same menu on the table, sexless nights with the wife in bed in her flannel gowns, her deadhead friends constant visits reminding her of my ‘worthlessness’.I might as well be a eugenic, a sexless man servant in a harem.Even with a pool I use most, Joanne and the 'haters' sun some of the time.I get more exercise in the pool than my wife and her friends. Usually the only time they spend sitting around the pool...when I’m swimming.I don’t understand what’s wrong with their husbands, they are knock-outs in their yoga pants, short-shorts and tank tops, the type of women I usually dated as a bachelor, but without their attitude.Maybe they treat their husbands the same as they have Joanne treating me.On Thursday, I was tired of the old ‘hum drum’ and called Joanne and told her to pack an overnight bag.I was taking Friday off and needed to get out of town.I reserved a hotel suite for the weekend.Nice dining and dancing in a five star hotel having a mini-mall on the ground floor for her shopping pleasure.Joanne asked what she should pack, and I told her to pack her nice sexy mini dresses, a bikini if she wanted to use the pool.Our suite has a whirlpool so, swimsuits optional, sexy night gowns for lounging.I visualized Joanne jumping up and down as she was screaming on the phone, “YES, YES, SO MUCH FUN, THANK YOU SWEETIE”.On the way home from work, I stopped and picked up several bottles of Joanne’s favorite wine, maybe if she’s ‘tipsy’ I might get lucky this weekend.Joanne was packing when I walked into the bedroom.She wasn’t packing anything sexy and I began to set out sexy gowns and panties telling her that this was going to be our ‘fantasy’ weekend.Doug said, “It would be like a second honeymoon, just the two of us.”Joanne looked at her husband for a few minutes and then smiled saying, “I guess you’re right, we haven’t had time together for a long time.It could be fun.”Doug smiled when he watched his wife changing her choice of attire for the weekend.When the packing was done, they ate a quick meal and began their journey out of town.They pulled into the hotel parking lot at 8 pm.Doug checked in and got their key cards and began taking their bags to the room.Doug unlocked the door and Joanne walked in and began to squeal, “Oh, my God, this is the biggest hotel room I’ve ever seen.”She ran to the bathroom, again squealing, “The tub-shower combination is huge, six people could fit in there.”She then stood and stared at the whirlpool, she touched a button and watched the water come to life swirling circles for personal pleasure.Doug thought her reaction may mean he was going to finally enjoy his wife as her libido might come to life.Doug opened a bottle of wine and poured his wife a glass hoping for a great weekend.They both showered together with Doug running his hands over his wife’s body but he didn’t get the reaction he expected.It was too late for the dining room, so Doug ordered room service for light food.Wine was poured for his wife and they climbed into the whirlpool to relax.Doug again began to run his hands over his wife’s body, but again she showed very little reaction.‘What the fuck,’ he thought, ‘she’s as cold as a wet fish.’Once in bed, the same, he was allowed to touch for a short time and then his wife turned away and fell asleep.They rose late the next day and went to the dining room for brunch.They then roamed through the mini-mall gazing at the goods for sale.Doug saw a black mini dress in one shop and asked Joanne if she would like to buy it.She thought and then said, “Well, it’s really short and low cut.She went into the shop and felt the fabric.She said, “It’s so soft, but there is no lining.People could see my underwear.”The clerk heard her comments and said, “That’s the fashion now, most women just wear panties, but no bra.”Joanne felt the fabric again and said she would try it on.Joanne came from the dressing room and Doug instantly tented his pants.He saw the hottest wife standing in front of him.She had listened to the clerk and was not wearing her bra.He could see her pink lace panties and her hard, erect nipples pushing against the stretch fabric.The scoop front dipped down to above her belly button with the top barely covering her breasts.“Yeah, baby, it’s you, I’ll buy it if you like.”Joanne looked at the tag and her eyes widened as she said, “Doug, the price if $450.00.”Doug said, “It’s on sale, besides you’re worth every penny.”He paid the clerk and they continued their exploration of the hotel.That afternoon, they returned to their room and relaxed in the whirlpool.Joanne kissed her husband and thanked him for the dress.Doug said, “There is a live band in the lounge, you can wear your new dress when we go for drinks.Joanne said, “But you don’t really like to dance.”Doug said, “I’m sure you will get the attention of many men wanting to dance.”Doug poured his wife another glass of wine as she laid back and basked in the swirling water.Again, he ran his hands over his wife’s legs, and again she pushed his hands away.‘Those ‘haters’ have really brainwashed her.’ he thought.They enjoyed the dinner while Joanne had two more glasses of wine.Doug’s cock was semi-hard as he watched men glancing at Joanne in her new dress.He then heard the band begin playing.Joanne giggled as the wine was flowing through her body and she said she wanted to dance.They retired to the lounge and more wine was ordered for his wife.It wasn’t long before a well dressed man approached and asked Joanne if she wanted to dance.Doug gave his nod and she jumped up and pulled the man to the dance floor.Doug was a people watcher as he looked around to see how many drunk people would make fools of themselves tonight.He noticed a large black man enter the lounge and immediately a white woman left her husbands side and walked to the black man and asked him to dance with her.He watched them dance and it seemed that the woman was trying to seduce him.She was grinding her pussy against him as her arms were around his neck.The black man had his hands on her ass without objection.They swayed against each other sexually.After a couple of dances, he watched the black man approach a white couple and again the wife went to the dance floor with him.Again, he saw the sexual lust of the white woman as their hands roamed each others bodies.Doug’s wife had a few dances, another glass of wine...and another, then back to the dance floor with another partner.While his wife was on the dance floor, Doug saw the black man moving toward the restrooms and Doug made up his mind to implement a plan he had been mulling around for about a year.He went to the restroom and waited for the black man to finish urinating.Doug stopped the black man and introduced himself.Doug said, “I need your help.I have a plan.I want my wife ‘blacked’.I’ve see the white wives wanting to dance with you and I think you are the man I’ve been looking for.”The black man said, “ I don’t think you know what you’re asking.”Doug said, “Oh, I do.My wife and I rarely have sex , God knows I’ve tried.I want her to crave black cock.I want her pussy destroyed by black cock, I want her raw fucked and hear her screaming for black cum.”Lamar had other white men asking for his services wanting to be cuckolds, but this man seemed to want his wife to leave him for black men.He asked, “Are you sure?If I take her, she will likely leave you.”Doug said, “That’s exactly what I want, I want her to beg for a divorce.I want to be a bachelor again.”Lamar looked at a picture of Joanne and agreed.He wasn’t going to charge for his ‘service’ knowing that he could make a lot of money with this white whores pussy.Doug returned to his table as his wife was cooling down and drinking another glass of wine.Lamar approached and asked Joanne if she wanted to dance.She looked over this big black man and then to her husband.Doug said, “Sure honey, have a good time.”Lamar led Joanne to the dance floor as he enjoyed seeing her body through the dress she wore.It wasn’t long before Doug saw his wife pull herself into sensual movements against Lamar as his hands were on her hips. Lamar kept his head close to her ear and she was smiling at what he was whispering, Doug knew seduction was in progress and imagined what was whispered.The music changed to a fast pace.Joanne turned away from Lamar pushing her round ass into his crotch.His hands on her hips pulling her hard against his covered cock.Her hands went over his hands and they swayed, fore and aft, grinding into each other.Joanne then pulled his hands up her torso to her breasts.As his hands were mauling her breasts, Her hands dropped back down and pulled his groin closer to her as their hips gyrated to the music.They danced seven more fast dances as asexual aurora clouded around them.Doug grinned when Joanne returned to the table, eyes glassy, sweat on her brow and with a shaky voice said, “Its so hot, I need...let’s go back to our room.”Doug knew she was going to say that the needed a black cock.Doug looked over to Lamar and they winked at each other.Doug then led Joanne to the elevator and retired to their room.Joanne jumped in the shower and patted herself dry.Doug noted that his wife’s panties were soaked, he knew she had been turned on by the big black man.She came back into the room wearing one of the hotel’s short robes.There was knock on the door.As Doug opened the door, Joanne saw Lamar entering. Doug said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I invited your dance partner to come up for a drink.”His wife turned red thinking she should have had time to dress.Here she was wearing only the hotel robe which barely covered her ass.Lamar walked to Joanne and hugged her.He then bent down and placed his lips on hers.Joanne tried to turn her head, but once his lips touched hers, she instinctively opened her mouth to allow the tongue of a black man to enter.Lamar kissed her for a long time causing her pussy to tingle and she had to catch her breath when she reluctantly let their lips part.Lamar backed Joanne into the bed and she sat down.Lamar was standing a foot in front of her and said, “Go ahead.”Joanne asked, “What do you mean?”Lamar said, “All you white bitches want to know if black men have big cocks.Go ahead and pull my pants down and see for yourself.”Joanne was shocked and looked toward her husband.Doug smiled and said, “Do it, see for yourself, you’ve wanted to see it all night.”Joanne was stunned as she was staring at Lamar’s crotch when Lamar said, “Do it slut, you’ve been pushing your ass into my cock all night on the dance floor.Get it out and see what a black cock looks like.”Joanne’s eyes were wide as Doug and Lamar saw her slightly lick her lips.Lamar smiled and said, “Go ahead slut, get it out.”Joanne then slowly reached up, unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down.“Go for it,” said her husband, “Get his cock out.”She pulled Lamar’s pants down to his thighs and then stared at the bulge in his briefs.Both men observed Joanne’s mouth slightly open as her shaky hands reached for the waist band of Lamar’s briefs.Her head moved forward as she moved the briefs downward freeing a fat, long coal black cock appearing just inches from her face.Both men heard, “Oh, so big.This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”Doug said, “Go ahead, baby, lick that pre-cum, lick that black cock.”Lamar watched Joanne’s tongue touch the bulbous head of his cock and he closed his eyes as she began licking along his shaft.Doug said, “Do it baby, make him happy, take that cock in your mouth.Suck it, suck it good.”Joanne didn’t take long before she opened her mouth and engulfed the largest cock she’d ever seen.One hand was stroking the base of Lamar’s cock as her other hand began caressing his large balls.“Yeah, slut, take it deeper,” said Lamar.Joanne was taking more and more of that black cock,久青草无码视频在线播放 making choking sounds trying to get his entire cock to her throat.Lamar was groaning and didn’t want to ejaculate yet.He pushed her back and pulled her to her feet.Lamar undid the cloth sash to the robe and let the robe fall to the floor leaving Joanne naked.Both men could see her vaginal juices glistening on her thighs.“Get on the bed and spread those white legs slut.” Lamar ordered.Joanne did not hesitate as she laid on the bed with her legs spread, pussy open and heavily flowing her juices.Lamar's orders melted any resistance Joanne had.Lamar knelt between her legs and lowered his head to her pussy saying, “Yeah, this white pussy is prime.”Lamar began licking her vulva and clit as Joanne began to shake with the excitement.She turned her head and looked at her smiling husband, she saw him shake his head ‘yes’.She had permission to let this black man fuck her.When Lamar’s tongue fucked into her pussy, she began to jump forward as her legs began spasming.She pulled her widely spread legs back as she watched the top of a shaved black head buried deep in her pelvis, the tongue fucking her vaginal opening.Her first orgasm was building as her head began twisting left and right, her eyes glassy and her hands grasping the sheet.Doug was amazed, he had never seen his wife have an orgasm, and he knew she was in ecstasy watching her body shaking violently.As Lamar’s tongue was licking her clit, he inserted two fingers into her pussy and rapidly fucked her ‘G spot’ causing her entire body to spasm.She arched her back rising her pussy higher to her lovers mouth and fingers.Suddenly Joanne was loudly moaning as she began to spray her juices into Lamar’s face causing Lamar to fuck his fingers into her faster.Doug then heard his wife yelling, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, I NEED THAT BIG COCK IN ME.FUCK ME, FUCK ME.”Lamar pushed up and loomed over her body.Joanne grabbed his cock and pulled it to her spread legs aiming it to her open pussy.“FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” she kept yelling.Lamar pushed forward as his bulbous head entered her, stretching her pussy open.“YES, YES, SO GOOD.SO BIG, FUCK ME.” was heard by Doug as Lamar’s cock was inching toward his wife’s cervix.Doug watched a fat long black cock begin to saw into his wife’s widely stretched pussy.He pulled his cock from his pants and began masturbating to the erotic sight.Joanne was constantly grunting as a big black cock kept slamming into her cervix.Her body seemed to be in a constant orgasm, shaking and lunging up to meet her black lover’s cock.Doug was awed at Lamar’s stamina as after ten minutes, Lamar pulled out and made Joanne get on her knees rising her ass high as he plunged his cock back into her.Another five or ten minutes, Joanne began to yell, “I WANT YOUR CUM, CUM IN ME, FUCK ME DEEP.”Again Lamar pulled from her pussy and laid on his back.Joanne knew what to do.She straddled Lamar and guided his cock back into her pussy plunging her weight down fully engulfing his massive cock.Doug watched his wife rock back and forth on that huge black cock as Lamar reached up and began to pinch her nipples.Joanne threw her head back and screamed, “YES, YES, SO GOOD.FUCK ME, FILL ME, I NEED YOU TO CUM IN ME.”Doug’s wife was violently fucking the black cock filling her pussy when he herd Lamar say, “I’m ready slut.”Joanne pushed down and said, “YES, fuck your black baby seed into me.CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME, FILL MY WOMB.”Doug heard Lamar begin grunting as he yelled, “HERE IT COMES, TAKE IT.”Joanne then yelled, “YES, YOU CAN GIVE ME A BLACK BABY.”As Joanne laid down on Lamar’s chest, Lamar said, “In a couple of months, I will knock you up.You are my white whore now, you will have my black baby”Joanne did not clearly get the meaning as she was ecstatic laying coupled on his black cock smiling and calming to her normal breathing.Joanne looked at her husband as her eyes were refocusing, seeing him smiling and stoking his cock.Lamar then said, “Whore, your job now is to lick my cock clean.Get with it.”Joanne, without thinking, pulled off his cock, turned and took his cock into her mouth.As she licked his cock, she realized that he didn’t get very soft and was getting erect again.She was amazed at his stamina, fucking her for almost an hour before spewing his cum.Now, here he was getting ready to fuck her again.Joanne grinned as she looked at her husband.With Lamar’s cock hard again, Joanne straddled his body and plunged her cum soaked pussy down on his cock.She squealed as his cock slammed into her cervix again.Joanne rocked back and forth on a cock she knew she wanted to have forever.She would do anything Lamar asked.Lamar then pushed Joanne off and told her to get on her knees and raise her ass high.Joanne got ready for his cock again but she felt a finger inserted into her asshole.She had never had anal sex, but she was not going to deprive her lover of his desire.She began to wiggle her ass as she felt a second finger enter her.Lamar looked at Doug and ordered him to go in the bathroom and get a bottle of lotion.Doug was happy to obey and returned with the lotion.Lamar poured a large amount of the lotion on Joanne’s ass and began to saw his fingers in and out of her virgin hole.Joanne was excited and wanted to please her black lover as she began to push back against his fucking fingers. Joanne felt the fingers pull from her and then she felt the bloated head of Lamar’s cock push against her sphincter.The pressure began to increase and then an inch of his large black cock lunged in.Lamar paused as Joanne moaned, “Oh, so big, tear my ass up, fuck my ass.”A bit more of his black cock inched into her and she then said, “Yes, it hurts but more, please more.”Doug watched about six inches of Lamar’s cock push into his wife’s ass and then Joanne began to yell, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, SHOVE IT IN ME, FUCK ME.”Lamar then thrusthis entire cock into her rectum and began to fuck in and out with Joanne moaning, “Yes, so good, yes, yes, give me that black cock.”Doug watched his wife being fucked in the ass by a black cock for about eight or nine minutes before he heard Lamar announce to Joanne that he was going to fill her bowels with his cum.Joanne reached between her legs and massaged Lamar’s giant nut sack and mumbled, “Oh, yes, fuck your juice in me, fuck my ass full of your cum.”Lamar shoved hard and began to pump her bowels full of his cum as Joanne mumbled, “Yes, yes, I want it all, yes.”When Lamar pulled out of her ass, he said, “OK, whore, clean me so I can fuck your pussy again.”Joanne giggled as she quickly turned and engulfed his cock in her mouth.Doug was awed that his wife would suck a cock that had been in her ass.His cock was hard again watching his wife doing such a perverted act.Joanne was thrilled that Lamar was once again erect from her oral cleaning.Lamar laid Joanne on her back with her legs spread and plunged his black cock into her violently and deep causing the white wife to squeal from the pain-pleasure.She was fucked for another twenty minutes and then turned on her knees and fucked until Lamar flooded her womb once again.When Lamar pulled out, he went to the bathroom and cleaned up.Returning to see Joanne laying on the bed with her legs spread and his cum oozing from her.Doug was now sitting next to his wife smiling at her.He was sure his wifehad been thoroughly blacked and would forever want black cock.Lamar came back and said, “Bitch, get dressed, that same black dress.”Joanne swung her legs off the bed and began to walk to the bathroom to clean up.Lamar said, “NO bitch, I told you to get dressed, I didn’t tell you to clean up.Get that dress on, no panties.”Joanne was confused, but she got her dress and pulled in on.Doug saw his wife in a dress that clearly showed her bare pussy and breasts through the black mesh stretch material.Lamar said, “You don’t know this town, so I’m going to take you for a ride and let you know the ‘sights’.Get those heels on and let’s go.”Doug stood and zipped up his fly when Lamar said, “No, just your wife and I.You stay here.”Joanne looked at her husband and Doug said, “It’s OK baby, go ahead, he’ll take care of you.I’ll see you when you get back.”Lamar and Joanne then left.Doug noticed that it was now 5 am and he was starting to get sleepy as the excitement calmed.He laid down to wait for their return falling into a deep sleep.Joanne was excited as she was walking through the parking lot to Lamar’s car. The sun was rising giving more light and she knew people could see she was naked under her black dress.She was excited as her pussy was seeping her vaginal fluids and she was now leaking a mixture of cum and pussy juice down her thighs.She rode with Lamar for about fifteen minutes until they pulled up to a large house just outside the city limits.Lamar said, “This is my ‘crib’, let’s go inside.Joanne was impressed with the size of the house as she entered.The living room was huge as she saw two naked white women lounging on the couch, one was obviously pregnant.Three naked black men came into the room, Lamar said, “Those white whores are mine and the three bros are here to fuck them and keep their holes open for our customers.”Lamar pulled Joanne to the center of the room and told the three black men to “open the new whore”.The three men began to paw her body and then pulled her dress over her head.Joanne was scared and unsure what was happening, but when she saw their hard monstrous black cocks, she automatically dropped to her knees and reached for their cocks.Joanne’s body was used by those three black men for over three hours. Her pussy and ass were gaping open, flowing cum when Lamar told her to get her dress on again.He was going to take her back to the hotel so she could tell her husband goodbye.Joanne looked at Lamar and asked what was going on.Lamar said, “Whore, you belong to me.You are going to tell your husband that you belong to me and you’re going to live here.My boys will keep your ass and pussy stretched open for our clients.”Joanne knew she needed to obey, she craved black cocks now, her pussy was flowing more cum as she pictured herself being fucked every day by black men.On the ride back to the hotel, Joanne’s pussy and ass were oozing cum soaking the front and back of her dress.When at the hotel, people could see her naked through the dress and they could see the cum soaked garment, but she did not care, she was a whore and proud to let the world know.They woke Doug when returning to the room and Lamar ordered Joanne to lift her dress to her waist and lay on the bed with her legs spread wide.Lamar looked at Doug and said, “OK, fuck this whore for the last time.”Joanne said, beginning to tear up, “Baby, I belong to Lamar, I’m his whore, I want to be fucked by black men.”Doug smiled at Lamar and pulled his cock out and mounted his ‘wife’.Doug spewed his sperm into his ‘wife’ knowing it would be the last time he would see her.Lamar said, “I’ll send you the papers for a simple divorce, no charge and you can be free.I’ll send some DVDs of her performances.In about three months, your wife will go off the pill and she will be bred like the other whores in my crib.Black men pay good to fuck white whores that have bloated bellies filled with black babies.”Doug immediately got an image of his wife being gang banged when she would beseven months pregnant with a black baby, his cock was once again hard.Joanne left with Lamar.As she envisioned being fucked by black cocks daily, her vaginal juices began flowing heavily as she walked, practicably naked through the crowded lobby to Lamar’s car.She was excited that she was on display with a big black man’s hand on her ass to be seen by anyone present.Doug was free again and the ‘haters’ would forever be banished from his home.Doug felt hunger and left the room smiling for a quiet breakfast before driving home.He was happy once again, knowing what he paid for the sexy little black dress was well worth the price.


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