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    but whatever it is久久久久夜色精品国产

    Mr Brennan sighed.He was working late again, forced to supervise a senior's work on his end of year assignment.To be fair, he really didn't mind all that much. The kid, Joey, was a real looker. 5' 11" and thin, with a soft, boyish face, long blonde hair, and eyes to die for; Light green with flecks of amber and full eyelashes that loved to gaze languidly at Mr. Brennan's clothed crotch when he thought no one was looking.And don't get him started on that ass.Oooo, that ass! The merest thought of that dumper had kept his right hand working overtime all semester. It was round, though not too large. Heart shaped and firm, he often caught himself staring longingly at it's pert globes and imagining what it would feel like to slide his dick between those two fleshy pillows until he came all over the senior's back.Shit, he needed to get laid. It had been 5 years since his last piece of ass, and his dick was starting to forget what it felt like. Sadly, being a closeted gay man in small-town America meant that his options were limited, and he adamantly refused to use dating apps or partake in random hookups. He had seen too many friends succumb to the AIDS epidemic of the '80's to risk it.He sighed again and tried to focus on the task at hand. Instead, Mr. Brennan found himself gazing longingly at Joey as he bent over his workspace, his arm moving back and forth as he sawed another piece of lumber for his project. He was wearing skinny jeans, his assets barely contained within the straining fabric of his Levi's. He let out an involuntary groan as he felt his cock start to harden at the sight, imagining he was watching Joey pumping his own cock as he bent down and swallowed a fat fuckstick to the hilt.At the sound, Joey turned and winked at him, flipping his hair over his shoulder and bending over even further as if presenting his posterior for inspection.Mr. Brennan drew a sharp intake breath as he saw a lacy red thong poking out from above Joey's jeans. His cock twitched and released a large dollop of pre-come, making a wet spot on his khaki pants. Reaching down to readjust his aching prick, Mr. Brennan noticed the wet spot and rubbed it worriedly as he looked back to see if Joey had noticed.His eyes grew wide and his face turned red when he saw the senior strutting towards him, his hips sashaying as he crossed his legs with each step, a wide and dazzling smile on his face, his eyes glued to the considerable bulge in the teacher's pants."Mmmm, is that for me?" Joey asked silkily, his voice soft and measured to exude as much sex as possible. Reaching out his arms, he placed his forearms on Mr. Brennan's shoulders and straddled his lap, leaning back and grinding his clothed ass against the very large lump he found himself sitting on.Mr. Brennan gulped audibly and looked back and forth in case they weren't alone, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as his student ground onto him. Was he dreaming?"Ummm..." he began, but Joey placed a finger on his lips and shushed him."It's okay, baby... I know what teach likes."Brennan groaned again as Joey leaned forward and planted an open-mouthed kiss onto his teachers open mouth, shoving his tongue between his lips and exploring every inch of the suddenly dry orifice, his tongue ring ticking off of Mr. Brennan's teeth as he explored.It took a few minutes, but the spell eventually broke and Mr. Brennan roughly pushed Joey off of him and onto his ass."I don't know what you think you're doing, but whatever it is, it is highly inappropriate and I think you should leave." he managed to gasp out and pointed to the only entrance to the shop classroom.Joey looked up at him, a frown on his lips and fire in his eyes. Standing up, he stood in front of Mr. Brennan and crossed his arms."No."Mr. Brennan blinked and stared open mouthed at him. Did he really think he could disobey him? Was he really gonna play this game? And as soon as those thoughts hit his mind, the anger began to rise. Who the fuck did this little slut think he was, anyhow?Joey saw the rage and knew he had made a miscalculation, but it was too late. Mr. Brennan suddenly stood and gripped his charge by his soft biceps. Joey grimaced as his eyes grew wide and he felt himself being lifted by his pinned arms. Mr. Brennan carried him effortlessly the five feet to his desk and bent him forward over it.Joey tried to stand back up and was pushed roughly back down and into the desk. He grunted as the edge was forced into his diaphragm, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him totally defenseless as he felt his jeans peeled down to his ankles, revealing the red lace thong he had flashed at Mr. Brennan earlier."Please, sir... I'm sorry I was so forward earlier..." he gasped out.SMACK!The strike came without warning, right on the center of his ass. Joey screamed like a girl as another forceful slap came down on his left cheek, then his right."Shut up, bitch!" snarled Mr. Brennan. A sniffle came from Joey, but otherwise he stopped screaming. "Good boy." he growled as he again began landing blow after blow to the most perfect ass he had ever seen. Minutes went by with the only sound in the large room the symphony of firm hand on soft ass-flesh, accompanied by the occasional whimper from Joey. As the surface of his ass started to glow red from the assault, Brennan ceased his barrage and layed his hand on Joey's right globe, feeling the heat. Caressing it, he looked up at the back of his student's head and saw it laying down and looking to the side, tears running down his face, his upper lip held firmly between his teeth to keep himself from crying out.Stepping back, he noticed that Joey's crotch was bulging. His anger lessened and his curiosity aroused, Mr. Brennan squatted down and slid his hands over the bulge, feeling the heft of two large testicles and a rock hard but tiny cock leaking copious amounts of pre-come inside.A whimper and Brennan looked up to see Joey lifting his head up and arching his back as he groaned softly at the touch, his dick and balls tensing in pleasure and causing his ass cheeks to swallow the red thong.That's when Mr. Brennan noticed that his own dick was still rock hard, the bulbous head covered in pre-come and making a sizable stain on his khaki's. Making a decision, he slapped Joey's ass one more time and then unzipped his pants and let the monster loose.Joey looked back at the sound of the zip and gasped. There stood Mr. Brennan, his cock sticking proudly out of his khaki's, 8.5", thick and circumcised, the head bulbous, plunger-like, and coated with pre-come. He tried once again to rise and was once again forcefully pressed back into the desk. Keeping his left arm planted firmly on the small of Joey's back, Mr. Brennan sidled up to his desk, pushed the lacey thong to the side, and placed his cock head at the entrance to the boy's asshole.Brennan flexed his dick and felt Joey's hole open like a flower as his head entered a fraction of an inch. He groaned and heard Joey doing the same as his hungry fuckhole seemed to suck at his cockhead and his hips pressed his butt back into the intruder, sinking it halfway into the moist tunnel before it met resistance.Panting and overcome with sexual desire, Mr. Brennan pulled out an inch and then slammed his cock into Joey's ass to the hilt, coming like a fountain as he fucked his first piece of tail in 5 years with short, quick strokes.Joey grunted as he felt himself being filled, come dribbling out from around Brennan's thick dick, his asshole flexing involuntarily as it milked his first mancock. As Mr. Brennan finished, he pulled his cock out of Joey's ass with a loud pop and watched his seed fall to the floor withsoft plops.Suddenly,久青草无码视频在线播放 voices could be heard approaching the classroom door. They both froze, then began to dress quickly as steps resounded from the halls and the door knob began to turn. Just as Mr. Brennan got his cock back into his khaki's and Joey had pulled his pants back up, the portal opened and a janitor poked his sweaty, ugly mug through the opening."Everything alright in here? Thought I heard a girl scream."Joey brushed his hair back from his sweat and tear stained face as Mr. Brennan smoothed his button-up shirt, the janitor eagerly looking around for the young woman he assumed was in there."Fine, we're fine... just had a scare with the band saw, is all."The janitor looked at the both of them with open disappointment, made a grunting sound, and left, closing the door firmly behind him.Mr. Brennan moved swiftly to the door, peaked out to make sure the cost was clear, and locked it. Turning, he saw Joey removing his shirt and jeans and swiftly began to do the same.Turning off the lights as he approached, Mr. Brennan saw Joey back himself up and onto the desktop and pull his legs straight up into the air, presenting his panty-covered and freshly fucked ass to Brennan's eager fuckstick, which hadn't gone down an inch from earlier.Moving to the desk, Brennan shoved his prick back into the heavenly depths of Joey's bowels, this time pushing all the way in on his first try. Joey groaned and laid his legs on his teacher's strong shoulders as he slowly began to fuck in and out of his fuckhole, giving himself up to the older man.Having busted his first nut too soon, Mr. Brennan made sure to start off slow. Gripping Joey by the calves, he fucked with a steady rhythm, each thrust pushing his fat dickhead against Joey's prostate and causing him to moan.After a few minutes of soft slaps and the rising volume of Joey's moans, Mr. Brennan, getting fearful that they would be interrupted once again, shoved the red lace thong into his mouth and covered it with his large, meaty hand.Joey groaned through the fabric and began to buck up and into Brennan's cock with each forward push, his own tiny cock bouncing as the head barely poked out from under the foreskin, his large ballsack resting on the huge shaft currently forcing it's way into his eager hole. Mr. Brennan could feel each hefty testicle on either side of his dick, twitching with each brush against Joey's p-spot.As they continued to fuck and Brennan felt his next orgasm approaching, he picked up the pace and started to forcefully screw his new fucktoy, his hands gripping Joey's wide hips and leaving bruise marks.The desk started making a tap-tap-tap sound as the edge was lifted up with each rough thrust inward, Joey's moans and yelps heard despite the improvised gag, his hands gripping Mr. Brennan's chest hair and ripping some of it out in his desire."Owh gawd! Ah'm cummin! Ah'm cummin!" he loudly muffled.Joey's cock twitched and his balls tightened as rope after rope of thick white come shot forth from his miniscule dick and landed on his belly, chest, and face."Shit-shit-shit!..." Mr. Brennan cursed as he began to come as well, pulling his cock out mid-rope and pushing Joey, still coming, down to his knees and in front of the desk.A blast from Joey's cock hit Mr. Brennan on his own chest as Joey fell downward. As his knees hit, another rope of Brennan's come launched from his flexing cock and landed on Joey's cheek. A third rope hit his nose and split down the middle, landing over each green and gold eye and forcing his lids closed. Joey opened his mouth and the next six blasts went right down his throat as Mr. Brennan's knees grew weak.Placing his hands on the edge of his desk to steady himself, he looked down at Joey as one more spurt of come fell from his still twitching and rock-hard phallus, landing on the tip of Joey's softening prick.Panting, Brennan let go of the desk and grabbed Joey's shoulders. Lifting him up, he planted a kiss onto Joey's come covered mouth and began to lick and suck up the mess they had made as Joey reciprocated, cleaning every inch of each other's bodies where the slightest drop of ejaculate had landed.Once finished, the new lovers got dressed in silence, taking every opportunity to grab an ass or squeeze a cock as they did so.Dressed, Mr Brennan threw some sawdust over the puddles of come on the floor and gathered his things, waiting patiently at the door for Joey, who sashayed his bruised and well-fucked ass through it as Brennan followed."Walk me to my locker, sir?" Joey asked with a grin.Mr. Brennan grinned back and motioned Joey to lead the way. Once there, he stood and watched as Joey opened it and pulled out his small girlish backpack, revealing a female cheerleader's outfit in the school's colors hanging in the back. As Joey closed his locker, Mr. Brennan's arm shot out and blocked it from closing.Reaching into the locker, he felt the fabric of the mini-skirt and put on an impish grin."And just what do we have here, Joey?" He asked in mock disapproval. "I wasn't aware you were on the cheer squad."Joey's face turned beet red. "I'm not, sir."Mr. Brennan put on a theatrically shocked expression, "No? Then how did you come," He removed the cheerleading outfit and held it in front of Joey's face, a small white stain visible on the hem of the skirt, "...to possess this bit of school property?" Joey turned a deeper shade of red, but didn't answer. The truth was that the star fullback had given him the outfit for his 18th birthday, right before he and the entire offensive line had run a train on him.Mr. Brennan turned Joey's face to his own and leaned in close, "No? Well then, it looks like I have no choice but to assign you to detention for the next two weeks," he leaned in closer, the smell of come on both of their breath, "...in the shop room."Joey's face lit up as he heard what Mr. Brennan had planned. "Yes, sir." he quipped as he spun around, ducked under the shop teachers large arm, and quickly skipped out of the school.Mr. Brennan watched him go, still holding the cheerleader outfit. Shaking himself back to the present, he closed Joey's locker and slowly walked back to his shop class.Once there, he opened his desk drawer and placed the outfit into it. Before he closed it up, he rubbed the come stain and grinned.Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough.


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