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    "Did you like thatjuliaann无码丰满熟妇

    Becky hummed happily to herself as she slid a brush through her hair, touched up her lipstick and got ready to go to school. Her cellphone rang, and as she answered it she was already picking up her bag and books. She grinned as she heard the voice of her favorite uncle. "Hey Becky, how's my honey?", Rick asked. "Fine", Becky answered, "but if i don't hurry i'm gonna be late for school.""Wanna come over here instead?", Rick asked."I really want to, Rick, but I'll get in trouble if i skip again", she replied, remembering the time last week when she left school at lunchtime to seduce her uncle. She had gotten in big trouble with the dean and her mom, but the memory of her fuck session with Rick and his friends still made her pussy tingle. She said, "I'll try to come over after school, ok?"Rick told her, "I called the dean a few minutes ago, told him you had a dentist appointment today...and with the anesthetic they use, you might be outta school for a few days or so. He bought it, so get your little ass over here, Becky.""Trick!", she exclaimed cheerfully, looking forward to a couple naughty days with her uncle. "No jokes", she spoke quickly, cutting off his smartass reply, and they laughed together. As she tossed her books and bag back onto her bed, she began to tug off the jeans, already wondering what she would wear for him. "I don't know if i wanna be a hooker...it was fun the other day but it's wrong." "It's not wrong for you. Some girls are born to screw, and you can make a lot of money hooking. You liked getting paid for it, admit it sweetheart."Becky groaned as she remembered how she had loved having three cocks in her at the same time, and how her pleasure had been enhanced by the knowledge that they thought she was a real hooker. Digging through her dresser, she found a skirt she had worn when she was cheerleading in 7th grade. I'll look like a whore if i wear this, she thought, grinning naughty as she stepped into it and tugged it up anyway. It was tight around her hips and really too short to wear in public, only barely covering her ass."Yeah, i loved those guys fucking me, Rick, but..."Rick inturrupted her, saying " Maybe we'll go to the mall and get you some new clothes...in any case, change into something naughtier than what you normally wear to school. I've got plans for you." He said the last bit in a sinister voice, making her giggle as he hung up.She closed her phone, tossing it into her bag then bending to slip a pair of lacy pink panties up her legs. She giggled again as looking at her reflection in her dresser mirror, she could Almost see a hint of pink covering her pussy, the skirt was soo short. She had decided not to wear a bra. Then she found an old blouse her friend Gina had given her. As she buttoned it up, she almost reconsidered, because you could clearly see not only her large puffy nipples but even the shape of her breasts through the almost-sheer material. It's really a piece of neglige, she thought, stroking her nipples erect through the fabric. She grinned then, suddenly wanting to look like a whore for him, wanting to Be a whore for her Rick. She rummaged around and found a pair of stockings, sliding them on, knowing they only made her look sluttier. Then short socks, then her shoes...standing, she turned, admiring her young but definitely sexy body in the mirror. Rick's whore, she thought again, and grinned as she grabbed her bag and snuck out of her room, going out the back door so no one would see. No one except the four boys smoking a joint behind the neighbor's privacy fence, that is. Becky continued on her way, oblivious to the boys following far behind.Becky was lewdly propositioned three times as she cut through the park trying to stay off the streets as much as possible. She almost considered being late because the third guy, a hot-looking if older man offered her a hundred bucks just for a slow blowjob. "I'm not a hooker, mister, i just dressed like this to tease my boyfriend", Becky told him, but he said, "A beautiful young thing like yourself needs a little extra spending cash, right?." She blushed as he moved closer...she didn't feel threatened, just really aroused. For some reason she just stood there, getting a weird thrill as she felt his hand slip up her thigh to gently squeeze her butt, and despite her 'I'm not a hooker' story leaned forward to give him a quick kiss on the cheek but somehow it turned into a five-minute full-on kiss, Becky's arms going around him as he hugged her close, his mouth on hers making the teenage girl hotter and hornier with every second. When she pulled away at last her pussy was Very wet...and so were his fingers. Blushing more, she mumbled, "Gotta go", but feeling a strange compulsion jotted down her cellphone number before walking away, looking back several times. He was wayyy older than she liked but somehow turned her on incredibly...It's the way i'm dressed, Becky thought, looking back once more, tempted again when she saw a bill in his hand. I look like a whore, and i feel like one too. She forced herself to keep walking. He began to follow her, and others behind him, unable to take their eyes off her perfect teenage body.She finally got to Rick's house, and she saw several of his male neighbors watching her as he took forever to answer the doorbell. The guy next door actually said, "Hey gorgeous. You free later?", and Becky replied "Maybe", wondering if he wanted a date or what. He grinned, and in spite of herself she grinned sexily back at him, shifting her weight from one foot to the other impatiently. He watched intently as Becky licked her lips slowly, eying at the growing bulge in his sweats like a hungry cat, taking a strange pleasure from teasing him. Then Rick opened the door. Becky waved at the man next door and he waved back as she stepped inside. Rick stepped outside and the two men spoke quietly for a minute, then she saw the guy take out his wallet and give Rick some money. "Bout' an hour", Rick said. The guy nodded, staring at Becky leaning on the inside wall with her stocking-clad legs crossed in that short skirt. Rick came inside and closed the door. "Why'd he give you money?", she asked as he pushed her against the wall with his hands on her hips."Just paying me for something i'm selling", Rick said. She raised her chin to meet his mouth and they began to kiss hungrily, his hands slipping up under her skirt to grab her ass. Becky giggled into the kiss and ground her crotch against his leg, Rick kneading her tight ass cheeks and making her hornier by the second. Her bag fell unnoticed to the floor."I've missed you", she murmured into his mouth, letting her thighs part as his hand slid around between them. She moaned into his mouth as he easily slipped two fingers past her panties and into her wet pussy, humping herself against his hand as he began finger-fucking her roughly. Becky fumbled at his zipper, drawing it down and giggling when she discovered he wasn't wearing any underwear. He brought his hands up to unbutton her blouse as she whispered, "Naughty man", her long fingers stroking his warm flesh and feeling him stiffen. He laughed and as her blouse fell open his fingers found her aching nipples. Becky moaned as he tugged on them, rolling and pinching them, making her pussy wetter by the second. She whimpered as his rough twisting caused her nipples to redden and hurt. "Rick!", she whined, looking into his eyes with a pained expression, "please be gentle". He laughed softly and, his gaze locked with hers, said "You need to learn to enjoy it, girl...". He released her nipples and took her by the wrists, pulling her hands off his now hard cock and pinning them to the wall above her head. She felt very vulnerable as he held her trapped like that. Rick smiled evilly and he was scaring her a little as he continued, "If you're going to be my bitch, you need to learn what pleases me".She felt embarrassed as she replied, "I want to please you baby, but aaaiiieeeeeee!!", her words turned into a shriek as he bent to bite her nipple. He bit down viciously, Becky squirming and shuddering as it felt like he was biting her nipple off. She shrieked again, sobbing as he switched to her left nipple, giving it the same treatment. Her legs felt weak but his strong hands on her wrists held her up. She was crying as he stopped, tears running freely down her beautiful face. Rick pushed his face against hers, his words hard and vicious like his teeth had been. "Feel that, cunt? The way i bite you? I like hurting you almost as much as i like fucking you". She was bewildered and frightened, never having imagined he had a sadistic side to him.His mouth kissed her on the lips, then he trailed lower, kissing her neck, then her cleavage before sucking her abused right nipple into his mouth. After the bite his warm lips hurt too, and Becky whimpered as he sucked. Rick began alternating between blowing softly on her nipples and sucking them...when he blew on them the moving air dried his saliva making her nipple feel cold, then his hot mouth would engulf it, making her squirm as it began to feel good again. Rick released her wrists and lowered his hands, his left hand going to the small of her back and his right hand going between her legs. Becky wanted to push him away and run home, but instead she let her thighs drift apart. Her mind was awash with conflicting emotions as he began to gently caress her wet slit, his fingers sliding over her clit, making her moan and grind her hips at him with renewed lust. He stopped sucking her nipples to laugh at her. "You'll make a wonderful whore...you like the way i treat you, admit it". Becky wanted to tell him to fuck off but all she could think about was how the pain of her abused nipples made the pleasure more intense. Her cunt was on fire, her labia drooling juices like a slobbering dog, his rough fingers sending waves of erotic fire through her teenage body. He laughed again and leaned forward to suck on her breasts. When he switched to her left nipple, he began to chew softly instead of suck, and the sensation drove Becky over the edge.As Becky shrieked and her eyes rolled up in her head as she came, Rick let her collapse onto the floor, laughing as she whimpered and shook in the throes of a massive, mind-wrenching climax. Cum gushed from her onto the carpet...it looked like she was having a seizure as she twitched and whined, her eyes unable to focus as she experienced one of the most fantastic orgasms in her young life. He grinned at the sight of the lovely girl cumming and, pulling out his cellphone, walked away down the hall to make some arrangements.Becky finally stopped cumming. She lay there panting, her breasts heaving as she tried to regain her breath, her senses. She felt the squishy wetness of the carpet beneath her ass, felt the warm cream still flowing out of her youthful body into her panties, felt exhausted. At last she was able to pull herself up, using the wall to steady herself, and on shaky legs walked into the living room to find her uncle sitting on the couch. He raised his drink in salute and asked, "Did you like that, or should i take you to school? I'm sure you'd be a big hit, dressed like that."She glared at him and sank down beside him on the couch. "Yeah, i'm sure the dean would love to see me like this". She took his offered glass and sipped at the strong liquor, wincing as it burned her throat."I'm friends with the dean", Rick said, eying the young girl as he continued, "I'm sure he'd enjoy meeting you...privately. In fact that's a good idea...i'll call him later, i'm sure he'd be willing to let me pimp you when you're supposed to be in school. I'll have to let him screw you regularly, of course."She grimaced, wondering if he was kidding. The dean of her school was old, fat, and balding...what Rick was suggesting disgusted her. Then an image of him naked came into her mind, like a premonition...she saw his wrinkled hands gripping her hips as he thrust into her from behind, his bulging, sweaty gut sliding on her lower back as he used her...she could almost feel it, and the thought brought an unwanted tingle to her young pussy, made her nipples stiffen. She giggled as she realized her grades would probably improve. Rick laughed.He turned towards his niece and said "Spread those lovely thighs for me, darling". She stared at him defiantly, but then leaned back, drawing her legs up and letting her knees fall apart for him. He looked between her legs at her sopping cum-coated panties, then said, "Stand up and take your panties off, you've gotten them all messy." He waited as she stood and slid her lacy soaked underpants down, enjoying the sight before leaning forward to pull her down beside him again. He let her lean back and she automatically spread her legs again, feeling like a slut but enjoying the feeling. Rick said, "Need to clean you up, your thighs are all covered in girl-cum", and he lowered his head between her thighs.Becky sighed as his lips slid over her inner thighs, liking the sensation as Rick began to lick and kiss her, obviously enjoying slurping up her juices. He could be so gentle but so mean right after, definitely not what she had fantasized about. She moaned as he licked along her wet labia, and as he brought her pleasure she realized that she was beginning to like the way he treated her, perverted as that seemed. She felt a strange need to be used,18禁人看免费无遮挡网站 to be fucked like a whore...she wondered if he would pimp her today at the mall. She grinned naughtily as she imagined sucking off some janitor in a closet, and the thought made her hornier as her uncle continued to lap and lick at her teen cunt.After awhile he stopped, raising her up to kiss her. She tasted her sweet cunt on his lips and giggled into the kiss, then he sat back and took his cock back out and waved it at her. "Get on your knees, little whore. Suck me good and maybe i'll buy you a new pair of panties later." Becky giggled again and slid down to the floor, moving between his legs on her knees and taking his offering in her small hands, then into her more than willing mouth. Rick sighed and leaned back, looking down to watch his 16 year old niece suck his cock.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The doorbell rang, and Rick pulled his wet prick out of Becky's mouth, saying "Go answer that, baby. It's probably the guys i'm expecting." She rose quickly to her feet, but as she started to button her blouse back up he told her, "Don't button that all the way...you look really sexy with it half undone. And if it's who i think, you'll just be taking it off." She frowned and asked, "But i thought we were going to the mall?" "You were perfectly willing to be a hooker last week, sweetness. It's time we make some more money from that young body of yours." As she started to protest, he grabbed a fistful of her hair, saying fiercely, "Quiet, cunt...you're my whore now. Just enjoy it...", and then he was kissing her lips, hard. She resisted only briefly, then melted into his rough embrace, returning his brutal kiss with equal ferocity, grinding herself against the hardness she felt in his jeans, knowing he was right...she WAS a whore now, and loved how being one tuned her on. She blushed as he pulled back, embarrassed at how her body was tingling with arousal, making her want to do things nice girls shouldn't do. Becky squealed happily as he swatted her butt, grinning as she saw him grinning. He pointed towards the front of the house, and she giggled as she saluted, then turned to go answer the door, smoothing her very short skirt and marveling at how wet she had become from being treated like that.Becky opened the door to see five very surprised guys standing there, the one in front just raising his hand to ring the doorbell again. Five pairs of eyes were ogling her Very erect nipples, showing clearly through her thin blouse as she looked the men over herself, her horniness growing as she saw what a hunk the one in front was. The two behind him were ok, but the last two were kinda fat. She realized as a hooker she'd end up getting fucked by quite a few fat men, and wondered why the thought excited her. "Come on in guys", she said with a wink and turned, knowing their eyes were now glued to her bottom as she sauntered teasingly away. Becky led the five men to the front room, looking questioningly at Rick as she entered. He laughed at her look, saying openly, "These are the guys who are paying to fuck you today, my dear." She blushed again at his words, then her blush grew as the hunk behind her slipped his hand around her waist and drew her young body against his. She leaned back into his embrace comfortably, liking the feel of his bulge pressing into her ass. Rick looked past them down the hall and asked, "How many guys stayed outside?", making Becky's eyes go wide. She said, "It's just these FIVE, Rick", and they all laughed. Rick shook his head at her. "Five is just the beginning today, babykins." He looked at the guys and continued, "It's her first gangbang guys, so be gentle with her, ok?" She glared at him, wondering how many guys she'd have to fuck before this was over. They all laughed some more, and she squirmed as the hunk holding her slipped his hands up under her blouse and squeezed her breasts roughly. He turned his palms outward and slipped his fingers out between the buttons, then they ripped free as he easily tore her blouse wide open, exposing her perky nipples to everyone. He drug her blouse halfway down her arms but then twisted at the cloth, drawing her arms behind her as he tied it together. As another guy stepped close and began to fondle her breasts, she blushed hotly. "I think she likes being tied up, guys", the hunk said, and pulled her down with him onto the couch.She squirmed but her arms were trapped behind her as he began to kiss her neck. She sighed and relaxed, realizing she was actually beginning to enjoy this treatment. Rick laughed and said, "I called you guys because my newest whore needs to learn how to please all kinds of men." Becky frowned up at him...What did he mean by 'newest' whore? Were there others? One of the fat guys said, "You called the right guys, Rick. We're just the fellows to show this little piece of cuntmeat what real fun is. Wanna give her the full treatment?"Rick nodded, eying her as he replied "She's tougher than she looks, guys, i think she can take it."Becky wondered what they had in mind. She was a little worried about how many guys she'd have to fuck today...a girl could only last so long. But the hunk had lowered his head and was sucking gently on her right nipple, and she saw him grin at the sight of Rick's teethmarks on her flesh. "Been chewing on the merchandise already, i see", the hunk said to Rick, stroking the marks. Becky moaned softly.Rick laughed, and replied "Those are just beauty marks...i'm sure you'll do better. In fact, wait a minute, i'll be right back." He walked away, going up the stairs.One of the good-looking guys began introductions. "Hey baby, my name is Henry. This tubby gentleman...", one of the fat guys laughed out loud at that description, "...is Ron." The man who had laughed waved at her, and she smiled at him, since her hands were tied still. "Bobby is the cute bastard holding you", he continued, gesturing at Bobby who blew him a kiss. "This is Alan", he said, pointing at his good-looking counterpart, who was taking off his shirt, revealing a well-muscled body that made Becky's mouth water. He grinned at her, knowing the sight of his body aroused most women."I'm Aaron", the last fat guy said, licking his lips hungrily at the sight of the young teenager he was going to enjoy today. "Those are pretty sexy stockings for a young lady like you."Becky giggled and spread her legs, making most of them gasp at the sight of her nicely-shaved pussy, her labia distended and red from being so aroused. "I love the way they feel though, especially when i wrap my legs around a man...In case you're wondering i love to be fucked."They all burst out laughing as she lay there grinning, obviously liking her display. "I love it when a young lady talks like a whore...", Aaron said, enjoying the sight before him. "You'll be screaming my name later, whore, so don't forget it." Becky just grinned at him and crossed her legs.Bobby took her by the shoulders and pulled her facedown over his lap as Rick came down the stairs with a bag in his hand. "I think this naughty girl needs a spanking...such a potty mouth." Becky giggled, squirming at the thought of him spanking her...she knew it would make her hot.The hunk slapped her ass cheeks, hard. Becky squealed, and Rick leaned down with something in his hand, forcing it into her mouth. She let out a muffled protest as it stretched her mouth wide. He buckled some straps behind her head...as she caught her reflection in the hall mirror she saw he had put a red rubber ball gag in her mouth. She whined but that was the loudest sound of complaint she could make. Rick picked the bag up from the floor and dumped it's contents out on the coffee table. Becky twisted her neck around and stared wide-eyed up at him after she saw the items."Don't split her skin with that whip, guys", Rick said, making her whimper shrilly around the gag. He stepped aside with Henry, but as Bobby kept spanking her she could still hear them, faintly. Rick's voice said "No tattoos. Maybe i'll get her a tramp stamp above her butt later. She could use some piercings, but wait till she's finished pulling her train, ok? A stud in her tongue is ok but nothing on her face, i'd prefer to keep her looking as innocent as possible. She's so beautiful i know Ron will want to abuse her, so maybe let him pierce her labia with a bunch of rings...guys'll get a kick outta that."Becky's eyes grew wide as she heard them talking so casually about things she knew would be freakishly painful. Bobby laughed and kept spanking her now fiery-red and very sore bottom, he seemed to love spanking her ass.Henry's voice, "Navel?"Rick's reply, "Sure, and her clit of course...she likes fucking so much now i wanna see how wild that'll make her. She'll be really sore after today so might as well do the body piercings now so they heal while she recuperates. Otherwise have fun with her. Keep the camera plugged in and if it beeps just change the media...i don't wanna miss out on the fun, but i've got things to do. Besides, the video of you guys using the little slut will make me good money...you wouldn't believe how many perverts there are nowadays." Becky heard them laugh.Rick finished with, "Put the ball gag in for the rough stuff, i don't want the neighbors calling the cops when she screams", his voice got fainter as they moved away. She heard him go out the front door, and wondered, he's just leaving me with them?She cringed as Aaron picked up a short leather riding crop, but Bobby the hunk pushed her thighs apart and promptly thrust two fingers inside her tight, wet pussy. Even though she had never been treated roughly before, she was finding it enjoyable so far as he stroked his fingers in and out. He started tugging and twisting on her left nipple with his other hand, making her whine with pleasure in spite of herself.Becky was dreading the pain she knew would come later. Why was Rick doing this to her? She had only wanted to make love to him, she had always liked him and had been fantasizing about getting him to fuck her for months. She had had no idea he was a pimp...that was obvious now from what she had heard. She had been thinking about getting her navel pierced, but she knew her mom would freak out. The casual way Rick had given instructions to Henry about modifying her young body made Becky realize he only wanted her for sex and money...she was just a piece of ass he could fuck and sell to others, he only pretended to love her. The thought both sickened her and aroused her...she felt her pussy juicing as Bobby continued to finger-fuck her, and the thought of being used by them today made her moan with lust. Becky realized she still wanted to be a whore, still wanted the attention of horny men. She felt ashamed but her body didn't.Then Becky shrieked as the fat man whipped the crop across the back of her thighs. It left a bright red welt, and her flesh felt like it was on fire. "Mmmmmnnnnnnaaaahhhhh", Becky whimpered through her gag, the pain of the welt making the pleasure her pussy was receiving twice as good. "Bitch likes the whip", one of them said behind her, and she moaned in denial as she heard the whistle of the horrid thing, the sound almost making the pain worse as it struck just below her ass cheeks, leaving another red welt on her fair skin. She shrieked again, then turned her head to the left to plead with them, but they just laughed at her mumbles. Whistle, SLAP!!, shriek, repeat. Becky lost count of the times the crop struck her flesh, but as the punishment continued and her back, ass and thighs collected more bright red welts, she found herself beginning to enjoy it, in some weird, perverse way. It was Bobby's doing, the way he was twisting first one then the other of her red, puffy, painfully stiff nipples, the way he kept stroking her engorged clitoris with his other hand, that made her almost eager to feel the fiery kiss of that riding crop again. When she climaxed it dwarfed the one Rick had given her earlier in the hall.Becky opened her eyes, and realized she was laying on her back in a bed. She tried to move and discovered her wrists were tied to the headboard. Her back, ass and thighs hurt terribly, but she found herself strangely enjoying it. Her nipples quickly became rock-hard and she felt her pussy moisten as the burning pain of her welts aroused her, made her squirm with desire. Becky knew this is what Rick wanted, knew that from now on pain would turn her on, and wondered if she should let it bother her. It felt good, and because of the awesome climax she had experienced while being whipped she knew she would grow to love that riding crop. The ball gag had been removed from her pretty mouth, but her jaw was still sore. Her blouse, skirt, socks and shoes had been removed as well, but she grinned as she realized she was still wearing her thigh-high stockings, knowing they had been left on because she looked so sexy in them. As she grinned Becky heard chuckles, and as she looked around she saw the room was filled with mostly-naked men, all of them waiting, stroking themselves, all of them in various stages of arousal. The sight of so many different cocks scared her, but she was also incredibly turned on, knowing they were going to use her whether she wanted them to or not. And Becky wanted them to.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Hope you like this part...i know it's kind of a cliffhanger but i also tried to make it longer. I know people have fun reading my story, just as much fun as i have reading the other stories on here. This site is really special to me. I'll write more soon, i promise. If anyone wants to contact me, email me at double_dipper16@yahoo.comKisses, bye!



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